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I think I may have to marry this lady. I don't listen to much of this kinda music but the odd song is always a nice break from the beats. She has a lovely voice and the melodies are bouncy but chilled at the same time.

Obsessions - Marina & The Diamonds
(just realised the spelling mistake - please alter this in the iTunes.)

Also look what I found in a shop in Whistler today...!



I have only just picked up on these guys from Poland and I think they're amazing! Their Blackfinger remix has been on repeat everyday for the last week or so. You can pick up the 320 at Beatport on Blackfinger's Fearless EP which is out on Trouble & Bass.

Up Middle Finger (Supra1 Remix) - Blackfinger [RUDEEE]

I asked them for some more info but it seems they've been too busy recently to put anything together.

"Our Polyhedron remix (Little Jinder) got to #1 in Beatport's Top 10 Late Night Bangers and you can catch us DJing all over Europe starting next month with the likes of Drop The Lime, Zinc, Rusko and Aquasky."

There are some big names in there so I would advise, if you're anywhere near where they're playing - make sure you get down for a sweet night. If you need anymore persuasion then have a listen to the exclusive mix which they did for Curb Crawlers. Check their myspace for the dates.


01. Geeneus - In To The Future
02. Blackfinger - Up Middle Finger (Supra1 Remix)
03. Rico Tubbs - Born To Bounce (Supra1 Remix)
04. Double S - From Day (Cardopusher Remix)
05. Starkey feat. Durrty Goodz - Gutter Music VIP
06. Crissy Criss - Blow His Head Off
07. Star Eyes - Disappear (Dexplicit Remix)
08. Little Jinder - Polyhedron (Supra1 Remix [Drop The Lime VIP])
09. Joker - Snake Eater
10. Supra1 - Rookies
11. 2000F & JKamata - You Don’t Know What Love Is

Introducing ILL BODING

Ill Boding is brand new to the scene but is showing a lot of potential for the future.

"I am from Nottingham and started making Hip Hop around 2000. My brother got me into Grime around the same time. I grew tired of the Hip Hop scene after a while and began producing Dubstep/Grime about a year ago. My main aim for my production is just to make good tunes anyone can listen to regardless of what they know about the scene. At the moment I am just trying to get a release but for the future I want to collaborate with Grime MCs. I also have a joint project planned with N.A.T, Crakatoa and Klassic."

Enjoy these filthy beats, and watch out for more from him in the future...

Clown [RUDEEE]
Grit Ya Teeth [RUDEEE]
It Aint Easy [RUDEEE]
Judgement (Ill Boding Remix) - Klassic




Big things are happening tomorrow. For many folks in other towns and cities across the UK, seeing Caspa and Rusko on a lineup isn't huuuuge, but for Norwich it is.

If you're local, I'm pretty sure you'll be aware of GET LOW. They've been pushing Dubstep and anything bass heavy in the area for a while holding big events at Po Na Na's including Skream, Benga, Oneman, Skepta, Alix Perez and others. They've been on it for a year now and there is definitely no stopping them for a while. Celebrating their first birthday in style with Caspa and Rusko smashing it with a 2 hour set!

Expect big lasers, big sound, big pieces of cake and an even bigger birthday atmosphere.

£5 N.U.S all night long
£6 others

Check the event on Facebook.
Join GET LOW on Facebook.
Check out their blogspot.

Fairly new Rusko mix recorded on Radio 1 Extra last month. This will get you in the mood for gettin' low.

Rusko - Dutch Flowers
Jakes - Rock The Bells (Rusko VIP)
Rusko - Mr Chipz
Rusko ft Redlight - Scare Ware
A Trak ft Kid Sister - Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)
Chase n Status - Saxon
Rusko – You Give The Love (Demo EXCLUSIVE!!)
Rusko - Hammertime
Rusko - How Low Can You Gizzoo?
Rusko - 2 Da Floor
Rusko - Period
Rusko - Woo Boost
Rusko - Jahova
Rusko - Go Go Gadget
Rusko ft Lutan Fiyah - Soundguy Is My Target
Skream - Woinky
Leon Jean Marie - Bring It On (Rusko Remix)
Skream - Murderer (Instrumental)
Chase n Status - Eastern Jam VIP
Kid Cudi vs Crookers - Day n Nite (Rusko Bootleg)

Rusko - Mr Chips
Skream - Meta Lick
Rusko - Hiphop
Doctor - Raise The Temperature
Chase & Status - Eastern Jam
Kid Sister - Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)
The Others - Bazooka
Caspa - Marmite
Rusko - Hammertime
Bun Vs Ill Bill - Choppa
Casper - Louder VIP
Rusko - Woo Boost
Leon - Bring It On (Rusko Remix)
The Others - King Pin
Rusko - Original Cut

Download (rapidshare)

And to finish off here is a track thats been out for ages - but so long ago you may have missed it.

Moments In Love (Caspa Remix) - Art Of Noise

Also the next day you should definitely attend this:


First up we have Kaptain Caddelic. Part of the Parisian Booty Call crew the Kap will be hopping on the Eurostar for a one off London special. With Support from the likes of DJ Godfather and Diplo you know you are in good hands, so pull down your cap, suck it in and get ready for a jaw dropping set of bullet speed Ghettotech madness.

Lurking in the shadows we have A1 Bassline. People have been chatting about this guy for a long time, the question is do you believe the hype? My faith lies not in what the blogs have been saying but the fact that when A1’s anthem ‘Girl Thing’ got dropped at the last Bin Juice people actually fell over. Any person who can do this is more than worthy of set in the shed.

Lucky Charms - A1 Bassline [RUDEEE]

In keen support stand Jim Squared, part of the legendary Armada Sound collective and Rrritalin, one of the original Yardcore famble. Charged up bass music for the naughty generation.

And finally our residents in waiting, Skain, Absnif and Pirate Soundsystem. Set fazers to kill, the Z-Shed takes no prisoners.

Check the event on Facebook.
Join THE Z-SHED on Facebook.


This boy, who we've posted about a couple of times before, is definitely on my favourites list at the moment along with Udachi and Propa Tingz.

Only in the last week or so, did he release his free promo EP, (which is available in this post) and there's already more tracks for you lot. I really wanna hear these on big speakers cos I reckon they're something special - unfortunately I'll have to make do with my earphones till I get back home.

He's had a little trouble from Chase & Status about letting this track out but for no reason, so here it is... HEAVY!

Western Jam (Jayou's Gone East Remix) - Jayou

And this one... slightly different to Herve's take on Lily Allen but still great - this is full of catchy bouncy glitchyness.

The Fear (Jayou's OH NO! Remix) - Lily Allen

If you're loving this stuff - go tell him on his myspace.



There is something brewing across our shores and believe me it ain't the French. That's old news. The Dutch are on our horizon. I came across TEK STEP a while back but when I heard their official remix of Street Fighter (in association with Track it Down) I had to investigate further. TEK STEP ended up being one of the winners out of the 3000 producers that took part in the contest.
Click for download...

Aside from the dirty grinding Dubstep, they're also into Electro and currently have a release of Mr Oizo's "Flat Beat" with a slightly deeper feel to it. Believe me this track is definitely worth the money...

Look out for future releases in 2009, there are expected to be 7 tracks hitting the download sites and record shops in the coming months. Keep your eyes and ears peeled.

Also a cheeky mixtape from them which deserves a listen...

Winter Cash Out Mixtape

Nothing to do with this post but, here is a bonus track straight from Marine Parade which has the usual easy listening Alex Metric goodness.

Under Control (Alex Metric Remix) - Adam Freeland

You knows it...

Herve is really on top of everything at the moment. His label is putting out some great releases, his latest mix album is full of huge tracks (a must buy) and his own productions are top notch too. Everyone has, quite rightly so, been documenting it on the blogs recently so you may have picked both these tracks up already - but hopefully not.

Find out more and what's happening next in a fantastic exclusive interview over at Love That Tune.

This first track combines a sweet mixture of old skool jungley sounds with new skool wobbly dubsteppy breakdowns. Maybe you could've guessed that from the title but I didn't see it like that to start with!

Jungle Steppas - Herve/The Count

On a slightly different note, this one has a steady jackin' party beat with a subtle but warm bassline which drops about half way through.

Droppin' Kisses - Herve & DJ Sneak

Check the latest Essential Mix which is, well... Wizard knows it.



Bringing the party from Portugal, DJ Manaia is growing to be a well known name all over the world. He started off in 1999 just as an irrelevant DJ around Lisbon but in 2005, he and his friend opened their own venue - Clube Mercado which was host to some of the biggest acts and DJs. The club was later closed but he persisted and opened Mini Mercado in Santos which is now his main resisdence. He has shared the bill with large acts and has many more lined up. Check the myspace for more details.

"My style is difficult to describe because I play everything that bounces the dancefloor..."

Recently he has started churning out his own dancefloor killers, whether they are originals or remixes, they always contain a certain party element. He loves the energetic synths and has very kindly sent over a couple for you to preview/stick in your sets. Which one takes your fancy?

The Bass Killer
Terror In Tibet
Move It Boy
Are You Ready For This?
Hot Cold
Fidget Feet [RUDEEE]

Pull Up [RUDEEE], Fatty Girl and Sobrevivente will be out in March time on On The Brink Recordings - be sure to look out for these.

Insane In The Membrane (DJ Manaia Remix) - Cypress Hill [RUDEEE]
Where's My Money (Caspa Remix/DJ Manaia Edit) - TC
No Good (DJ Manaia Remix) - The Prodigy
Postif (DJ Manaia Edit) - Mr Oizo
Kurum (DJ Manaia Remix) - Buraka Som Sistema [RUDEEE]

(none of these tracks are mastered)



IPSWICH - Low Pass Promotions are in the process of setting up a Dubstep night which is good news for all us Suffolk/Essex/Norfolk folk. We hope that the nights don't end up in endless fighting or have bouncers who think their job is to throw people out for dancing. It's difficult to put on a decent night in Ipswich so you have all my best wishes. T-shirts as well? Nice.

Tuesday 12th March - Pals Nightclub

El Tell
DJ Publo
Dr Zoots & The Pharmacist.

Check for further info on the 500-strong facebook group or on the myspace.

WHISTLER - For those who don't know Benny Page have a little listen to these tracks - formally known for his Drum & Bass productions but now also coming out with some heavy Dubstep beats. Everyone who's in the area get down for this one.

Turn Down The Lights - Benny Page [RUDEEE]
Pan Pipes - Benny Page
Step Out VIP - Benny Page

22 Feb 09 - FERNIE, BC
23 Feb 09 - VANCOUVER, BC
24 Feb 09 - WHISTLER, BC
28 Feb 09 - VICTORIA, BC
06 Mar 09 - BUCHAREST
07 Mar 09 - ROTTERDAM
13 Mar 09 - WALES
14 Mar 09 - LONDON
19 Mar 09 - BRISTOL, UK
20 Mar 09 - PORTO
26 Mar 09 - READING, UK
28 Mar 09 - LONDON
01 Apr 09 - BARCELONA
02 Apr 09 - ZARAGOZA
03 Apr 09 - MADRID
04 Apr 09 - GRANADA
12 Apr 09 - COVENTRY
24 Apr 09 - TORONTO
08 May 09 - YORK
30 May 09 - PARIS



Friday Night Trip...


10.00pm - 6.00am, 20th February @ Corsica Studios

Massive line up with some of the biggest and freshest dubstep stars...


SUKH KNIGHT [True Tiger]
CHEF [Rinse FM]
LUKE ENVOY [Tempa/Hotflush]
STENCHMAN [True Tiger/Bovinyl Moosick]
●BLUE BEAR [True Tiger]
●SLUGZ b2b BOYSON [Vagabondz]


DJ CAMEO (old school garage set)
NERO [Urban Nerds]
●AMIT G [Man Make Music]

Huge FUNKTION ONE sound system inside the venue

Corsica Studios, 4-5 Elephant Rd, Elephant and Castle

£8 advance tickets are available from here.



Check the rest...

Has been a little while since the last one of these but this is a gooden. Is it just me or does music seem to be getting better everyday?!

Remember... no laptop speakers allowed. Pull some funky shapes to these hefty waves.

1. A Milli (Propa Tingz Ill Tingz Remix) - Lil Wayne
Full on heavy sound.

2. Get Down - Jack Beats
Cannot wait for Herve's "Ghetto Bass" album. Gonna be sickkkkk. *edit... get it here.

3. Hints - Hidden Cat
Bangin' catchy rhythm when it drops about half way through.

4. Zutopong - Bird Peterson
Not the usual kinda track from this man but this is full to the brim of energy and whirring bass. Mad!

5. What Up Y'all - Crookers
Just incase you missed this fidgety monster. I'm glad they've reminded me why I like them.





Local boy Kid Cola from Cambridge is pretty new to the trendy dance scene but has been smashing it for the last couple of months. He's been gaining support from all the big names and blogs, as well as radio play from Kissy Sell Out and the Loose Cannons. His remixes are of well chosen originals which he then adds his fantastic energy and wobbly synths to - these are guaranteed to get the dancefloor moving. Big things for this kid!

We caught up with him for a few quick fire questions...

Where did the name Kid Cola come from?

There's no deep meaning behind it, I just think it sounds cool. Which in turn I think describes my music pretty well!

How long have you been making tunes and what software do you use?

I've been producing for just under a year now I reckon. I use Logic and Ableton Live.

You have a pretty unique sound, who has mainly influenced your style?

Loads of artists, too many to list. Every time I hear a good tune I get excited and want to make my own music.

Which other artists are you really digging at the moment/would recommend to someone new to the scene?

There's two guys from Scotland called Disco Wizards who I think are great. I'm remixing a track for them soon which I'm looking forward to. I'd tell someone new to the scene to listen to Fake Blood or Jack Beats. I always get a kick out of playing Fake Blood's 'Mars' to someone for the first time. Ha ha!

What do you do when you're not making/thinking music?

Hanging out with friends, reading etc. I'm pretty much always thinking about music in one form or another I'd say. It's definitely my obsession.

What's the scene in Cambridge like? There must be quite a demand for music with so many students around?

Well they do book some big DJs at the colleges that's for sure. I'm just starting to meet some other young producers in the area and I'm getting involved with an internet radio station, Syco Radio run by some Cambridge kids. Meeting like minded people is great.

Vinyl, CDJ or laptop when you're DJing? There's much controversy over more and more people using laptops, what are you views on this?

I'm a laptop DJ and proud! I've played out with vinyl before but I love the creative opportunities you have when using a program like Ableton Live. I often balance 3 tracks at once and create real time remixes. Thats what really excites me, pushing the boundaries of DJing and turning it more into a live performance.

That's what all laptop DJs say! But I think I kinda have to agree. Plans for the next couple of months? What song's next for the re-work and do you have any plans for original material?

I'm working on a remix for Hidden Cat from the USA at the moment. His track Superfuture is awesome, check it out! I definitely want to get some original material out there. Then again I'm not setting a date, I want my first original track to make a statement, and it'll take as long as it takes! I'm also completing a mix for the Trouble Stereo mixtape series, which should be coming out in February. Make sure to pick it up!

I'm looking forward to that original material already! On a different note... I'm quite a big fan of cola bottles, what's your favourite type of cola?

Yea cola bottles are classic munch. I liked Vanilla Coke, but then they inexplicably discontinued it in 2006. Shame.

I hear you have a new track for us. Tell us a little about it...

Yep. This is a remix of the American singer Lisa Shaw. The original was a soulful house tune produced by Miguel Migs and I turned it into something pretty different!

Can You See Him (KiD COLA Remix) - Lisa Shaw ****EXCLUSIVE****

If you haven't heard the other tracks which have been all over the blogs, I'd recommend you check them now. And also go show him some myspace lovin'.

Back Of The Van (KiD COLA Remix) - Ladyhawke
I Love London (KiD COLA Remix) - Crystal Fighters
Atomic Heels (KiD COLA Remix) - Secret Machines


Let's Get Ravey!

A1 Bassline sent us over his new remix which we can share with you...

Work It Out (A1 Bassline Remix) - Esser

Sorry for lack of posts but the internet here in Canada is pretty temperamental - to make up for it, here are some pretty bouncy ravey tracks which you should probably have a listen to. The music can do the talking.

My Punk (Jokers Of The Scene Remix) - The Subs
Let Me Be Your Fantasy (TMX Remix) - Baby D
We Belong Together (TMX Remix) - Varga Zsuzsa [RUDEEE]
Meddle (AC Slater & DJ Skeet Skeet Remix) - Little Boots

easy naaa.


Fibs & Thade



1. Brenaccio & Aisher - Freak Around (Koma & Bones remix)
2. Bodysnatchers - Call Me (Blende remix)
3. Human Resource - Dominator (Herve remix)
4. Franko Rizardo vs Mojo Filter - Oaky Voodoo (Thade Mash-Up)
5. Dillinja - Twist em Out (Proper Villains remix)
6. Lismore - Paradis (Udachi remix)
7. AC Slater - Party Like Us (Kanji Kinetic remix)
8. Wolfgang Gartner - Wildcard
9. Boy 8 Bit - The Cricket Scores
10. The Widdler - Lady Dub (HD4000 remix)
11. M83 - We Own The Sky (Udachi Dubstep remix)
12. Shut Up - Da Night Bus (Reso remix)
13. Sonwah - The Joker
14. Excision - Wasted
15. Vaski - Resonate
16. Excision - Serious Business
17. Egyptrixx - Reconnect

Check our myspace for booking info etc.


Just got sent this from JAYOU and thought would do a quick post and get it up and out. It's brand a spanking new heaaavy free EP for everyone. All of the songs are in 320kbps and ready to play out. Get more info in this post.

1. Crack Hands
2. Ghost
3. Day'n'Nite (JAYOU's Hold The Phone Remix)
4. J.E.M
5. Cubed


Also glad to see Miig has done a post on Raffertie, had a sick night at Chew The Fat on Friday and his set was ridiculously good and enjoyable. Party starter to say the least but all in all was a heavy night throughout. Fake Blood cancelled but Jack Beats stepped in... which I preferred and was Thade's "best set ever".

Found this track a year or so ago but still liking it. Check Toast's myspace for HEEEEAVVYYY tunes etc.

Antisocial (Toast Refix) - Raffertie

Sushi at 44.

Mister Sushi (aka Alex Oxley) is a successful producer and musician going under a variety of different aliases and promotional names. In 2003 he won the Vestax DJ of the year award and in 2004 beat over a thousand other contestants into winning the diesel music awards 'best DJ' slot which has opened up many pathways and options in the music community. He also works for the Botchi and Scarper label host to artists such as Aquasky, Atomic Hooligan and Freq Nasty.

A remix which he has done under the alias Duncan Whiteley.

Hombre (Mutant Bootie Re-Rub) - M.I.A.
(Paper Planes (Afrikan Boy & Rye Rye Remix) - M.I.A)

Now running a night named 44 in Cumbria, I caught up with him on a few things and his plans for the future.

So after a brief break you returned in 2008 but moved up north a bit from London, is the music scene different up there and what genres are flourishing compared to London or is it similar?

Yeah after running the 44 shows in London for a few years it nice to have a change, actually I went to live in Berlin for six months prior to moving back to the North of England. This time was a big inspiration, Berlin is such a melting pot of alternative sights and sounds. The art and music scene there is second to non! It's been a real challenge pushing alternative electronic music in the Lake District, Techno seems to be quite popular here but at 44 we don't like to get bogged down by 'genres' it's all about good music regardless of tempo or key structure. We really like to push things in new directions! Music should be challenging not predicable!

You cover quite a range of musical styles and genres, is there any particular band or group that you have you eye on at the moment for a possible performance in the future?

Yikes that is a hard question haha I have an endless list of acts I'd love to have perform. Off the top of my head I'd say: Fuck Buttons, Clark, Modeselektor, Drop The Lime... Over the coming year I really want to push the live electronics side more, to have someone like Battles or Squarepusher perform would be unreal.

It must be good for the label as a whole to look back and see that you've helped start of some people like FreQ Nasty who are now collaborating with the likes of Santogold to perform the nicely completed cross of genres for 'Creator'. Is there anyone artist/band/producer you would like to collaborate with dead or alive on anything?

Its really great to see the artists progressing forward, I'm sure everyone at Botchit & Scarper would agree when I say we're all about new projects and the artists trying their hands at different sounds. I would love to have Bill Hicks as the compare for the 44 nights, would be brillant to have him putting the world to rights between the acts! Also imagine having Hunter S Thompson as your door man, that would be quite something.

Or is there any new collaboration projects in the works?

Since returning to the Lake District I've collaborating with a lot more people, recently started working with a friend on an art & music event that we're planning to run every three months. Our next show is on Febuary 28th, we've got 65 Days Of Static headlining which is really exciting. Check that event out here.

I really want to merge the worlds of music and art more at the 44 shows, it's good to offer more of an experience you know? Visuals have always been really important at the events, it's a pleasure to work alongside talented designers like Goodies Corp and Richard Fairhead. I've also starting working with the clothing company Fenchurch, its really great to have them on board with the 44 events, they are very supportive of what I'm trying to achieve.

When DJing are you a strictly vinyl or do you dwell into other forms such as CDJs, laptops etc...?

At the moment I'm using CDs more in my sets, the advantage of this is that I can play tracks way up front before they're released. I have started buying vinyl more generally though, I started DJing with vinyl many moons ago so it's nice to go back to that. Kind of like meeting up with an old friend you haven't seen in a while...!

What's the first song/artist/record you ever brought?

For my sins the first record I ever bought was Guns n Roses - 'Use Your Illusion I' on CD. I played this to album death. I remember listening to it for the first time and thinking, dame my parents are gonna hate this!

And the last song you listened to?

Friend Of The Night - Mogwai

I'd say Mogwai are without a doubt my favorite band, they have been consistently great over their whole career. Not many acts manage to keep up and my god what an amazing live show!

The biggest dancefloor killer of the last year for you?

Can I have two???!

Motor - SebastiAn
Buraka Som Systema - Kalema (Wegue Wegue) (Reso Remix)

The next event that Alex is putting on is 44 presents Cellar Door which will be the biggest event to hit the Cinema Rooms yet.

Saturday 7th February 2009

Jamie Vex'd (Vex'd/Planet Mu)
Mister Sushi (Botchit & Scarper)
Fidge (LIVE/Infra)
Jon Tinning (Cellar Door)

What can we say that already hasn't been said about the ground breaking duo that is VEX'D...?! Hmmm this review from Blowback Magazine seems to sum these two gentlemen up perfectly.

"Uncompromisingly smashing the boundaries of genre definitions, Vex'd is mash up jungle-garage-hardcore-dub to the max. If played on a large sound system (with the volume up to 13) you're likely to implode or at least, never see colors again. Enjoyed at a slightly lower volume, you'll no doubt rave until your legs fall off. In places it is like a dark horror - only noticeable under the deep smooth bass and tweaked-to-the-max glitches..."

Gunman - Vex'd
Fallen (Vex'd Remix) - Distance

11pm - 3am (£6 advance)

Cinema Room,
Michaelson Road
Barrow in Furness
LA14 1AD




Hailing from the south coast of England but now based in Birmingham, Raffertie is the 21 year old DJ and producer whose innovative and down right filthy style has been smashing up the UK’s underground dance music scene for the last couple of years.

Raffertie has quickly become a firm party favourite across the UK. His sets include everything from uplifting pop classics and 90’s rave anthems to the filthiest house, garage, grime and dubstep tracks, creating huge dance floor reactions that earned him a residency at Hold Tight in London.

Alongside his DJing exploits, Raffertie’s productions have received much acclaim. Following a set of renowned bootlegs that ply all manner of tunes with sickening wonky basslines, it was his original productions that caught the attention of some big names. Starkey championed the twisted rumbling monster ‘ANTISOCIAL’ on his Sub.FM show and Mary Anne Hobbs picked up the distorted, devastating beats of ‘Stomping Grounds VIP’. She was so impressed that she invited Raffertie to do a guest mix as part of her showcase of up and coming talent, describing him as "as sick as they come".

Having just dropped his first EP (Do That/Boy Better Know) and with forthcoming releases on the Planet Mu and Seclusiasis labels as well as official remixes for The Rogue Element and Food For Animals, Raffertie will no doubt be one to watch in 2009.

Many questions have been asked about the origins of those scissors in his logo, and without any definitive answers from the man himself we’re left wondering whether they represent his cutting edge tracks, or his slicing and dicing of all genres to create that insane party style. Perhaps he just likes arts and crafts. Whatever he likes you need to get some of this bass laden filth down your ears.

Here we have a brand new track for you...

Mutumbo (Raffertie's Bigger Bass Remake) - Food For Animals

Couple of originals

Do That - Raffertie
Stomping Grounds - Raffertie (go pick the VIP up here)

Oh and the tidy little mix which he did recently for Mary Anne Hobbs' show.

Radio 1 Minimix [RUDEEE]

1. Raffertie - Intro
2. Ini Kamoze - Hotstepper (Raffertie's Remix) (Dubplate)
3. Raffertie - Stomping Grounds VIP (On The Brink Recordings)
4. Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Raffertie Re-Dub) (Dubplate)
5. Raffertie - ANTISOCIAL (Seclusiasis)
6. Backlash (Raffertie's Bigger Bass Remake) - Scarlot Harlots (Dubplate)
7. The Squire of Gothos - Out Of Order (Raffertie Re-Edit) (Dubplate)
8. Raffertie - Eyes Closed (Seclusiasis)
9. Raffertie - Wobble Horror! (Seclusiasis)
10. Raffertie - Music Take Me (Dubplate)

Bonus: This is Sick (Raffertie's Wideboy Edit) - Solid Groove


Bits & Bobs.

So I haven't done a post in a week or so but been ram packed busy. To make up for it I enclose a treat or two.

Firstly here is my newest mixtape that I recorded a couple of weeks ago but have been too busy to even post... so for starters if you fancy it.

Have Too Much Fun!

Secondly a couple of tracks which hopefully means some new names to you. Both of these are heavvvvvy. Check em out before they blow.

UltraBlack - check their myspace for some sick tracks, interviews etc and a looooad of mixtapes. This track has been on repeat for the last week and went down a treat when I played it out the other night. Hauntingly different and original drum beats and continuous nasty breakdowns added to some filthy bass. What more could you want?! Oh yea... it's also got old skool skank sounds.

Dark Dread VIP - UltraBlack

VibeSquaD is the multi-personality brainchild of Aaron Holstein. VibeSquaD Recordings proudly announces the release of "Dawn Patrol" - his 2nd full length album of 2008!!! Also out last year was the album "Bass Love" which featured 11 full figured tracks. Get them both now at Addictech.

...satisfyingly bassy...

Porchlights - VibeSquaD

Tyrant - can’t find much info on him and haven't got much time but he’s supported some BIIIIG names, check his myspace for dirty bass. Here's a remix of a goth rock song...

I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness (Tyrant Remix) - The Owl

Also upcoming things....

This is the weekly night I run in Norwich... if you’re local and don’t know it, come down for a filthy night of free partying.


This is gonna be a big night.

Urchins Myspace
Youth Attack Myspace
Thick As Theives Myspace
Oli D.A.B vs Robin Myspace
Kid Cola Myspace

Thick As Thieves Mixtape

1. Telespazio - Galileo
2. Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses (Disco Bloodbath Remix)
3. Scotty Coats & Wes The Mes - Double Fisted (Prins Thomas 4. Disko Miks)
4. Marco Carola - Bloody Cash
5. The Martin Brothers - Rocket Surgery
6. Abstraxion - Chandler Bing
7. Brodinski - Oblivion
8. Jan Driver - Rat Alert
9. Dance Area- AA 24 7
10. Rhythm Code - Scorpion
11. Jesper Dahlbaeck - Human In Me
12. David West & Ida Engberg - The Giant From Nibiru
13. Steve Rachmad - Bot
14. Sis - Nesrib
15. Johnny D - Requiem Of A Dream


Kashta x



Today we have a little interview with Two Oh One for you, and it went a little something like this...

Where do you come from?

I grew up in a small town called Lincoln. Later, I moved to Croydon. Then I ended up in Los Angeles. I don't know where I'm going to end up at this point, but hopefully it will be somewhere with proper weather. Don't believe what people tell you, endless sunshine is bloody horrible. :)

What do you do?

I do a bunch of stuff! I produce, mix and write for a fairly big Industrial/Darkwave band, I'm a painter and I art direct a video game company. I'm always busy.

How did you get into producing Dubstep?

I was on the web looking out for something new, and chanced upon a few early Forensics Dubstep mixes and was instantly hooked. I'm always on the look out for new styles of music because I'm pretty obsessive compulsive about all the different genres and sub-genres of electronic music. I find it all endlessly fascinating, even though a lot of people hate categorisation and labels. I'm also a massive dub head, thanks to my Dad. He turned me onto people like Lee Scratch Perry, King Tubby, Augustus Pablo, The Professor and Dub Syndicate from an early age.

When I discovered Dubstep, what immediately hit me was the variety to the tracks with so many of the different things that I liked all in one place. I just had to have a go because I've got so many ideas and the whole Dubstep genre is held together with such a loose set of rules. With the 'anything goes' atmosphere and open minded crowd, it seemed like the early days of Rave all over again.

It certainly does get people raving! Do you have any more tracks along the lines that Endgame remix? It seems that this was a one off - if so how did you arrive at that catchy Garagey beat? (would you kinda class that as Garagey?!)

Ah, everything I do is a one off. I try to give each track a distinct personality rather than tread the same ground time and time again. I just don't have it in me to force myself into a certain style forever and ever. I think this hurts me as far as 'success' goes because people often hear one thing, like it, but then listen to the rest and become a bit put off because it's not like the one thing they liked. :) I listen to way too much different music to ever be able to nail down a recognisable sound for myself. I think I'd just get too bored.

The Garagey beat in the Endgame remix came about with a couple of cheese knives I got for Christmas. I thought they might make some cool percussive sounds, so I took them into a cupboard with a little pocket recorder and hit them and scraped them together for ten minutes and recorded the result. I managed to get some good metallic scrapes and hits that I used as the basis for the garagey beat. It's good I can still get use out of the knives, because I can't eat cheese anymore due to turning Vegan last year. They still haven't managed to make a Vegan cheese that isn't shite!

Innovative – that’s what I like! I think you should get on a few more productions with catchy little rhythms - that song is stuck on repeat!

Thank you! Glad you dig it. I usually don't put this much effort into my drum programming, but on my latest stuff, I'm approaching things in a more drumcentric (is this a real word?) way. There might well be more shuffly stuff in time to come, but not with knives, maybe with.....spoons?

Endgame (Two Oh One Remix) – Forensics [RUDEEE]

What track/s are you really digging at the moment?

The Horror and the Glory – Forensics
Ganjam - DJ $hy
The Face – VonBoyage
Jabberwock - Misk

Also a bunch of Dub Techno, particularly loving Maurizio's M7. I'm also always listening to a lot of Post Punk and Gothy stuff: Bauhaus (The Sky's Gone Out), Joy Division (She's Lost Control) and Artery (Afterwards). And then, The Specials are pretty much glued into the CD player in my car (Ghost Town, Man at C&A, Friday Night, Saturday Morning, Do Nothing). On Sundays, King Tubby's Meets Scientist at Dub Station (the whole album) in the morning, followed by a bunch of Alfred Deller in the afternoon. Great music to bake bread to. :)

If you were stuck on an island and you had the chance to listen to one record - what would it be?

Damn, this is a tough question. I've always wondered this myself! I think it would have to be a David Bowie album because they're proper albums. I'd have to say Low - long, atmospheric synth tracks punctuated by short two minute pop songs with those paranoid and claustrophobic cut up lyrics. I nicked my Dad's cassette of this album and listened to it on the train every day for months. I think I could easily listen through this time and time again as I sit under a shady tree eating coconuts.

What tracks do you have for us today?

An early one. Brooding, chromatic stuff and a sound I've since moved away from - might explore this some more later.

Long Way Home
Uber sweet, happy/sad melodic dubbiness.

Bert's Dinner Dub
Bright and Breezy. Named after Bert on Streamizm, more of a take on a classic dubby sound.

One Note Bassline
Glitchy track with a single note bassline, hence the name.

Few Might Say
Dubstep Blues, vocals by blues artist, Alex Prusmak.

Many thanks for your time.