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This Friday...

ROOM 1 - Chew The Fat! present:

Caspa & Rusko
DJ Zinc
Frogs in Socks

ROOM 2 - Trouble Vision present:

Solid Gold & Park Ranger
The Boog-A-Loo Crew

ROOM 3 - Holic present:

Tomoki Tamura
+ more tbc


Live street art all night from SNUB23, ASBOluv and Farkfk who will be creating unique work that will then be auctioned off, plus a strictly limited range of t-shirt designs to buy.

The Arches, 51-53 Southwark Street, London Bridge, London, SE1 1RU.

£13 advance, more on the door - £11 students on the door


Info: 020 7924 1333

We Fear Silence

Get more info and tunes at The Fat! Club but in the mean time, I've been waiting for this tune to be remixed for ages. Don't ask me why...!

Goodgirls Love Rudeboys (Feat. Sincere) - Kidbass
Goodgirls Love Rudeboys (Foamo Remix) - Kidbass

Thieving your ego...

Ego Thieves is definitely a website you need to check if you haven't already. Smart design, good content and most importantly, a safe dude behind it all. He's put together 40 minutes of quality Dubstep for his readers so I think you all need to have a listen too. There are some tracks in there you'll know and a few you won't. Egyptrixx and Joker releases are killer. Plus, you even get all the tracks cut up like a mix album! Not one to miss...

[right click save as]

01. Classical - Dub & Run
02. Godzilla - Egyptrixx
03. Trouble - Toast
04. Mr.Brown - Tek Step
05. Pro Nails (Rusko Remix) - Kid Sister
06. Crack Hands - Jayou
07. Night Vision (Skream Remix) - Distance
08. Havoc - Datsik
09. Hella - DZ
10. Sunday Morning - Borgore
11. Policemen get Hype - Stagga
12. Mind Control - 501
13. Do It - Joker
14. 6Points - Kromestar
15. Sometimes I Still Miss Her - Charli
16. Jersey Devil - The Widdler
17. Sweatshop (Antiserum Remix) - Illgates
18. Pirate - Illoom, Surpass, Ylem
19. I Remember (Caspa Remix) - Deadmau5 & Kaskade
20. It Was Written (Chasing Shadows Remix) - Damian Marley

Make sure you go and check out the website which is forever being improved.


Lower the bit rate...

These two known as 16Bit have, in the last few months burst onto the scene and have been rattling speakers up n down the country with their enormous sounds. A few days ago they approached us with their Flat Beat remix but I’ve managed to squeeze a little more out of them. I don’t think too much gets taken seriously, however, some of the tunes are seriously good. Take what you want from these answers… I think there may be some kinda message in this first one?!

How long you both been into Dubstep?

I like music. I didnt want to go in the car so I got the bus. DRT didnt really like Dubstep. Kidnappa hates it. Once I had a bagel with sugar in it. DRT used to be in a ska band. Maybe it was a dreeem. I guess it’s all the same anyway.

Were you expecting the reaction to Chainsaw Calligraphy to be as big or was it done as kinda joke? I'd say it was the perfect way to break into the scene...

Dubstep is so varied. It's like anything, if people only hear what they're fed. i.e. the easily accessible tracks then they're missing out on a whole lot of goodness underneath. It’s the same as if someone only listens to a few genres, you're cutting off your access to a wealth of other tunes. We had a couple releases out before In Death Car EP but it seems everybody loves chainsaws so that was the one to give us the jump.

Are you liking the way the scene is evolving? This Clubsteppy kinda stuff seems pretty popular…

Not keen on sub-genres, or even genres for that matter. If a song is sick, it's sick. Oh no wait, lullabies is my favourite genre.

I’ve heard a lullaby goes down a treat at Clockwork! You’ve got a forthcoming EP on Southside Dubstars - you got some low bit rate, super high quality previews for us?!

Course, here's some exclusive clips I just done…

A - Cobra
AA1 - Jump!
AA2Can You Show Me What Head Is?

Top 5 tunes at the mo?

Donny - Symptomless Coma (Current Value VIP)
Emalkay - When I Look At You
Alex B - Well Well
Anything by Audio
Bob Dylan - Masters of War

Go get their latest tunes at Beatport and there’s some others here.

They’ve just been booked for Glade Festival so you can catch them playing on the Saturday in the Boomtown Tent. For more info click here

If you haven’t seen this already, check it, is quite amusing.



Ram Records are proud to announce that Chase & Status signed a major record deal with Mercury Records (Universal) this week (18/5/2009).

"Chase & Status would like to take this opportunity to say that they are hugely appreciative of Ram Records' efforts surrounding their formative years and especially the release of their debut album "More Than A Lot" which has sold in excess of 50,000 units to date."

Ram Records' directors Andy C and Scott Bourne remain unwavering in their view that Chase & Status are a huge creative talent and are pleased to remain an integral part of the team moving forward.

What do you reckon the next collaboration will be?! Someone suggested maybe Will Young... HAHA.



Another big name giving out a free track! It's your lucky day. Been sitting on this for about a week now but just got reminded cos found the picture above on my camera. They go well together cos it was taken at Trouble Vision where Oneman followed by Joker had room 2 full of bouncy vibes. (Off subject, well kinda, but anyone seen that Outlook vs Vagabondz line up?!)

Don't normally just do one song posts but... I've played this over and over and I love it. The usual grimey, well produced tune you'd expect from the Bristol boy.

Solid State - Joker

You should probably check his remix of Adam Freeland over on the myspace and also the Basement Jaxx remix here. Both pretty alright!

Deeeeeeee Zed


DZ is one of the bigger names in Dubstep, as many of you will know. But perhaps you didn't know that his track "Down" was the no.1 selling Dubstep track on Beatport last year? Many other releases have been getting worldwide recognition and even people like Herve and the duo Jack Beats are dropping his tunes on the regular. The Badman Press and Badman Digital owner has decided to let a few of his tunes out and here's my favourite of them.

Bless Up [RUDEEE]
Punks (DZ Remix) - Juju
Hold The Line (DZ Remix) - Major Lazer

Check Beatport for more of this good stuff!



We've recently been affiliated with MashedUK. This new promotions company is run by three people, one being DJ Hylu who we met in this post. They have developed two new FREE nights @ Gramaphone in London: DUBSCOVER and TECHSCOVER. Their aim is to create a place where you can unwrap and discover new talent in dubstep and techno, once a month, FREE of charge!!!

The trio are teaming up with various promoters, record labels, agents, managers and companies to showcase their artists to help them gain further establishment, secure more bookings, and even discuss record releases. The uniqueness of Dubscover and Techscover is that they only focus on fresh undiscovered artists. At every event each artist has 1 hour to perform, and a further 15 minutes to help you to decide who is the best - all the audience have to do is scream and shout for their favourite. It's all about the atmosphere and the winner from each night gets some amazing rewards.

The sound system is big, fat, heavy and ready for some low frequencies!

They are launching ‘Dubscover’ on Friday 12th June and ‘Techscover’ on Friday 10th July. Then the two events will then alternate on the second Friday of every month.


If you want to perform at Dubscover or Techscover just drop them or us a mix and some info about what you do...

Watch this space for more info about their launch party, mini-mixes and podcasts.


Amusing news...

I have only just discovered these two but have been very impressed with the stuff they’re putting out. I came across them as they have a release called “Girls Love Bass” with a few tasty remixes which came out last month. It’s not on Beatport but can be found at all the other main ones. They seemed to have had a bit of trouble recently and here's the low down...


Early last week The Squatters received an urgent letter from Paris. This was not good news - big shot David Guetta had got wind of their independently run record label, Hug Me I’m Homeless. This happened when the house music enthusiast received a promo from the label through its online distribution system. Mr Guetta was not happy about the branding and name Hug Me I’m Homeless as it had a similar appearance and name to his own F*** Me I’m Famous brand. Action was then taken against The Squatters and a solicitor’s letter was issued. Mr Guetta's solicitors pointed out that Mr & Mrs Guetta were very upset about this and that if no action was taken towards changing the name, or irradiating the label, matters would be taken further.

Mr Guetta’s solicitors outlined that the Squatters had broken copyright laws by committing the following:

  • the logotype used shares lots of similarities with our clients’ one, such as the same calligraphy

  • the same presentation of the denomination on two different lines and with the same proportions

  • the presence of an exclamation mark at the end of your denomination

  • the use of three stars in place of three letters

  • the use of red, black and white
As well as being accused of this, Mr Guetta's solicitor also stated that:

“We think that you are clearly taking advantage of our clients’ reputation and private rights to make undue profit, to the detriment of our clients. In fact, these dealings are constitutive of infringement of our clients’ prior trademarks, injury to our clients’ reputation and public image, unfair competition and parasitism, unjustified prejudice for our clients”.

As a response to this they have had to make all possible efforts to delete any traces of the Hug Me Im Homeless brand and have renamed their label to something that has no relevance to Guetta Events and that could not be confused with the F*** Me Im Famous brand. They have also had to publish a statement requested by Mr Guetta’s solicitors to clear up confusion between the brands:

“In order to respect the IP rights of Guetta Events, representing Cathy and David Guetta, we have changed the name of our label to POOMF! Records. Our label does not have any link with Cathy and/or David Guetta. F*** ME I’M FAMOUS is a registered trademark belonging to GUETTA EVENTS”.

The Squatters have made all efforts possible to resolve problem and apologise for any inconveniences or sleepless nights caused by their actions. All they can say now is “POOMF!!... Hug Me I’m Homeless has gone!”

Blow Ya Mind (The Squatters Remix) - Lock & Load

Everybody In The Place (The Squatters Remix) – The Prodigy

There are many other tracks available on Beatport so go get em - this is their latest:



Anyone been waiting for some Dubstep?!

We all know Doorly, he's producing some huge tunes at the moment and getting a lot of attention from all the right people, including Basement Jaxx! This tune is one of the heaviest yet! I dig the original and Foamo's but this has just taken it one step further and is fuckin' large! This tune is about to go off, and you know where it is first... HERE!

London Town (Doorly's Cockney Wideboy Remix) - Man Like Me

Next we have a brand spanking new, hot off the press, track from the quickly rising stars who go by the name Nero. This tune is a along the lines of that Streets remix, more gentle than their other tunes but still tightly produced, lovely drums and soothing warm bassline. Check it.

Dressed To Digress (Nero Remix) - Boy Crisis

This has been an exciting week on the tunes front and to finish it off, we have a huge night tomorrow night. Remember all, get down to Ipswich for a night full of lovely music. I think Coki is popping in for a minute as well. And I've been told Nero are playing in Norwich a week today so get down to that too.




It's official. After being off the production for a while due to lots of dates (I think) he's back and right on form! Don't need any other information, other than he's definitely one of my favourite producers. I've been waiting for these to drop and now they're here. That's made my Wednesday one of the best Wednesdays for a while.

Bulletproof (Foamo Remix) - La Roux
Bulletproof (Wookie Remix) - La Roux

London Town (Foamo Remix) - Man Like Me [RUDEEE]

Remember to check that new Doorly remix, you'll love it! More Dubstep biz sooooon.




That line up is not one to be missed! Get down to The Arches for a super good night. I've got exams so I can't make it but has anyone seen the line up for the Mad Decent party the week before? HUGE! I'll be at that one. Come visit!

Speaking of trouble, this track is one of the loveliest tracks I've heard for a while. Steady beat, bongo drums and a very very soothing voice. Marina has got competition! The Nadastrom boys have made it a little more of what we'd normally listen to, but... this blog is all about broadening your music taste and discovering new tracks/artists. That's the best thing about music! Well, I think so anyways...

Trouble Is A Friend (Eli Escobar Remix) - Lenka [RUDEEE]
Trouble Is A Friend (Nadastrom Remix) - Lenka

Hostage has delivered once again, and this time it's for all the people associated with this blog. Ha. Dubby Clubsteppy stuff. Check the Saxon rip off vocals.

Rudeboys - Hostage

Evil Nine has come out of hiding and it's clear he's been in the darkness. This a deep rocky track but with a kinda poppy Calvin Harrisy twist on it - don't let this put you off, there's not that much resemblance! It's nicely produced and makes a change to the listening to all the samey stuff. Also just incase you missed this splendid squelchy screetchy remix of They Live!

Icicles (Evil Nine's Graveyard Smash) - Evil Nine
They Live! (Felix Cartal Remix) - Evil Nine

Back to usual whirring kinda fidgetty stuff. Larry Tee's had the makeover by the ever growing Mom & Dad. Seems like it was only the other day I was listening to his demo stuff. I think he's had a couple of releases already.

My Pussy (Mom & Dad Remix) - Larry Tee

Haven't heard a new Bird Peterson track for a while but that doesn't matter cos it's worth the wait. Apparently he didn't like music until he heard his own...! I don't know what that says about his personality but that doesn't matter. This has a bit of a Fake Bloody bassline when it drops. Nah mean. Can't wait to see Fake Blood, been waiting a while now. 2 weeks. Yeh.

Skeletons (Bird Peterson Remix) - Felix Cartal

Now we all know Blatta & Inesha from this post and also for being straight up Sicilian brilliance so I thought I'd update you with the latest tracks. AC Slater named them in his top artists in a sick interview over at Rub-A-Dub-Dubbb. Check it.

Blatta & Inesha Update

Another update for your ears, I've been holding these tracks in for a super post and here's exactly the right time for it! I know some of you may have picked some of them up already but I thought it'd be easiest to stick em all together, just delete the ones you already have! I've been picking up his tunes for nearly a year n half now and he's come a super long way. Pretty much every track he comes out with now is top notch! Also check back for an introduction to what the other half of Partyshank is up to these days. It's good I promise!

A1 Bassline Update [RUDEEE]

If that's not enough for you, check Palms Out for their latest release which includes another lovely Doorly remix (which you should all go and buy the 320 of cos I'm going to) and some more from A1 Bassline. And anyone remember this from back in the day of Remix Sunday? Sick bassline.

Never Before (Zombie Disco Squad) - Ghost Frequency

Sorry there are no links in but that's the thing which takes the longest with a post. If you need a myspace or some more info on an artist, Google's your friend!


I gotta bounce it on my head...

Mark Daniels who is one half of Daphutur DJs has sent over this bunch of tracks and they definitely stand out from the rest of the emails we get. Note to anyone who is thinking about sending us music or has already but hasn't seen a post or a reply - we get a fair few emails and not all can be replied to, I'm sorry! Please take the time to make sure that your tunes are to the highest standard possible! Most producers trying to get their name out there rush tracks and you can straight away tell a track that has had time and effort put into it - remember this!

Anyways back to the main point. These guys are making a noise out of Edmonton, Canada and from having a quick look at their myspace seem to be definitely at the forefront of the local party scene. They've started producing some tunes themselves and you can hear a variety of influences coming through - Boy 8-Bit ish, perhaps a bit of Crookers and maybe a little Blatta & Inesha. We hope there's more to come, think there's a lot of potential here but in the meantime, these need checking.

Hot For Pop - Daphutur [RUDEEE]
Play or Get Played - Phatcat & Mark Daniels
Get Yur Fuk On (Degree & Daniels Bootleg Remix) - Wong Boys
Gumball Machine Weekend (Mark Daniels Remix) - Yppah

(I may have messed up the names in iTunes so change them to how they're written here, and also it seems I left the artwork out - stick that in too if it makes a difference to you!)



The last one was a fidgetty ish one so this one should be filled with Dubstep but, the past couple of days I seem to ended up with lots of bouncy thumping jumping wobbly one two eight stuff. Therefore, I've decided to make this a doubley special one.

1. Where Is It (Aniki Remix) - Blatta & Inesha
* You Wouldn't Understand - Vaski

2. Extraball (TMX Remix) - Yuksek
* Superstylin Smashup - Bassnectar

3. Memory (B. Rich Remix) - Fragma
* Beware - George Lenton

4. Amsterdam (Dem Slackers Remix) - Mightyfools
* Killer - Phaeleh

5. Boom Slang (Rayflash Remix) - Stereoheroes
* Hello (LFTCLCK! Remix) - AC Slater



All those in the area should be planning to attend this night. Colchester, Cambridge, Bury St Edmonds, Sudbury, Woodbridge, Framlingham, Lowestoft, Great Yarmouth, Norwich etc... GET DOWN!





It’s interview time again and this time we put WILDLIFE! in the hot seat. This guys productions have been making a stir all over the blogs for a few months now, but not only this, he’s shared the bill with some top artists like Sinden, Diplo, South Rakkas Crew and Mujava.

How did you get into music?

Crawlin' on the floor of my father's recording studio when I was a baby - I played with old tapes, cables and microphones instead of rattles and stuff...

How would you describe the sound you've developed?

Put a Jamaican cat in an electronic blender feet first, then turn up the bass to balance out the sound.

Your remix of Radioclit's Secousse got a release. Sick! That's a huge tune. How did this come about?

We played a couple shows together and I really liked their tracks so one thing lead to the other. Big up Johan and Etienne everytime. Oh and watch out for their work with Terry Lynn...sick! (Go buy it on Beatport!)

You work with Terry Lynn a lot, tell us a little about that...

Me and Terry Lynn's creative partner Phred, buck up in Switzerland, where we both live. He introduced me to Terry's song and I felt that something special was happening there. I ended up contributing a few tracks to her album "Kingstonlogic 2.0". Right now, we're touring Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the UK together and working on new material as well... the whole thing with Terry, Phred and me has developed into some sort of a family thing.

You feeling this Dubstep business?

Yah some of it.... it's THE best to tear a club apart when everybody's totally wasted...

Any releases planned/anything exciting we should know about?

Watch out for my forthcoming WILDLIFE! release.... can't say anything more other than it's gonna be exciting...

What tracks have you got for the readers?

Just finished a remix for french-finnish pop duo The Dø... ended up with a prickly pineapple-sweet lil tropical track... sort of a soundtrack to enjoy spring sun and make out with a girl in a park.

On My Shoulders (WILDLIFE! Remix) - The Dø [RUDEEE]

And as a little extra I got you a remix I recently did for Ghislain Poirier... MC ZULU is absolutely killing this one...

Go Ballistic (WILDLIFE! Re-Rub) - Ghislain Poirier ft. MC ZULU

Thank you for your time, and I'm looking forward to hearing that release.

Let me twitter dat...


I got what you need baby...


...we're gonna break the beats cos I'm hardcore...

The Proxy shouldn't need any introduction and is someone who's pretty close to the top of the list of who I want to see as soon as! Heard a few tracks played at Snowbombing through a huge Funktion 1 and it was mental. They sound even better on a big system although it doesn't seem as if that's possible!

What You Need (The Proxy Remix) - Tiga [HEAVY!]

Here's an assortment of tracks to get you through this bank holiday weekend. It's gonna be a good one, I've got a sneaky feeling the sun is going to be in a good mood. To start off with, the well known Jayou, he's still pumping out the tracks. If you haven't picked these up already, you need to.

Power Moves - Jayou
Crack Hands VIP - Jayou
Zook - Jayou

Next, Kid Simple has updated us with his latest tracks. There's others by him in this post. More promising stuff!

Bananas - Kid Simple
Ruthless - Kid Simple [HEAVY!]

George Lenton's latest, still not back to the Dubstep but he's still got his finger on that bass button.

Island In The Sun - George Lenton

These two tracks I picked up a little while ago but this guy needs some attention. Cheshire's synths send me wild!

Blah Blah Media - Cheshire [RUDEEE]
The Drop (Cheshire Remix) - Unitz

Another one from the Ninjas, we all like a bit of Daft Punk, have all heard the sample a thousand times but this needs a listen. Another well produced beat.

Harder Better Faster Stronger (2 Ninjas Remix) - Daft Punk

Not Dubstep, but a sick remix from the one and only mouse.

Everybody In The Place (Deadmau5 Remix) - The Prodigy

Finally this track is seriously good! Make sure you go and check out his other releases and where to buy them on his myspace. Also, check the Kotchy remix on Beatport, it's definitely worth the £1.12! Not the usual heavy beats etc, just easy listening, well produced, Dubstep. Big up to the man!

Green Bull - Pacheko [RUDEEE]