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Piste by day, beats by night...

I'm off on a little adventure so if there aren't any posts in the next few days then that means there's no internet access. If you wanna a feel a little jealous, check the line up here. Oh and apparently, Fatboy Slim has cancelled and 2 Many DJs have stepped in - quite excited now. Peace x



It’s now been two years of continuous monthly filth!!! Bass heavy beats and contagious party vibes are now things that we can never live without, and what a line up we have to celebrate it!!! This night is not to be missed - the atmosphere at 93 Feet East along with the Function One Soundsystem is amazing. I’ve picked a couple of tracks which might get you in the mood for what you’ll be hearing.
Firstly, Rogue Element, will be gracing the decks for his first Superfilth!!! performance with his world renowned skills for producing and DJing this set, which will be filled with dark and heavy beats, is gonna get that filthy floor shaking!

No You Girls (Rogue Element Remix) – Franz Ferdinand
Minimal (Rogue Element Remix) – Lady Waks & Hardy Hard
Breaking Point – Rogue Element

Secondly Alex Metric, this seasoned filth monkey is well known for his huge dance floor beats as well as his recent work producing Adam Freeland’s latest album and huge remixes for artists including Ladyhawke and Jape. He was recently labelled by the Guardian as the "Home Grown Justice" but Superfilth!!! like to think of him as their home grown Alex! Fresh stomping electronic crowd pleasers a plenty!

Under Control (Alex Metric Remix) – Adam Freeland
Caller – Alex Metric

Not only this, Dead Fish and Dirty Bird producer Solo will be headlining the Pink Bar giving off large jackin’ party vibes along with Chew The Fat resident Kid Blue. Both are making a name for themselves in 2009. Solo’s “Congoloid” is, at present, no. 1 in Claude VonStroke’s Beatport Chart!

Roll Off (Solo Remix) – Cornershop
No Turning Back (Mowgli & Solo Remix) – Elite Force
Atom Seed (Solo Remix) – Funkasaurus

Solo’s Midget Mix

01. Music For Ever (Solo Remix) - Malente
02. Boom Da (Tom Jam Remix) - Mixhell
03. Esperanto (Solo Remix) – Zombie Disco Squad
04. Restless (P. La Funk Remix) - Tim Weeks
05. Neph & Ton (Ji Fi Remix) - Kaiserdisco
06. Congoloid - Solo
07. Land of Spirits - Mastiksoul
08. 99% - Lukas Guerrero
09. Edding 850 - Format B
10. Afreaka - Solo
11. The Big Stef - Solo
12. Rock and Roll All Night - Kiss

Last but not least, a filthy floor melting birthday appearance from residents ARROW !!! and Oli D.A.B & Robin. These guys have made a huge impact over the last 2 years with ARROW !!! releasing tracks on labels including Exceptional, Toolroom and Future Perfect. Oli & Robin are also becoming well known as residents and guests at some of London’s top parties including Trouble Vision and Chew the Fat as well as stand in appearances as the Love Box Allstars! Together they are definitely at the heart of Superfilth’s success and will be proving their worth on this 2nd birthday session!

What Is Love? (ARROW !!! Remix) – Haddaway

All this free before 10pm and only £5 after with a filthy birthday 4am license!




There's more from Enigma in this post but he's just released another free EP which is once again full to the brim with heavy whirring Dubstep. Definitely pick at least a couple of these up.

Snatch [RUDEEE]
Catacombs [HEAVY]
Deaths VIP [HEAVY]
No Big Deal [HEAVY]


Introducing SKEVIST

Skevist is another up-and-coming producer straight out of Stockholm. He's part of the Södertälje Massive along with Level 67 and Cek. Skevist is not only picking up the producing nicely, he's a musically talented guy with especially good skills on the drums. Everyone loving Dubstep, particularly the heavier sounds, ought to be keeping an ear on these producers. They're releasing new quality tracks almost every week!

Victim Of Hated Counterfeiting

Forthcoming on Most Wanted Artist Digital in April 2009:

MWA005 | Level 67 - Fistfucker
MWA006 | Level 67 - $100 Block of Hashish VIP

Forthcoming on Bass Punch Records, date to be confirmed:

Level 67 & Skevist - Red Eyed Tree Frog
Level 67 & Cek - The Whore
Level 67 - $100 Block Of Hashish (Original Mix)
Level 67 - Slicer

Watch out boys and girls...


Trouble Vision goes BIG!

There's no need to miss Audio Bullys at Matter cos this will be something to remember so get your tickets quickly HERE.

For a little preview of what will also be going on inside Matter:



Yeh so the posts have been far and few between recently but there isn't that much new music around at the moment it seems. Or maybe I just haven't been looking hard enough. I've been really getting into this kinda Dubstep... Oh and these sound really fucking good if you turn the volume right up.

1. Calling All Dancers - The Boog-A-Loo Crew
I rate this tune really highly. Should get a release or summink.

2. Polyhedron (Supra1 Remix) - Little Jinder
Everyone I play this to loves it - definitely worth the money.

3. Science Of Fear (Herve Remix) - The Temper Trap

4. We Own The Sky (Udachi Remix) - M83
Posted before but needs more attention!

5. Lucky Charms - A1 Bassline
Also posted this before but you might have missed it?!



Another one...

Just in the last week or so I’ve picked up so many tunes which deserve to be passed on to you readers. Whatever your music taste, you should have a listen to at least 5 or 6 of these if you haven’t picked them up already. (* = dubstep)

Firstly, Calvin Harris gets remixed by the main man Herve with his signature synths and then Doorly’s version might take you a little by surprise.

I’m Not Alone (Herve Remix) – Calvin Harris
I’m Not Alone (Doorly Remix) – Calvin Harris * [RUDEEE]

Township Funk (TRG Remix) - DJ Mujava *

Brand new from the well known A1 Bassline

Fake (A1 Bassline Remix) – Alex Roots

Bart B More who was running the show about this time last year with his tracks “Killing It” and “So It Goes” has come out with another couple of beauties recently.

The Deep End (Bart B More Remix) – Curses! [RUDEEE]
Touch Me (Bart B More Remix) – Bingo Players vs Chocolate Pumas

Bouncey kinda minimally remix from Joe And Will Ask?, check an interview with them here.

Gun In My Side (Joe & Will Ask? Remix) – Lowline

New track from the man we posted just the other day, Figure. Watch out for some serious wobble and some nasty Eminem snippets.

Harm – Figure

More fidgety stuff…

Where Is It? – Blatta & Inesha

Strange vocals but thumping tune nonetheless. They are actually lesbians, which I never realised until I found quite an interesting/funny story of how they got together on their myspace.

Feed The Horse – Fagget Fairys

And another brand new track from the bass heavyweight Hostage. “The biggest wobbly cunt of a bass I could make.”

Murder Rocket - Hostage

Poppy little number, squelchy tweaks in parts. Stupid Fresh are so varied with their tunes, but all of them are good!

Controversy (Stupid Fresh Remix) – Prince

We all know that Skream’s version has made a big impression pretty much everywhere, what with it being leaked, only limited vinyls available and then them costing £10 however Foamo’s brilliant bootleg adds a different vibe – kinda Underworld ish techy echoing drums gives the feeling of a massive anthem in a massive club?

In For The Kill (Skream Remix/Foamo Edit) – La Roux

With Caspa’s album, which is out in April, drawing closer this track has been released as promo and definitely makes me quite excited about this release.

Lion’s Roar - Caspa *

George Lenton has just sent over his new track, if you missed his MGMT remix and are interested, search Hype Machine.

Jungle Whomp - George Lenton * [RUDEEE]

And have a little listen to this if you get time.


Introducing DUB FIEND

Who's this man behind Dub Fiend and where does all the magic happen?

My real name is Fraser Mills, born in Nottingham, studying Music Tech at Stafford University at the moment. Mostly the 'magic' happens on my computer which I bought about a year ago, upgraded from a shitty laptop bought from, you'd never believe it, Toys R Us for £800, it really was pretty shit!

Sounds like a lot of money for just some big plastic buttons with preset noises? You don't even get a proper screen with those things do you?! Anyways how did you get into producing Dubstep?

I first got into Dubstep around this time last year or so, but I'd been producing music in general for about 2-3 years beforehand, making random little beats and re-working video game tunes for my own enjoyment etc... In about December/January time, my mate gave me the Caspa & Rusko’s Fabriclive and I went mad for that shit, so I started producing some Dubstep. It felt like I was actually going somewhere with it, so I decided to focus my abilities on just making Dubstep, and it's been like this ever since!

Track which is on repeat at the moment?

I got a couple of tracks on repeat... some new Subscape stuff, namely "Tomahawk" and the "Dem Na Like Me" remix which is the fucking tits!

Unpleasant Surprise [HEAVY]

Did you get the stems for FYSB or did you do it all yourself?

Everything in the FYSB was done by me - if only it were that easy to get the stems. I got my mate to download me a copy of the Spiderman 2 movie, and I just ripped the audio via Audacity and then cut, time-stretched, and slapped it into the track. Just for the record, I'd actually completed the track and then I had to wait about 2 weeks for my mate to remember to download the sodding movie before I could put it up on the player!

Fasten Your Seatbelts (Dub Fiend Remix) - Pendulum

What made you want to remix the tetris theme tune?

I've always been heavily influenced with games in my music. I grew up with the Sega Mega Drive, N64, Playstation etc... and so it felt like Tetris was a good idea, I did a shitty house remix of it when I was like 15, I just felt like Dubstep would be a good genre to show it off.

Tetris Dubstep Remix – Dub Fiend [RUDEEE]

On a similar note, a couple of producers (me and Legend4ry at present but could be more) are writing a series of video game remixes, so expect a whole range of remixes to be coming out over the summer on a bootleg label (more details TBC).

Concerning other releases, I'm completely unsigned at the moment but I'm definitely looking to get out there and start something.

And finally, donk or no donk?

"Whatever you do, do NOT put a fucking donk on it." :)

Beginning Of The End


Introducing KID SIMPLE

18-year-old producer/DJ Kid Simple of Seattle, Washington is relatively new to the scene. He has only been producing Dubstep for three months now but has already gained some attention with his tunes. With a strong background in underground Hip-Hop and House music, he hopes to bring a fresh approach to the Dubstep scene. All of his tunes are currently unsigned and unreleased however he is hoping to get them released in the near future. For a couple more tunes check the myspace and show him some love.

Body Slam
Catch Me Distorted [RUDEEE]

Come on! We know you want to...

Go on...Go on...Go on...

Dear Rude Boys,

Here at the Hush House office we've been having a few talks and have firstly decided we need to turn this into a little community - you give us feedback on which tunes you're loving, what you hate, what you want more of and we'll try and get it all right. Do this by just taking 1 extra minute to leave a comment (get a google account if you haven't already) after you've read the post and this'll make it a lot more fun! Well, maybe.

If you haven't already joined the Facebook page, get on it now. We have yet to be converted into the use of this Twitter malarky - can anyone tell us what's so great?

We have some exciting things lined up so the more people we have part of this adventure, the better.


The Hush Mouse



Hylu sent us over his live mix from the last Trouble Vision which we all witnessed. It went down well and filled the room. This mix features MC Jago on the mic which fits perfectly. Check it.


01. Sukh Knight Remix - Radar
02. 16 Bit Remix - Flat Beat
03. Vista - Special Request
04. 16 Bit - In The Death Car (James Brown - Get On Up)
05. Seven - Sirens
06. Benny Page and Zero G - Pan Pipes
07. Jakes vs. Joker - 3Klane
08. Caspa Remix - Where’s My Money (Tenor Saw - Ring The Alarm)
09. Chase & Status - Saxon
10. The Widdler - Sensi Samurai (Candi Station - You Got The Love)
11. Skream Remix - In For The Kill
12. Chase and Status - Smash TV
13. Xample - Lowdown (Skream Remix - It’s Not Over)
14. Sub Focus - Druggy (Unknown - I Don’t Give A Dub)
15. The Revolutionaries - Rocking Dub


Introducing ENIGMA

Having by kinda accident ended up on Enigma’s myspace I found myself with a close to brilliant free EP on the download. This one needs some attention.

"I've spent most of my life playing classical music, which I’m really passionate about alongside the more modern music styles. Been producing for almost four years making a variety of different types but mostly Bassline and Dubstep. I also work as engineer for Bassline DJs in Birmingham in my free time. I am currently at University studying Music Production with one year left. My girlfriend KT is a brilliant singer and we make tracks all the time. After Uni I'm hoping to continue my composing/producing work for life, along with my classical performing. I want to keep up with the dance music, Dubstep and anything that’s popular but I'm also interested in making some film music to put my classical skills to good use."

His take on Faithless’ 'We Come One' is one of our favourite tracks at the moment here at the Hush House HQ and I wanna write rude next to all these but I’ve just about refrained myself. Big up!

Get Shit Done
We Come One [RUDEEE]

Big shout out to my girlfriend KT, my production partner DPZ for Sweet Fusion and DJ Rolla, my production partner for Visualize Records.



Corr these are some hefty beats which need to be wobblin’ your bassbins.

1. Feel Too Good (Jack Beats Remix) - Kidda
Well, we have been waiting for it for a while...

2. What (Foamo Edit) – Jack Beats
Haven't heard any Foamo in months.

3. Tomorrow (Jeuce Rework) - Ladytron
Euphoricy build up into some squeaky glitchy bass.

4. No You Girls (Rogue Element Remix) - Franz Ferdinand
Big thumpin' drops.

5. Better Off As Two (Math Head Remix) - Frankmusik
Grindin' fidget combined with gentle floaty lyrics.

More LEVEL 67

We’ve featured this newcomer before but he’s still evolving his sound and it’s getting better and better. For the introduction, check this post. He’s sent over a few more tracks for you all to taste.

Major Fire Power
It Was You [RUDEEE]
Nightbus 791 (Feat. Nilsman)

Also check his myspace for “Fistfucker” which is getting a release in a couple of months.



Sorry for the lack of posts in the last few days, have been floating around London without internet access. Got back from Canada on Thursday, slightly earlier than expected but tis all good. Celebrated with a pretty heavy night at Trouble Vision on Friday which was something special. Corsica Studios is a sweet underground club with nothing fancy other than a sick soundsystem and the feel of a large scale house party.

Andy George was the highlight, banging out some massive tunes combined with some tight mixing. Toddla T was a slight disappointment but this may have been something to do with the state he was in. Anyways, for all those that missed this one, check April's edition - the line up is full to the brim with big names catering for a variety of different needs. The flyer is in the side panel a little further down.

Since the posts have been rather spare recently I've decided to do a quick update with the best of what we've been sent (or randomly picked up) in the last couple of months. I'm sorry if we haven't managed to get a proper feature up but either we decided that the tunes didn't quite make the cut or it's just down to plain rubbishness. If you pick up a tune that you like or discover a new artist make sure you follow up by checking the myspace or even Beatport for any releases.

Dance Dance Dance (Clueless Remix) - Lykke Li Dubstep

No One Would Riot For Less (Clueless Remix) - Bright Eyes Chilled Dubstep

Hometown Glory (Clueless Remix) - Adele Chilled Dubstep

Crash & Demolish - Konscious Dubstep

Oi Oi Oi - ((Diverse)) Electronic/Instrumental

Kick Kick - Andy H Electronic/Instrumental

Indie Crew Bassline - DJ Nesh Bassline

Hoes & House - Top Billin Fidget/Jackin'

Asided - Jesse Rose Fidget/Jackin'

Elephant - Hostage Bass Heavy

Detonate - DMNDAYS Wonky Electro

Superfuture (KiD COLA Remix) - Hidden Cat Wonky Electro

Love Get Out Of My Way (Designer Drugs Remix) - Milke Electro

Dark Cirlces (Designer Drugs Remix) - Avian X Electro

Teen Lovers (The Shoes Remix) - The Virgins Electro Pop

More posts shortly. But in the meantime check the bonus preview of this track, can't wait for the full length version to drop:

Quente (Kanji Kinetic Remix) - DeVille *RUDEEE PREVIEW*



Figure has had his tracks plastered all over the blogs already but he reckons here would be “just the right pillow” for them. He’s certainly got the fidgety jackin’ wobble down and is definitely not an unheard of name around the scene – writing for Penned Madness and Smile For Camera - so if you haven’t picked up on him already have a little listen to these tracks. Thade dropped Walrus at Dance Club last week and it went down a treat.

Check the myspace for more detailed info.

I Am Jacks Body [RUDEEE]
Shell Shakes
Coker Face



The first Trouble Vision of 2009 is upon us and it's going to be a carnival inspired bass showcase. Here are further details:

Friday 6th March, 2009

£7 Early Bird available here.

£8 before 12, £10 after

South Rakkas Crew
Toddla T & MC Serocee
Andy George
Nasty McQuaid
Solid Gold & Park Ranger
Jam Garden

Red Light
Damage & Venom
Oli DAB & Robin
The Boog-A-Loo Crew

Silent Disco
The Wolf Soundsystem (Feat. Little Red)
Hot Doctors

In addition to the 8 hours of unmissable party vibes, there will aslo be......

+ FREE Sambuca
+ FREE Trainerspotter giveaways
+ Lots more surprises


Click to dowload...