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Introducing ENIGMA

Having by kinda accident ended up on Enigma’s myspace I found myself with a close to brilliant free EP on the download. This one needs some attention.

"I've spent most of my life playing classical music, which I’m really passionate about alongside the more modern music styles. Been producing for almost four years making a variety of different types but mostly Bassline and Dubstep. I also work as engineer for Bassline DJs in Birmingham in my free time. I am currently at University studying Music Production with one year left. My girlfriend KT is a brilliant singer and we make tracks all the time. After Uni I'm hoping to continue my composing/producing work for life, along with my classical performing. I want to keep up with the dance music, Dubstep and anything that’s popular but I'm also interested in making some film music to put my classical skills to good use."

His take on Faithless’ 'We Come One' is one of our favourite tracks at the moment here at the Hush House HQ and I wanna write rude next to all these but I’ve just about refrained myself. Big up!

Get Shit Done
We Come One [RUDEEE]

Big shout out to my girlfriend KT, my production partner DPZ for Sweet Fusion and DJ Rolla, my production partner for Visualize Records.

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