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Hold what?

18 year old Numan from Manchester is a very talented up and coming producer with a bright future if he keeps up the high standard he's set himself. I’ve got a couple of tunes which he’s been handing out for free but most importantly you should all keep your eyes peeled for his 7th Key release on Wicky Lindows which is backed with a huge 501 remix.

Hold On – Numan

Hold The Line (Numan’s Zapper Remix) - Major Lazer

7th Key (501 Remix) [Wicky Lindows] by Numan

Introducing REBEL SONIX

Sick video!

Sorry for the slackness, this track was released on Monday (26/10) on Eight Fx so get over to your favourite digital retailer now and cop it, I know it's definitely on Juno.

Rebel Sonix is also excited to be working on a live av dubstep collaboration with the video maker which we will be launching soon.


Incredibly Soft EP

I’ve been keeping my eye on The Living Graham Bond ever since he won AC Slater’s Hello remix competition back towards the start of the year. His unique, fresh, bassliney jackin’ house style has caught my attention and I’m getting quite addicted his tunes.

Firstly, I’ve had his B Rich remix on repeat on the myspace player for the last couple of months – it slipped under my radar that Palmsout had announced the winners of the competition. This came a very graceful second and I’m very happy to be able to share it with you lot. That hook in there, well… it just makes me want to dance. Get it on repeat (and loud) and you’ll see what I mean. I need an extended version!

Make Me Dance (TLGB Remix) – B.Rich [RUDEEE]

After a busy few months not just with his production but some big bookings too, he is properly set to break into the big game with his debut EP on Venga Digital. “Incredibly Soft” is the title track and my favourite on the release. Clever vocals, chopped to perfection with innovative drum patterns, progression and breaks. The bouncy basslines make a perfect accompaniment to give a fresh blend of Fake Blood crossed with Mowgli - each tune has a well thought-out structure and rhythmic feel.

"Great songs. Excellent productions and nice and quirky. Love all the little vocal samples. Gets my support." - Lee Mortimer

"Nom De Strip remix is a rockin mix" - Malente

"Nom De Strip Remix = SICK DROP SICK DROP SICK DROP" - Mightyfools

"Great EP, all tracks are wicked. Production spot on, nice remix from Chris aswell :)" - Calvertron

"Nice solid EP. Good work." - AC Slater

For more previews of the release check here but if you want something in length then don’t miss out on this mix. You can catch TLGB DJing at Corsica Studios this Thursday (29th October) or at The Egg for the launch party on the 6th November.

DOWNLOAD: Incredibly Soft Mixtape

01. Tonka - Jack Track (TLGB’s Little Fiddle)
02. TLGB - Incredibly Soft
03. Savage Skulls - Flabanco
04. Renaissance Man – Canto Della Kalimba (Bootcut Edit)
05. TLGB - Drinkies
06. Drums Of Death - Got Yr Thing (Jesse Rose & Oliver $ Dub)
07. Brodinski & Mumdance - Eurostarr (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)
08. TLGB - Ransom
09. Tim Green - Revox (Justin Martin Remix)

Definitely a talent with oozing potential – watch out for his name plastered everywhere not too soon in the future. The rest of his free tracks are in this post.

(My laptop is not in working order so I’m sorry for the scarce posts)


Hush DJs present...

Lots of mixes recently but this one's from ourselves, third in the series - anyone wondering where Hush Pipe vol 2 is... it's coming. Gonna be on a slightly different vibe from the last one and this series.

We've tried to make this an exciting story of sounds by splicing together a unique tracklist which hopefully doesn't have too many tracks you've heard before. Maybe you have and we've just lost the plot. The first ten minutes is packed full to keep your ears pricked, followed by a half hour of oscillating heaviness. We hope you enjoy it...


01. City Of Dub - Tafuri
02. What The Fuk - Engima
03. Tha Crisis Gurge Supply - Stagga
04. Puff - UltraBlack
05. Gizmo - DatsiK
06. Reel Simple - MarchMellow
07. Summertime - Twisted
08. On A Low Low - Sduk
09. Heavylidded - Mutt
10. Firewall (Feat. Wilks) - RSD
11. New Socks Two Socks (Stenchman Remix) - Doomtrooper
12. How Rude - Flux Pavillion
13. Mollusc (Riskotheque Remix) - Ribs & IG88
14. Panic - 16Bit
15. Gangsters (Tes La Rok Remix) - Rico Tubbs
16. Freedom (Dubwise Mix) - Moody Boyz
17. Lock Up - Vent
18. Tetsu - Ekaj
19. Crazy Herbert - Giant
20. Cell - Rob Sparx


You're a fuckin'... NUTTAH

We've just had a pretty special mix for you lot but we have something also pretty special - 501's decided to give away one of his productions for free. This doesn't often happen and I'm pretty sure this hasn't been available to download, legitimately, anywhere else on the internet. Cop it now!

Nuttah - 501 [RUDEEE]

Now... hush the fuck up and get hype! You like popsicles?



Today we present you with the third in the series, mixed seemlessly by none other than one of the sickest producers in the game. Please turn your attention to Mr 501. (If you don't know, go do your research)

His productions over the last year have been top notch with some huge releases in the bag already. He isn't stopping there though, the list of what's forthcoming in the next couple of months is ridiculous. Take a look...

501 / Cotti & Doctor - Insanity / Rise the Temperature [More Than Alot 001]
501 - My Favorite Sin / Daytripper [Dubting]
501 - St. Ives / TBA [Rwina Records]
Numan - 7th Key (501 Remix) [Wicky Lindows 007]
Top Billin' - Playboy Anthem (501 Remix) [Top Billin']
501 - The Eyes Never Lie / Downplay [Off Road]
501 - Hoodlum's Riddem [Heavy Artillery]
501 - Incognito / Beginning of the end / Solitaire [Audio Phreaks]
Rossi B & Luca - Dont Cry Soundbwoy 501 rmx [Heavy Artillery]

This mix incorporates some of the best bits of Dubstep to date, mixed with some unknown forthcoming bits to leave us with a tuneful, melodic, rumbling 50 minutes of uninterrupted music. Bounce along, drive along or dream along - they all work, and work well at that.


01. Re-Up - Joker
02. Get Up (Feat. Yolanda) - Pinch
03. One Of Us - Kryptic Minds
04. Tempered - Rustie
05. Solid State - Emalkay
06. Step Into A Dream - Seven
07. Go Go Gadget - Rusko
08. Digidesign - Joker
09. Revenue - Ramadanman
10. Short Circuit - 501
11. Crazy Talk - Seven
12. Chosen Few - Kryptic Minds
13. Guillotine - Matt-U & Riskotheque
14. Mofo - Antiserum
15. Hidden Worlds - 501
16. Badness - 6Blocc/K1
17. Transaction - Subscape
18. Incognito - 501
19. Technophobe - N-Type & The Others

Big thank you to 501 for his time, go show him some love on myspace.



HD4000 - JEKAL

"Jekal" is the latest in a long line of gigantic sounding dubstep stompers produced by HD4000. Well known for their Dubstep FM show "Hits from the Hard Drive," HD4000 have been steadily plotting a course for glory with their undeniably prolific array of orginal tracks. Jekal is no exception to the rulebook, it carries their signature big banging kit work and gritty, in-your-face bassline. For all HD4000 fans, "Jekal" is a welcome addition to their lengthy discography, and will bring anyone not yet familiar with their sound right to the forefront of what they bring to the dance floor. This release is backed with some serious remixes which you can preview and purchase from Mal Label Music.

01. Original Mix
02. Zombie-J Remix [HEAVY!]
03. Skulltrane Remix
04. Widdler Remix [RUDEEE]

Go spend your pennies on this very worthy cause, I dare you.


Introducing NAO

All the best things are free and this EP fits that category quite nicely. 5 different styles portrayed across this release from the Nomadic Art Organisation, try each of them.

Zillion is a first-rate experimental producer and self professed junkie from Norwich - he has been receiving widespread attention for his soulful, bombed out D&B sound.

No Violence - Zillion

Mantra hails from Sheffield and is one of the minds behind the netlabel Planet Terror Records. He brings crisp beats, mesmerising synths, haunting samples all bottomed with a healthy dose of deep bass.

Hubris - Mantra

Headnod Syndrome, out of the southwest of England is a talented newcomer to the scene - big things in the pipeline which I reckon you'll all agree after listening to this track. Powerful beats, choice atmospherics merged down with a sick bassline.

Tight Situation - Headnod Syndrome [RUDEEE]

Fourth track comes from the Canadian duo Orbatak. This name should be familiar name for a few - Machete has been getting dropped in mixes all over the place. Big contribution to the EP with this tune which is set to wreck your soundsystem. Watch those subs...

Shot Calla - Orbatak

Lastly but not least, Crosus brings an experimental touch to finish off straight outa Glasgow. Many projects on the go so you'll be seeing this name around soon. He brings to the table a track layered with spooky samples pushed along by his own brand of low sub-bass, simple but effective.

Bluboi - Crosus

For more information on the NAO movement check here.



Engima has been with us since the start and there's a reason why - he's got some big tunes under his belt already with many more to come. The last time his name cropped up was here. He's landed us with four of his latest productions and is letting you have them all for free if you wish.

Here we have a big ol bassline to get those speakers rumbling. He's taken those well known Fatboy Slim vocals and stuck em down in the dungeon, Benga has had an attempt but personally I think I prefer this edit. "Yea I'll play that" - Rob Sparx. They know what is what but they don't know what is what, they jus strut...

What The Fuck? [RUDEEE]

Hop over to his myspace to preview these next three - a variety is available for those different tastes...

I Hate You
Let Me Be Your Fantasy



This is gonna be large. It's my birthday and it's Thade's birthday couple a days before. Make/change your plans cos this is gonna go off!


Hush House crew let's merk it!

BONUS: Night by Night (Skream Remix) - Chromeo



It's been another 2 months, so it's that time again. The 'Organix' Team (their new official name) present the latest installement of their bi-monthly night which is set to be even bigger and better than the last two - they were merely warming up! Adam and the team have been beavering away again sorting out the hype so be nice and get your ears round these.

Podcast 003

As always there's this minimix to showcase the performing artists...


1. Ghetto Yute (Ed West Remix) - Toxin [On The Dub]
2. Hell Gate - O-Dessa [dub]
3. Bahryat - Hylu [dub]
4. Musical Warfare - We Are Dubists [dub]
5. Million Dollarz - O-Dessa [Lo-Dubs]
6. Pop Ey - We Are Dubists [dub]




Any questions? email: info@organixmedia.co.uk


Skream x Bat For Lashes

I get excited on days like these - look what's just dropped through the letter box...

Pearl's Dream (Skream Remix) - Bat For Lashes

You might have your own opinions on this track but, I don't care! It's big.


Introducing SDUK

Sduk has been causing a fuss with the Emalkay remix which we posted a couple of weeks ago - now we have something for you all to get even more excited about. Heavily influenced by Joker, Gemmy, Guido & Ginz his original productions need some attention, I have yet to hear them on a big system but I can only imagine the huge tropical hypnotic synth lines will go down a treat. No hesitation on whether to download this or not, get familiar, this 17 minute-long dubplates mix shows a lot of potential...


01. Fresh Melon
02. Be Lucky
03. Qway Back When VIP
04. Dapper Derek
05. Turn It Off
06. Nappy Nora
07. Clunge
08. On A Low Low

Other sites please repost - just keep the download link the same!



For the second in the series we bring you rising underground star Boot straight out of Sydney. A perfect mix with a little something for everyone, keeping the finger on the bass button at all times. One of our favourite mixes of the last couple of months and we can't wait to let your ears benefit.

Producer/DJ/Anarchist, Tim Butler has quickly risen to the forefront of Australian Dubstep production. Playing, writing and studying music since he was 6, Boot became hooked on electronic music after hearing artists such as Aphex Twin, Nine Inch Nails, Kraftwerk, Teebee, Photek and early Bad Company. His sound is a convergence of dark dancefloor Dubstep, techstep Drum and Bass, funky Techno, Tech House, punk attitude and he brings this love of dark and brooding futuristic hyperfunk to his tunes, leaving us with only one way to describe his music - seriously teched out dance floor Dubstep with a deeper edge.

Boot also writes and performs as one half of The Abyss with fellow Sydney artist Sook, recently finishing a remix of Dubtek's 'Fanatic'. Several other remixes and original collaborations are on the boil as we speak. With DJ support from artists such as Droid Sector, Triage, Dubtek, Phaded, Twisted and Ultrablack just to name a few, and releases lined up on Terminal Dusk & Betamorph, Boot is definitely one to watch out for over the coming year!


01. VCO - Komonazmuk [Terminal Dusk]
02. Broken Hopes - Droid Sector [Bassism]
03. Blackmail - Boot [dub]
04. Witchcraft - Matta & Dubtek [Terminal Dusk]
05. Replicators - B1t Crunch3r & Phonetic System [Gamma Audio]
06. Embryonics - 3rdeye & Safire [dub]
07. What Becomes Of... - Sook [dub]
08. White Phosphorus - Boot [dub]
09. Geisha - J. Nitrous [dub]
10. Effervescense - Dubtek [dub]
11. Rub A Dub (Droid Sector Remix) - The Bassist & Roommate [dub]
12. Headcharge (Eskmo Remix) - Backdraft [Downbeat]
13. Might Like You Better - Vaski [dub]
14. Dubstep Killa - Roommate [Terminal Dusk]
15. Hallucinations (The Bassist Remix) - NTRLD [Brap Dem]
16. Sketchy Maxx (Ruckus & Roke Remix) - Mark Instinct [Betamorph]
17. Fanatic (The Abyss Remix) - Dubtek [dub]
18. Onlooker - Triage [Dubstep Recordings]
19. aaawradaddaddad - Thrasher [dub]


Introducing ENGINE-EARZ

Jack that beat...

Been busy innit. Sorry!

Haven't posted any of this kinda music for a while - it's good to have a break and slow the bpm sometimes. Been waiting for this to drop - definitely my favourite Jack Beats tune of late.

Drumming Song (Jack Beats Remix) - Florence & The Machine

Have posted a couple of tracks by these guys before - GreenMoney are innovative and exciting producers who deserve to be getting more hype than they are.

Baltic Pine (GreenMoney's Baltic Porn Bootleg) - Boy 8-Bit
Tie Me Down (GreenMoney Dub) - Sibley

We featured Raffertie back here but he's been all over the place this year and next year I'm sure will see plenty more gigs and plenty more good productions. His sound is definitely maturing, when I first heard one of his tunes (I think it was a Rihanna remix about 2 years ago) it was the weirdest thing I'd heard and I hated it! Big sound on this one...

Dancing On Our Tongues (Raffertie Remix) - Wild Beasts

I don't rate Drums of Death but with a little bit of Starkey's reworking this track is listenable now. I'm sure this will appeal to a few of you out there.

Got Yr Thing (Starkey Remix) - Drums of Death

This dropped in our inbox a while ago so I reckon it might be old news for a few of you but those who haven't stumbled across it, Udachi & Jubilee's Paypur EP has some big tracks on it (Smoke Rings) so get over here and spend those pennies.

Paypur - Udachi & Jubilee
Bitchy Skills (Udachi Remix) - Costello

Lastly, big tune from AC Slater - can he do no wrong?!

100mph (AC Slater Remix) - Juiceboxxx [RUDEEE]

All those waiting for posts who I've said I'd post - just send a reminder email. All those people who haven't had a reply - keep producing and get in touch in a few months.

Anyone still after a t-shirt but the size is sold out? Email us - if there's enough response we'll get some more done. There's been quite a bit interest in the jumpers? You seen them about?!