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Breakage x Florence

Breakage brings us this techy ravey version of widely known Brit Award winner Florence. Her soaring vocal is complimented with energetic drums and trancey synths taking your mood up a level. This years 'In For The Kill' remix? Not sure it has quite the mass appeal. Certainly on road to creating something with such affection when on the pop remix flex though. If you don't know about tunes like Callahan etc, go have a search through the shops.

Dog Days Are Over (Breakage Remix) - Florence + The Machine

Album out 15th March 2010 on Digital Soundboy. Looking forward to that and 'Justified'.



The track leading this competition is nowhere near as good as our boys' Dark Sky. Go submit your vote and help it to the top.



A ae e e ae on...

Sorry about lack of posts recently, was working long hours and couldn't cope with both. You'll be glad to hear I'm free now though. Until the money runs out that is.

Not sure if I have any words to describe this one from the wonderful Doc Daneeka. Catchy, dancey and completely different to the original... Delphic's new single 'Halcyon' has some big names on the remix package. Someone at Polydor knows their producers!

Doubt (Doc Daneeka Remix) - Delphic [RUDEEE]

This one from Brown Noise I've had for a while and just haven't got around to posting. It came off his free 'Expand The Horizons EP' which is available here. This one pricked my ears and after a few listens (my top played this month), I've decided it's huge. Pity about the slightly disturbing name. This tune is far from brown noise. Rolling bassey Garage/ Dubstep with a soothing melody and vocal. Brighton heads go nag him to make some more like this!

Expand Your Horizons - Brown Noise


Featuring IMMERSE

Immerse Records, previously unknown in my world, have a few big releases lined up for the coming months with quality on lock - we like that. Starting off, a couple with XI on the buttons fusing instrumental Grime, percussive Funky/Garage and subby Dub-Techno. Frrrrresh.

000 is full of life and energy right from the off. Interesting drum work and a nice warm sub line, drive the track along with the odd 16 of whispering vocal to change it up a little. She's playing with me? Human beings? Who knows what that's supposed to mean, perhaps someone's a little troubled at heart. I can imagine it bumping very nicely on a system.

Slippin' has the same driven feeling but down a slightly darker, deeper road. The addition of chirpy synths, atmospherics and a throbbing sub change the preliminary dark Grimey beat into an innovative pulsing Dub-Techno mover. This leaves me preferring it to the A side although it's a tough call.

Out digitally, 22nd February. Vinyl in-store at Chemical and Boomkat now.


Voting ends 20th February...

We're very proud to have been nominated for these awards. Please take a couple of minutes to return all the time and effort put into this blog by registering with Dubstepforum and placing a vote in the box next to our name. Go go go!

BONUS: As a voter you are entitled to a free £2 voucher to buy whatever track you like on Juno Download.


Featuring ROB SPARX

Most under-rated player in the game Rob Sparx is about to drop his latest mix showcasing forthcoming stuff from himself and his labels, Migration and Sour Grapes, parent label Z-Audio along with some other goodies thrown in for good measure. Perfectly mixed, smooth and in key with a variety of methods. Originally he was supposed to drop one for our mix series - in fact he did but I didn't get around to putting it up and it got a little dated. I tried squeezing another out of him but all I've ended up with is just first post on this one. Am kicking myself now!

Rob Sparx never seems to fail whether it's on the deeper subby rolling end or energetic tear out. It's all good. Even if you don't like the heavy end. It's technically well produced and listenable. His stuff in the clubs gets the place hype. We witnessed this when we asked him to headline our room at The Den back in November. He filled out that bar room for the whole of his set. Promoters - get booking. Reasonably priced and well worth the money. Have a listen and see...

DOWNLOAD: Rob Sparx 2010 Mix

01. Fully Booked (Indigo Remix) - Rob Sparx [forthcoming Z-Audio]
02. Passing Through - Rob Sparx [forthcoming Sub Horizon]
03. Independent Life (TRG Remix) - Rob Sparx
04. Go Home Soundbwoy - Rob Sparx vs Cocoa Tea
05. Chosen Few - Kryptic Minds
06. To Be In Love (Rob Sparx Refix) - MAW Feat. India
07. Going Back - Rob Sparx
08. Hatred - Rob Sparx [forthcoming Migration]
09. Simple City - Skream
10. Alone - Cyrus [dub]
11. Unstopable - Torqux
12. Bloodbath - Rob Sparx
13. Bloodbath (Bar9 Remix) - Rob Sparx
14. Remedy - Rob Sparx vs Edit Smith [forthcoming Migration]
15. Ribs - NumberNin6 [forthcoming Sour Grapes]
16. Metal Mouth - Skream
17. Serenade - Rob Sparx [forthcoming Smoking Sessions]
18. Etched Headplate Refix - Burial
19. South London Boroughs - Burial
20. Someone (Breakage Remix) - DJ Madd
21. Re-Up - Joker & Ginz
22. Cold Blooded - Rob Sparx [forthcoming Sour Grapes]
23. Battlesnake - Rob Sparx vs John Maveric [forthcoming Sub Horizon]
24. Fire - Synkro
25. Banoffee Pie - Rob Sparx [forthcoming Sour Grapes]
26. Casino - Rob Sparx
27. Cop Killer - Sukh Knight
28. Sub Mission - Koldfoxx [forthcoming Sub Horizon]
29. What U Gonna Do (NumberNin6 Remix) - Rob Sparx
30. Roland - Clunka Rob Sparx Rmx [forthcoming Massey Rogers]
31. NumberNin6 - HuntYouDown [forthcoming Subhuman]
32. So Far Away - DJ Madd [dub]
33. Serial Killa - Shackles [forthcoming Sour Grapes]
34. Windscreen Sniper - Rob Sparx vs John Maveric
35. With You - NumberNin6
36. Stash - Joker & Ginz
37. Arcade - Rob Sparx [forthcoming Migration]



This man, Autopilot, featured originally in this post, has had extreme exposure since we last spoke on the subject. Mary Anne Hobbs has taken a liking, Youtube Gamer Geeks and Imogen Heap lovers have been flooding the comments section. His unique, minimal, glitchy, synthy, euphoricy, progressive sound - finished off always with a pulsing bassline deserves the attention it's getting. Constantly supplying me with freshies, this post is the least I can do for him. You lot feeling the sounds need to head over to the...

Autopilot Bandcamp

Couple of new free tracks. World exclusive - fresh is an understatement. Huge original. Big remix. Nuff said.

Moth (Autopilot Remix) - Burial & Four Tet [RUDEEE]

Like A Bitch - Autopilot

Please go support the man, he's aiming for a tour later this year. The more support you give - the better it'll be.


Put it back in the circus...

Here we have a prime example of why Breakage was one my top producers last year. Difficult to touch a Massive Attack tune and do it justice. He's done just that. On a rig, this will be... next level. It's next level just sitting at home!

Paradise Circus (Breakage's Tight Rope Remix) - Massive Attack [RUDEEE]

Next up, this from Scuba was on a compilation given away for free. He's too good to us people. Usual vibes from him. Tight, deep and banging. Those three words fit a few other situations suitably - protect yourself otherwise you might end up in the...

Klinik - Scuba

Last of the treats today comes from that Ramadanman. Another one on the techy vibe. Stabs of vocals bring the energy level up a bit though. Big up the Pelski boy for this one. Those of you into that Techy House biz. He's got it down.

Put It Back (Ramadanman Remix) - James Fox

I wanna put RUDEEE next to all these but know I'll get a telling off. Oh and new Noisia album is big. Watch out for that, coming to ruin a system near you soon.


Having been behind the For The Win crew from the start (even before they had a logo!), they're now making some serious waves and set to have a huge year. Just you wait - some big full releases on the way. Ashburner remix of Swarms is the one for me.

With Next Hype being rinsed all over the shop for many a month, too many month some may say, Ashburner has finally let his heavy edit slip. Alongside this, Goli's added his expertise to give that Boy Better Know anthem another life which will definitely get those subs rumblin'.

Next Hype - Ashburner

Too Many Man - Goli & Ashburner


Placebo remix?! You knows it...

DUBSCOVER: Valentines Special

Dubscover are celebrating their Valentines Special at Gramaphone with some super fresh lady artists. They will be battling it out for the winning title so be prepared for a claws out night of heavy low frequencies from some of the finest undiscovered females in the scene. Girls, show 'em how it's done!

As usual there's the podcast for some interesting listening and hype about the night.

DOWNLOAD: Podcast 005

First up they have Manchester’s number one Dubstep duo, The Steppahs, followed by the two ladies of ATG LDN, Moxie & Elvee. They also have huge props from the east London renegade Slauka. Last but not least, the Dubscover 004 winners, Slugz & Boyson are returning to the decks. As always, there's support from the Dubscover residents; Hylu & Jago - this time they're rolling out a 2 hour special birthday set. Maybe with some exclusives thrown in, like in here...

DOWNLOAD: Minimix 005

1. Hylu & Felipe Moura - Untitled [dub]
2. Krooks & Boyson RMX ft. Nanci Correia - Midnight Marauders [dub]
3. Seven & Elvee - Waves [forthcoming Aquatic Lab]
4. Boyson & Krooks - Insufflate [dub]
5. Seven & Elvee - Step In To A Dream [Subway]

Stream available for both on Soundcloud.

If you're unfamiliar with Dubscover, here's what goes down. Each artist has 1 hour to perform, and a further 20 minutes to battle each other, to help you decide who is the best. All you have to do is scream and shout for your favourite artist. The most noise gets the podium.

What's even better is that they are offering this all for free and there's a little treat for the first 30 people there.

£2 for a Stella bottle before 11pm, and £3.30 on all pints, all night.

Closest tube is Aldgate East and Liverpool Street...

Facebook event

Facebook group

B. RICH does Europe...

"B. Rich is about to hit the UK and Europe for his first overseas tour. To kick it off he is giving out this free EP where the heavier side of his production shows through. The EP is rounded off with 3 extreme remixes by DZ, J. Rabbit and HavocNdeeD, resulting in a seriously heavy and diverse collection. This release is a must have for fans of Dubstep, Drum and Bass, or Heavy Bass."

DOWNLOAD: We Ball Harder Remix EP [right click save as]

01. We Ball Harder (Original Mix)
02. We Ball Harder (DZ's Spy Harder Remix)
03. We Ball Harder (HavocNdeeD Remix)
04. We Ball Harder (J. Rabbit Remix)

If you are in Europe, be sure to check out the myspace for more info on the tour dates.



Having taken a little break from our mix series over the festive season we're back up and running. What a way to start the new year. London new boys Dark Sky bring us this colourful selection of tunes oozing talent from themselves whilst also keeping the other tracks intertwined to a high level. Their style fuses garage with the deeper side of Dubstep leaving us with tight beats and warm subby bass.

However, I shouldn't say they're new because that wouldn't be true. 2009 was an exciting year for two of the three. You may be familiar with The Boogaloo Crew already. This is their side project. They've dragged in another producer and things are kicking off. Another example of people seeing where the sound is heading and taking full advantage. While on the subject of Boogaloo - we'd like to congratulate them on their forthcoming release on Trouble & Bass. 'Days Go By' and 'Calling All Dancers' (which are in a couple of our mixes if you haven't heard them) will feature on 'Heavy Bass Champions of the World: Vol 2'. Big!

Dark Sky have forthcoming releases on Black Acre as well as a host of other tricks hidden up their sleeve...


01. Ghost Notes - Dark Sky
02. Duke St Dub - Sully
03. Nouvelle Histoire - Von D
04. Higher - Breakage
05. Purple City - Joker
06. Concrete Jungle - Silkie
07. Leave - Dark Sky
08. No More Tears - Geiom
09. Poetics - The Boogaloo Crew
10. Neon Speech - Hyetal
11. Radiates (Joker Remix) - Primary 1 + Riton
12. Kesha - Rustie Remix
13. Fuse - Hudson Mohawke
14. Inhale - Synkro
15. Rainbow Road - Gemmy
16. Beautiful Complication - Guido
17. Crystalized (Dark Sky Remix) - The xx
18. Something To Lose - Dark Sky
19. Digital Fauna - Zomby
20. Drowned City - Dark Sky
21. Phonebox - Sully
22. Over (Breakage Remix) - Zarif
23. Love Cry (Joy Orbison Remix) - Four Tet
24. Brandy (Fantastic Mr Fox's Nature Boy Rerub)
25. Sacré Cool - Young Montana

It's worth getting the mix just for a sneak preview of The xx remix!


When you hear dem sirens...

Who dislikes Borgore? Glad we cleared that up.

Here we have some treats from the Dub Police fam. In preparation for their few nights in the US with Scion, they've put together a pretty surprisingly good compilation. Surprising, not because it's Dub Police but because it's 14 tracks, one from each of them (excluding Tes La Rok and a couple of others), for FREE! Not all are so great so I thought I'd be nice and not waste 180MB of your time or download allowance. If you have plenty of time or generally disagree with my taste then I'd advise you to download the whole album as you may find something you prefer on there. Or not. You know where you heard about it first though.

In descending order of rowdiness, nevertheless - all sweet tunes.

Quantum Leap - The Others

Turf W*rz - Matty G

Oh Yeah - LD

Strawberry Kiss - Orien

Light Ina Distance - Unitz

Time is of the essence round these parts at the moment so I'm sorry for the 'Slow Down'. Submit your top 10 tracks downloaded in the last year and get a special treat. The idea behind this is not so we don't have to do any work - we want to keep the gems alive. You might have missed one or maybe not looked back far enough. Who remembers this for example?

Endgame (Two Oh One Remix) - Forensics

Leeds people - 9th March, it's a date.