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Fresh off Skream's Stella Sessions, we present the fifth in the series, Bristol's finest...

Phaeleh's distinct sound fuses dark and heavy sounds of Dubstep with the melodies and soundscapes of Electronica, all sealed together with the subtle textures of acousmatic music. A diverse range of influences results in an equally diverse musical output which can range from disturbing bass lines and heavy beats to the more soulful, restrained tracks, incorporating a variety of sound sources and vocal styles.

Not content with just creating some of the scenes freshest music, Phaeleh also runs Urban Scrumping Records, an outlet for not only himself but many other talented artists - helping to share the music we love. Aside Scrumping, there's forthcoming releases on Formant Recordings, Disfigured Dubz, OpenEarz Recordings, Cool & Deadly and he's hoping to tie up some other things in the next few weeks.

This mix gets a 10/10 from me as it's been my soundtrack to the last few days. I can't get enough! You're able to listen over and over due to the progressive structure and quality track selection. For those that were whinging that the Riskotheque mix was too short, Phaeleh's pulled out the stops on this one and given us 53 minutes of bliss. Get it on a CD or on the iPod and blast it everywhere you go. Decent speakers needed for full effect.


01. Orrphan101 - Light Year
02. Boot - Space Destroy Energy
03. Alien Entertainment feat. Black Canvas - Soundclash (Dubfiction MNML Dub)
04. XXXY - h4u5
05. Asusu - Taurean
06. Jus Wan - Azure
07. J Kenzo - Tropic Thunda
08. Asusu - Small Hours
09. Indigo - Premonition
10. Migrant - Piranhas (Cardopusher Remix)
11. Matt-U - Void (1810)
12. Boot - Blackmail
13. Breakage feat. David Rodigan - Together
14. DJ Madd - Someone (Breakage's Unspecified Remix)
15. Boot - Satellite
16. RSD - Pretty Bright Light
17. 501 - Rise and Fall
18. Phaeleh feat. I-mitri - Hide
19. Sook - Season of the Mist
20. Phaeleh - Broken
21. RSD - Forward Youth
22. Synkro - Hornz
23. RSD - Kingfisher
24. Clubroot - Firefly

Definitely a name to look out for on flyers and in shops over the coming months. Also, perhaps you noticed it containing a fair share of Boot tracks, go check his mix he did for us a little while back.



I've been looking forward to getting some more info on what's happening with Engine-EarZ since posting that video a while back. The reaction was, quite rightly so, huge! My thoughts on this new video were similar, I just couldn't stop thinking that these guys have got it down. Surely everyone has to love this?

They've been allowed to give away this remix of Basement Jaxx - I was pretty sceptical at first, the original of this track features Kelis and Chipmunk! I thought that they'd ruined themselves with some poppy Dubstep biz to reach to new levels but, that was proven wrong. They combine their original indian strings sound with drifting vocal snapshots and slam Prashant Mistry's trademark rocking Dubstep beat underneath to keep things feelin' big and spacey.

Scars (Engine-Earz Remix) - Basement Jaxx

Kaliyuga is out on the 14th December with Introspector on the flip. Big release!



Rozcar Roh-scar ROSKA

I have a strong feeling this man going by the name of Roska is about to be huge. I started to get inclinations when nearly every remix package that was dropping in the box contained one of his. Then I got Martyn's Fabric.50 CD through the post and it contained two more of his tracks. I had to check his myspace for more info and it turned out I'm just completely not in the know about this genius! He's already got hundreds of releases on Beatport and heavily involved with one of most up-to-date music nights in London, FWD>>>.

Every production has very prominent drum beats giving each a lively bouncy feel, not to mention the on point production. This is then combined with some catchy synth line or moving bassline so you end up with a very listenable, enjoyable, fresh sound. Fresh to me that is, some of you it might not think so! I get the feeling this music is called Funky but does anyone else get a gay vibe off that name? Let's not call it that. It's all just House music innit. I've come to terms with that.

Here's a couple of freebies so you can fully understand...

Hey Cutie - Roska
Bangkok (Roska Remix) - Boris Dlugosh

Go check out all the releases on Beatport and look forward to his Four Tet remix which I think I prefer to Joy Orbison's - out on vinyl already I think.


This... is what you've been waiting for.

Couple of big tunes here, first is this one from Zero G who some will know from the tune he did with Benny Page; Panpipes which was getting lots of plays about a year ago. His new remix of DJ Fresh's "Heavyweight", also with Benny, is huge. BigUp Magazine for this one.

Bass Culture - Zero G [RUDEEE]

Secondly Marlow with the other big give away from The Fat Club. You should also listen to his November mix which is full of all the latest big tunes, you'd be silly not to.

Wot I Say - Marlow

Marlow's November Mix

01. Truth - Timeshift
02. Zero G - Ransom
03. Stereo MCs - Black Gold (Marlow Remix)
04. MRK1 - Trouble Shoot
05. The Others - Credit Crunch
06. Fullness - Butterfish (Marlow Remix)
07. Chimpo - Nasty
08. Natasja - Idlebrand I Byen (200F VIP)
09. 16 Bit - Chainsaw Calligraphy (Jakes Remix)
10. Marlow - Druid
11. MRK1 - I'll Kill You
12. Mickey Slim & Virus - ? (MRK1 Remix)
13. Noah D - That Hardcore Track
14. Marlow - Bandwagon Junglist
15. Koan Sound - Blueberry Pie
16. Crushington - Macabre
17. Marlow - Cattle Prod
18. BYOB - My Best Shoes (Marlow Remix)
19. Datsik - Retreat (Excision Remix)
20. Excision - Force
21. The Black Ghosts - Full Moon (Marlow Remix)
22. Excision - No Escape (Datsik Remix)
23. Koan Sound - Akira
24. Koan Sound - Jump Suit Adventures
25. Reso - Rumble


Why Not?

This Friday's FWD>> + Rinse at Matter is sold out! Tickets for the next one in January will go on sale soon. Also, plans for Boxing Day should be directed towards what's shown above. It's at Ministry and you can get tickets here.

To keep up the generosity Skream has already showed this year, here's another free track.

What Did He Say - Skream

Introducing FLOP HAUS

So there’s Zinc with his Crack House, now look, DZ is also on the house tip. I was intrigued as to where that name came from so asked the man himself...

"It's a lil sub-genre name - I know I don't make house, so I just called it 'FlopHaus'. I was in Ottawa - was always messy round 5pm on a Sunday. I get drunk and build house. Feels stupid where it originates from but 'haus' sounds geigh so I love it. Lol"

Not to do with stuff flopping? Dubstep flopping, you flopping to house music etc?!

"None man. Sooooooo many tunes bout to come out, there’ll be lots more on the blogs as well – Teddy’s making that happen for me now, well stoked he’s on board. I'm flopping to 4/4... haha"

So that was that. Nothing deep about it, just fancied a bit of a change on a Sunday. Some say the truth comes out when you're pissed...! Back to the point, here are the tunes. Bouncy drum beats with some nice whirring, grinding bass lines. Check them and stick em in your sets and mixtapes...

Asian Cuddle Puddle – DZ & Redeyz
Game Over - DZ
Drop Top – DZ

Now for those who prefer the Dubstep biz here’s a few new ones from the badman camp. The two remixes are nuts, haven’t got my head round them yet! This though, has Fugees vocals, and it’s a whole different story. Personal preference though innit.

Next – DZ [RUDEEE]

Keep Me Hangin On (DZ Remix) – The Supremes
Need You (DZ Remix) – Dylan & Ink

The Wu-Tang remix album was recently out, I think, and he’s got a couple of tracks on there so go hunt that down, think it’s on Amazon at least.


Date for the diary...



Brighton based Riskotheque brings us the fourth addition to our mix series where we showcase a slice of talent from each of the many areas of Dubstep. This one fits nicely into the rolling underground bass heavy sounds, tight beats and soaring atmospherics.

Not one for bigging himself up so we'll just have to do it for him...! Those in his vicinity should pop into the record store where he works - I don't know which one it is but go hunt it down, there can't be that many in Brighton. I'm certain he only gives top advice on what's hot or not cos he shown us how to put together a stompin set of dubs but not only that - he knows how to produce them too. Those who aren't familiar with his current releases check here. Otherwise get this on the download sharpish cos it's bangin'.

[preview on Soundcloud]

01. BadBwoy - Riskotheque [forthcoming XSDUBS]
02. Elephant Man - Riskotheque & Matt U [forthcoming Sequence]
03. Like A Bird - Von D & Riskotheque [forthcoming Disfigured Dubz]
04. Mollusc (Riskotheque Remix) - Ribs & IG88 [forthcoming Artz of War]
05. Fur Ballz - Fused Forces [dub]
06. Guillotine - Matt U & Riskotheque [forthcoming Boka]
07. Misfit - Twist & Marchmellow [forthcoming Artz of War]
08. Jonestown - The Bassist & Triage [dub]
09. Galvanize - DatsiK [forthcoming SMOG]
10. Monster - Riskotheque [forthcoming 3.5]
11. Hypothermic - Excision & The Subdivision [Paradise Lost]
12. Heaven & Hell - Riskotheque [Audio Phreaks]
13. Wizard Sleeve - Funtcase & Southbound Hangers [forthcoming Prime Audio]
14. Not Afraid - DJ Madd [dub]

We're very appreciative of his time, let him/us know your thoughts.


Introducing AUTOPILOT

Hailing from the greater Philadelphia region of southeastern Pennsylvania, Autopilot is a new name in the Dubstep scene. A self-professed fan of "melodic IDM", he aims to bring lush melodies & unique beatwork to a genre largely populated by atonal chainsaw basslines and sparse 808 drum patterns.

Hide & Seek (Autopilot Remix) - Imogen Heap [RUDEEE]

Producing music in general for almost 9 years, he's now found a home in the Dubstep community and is producing tunes frequently for his self-run "Deepstep" digital label. He works with longtime friend and musical partner Kochlear, a guitarist currently based out of Manhattan. The two have been working together on songs for as long as they've been composing their own tunes.

Remember - Autopilot
Bass Terrorist (Autopilot Remix) - Blight, FBOM, VVV

This "She Says" EP has come about from a competition posted in Dubstepforum in which people would remix the title track for prizes like a half-eaten cracker, and a picture of their likeness drawn in MS paint. The result is below and you all now know what to offer producers if you want your tune remixed. The Clueless remix has been getting support from the don of Dubstep - BunZer0.

<a href="http://autopilot.bandcamp.com/album/she-says">She Says (RDubz Rmx) by Autopilot</a>

Autopilot currently has a show on Sub FM on Sunday nights entitled Dubsomnia. The name was affectionately chosen by the regular listeners of the show. It features lots of deeper Dubstep, ambient music, IDM, and whatever tunes reside on his hard drive at the time.



released 23rd November

Big hook and the nation's loved it but, even though Breakage has done a good job on the remix I don't know if I like it. Hmmm...

Riverside (Breakage Remix) - Sidney Samson

Along the lines of Pinch's "Get Up" (which is released on the 30th November complimented with some top remixes) and Scuba's "When I Grow Up" remix, sick production from Pariah on this one.

Under The Sheets (Pariah Remix) - Ellie Goulding


We make the crowd jump up...

Sick video, sick remix package, sick original and… Never Say Die are giving away the RackNRuin remix for free. Yes… for free! Big fan of this guy’s productions, thrown in an old one which meant to post ages ago as well. Those who know The Equalizers, this is one half of that duo banging out gritty, dirty, ravey breaksie electro stuff. His tune Skitzo VIP featured on the Orange Rockcorps advert a while ago.

Ruffneck 09 (RackNRuin Remix) – Crtl Z & The Freestylers
London Town (RackNRuin Remix) - Man Like Me

Check his releases on Beatport here.

Pirate that system...

Pirate Soundsystem have been up there with my favourite producers for a good couple of years now and I’m always excited to hear new stuff from them. The new stuff this time is an EP coming out in a couple of weeks on Coin Operated Records who have had the likes of Kanji Kinetic, L-Vis 1990, Squire of Gothos to name just a few. The EP is titled “Trip II London” which has four tracks, each to a different style but all based around ravey samples and big basslines. Ideal. It’s only a vinyl release at the moment but hopefully that’ll change.

The first track is an updated version of their Si Begg remix which we featured in this post - there’s an interview there too for those who don’t know. It’s been mastered and the bassline fattened up to make it an even bigger banger than before. They’ve treated you readers well, again, by making you the first on the internet to have this track, it’s got samples from a few tunes but mainly Tiga’s Mind Dimension. Enjoy.

01. Trip II London
02. Get Your Heads Out
03. Think I’m Ready
04. My Dimension

Make sure all you twitterers go follow them at http://twitter.com/piratesoundsys for updates and stuff.


That's propatingz blaaad...

PropaTingz is a propa fellow who dabbles in perfecting the art of glitched bass music. Since being converted from his old Breakbeat ways he has taken an interesting angle on Dubstep. San Fran’s scene of Glitchhop and suchlike has obviously been a big influence but he has UK Bass sown into his seams.

Rippin’ Needles – PropaTingz

Anthony Traynor was originally brought up in the badlands of Wolverhampton where he was often seduced by the rush of violence and crime. He managed to find a focus within Graffiti and Hip Hop and from that point began a love affair with the underground. Here he found not only a context in which he could be free of the repression that enveloped him but in this he also found a tool with which to change and challenge that very realty; music and art as powerful weapons in a revolutionary struggle for freedom of self.

"It’s not just about partying or having a good time, it’s about being free - a kind of voodoo, a thing we do to reclaim ourselves. It says a lot about the society we live in. Mobile phones, cappuccinos and a 9 – 5 job makes it look like we’re happy but, there’s something missing, and that’s what the underground is about..."

With a couple of big releases lined up and the plans of his first studio album in the pipeline 2009 and 2010 are set to be his two biggest years so far. Not to mention a vocal version of his and FreQ Nasty’s Peacemaker with Spyda (Pendulum - Tarantula vocalist).

Poor Man Style/Wickedest [forthcoming Black Acre]
Chainsaw Calligraphy Remix [forthcoming Boka]

Canada/Europe/UK Tour [see myspace for more info]

Kick Drum (PropaTingz’ Nasty Gurl Remix) – Felix Da Housecat

Big fat kick drum makes the girlies wanna get some… mind the drop.


You've got the love...

There’s been lots of mixes and promotional stuff recently which is leading a different direction from what I first off started this blog for. I never used to listen to mixes and from the download numbers many of you don’t either but... they are the way forward in this world where our music moves so fast. Many mixes have new exciting material which isn’t available to purchase or download while also portraying a particular area of music the artist is interested in – perhaps you haven't listened/discovered that area yet. There’s also the element of the way the tracks are put together into a story of sounds. However, I started this blog to share the music which I’m particularly enjoying at the moment so, I'll start with the lighter ones...

This one has been all over the internet/radio etc and there's a reason for that cos it's a number of things but; well produced, beautifully addictive and soothing are the first that come to mind. Play it before bed or turn it up full volume and it'll soon be on repeat. The xx on the buttons - you all know about Florence. If you haven't already picked it up, do it.

You've Got The Love (The xx Remix) - Florence & The Machine

While still on the lady stuff, this track was released a couple of weeks ago but just before that Martyn let out this slightly lower quality version for free. I've been meaning to post it since because it's had a lot of plays round these parts. If anyone can confirm that one of the lyrics is about dishwasher tablets then let me know cos I think it's a bit odd?!

Seven (Martyn's Seventh Remix) - Fever Ray [BUY 320]

Another tune which has been gathering dust. Some may recognise this from the Hush Pipe Mix and I meant to post it after that but don't think that happened. Got another tune of his in this post. Impressively mixed down on headphones.

They Live! (Alkaseltza Remix) - Evil Nine [RUDEEE]

Big wobbly one this from Bristolian TIME, good wobbly though. He's moved his production style on since - check Voodoo on the myspace. This instrumentally, rhythmic number will get those bassbins rumbling mid-set.

Black Magic - TIME
Voodoo - TIME

This dropped in our box this morning, another from Statix. Another big tune from Statix I should say. Appropriately named and shows even more promise for big things to come. Also check out "Running Away" by Wedge & Shadz (and the Guido remix) which was released yesterday. Shadz is part of the Statix crew.

Drill - Statix [HEAVY!]

To finish off here is a very nicely produced chilled beat from DiverseConcepts who you'll definitely be hearing about again when I get my act together. In the meantime lul yourself to sleep with this one or roll yourself a wizards sleeve.

Come - DiverseConcepts

That's propatingz blaaad.


Introducing STATIX

Statix have been producing music individually for a number of years between them but only been together as a team for just over a year. Coming from varied musical backgrounds - Metal, Reggae and early Drum & Bass, their sound is dark and diverse while keeping it interesting, rhythmic and not noisy. For me this is important as there are so many new producers coming into the scene trying to make a name for themselves by making horrible filthy noise rather than music. That’s enough on that topic.

These boys have risen through the local scene and now have forthcoming releases on Rottun Recordings (The Purgatory EP) and their own Screwloose Recordings (The massive 'Mind Over Matter') and a collaboration with Central Spillz on Bad Influences Recordings. They’ve sent over a couple of tracks for your listening pleasure.

Yona Guni

They have had strong support from Komonazmuk, Wedge and in particular Mary Anne Hobbs who has used Mind Over Matter for the Sonar 2009 film, played their tracks extensively in DJ sets, on air and also invited them to do a minimix. Their live show is just as important as their production, 3 DJs giving it some with the two MCs vibing off each other to create a lively atmosphere. This promo mix is built on big basslines with all their influences seeping through. Big thumbs up for this one, unfortunately only low quality but you can still get the feel for it. Tracklist on it’s way.


13th Nov 09: Patchwork @ Trinity, Bristol, UK
27th Nov 09: The Attic, Bristol, UK.
11th Dec 09: Warp and Woof @ The Jailhouse, Hereford, UK.

For bookings please contact Andrew at agency@foomagazine.co.uk