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Just when you think you're...

It's rare that I get the urge to post something immediately on listening, however, this pricked my ears straight away. Fresh sounding, nicely produced, bouncy and ready for a system. Keep an eye on Price over the next 6 months or so, we could be in for a few special treats.

Losing Grip - Price

Featuring JACK DIXON

The world of bass music is changing rapidly. Dubstep has become the first music genre to successfully commercially market itself as uncommercial. It is just staggering to see the volume of people commenting on YouTube below videos of Magnetic Man that they hope dubstep stays underground. The truth is these people are kidding themselves and each other, they want to attach themselves to the scene, not the music. For them it is more about believing that they are alternative than actually enjoying the experimental sounds that the majority of the artists used to explore. It seems no coincidence that during festivals in the summer, my group was asked by neighbouring campers both "when are Dubstep playing tonight?" and "are you guys going to see Jason Status?". It is in response to this intolerable infestation that we have seen a rapid diversification of related genres, with producers scampering to them to maintain credibility, and avoid direct comparisons with artists who are sneaking out pop (and increasingly, metal) tracks into the market under the disguise of the highly successful "dubstep" brand. Whilst it is a great shame that the dubstep name has been tarnished, it has actually caused related genres to expand quicker than they probably would have otherwise. Possibly the most successful of resulting movements has been future garage, and today we advise you to check out this release, that draws together all the best elements of the genre.

Silverback Recordings have quickly proved themselves to be adept at picking talented producers who have all the skills necessary to take off in the next year or so. We certainly agree with them when it comes to Jack Dixon, who we have pushed here since the very early days. His latest release which dropped on Monday is the "Substitute EP". The EP offers us the familiar sounds of the genre, with emotional vocal samples, soothing synths and soft pads, but what makes the EP special is how brilliantly they are all brought together - the production standards are very high. To get an idea of what to expect, check out the Soundcloud preview below, but three standout tracks are "Substitute", "Be There" and "Needin' You". The title track rolls along mesmerically, and its not just the repeated insistence of the "come on" sample that remind of us of its dancefloor potential, whilst the blurry keyboard sounds of "Be There" combine with the beautiful melody of the vocal echoes to create a dreamlike aura. To showcase his full range of skills, "Needin' You" drops a house beat and some tribal percussion to create a funky backdrop to the constantly expanding and contracting synth. Not only this but the full EP contains a series of remixes from a variety of up and coming artists that are well worth checking out.

Be sure to buy the EP on Boomkat or Juno if it takes your fancy. The preview is below, and click here for free downloads from May and January earlier this year.

Substitute EP Preview


FABRIC: Boxing Day

This Boxing Day Fabric are hosting almost every single DJ on Rinse FM, for one night only. Huge!

"This rave is UK exclusive - you will never see a line-up of this stature anywhere else in the world. A precedent to the station’s mission statement, which wholeheartedly supports the constant evolution and the nurturing of creativity within the UK scene, we’ll be pumping out 10 hours of bump and grind friendly beats, touching on every strand of the electronic spectrum. From drum & bass, dubstep and grime, to funky, house and garage; we’re expecting epiphany sized reactions to the swelling sounds, set to shake Farringdon to the core. With an ever-growing bill that is only set to get bigger, we’re giving a whole new meaning to the abbreviation B-day. Only one question remains… who’s locked?"

Skream + Benga, Katy B, Boy Better Know, Geeneus, Roll Deep, Heartless Crew, Marcus Nasty + Rankin, Scratcha, Oneman, Kumfy, Newham Generals, Lighter, Spyro, Good Vibe Clive, Plastician, Reflex, Ill Blu, Braiden, L-vis 1990 + Bok Bok, Fingaprint, Roska, N-Type, Zinc, Dappa, SK Vibemaker, JJ, Flight, Score Five, Teddy Music, Big Beatz, Smasher, Marco Del Horno, Supa D, Youngsta, Ben UFO, Elijah + Skilliam, Hermit, Funkystepz, Jamie George, Shox, Teaser, Musik Man, Funk Butcher, Kismet, Wonder, Jay Diamond, Allbury, Alexander Nut, Angie B + Dogtaniun, MA1, Perempay + Cure, A Plus, Daniel Ward, Mr Cook, Clairvoyants, Wildlife, Sian + Julie, Able, Vectra, Antisocial, Crises, The Heatwave, Crazy D, P Money + more

9pm - 7am.
£15/£10 (Students/fabricfirst) / £6 after 3am
Get tickets here.


When I was a yout...

Anyone that's been following this blog for a while will have noticed that we've supported this man, George Lenton, from the very beginning. This is undoubtedly the most satisfying aspect to running a blog, being able to spot potential in an artist and push their progression as much as possible. This track comes as an exclusive and is probably my favourite production of his yet. He never fails to try something a little different, this track works well for chilling, but possibly could also go down well in the middle of set. Give this a few listens all the way through before making up your mind.

On Repeat - George Lenton

There's no doubt in Breakage's production or DJing abilities, as demonstrated in Nottingham on Friday where he smashed Basslaced - to all those who caught us warming up the upstairs, thanks for making it one of our most enjoyable sets to date. This track comes as a bit of a surprise to be a freebie as it's my favourite on the official release package. Anyway, bit of bangin' Drum & Bass never goes a miss...

Raver (Breakage Pattern Moschino Remix) - Shy FX [via Annie Mac Presents]

While we're on the topic of Breakage and super-producers, another one being Redlight - that one who has mastered the art of sub-bass. When you combine the two, this is what you get...

Hard (Redlight Remix) - Breakage [via FACT Mag]

Last but not least, Doorly brings us a bouncy, Funky/Garage crossover on very similar vibes to his Marina & The Diamonds remix. For those that bait Doorly, please hesitate before doing so next time. He's a tight DJ, big party starter and his strategically timed, well produced remixes have gained him huge attention. Keep an eye out for his new Pigeonhole This! label with artwork from our friend Yoghurt Warrior. Also keep an eye out for his Garage rub of The Cuban Brothers... (here)

Get A Move On (Doorly's Pigeonhole This! Remix) - Mr Scruff

Sorry for lack of tunes lately. Hope this makes up!



French producer Neat is more than likely a new name to most but you should stick it firmly in the memory bank as we predict some big things for the future.

He began messing around with electronic music around 8 years ago but started his musical adventures by learning classical percussion. A wide range of influences and years of work in the studio has led him to his present sound which tends to focus on the deep side, building a bridge between dancefloor heaviness and drowned, chilled-out sounds.

"A blend of carefully crafted beats, high-pressure bass machinery, captivating melodies and techy sound designs."

A Light I Know - Neat

Anyone that's into the Joy Orbison, Scuba, Deadboy, Martyn side of bass music, you will 150% enjoy this mix. Smooth rolling beats, post-Dubstep, deep Future-Garage, Dub-Techno, call it what you wish, this is a mash-up of it all. If you're up for broadening the horizons, look no further...


01. Roof Light - Soulcraft [dub]
02. Opti - Autoscopy [dub]
03. FaltyDL - Because You [Planet Mu]
04. Neat - What If [dub]
05. Ital Tek - Giga [Atom River]
06. Jack Sparrow - Loveless [Tectonic]
07. Sines - Stuff Dreams Are Made Of (Von D Remix) [forthcoming Formant]
08. xxxy - Reflections [Mindset]
09. Nekochan - Vahine (Led Piperz Remix) [forthcoming Airflex Labs]
10. Isotroph - Nenuphar (Neat's Bloom Remix) [forthcoming Airflex Labs]
11. Jus Wan - Coma Wall [Self Released]
12. Pariah - Railroad [R&S]
13. Von D - Miss Maui (Mr Lager Remix) [dub]


If anyone knows how to make a riddim...

These two do for sure. Melé & T.E.E.D rumbling subs.

Popping Tags - Melé


On Saturday, some of the stars of the tech-house roster at the Jackmode Agency come to the capital to team up with our friends at Pelski to put together a cracking lineup for Counter Culture, to be held at a temporary venue under London Bridge at 7-9 Crucifix Lane. Featuring representation from labels such as Dirtybird, Made to Play and Deadfish, who have been central to the development of dance music over the last few years, this is a must for any house enthusiasts. Check out the facebook event here and if you're keen be sure to get on tickets in case they sell out.

Of particular interest to Hush House fans might be Midland, who rose to prominence after his highly successful collaborations with Ramadanman earlier in the year. For those of you that haven't yet copped it, get his latest edit of Caribou's Sun below (props to xlr8r for the mp3).

Sun - Caribou (Midland Re-edit)

Also, to get you in the mood check out the eclectic range of tunes available on the Round Table Knight's Autumn Mix below

DOWNLOAD: Round Table Knights Autumn Mix


Pure Ecstasy - Pressure Drop
How To Dress Well - Lover's Start
James Blake - I Only Know (What I Know Now)
Dj Koze - Blume Der Nacht
Mano Le Tough - Eurodancer
Dale Howard - Body Talk
Homework - I Got One (You're It) (Mercury Remix)
Andre Crom, Luca Doobie - Verve
Jesse Rose Vs MTP Allstars - Yeah
Eldoko - Woodworm Blues (Monkey Safari Remix)
Disorder, Cesare - Don't Leave Me
Justin Martin, Galen - Dust Devil
Jagged - Biasca
Fritz Zander - For Your Love
Affkt - Bad Habbit (Affkt & Samuel Dan Vs. Atfc feat. Lisa Millet)
Round Table Knights & Zombie Disco Squad - Endless
Deetron - Sing
Dimlite - Can't Get Used To Those (Afterlude)


Introducing OKOTA

Okota hails from Norwich, and as any of the guys here at Hush House will tell you, that's a good start. But delve into some of his recent productions and you will find that's not the only common interest we share. With the epic Quirk In The Law due for a release with remixes on LU10 Records and a possible collaborative vinyl debut in the pipeline, as well setting up his own label War Cartel Records, it's certainly a busy time for Okota. For now, though, we will focus on his recent release, Atawhai EP, which is out now on Bassweight Recordings.

The EP opens with Justice, with its uncontainable lead line arpeggios , and closes with The Dub Controller, which features reggae artist Little Jah, but sandwiched between them are Nonchalant and Need You, which truly show the breadth of the artist's potential. Nonchalant draws on some HudMo style glitch hop elements and incorporates them into some funky purple synths to create a really fun track, but the undulating whomp of the bass ensures this track has dancefloor potential.

Nonchalant - Okota [RUDEEE]

Need You begins with a solid 4x4 beat, and despite the heavy bass surges, the track manages to be both melodic and soothing when they are combined with the vocal and the gentle synth chords.

Need You - Okota

Okota has been kind enough to give us an additional freebie, in the form of Perusal. Here some chopped up and soulful vocals echo alongside a funky yet tense backdrop which doesn't let you go until the very end.

Perusal - Okota

Some solid tracks coming from Okota at the moment, be sure to buy his EP here and we hope to hear more from him soon.