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Featuring SWAMP81

Founded by Loefah in 2009, Swamp 81 has become one of the most forward thinking and popular labels in the UK. With a policy of vinyl-only releases (with the exception of Kryptic Minds' One Of Us album), the limited nature of their releases have only fueled the interest in everything they put out.

During 2010 after fairly standard dubstep releases by Skream, The Bug and Kryptic Minds the label took a very unexpected turn into the more experimental side of the genre. What followed was three great releases from Addison Groove, Ramadanman and Pinch - all of which opened the eyes of many and really paved the way for the label to grow into a boundary pushing force. In particular Addison Groove's 'Footcrab' brought real attention to the label, with it's electro and juke influenced 808's and vocal samples.

Footcrab VIP - Addison Groove

This year has brought about the most popular releases on Swamp81 to date, with contributions from Boddika (one half of Instra:mental), Addison Groove, FaltyDL, Funkbias (aka Zed Bias & Funk Butcher) and one artist who shall remain unnamed. In particular, the mysterious 'Sicko Cell' excelled in making it into every playlist, DJ set, radio show and iPod anywhere. Then where do you go from here you might ask?

Music Deep Inside - Zed Bias [forthcoming Swamp81]

Next from Swamp81 is a four-track EP from Zed Bias which will include the great tracks 'Music Deep Inside', 'Stubborn Phase', 'Reminisce About the Phuture' and 'Basic Needs'. This will be followed closely in November by a 12" from Mickey Pearce, the artist formerly known as Shortstuff. The record will include 'Don't Ask, Don't Get' b/w 'I Am' should drop before the end of the year.

I Am - Mickey Pearce [forthcoming Swamp81]

Other forthcoming projects include the second part of FaltyDL's Mean Streets, the collaboration of Boddika and Joy Orbison on "Swims" and some new material from Blawan including "Hollow It Out". The release timetable for these is, as always with this label, uncertain but be sure to keep your ear to the ground.

Swims - Boddika & Joy O [forthcoming Swamp81]

A few of the releases from this label have been repressed and are available via Juno Records. You can also hear new releases on Loefah's show on RinseFM.



After a slight pause, we're back with a special addition to the series, a very impressive all own production mix from the severely underated producer who goes by the name Actraiser. We had a quick chat with him to fill you in if you're unfamiliar.

Tell us a little about yourself...

Hi, I'm Actraiser, an electronic music producer based in Bristol. I specialise in deep dubstep and dubstep techno music but I like to make many other styles of music as well. I've had numerous releases on labels such as Car Crash Set, Sub Depth, Haunted Audio, RedVolume, Stoke Audio, Echodub, Cold Busted, and Gradient Audio. I also have forthcoming material on Pushing Red, Paradise Lost, Pangaea, Levitated and more. I produce deep tracks that maintain a hint of heaviness. I do like to make the odd minimal track but generally I like deep music with a tougher edge, kind of the rough with the smooth really. I think that whatever style I choose to produce, it maintains the Actraiser sound that I aim for.

How long have you been producing?

I've been producing for a while, under different names, but the Actraiser thing has been for about 2 and a half years. In that time I've seen a steady rise in followers. I often wonder if my constantly changing genres confuses people, but I've had lots of great feedback from people who say they enjoy my tracks whatever tempo or style I go for, which is very encouraging and keeps me enthusiastic about trying new things.

Fallen Angel (2011 Rework) - Actraiser

How do you get your music out there?

Soundcloud is a great tool, and has brought to my attention many of the amazing, and often unfairly overlooked, producers out there creating really forward-thinking music that can slip by undetected due to many labels not keen on putting out music that they fear won't sell loads of copies. This is more to do with how hard it is to make money in this day of illegal file sharing and what-not, rather than the guys running the labels not wanting to rock the boat. I've used Soundcloud and AIM to build contacts and get my music heard by the right people, these two things (along with other things like forums and Facebook) have been incredibly valuable to making a name for myself.

Tell us a bit about your release schedule...

Some recent releases include; firstly the Tiger Road EP, which I am very proud of, it's 7 slices of futuristic electronic music that can be filed under many genres, future garage, dubstep, minimal techno. I've heard it described as music you would hear in Fabric in the year 2078, which I thought was a pretty funny, and apt description.

I've also had an LP released very recently called Art of Balance on Cold Busted. This is an eclectic selection of tracks including some trip-hop, jazz funk, funky, future garage and more. It has received enormous love from around the world with DJs such as Danny Rampling, Steve Mac & Darren Emerson playing it and giving props, so that's been really encouraging. It's out on CD & digital now. I also had an EP of 130bpm Riddim tracks out this month too featuring my more dance floor, bouncy production side. Next up though I have some much darker dubstep and dubstep techno music coming out on Paradise Lost, and Pushing Red. Then there's a 4 track tech-house EP on Pangea recordings which showcases my deep house & techno music.

Any shout outs / mentions, or anything we forgot?

For sure, firstly to Vandera whose mixes are so good and inspired me to go back to the drawing board with my own mixes (check his DSF nominated HH mix here). Alex DFRNT who not only produces amazing music but has always been really helpful to me with regards to all sides of the music game. Must also give a shout to my lovely and talented girlfriend Caya who does all the artwork for my releases, she always manages to make something awesome so I will always have her do the art if possible! And of course the obligatory shout out to all the nice people who like my music! Keep the messages coming!

Thanks for your time.


01. Ethereal Planes - Actraiser [dub]
02. It's A Trap - Actraiser [dub]
03. Infidel - Actraiser [dub]
04. The King Is Dead - Actraiser [dub]
05. Shadow Boxing 2011 Bootleg - Actraiser [dub]
06. Throne Of The Lost King - Actraiser [Stoke Audio]
07. Tell Me - Actraiser [Betamorph]
08. Survival Horror - Actraiser [forthcoming Paradise Lost]
09. Solstice - Actraiser [Subdepth]
10. On My Mind - Actraiser [dub]
11. Redemption - Actraiser [Cold Busted]
12. Parasol Stars - Actraiser [Cold Busted]
13. Black Skies - Actraiser [dub]
14. Fallen Angel (Jungle Edit) - Actraiser [dub]
15. Solstice (Vandera Remix) - Actraiser [Subdepth]
16. A Brighter Future - Actraiser [dub]
17. Wip3out *edit* - Actraiser [Stoke Audio]
18. Mysteries Of The Universe - Actraiser [Gradient Audio]
19. Tiger Road - Actraiser [Gradient Audio]
20. Losing You - Actraiser [RedVOlume]
21. Sanctuary - Actraiser [RedVolume]
22. Temple Of Trials - Actraiser [Stoke Audio]
23. Blue Sapphire - Actraiser [Haunted Audio]
24. Nevermore - Actraiser [Haunted Audio]
25. Kusagari - Actraiser [forthcoming Paradise Lost]
26. Prophecy - Actraiser [forthcoming Paradise Lost]

Make sure you check his very organised Soundcloud which has an abundance of tracks on, if you haven't already.



It seems like things are coming around so quickly at the moment! Only a few weeks after Canblaster ventured into the depths of Wire, Jo Kira and Remé are bringing someone else across the channel for their monthly Square One night.

Since the release of the Arma EP last year it is fair to say French Fries has taken the UK Bass scene by storm. With appearances on RinseFM and the Boiler Room already under his belt and with the Clek Clek Boom label finding its feet, this is yet another Leeds debut that you shouldn't miss!

Joompa - TOYC [MIMM]

Support comes from the up and coming TOYC who has more than enough tunes to get the dance moving. The boys from Greyscale Sessions and MC Descry complete a lineup that can't be sniffed at for only £6.

Check out the facebook event and grab your tickets in advance.



Our friends over at PYC Sessions have yet another exciting prospect ahead of them, as Mindset Records lay down something a little different from your usual Friday night activities. All taking place in a converted farm complex deep in North Wales, 11/11/11 is set to deliver three rooms of the finest underground music.

The Manchester institution that is Hoya:Hoya take charge of the second room and if Illum Sphere's recent Boiler Room set is anything to go by this could well be the highlight. PYC take full control over the third room by bringing Troy Gunner and boy wonder Ifan Dafydd to the party.

Illum Sphere - Boiler Room #69

Check the event page for more details and grab your £8 tickets pronto!

Featuring ELIPHINO

We've been waiting very patiently for this one, but finally Eliphino's latest work is about to drop on Somethink Sounds.

'I Played' takes things in a darker, techno-tinged direction and 'Devoted' has beats mildly reminiscent of dubstep's glory days. Admittedly though, the rest of the release plays second fiddle to the title track, 'More Than Me' - a deep house roller with a wonderfully engineered and touching vocal sample. Just a little bit of everything we like here at Hush and undoubtedly Eliphino's best work to date.

More Than Me - Eliphino [forthcoming Somethink Sounds]

To tide over these last few weeks before the release, head over to XLR8R to download his own rework of the killer title track. Hit him up on Twitter and Facebook then grab the EP from Juno from 31st October.

Bangs & Works

Before Planet Mu put out their Bangs & Works Vol. 1 there were not many people who had ever heard of the Chicago street music phenomenon that is Footwork. Now with it's influence spreading through the Bass music scene it seems only appropriate that the same label gives us a second volume to work to.

Heaven Sent - DJ Rashad & Gant-Man [Planet Mu]

Bangs & Works Vol. 2 brings us the cream of the Chicago scene after sifting through the endless stream of music flowing of the area. This volume features Planet Mu regulars Rashad & Spinn plus a whole host of newcomers including Boylan and Traxman.

You can preview all the rest of the album tracks and pre-order the compilation here. You can also grab a copy to the accompanying EP Ghettoteknitianz from Juno which came out last week.



With releases dating back to 2006, Berlin based Ed Davenport has been turning a few heads this year back home in the UK. Since signing for the legendary house label NRK Sound Division in 2010 he has put out two great Techno infused EP's for them, Curtain Call and the hard-hitting More Red Lights.

More Red Lights (Club Mix) - Ed Davenport [NRK]

New Yorkshire, the first single from his forthcoming debut album Counterchange, follows on from his previous releases and continues to refine his sound, really bringing it up to the highest level. The mixes of 'New Yorkshire' gives a classic house twist to the ever expanding Berlin techno sound with heavy analog beats and warm textured synths. The non-abum track 'Testament' moves into even deeper house territory with a great piano and synth driven track that would be perfect at any 6am after party.

New Yorkshire (Club Mix) - Ed Davenport
[forthcoming NRK Sound Division]

The EP also sees two remixes from NYC's Fred P and NRK label boss, Nick Harris. Both remixes take on a life of their own with Fred P providing an NYC/Detroit fusion of minimalised synths, crisp beats and sharp vocal hits. The remix by Nick Harris also strips the track down but really gives it a shot in the arm with some dark synths and a jacked up beat providing the EP with the most Berlin sounding tune of all.

Ed Davenport's New Yorkshire EP is set for release in late October / early November followed by the album in early 2012, both on NRK Sound Division.



If it wasn't hard enough to keep up with the huge volume of quality music that David Kennedy puts out under his Ramadanman and Pearson Sound aliases, here comes Maurice Donovan again.

So far a pretty nice remix of 'Battle For Middle You' by Julio Bashmore and the fantastic Babeh 12" on the reborn SSSSS label has been all we've heard from Maurice Donovan.

However, at the end of last week a quite unexpected single-sided vinyl-only release appeared on Phonica from him titled Call My NameFollowing the Chicago house vibe of his previous releases, "Call My Name" has an addictive bassline and vocal sample that have you subconsciously singing "Just call out my name" in no time.

Call My Name - Maurice Donovan [White Label]

Quite simply, this is the best thing that has come out under the Maurice Donovan moniker, so grab a copy while you can.

Video Games - Joy Orbison Remix


ESS Radio Show #008 - 02.10.2011

3-way back to back business, apologies for the slightly disjointed selection!

DOWNLOAD: ESS Radio Show #008 - Hush DJs

Martin Dawson - Sunday Smoking (Jay Shephard Remix)
Mugwump - Dissidaze
Lee Jones - As You Like It (Recloose Remix)
Lee Foss - Pyramid Scheme
Simon Baker - No Pressure
Avatism - Jigsaw Poet
Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX - I'll Take Care Of U
Cosmin TRG - Space Station Love Affair
Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Der Langweiler
Gwen Maze & Jef K - Want You Back
Scuba - Everywhere
Marshall Jefferson - Mushrooms (?? Remix)
Kings Of Tomorrow - Finally
Dexter - Not The Only Girl (Vocal Version)
Julio Bashmore - Footsteppin'
Wiretappeur - Everybody Loves Ice Cream (Vincenzo Remix)
Aki Bergen - M.u.s.i.c (Diggin Da Vinyl Mix)
Breach - Fatherless (T. Williams Remix)
Deadboy - Ain't Gonna Lie
Kingdom - Uptown Buck
Shortstuff - Naughty Step
Galen & Justin Martin - Dust Devil
Boddika & Joy O - Swims
Lil Silva - Pulse vs. Flex
Destiny's Child - Lose My Breath (?? Remix)
Sunship - Try Me Out (Let Me Lick It)
Pangaea - Hex
A Face The Crowd (Intellidred Remix) - DJ Assassin
Mosca - Dom Perignon
Scuba - Feel It
Gregor Salto - Just For Fun
Andy Mac - Asteroid Belts


Shelter - Essáy Edit

Essáy has dropped two serious productions for free download in the past week or so. This one tops the last, at 106bpm and 10 minutes long, it ticks all the boxes. Colourful, emotional and most importantly, a fine piece of music for the ears' listening pleasure. Credit to Birdy for providing such beautiful vocal too.

Shelter (Essáy Tearful Edit) - Birdy

This one's had a lot of attention on his soundcloud, if you aren't already following, well, you should be.


Something for the weekend...

The remixes just keep on coming and this week we are very pleased to offer you another fine selection of tracks.

First up to the plate is Surrey-based duo, Disclosure. Recently featured on Annie Mac Presents and subsequently getting rinsed all over the place, their great electro-house tipped edit of Q-Tip's 'Work With It' is well worth grabbing hold of.

Work With It (Disclosure Booty Call Edit) - Q-Tip

Up next are French duo CDBL with two cracking remixes hot off the back of their latest release for Squelch & Clap. The first is an unreleased remix of label mate Kidnap Kid's 'Shouldn't Be Alone' from his Apocalypse of John EP (featured earlier this month). The remix takes the original and gives the future-garage a little blast from the past with a great, bass heavy garage remix.

Shouldn't Be Alone (CDBL Remix) - Kidnap Kid

The second CDBL remix is for Prince Jean, another new name in the French bass music scene. This remix sees the original given a funky, 2-step injection under a network of synths, stabs and bass giving a very Night Slugs feel.

Puma's Hunt (CDBL Remix) - Prince Jean

Heading Stateside for our last selection, Boston and NYC square off as Doctor Jeep puts together a fantastic remix of Blind Benny's 'Bad Dreams'. Taking the soothing vibes of the original and cranking it up with breakbeats and chopping the vocals up over the top giving you a remix that could have been made in '91.

Bad Dreams (Doctor Jeep Refix) - Blind Benny

Be sure to keep it locked as there are still plenty of tracks coming your way.


Featuring JACK DIXON

Jack Dixon has been the subject of quite a few posts on our blog over the last couple of years but it's about time we checked in with him and see what is coming next. He has been busy of late with releases on Brownswood, Formant, Silverback and TAKE really bringing him to the masses, cementing his place in the electronic scene.

Running Man EP - Jack Dixon & Rick Grant [forthcoming MMM]

Next up for him is the second release on George Fitzgerald's ManMakeMusic label which sees Jack Dixon collaborate with Rick Grant, one third of TAKE Records. "Running Man" has much more of a house influence than the majority of Jack's previous releases thanks to Rick Grant but still manages to retain the forward thinking essence. Consequently the track fits in nicely alongside George Fitzgerald's previous release on the label. The second track, "Muted" is styled in a more familiar vein with great vocal samples chopped in over a deep sub backed with a slow rolling 2-step beat.

The release also features a remix of 'Running Man' by Canadian newcomer, Kevin McPhee who most recently put out his debut release on [Nakedlunch] and Idle Hands. The Running Man EP will be available digitally and on vinyl on November 28th.

Jack Dixon also made it known this weeek that his Coconuts EP - originally slated to be one of his first releases - will not be coming out at all. However, as we all have waited patiently he has decided to make the title track and the Disclosure remix available on his Soundcloud as a free download. Not to be missed.

Jack Dixon - Coconuts

Jack Dixon - Coconuts (Disclosure Remix)


Introducing THEFFT

Those of you who always keep an ear to the ground may have noticed something rather interesting brewing over the last few months. Jack Robertson, aka Thefft, has been carving out a sound fresher than most producers could hope for. By generally working at a slower tempo than most of his peers, Thefft productions crave appreciation.

Legends - Thefft

'Legends' is a track we have had on heavy rotation for the last couple of months. The way that the snappy percussion and glowing synths compliment each other coupled with the ebb and flow of the bassline give rise to a groove that best represents this boy's talents. Be sure to check out 'Simple Questions' too. This one goes in on more of a playful tip with some pretty retro sounding stabs.

And as seems to be tradition these days, whenever a major twitter milestone is passed then freebies must be dished out, so grab the download of moody 'Inna Da' below!

Inna Da - Thefft [download]

We have also managed to get the man himself to deliver a mix exclusively for your ears. Slowly rising in bpm throughout and dotted with forthcoming music from the likes of Zed Bias, Mosca and Mickey Pearce - listen up.

DOWNLOAD: October 2011 Mix

01. Thefft - On The Rag
02. Damu - Go Solar
03. Archie Pelago - Avocado Roller
04. Thefft - BRYC
05. Cromie - Cohort
06. These Ghosts - Twentytwo
07. Blawan - Vibe Decorium
08. Thefft - Simple Questions
09. Justin Martin & Ardalan - Mr. Spock
10. Mosca - Orange Jack
11. Martyn - Ghost People
12. Zed Bias - Basic Needs
13. Presk - Devour
14. Damu - Ether
15. Distal - Coke Bottle
16. Cromie & JRapp - How I Know
17. Lucid - Lovely In Love (Richelle Remix)
18. Visionist - W.M.I.D
19. Mickey Pearce - Don't Ask Don't Get
20. Bok Bok - Silo Pass
21. JJ Louis & Jade Lion - Ruff, Tuff And Ready feat. Banton
22. Pangaea - Hex

We will leave it there for now, but take it from us, this is only the start of very big things! Keep an eye out on Twitter and Facebook.

Introducing PEDESTRIAN

After appearing on Gilles Peterson's last volume of Brownswood Bubblers and contributing a great remix to Re:Call To Mind for Commix it seems about time that Pedestrian finally gets his debut release.

Hei Poa EP - Pedestrian [forthcoming Push & Run]
His Hei Poa EP, set to be released on October 30th by Push & Run Records, sees two new tracks from Pedestrian,'Hei Poa' and 'Led Astray' both of which are great beat driven and soulful tunes. The EP also features two remixes of the title track by Jon Phonics - a nice 2-Step infused version - and Frederic Robinson who takes the BPM up a few notches to deliver a very good minimal DnB remix.

While we wait for the EP to drop Push & Run have kindly given us another new track by Pedestrian to give away, titled 'Midsummer's Common'. Plus Brownswood have made his remix for Gang Colours available this week for free download also.

Midsummer's Common - Pedestrain

You come home tired all the time...

Having been hoarding a few of these awaiting the right moment, it's now a pleasure to unveil this fine selection of remixes. Huge credit due to the producers involved. Each on a similar vein, all quality productions, ready to wind their way into your mind.

First up we've got this absolutely banger from Essáy who's edited the very talented Bunte Bummler. The track 'You're Mine' has been getting rinsed since it came out a month or so ago. Essáy gives the original a downtempo yet euphoric feel, utilising the stunning vocal perfectly. If only the sun was still shining...

Come Home (Essáy's Sunstep Edit) - Bunte Bummler

Midland's been relatively quiet of late but 'Through Motion' is still getting played out on a regular. This time he's on a dusty, rolling Techno vibe reminding us of something along the lines of early Underworld. Big tune.

You'll See (Midland Edit) - Washed Out

Youandewan is on remix duty for the next, very similar feel to the Washed Out edit above, if not a little deeper with a sub and drum pattern we would have expected from Synkro back in the day.

Come Rain, Come Shine (Youandewan Dub) - Pallers

Previously unknown to us, Korablove takes the original, sticks an appropriate beat underneath the vocal and here we have it, a timeless track that'll change your mood in an instant. Simple as that.

It Could Be Sweet (Korablove Remix) - Portishead

Last but definitely not least, the ever growing stronger Behling drops his remix of Saint Saviour for free. Watch this man's movements very closely over the next 6-8 months, 2012 summer we reckon is gonna be a big one.

Red Sun (Behling Mix) - Saint Saviour

There's some kind of story in those track names. Who's feeling creative?


Kidnap Kid - The Apocalypse of John EP

Matt Relton aka Kidnap Kid is a young producer originally from Sheffield but now residing in Leeds. Matt released his first EP The Great Confusion earlier this year and the eagerly awaited Apocalypse of John will be available from mid October at Juno. Matt joined up with the Sheffield based label Squeltch and Clap, who also boast releases from Tete De Tigre and CDBL earlier this year. The enthusiastic producer’s sound unashamedly ventures down the direction of other producers like Koreless and Jacques Greene, using soothing vocals alongside crisp and precise basslines to create a symphony of simple and well defined rhythms.

Kidnap Kid’s latest EP contains 3 original tracks and two remixes, one by B-Ju and the other by upcoming French producer 123Mrk. This EP is full of simplistic 2-step vibes that kick off exactly where his last release finished. ‘Shouldn’t Be Alone’ is probably the strongest song on the EP, ‘Taken’ and ‘Losing It’ give a chopped and distorted vibe, but ‘Shouldn’t Be Alone’ has a soothing, crisp vibe similar to his previous hit ‘No One Else’. The EP is full of beautiful vocals that work in unison with bouncing bass and rolling synths, creating a bubbly and energetic feel that would tear apart any club. 123Mrk’s remix of ‘Shouldn’t Be Alone’ brings another dimension with more of a Juke influence and B-Ju’s remix leaves a clean, synth infused track that juggles the vocals just nicely.

It seems that Kidnap Kid has not disappointed with his second release of the year, and hopefully will be able to keep the standards as high as this for future productions.


ESS Radio Show #007 - 25.09.2011

DOWNLOAD: ESS Radio Show #007 - Hush DJs

Scuba - Adrenalin
Tom Flynn - Keep Listening
Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team - Bassface (Breach Remix)
Claude VonStroke - Monster Island (Christian Martin Remix)
Mosca - Square One (Julio Bashmore Longhorn Remix)
Roska - Abrupt
Bill Withers - Who Is He (Henrik Schwarz Edit)
Cassius - 1999 (Tim Green Remix)
FaltyDL - Jack Your Job
Geeneus feat. Ms Dynamite - Get Low
Ossie - Tarantula
Rosie Gaines - Closer Than Close
Ramon Tapia - What's Next
Buraka Som Sistema - Aqui Para Voces (Brodinski Remix)
A1 Bassline - Lumps
Little Man (Wookie Mix)
Funkystepz - Caution
Classixx - Into The Valley feat. Karl Dixon (Julio Bashmore Remix)
Joy Orbison - BRKLN CLLN
Hermanez - Soms
Paleface feat. Kyla - Do You Mind (Mr Mersh Remix)
Benjamin Damage & Doc Daneeka
Lil Silva - Different
Lung & Maxx Roach - Booty Call (Randomer Remix)
MJ Cole & Wiley - From The Drop
Walton - Aggy
Mariah Carey - Boy I Need You (Agent X Dutti Boy Vocal Mix)
Squarehead - TNH
Ginuwine - Differences '11 (Kavsrave Refix)
Skream - Midnight Request Line
Jack Dixon - Low Tide
Pangaea - Fatalist
The Weeknd - What You Need
Guido - Mad Sax
Falling feat.Alys Be - Falling
Zed Bias - Neighbourhood (El-B Remix)
Artful Dodger & Romina Johnson - Movin' Too Fast
Jamie Woon - Lady Luck (Hudson Mohawke's Schmink-Wolf Refix)


ESS Radio Show #006 - 18.09.2011

DOWNLOAD: ESS Radio Show #006 - Hush DJs

Prince - Head (Ghosts of Venice Edit)
Chromeo - When The Night Falls (Breakbot Remix)
Locussolus - I Want It (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix)
Floating Points - Shark Chase
Martin Buttrich - You Must Be This High
Grampa - I Loved You
Neon Jung - Just Can't Leave It Alone
DVA - Step 2 Funk
Lee Jones - The Ice Train Cometh
Scuba - Everywhere
Roisin Murphy - Momma's Place (Holmes Price Remix)
KiNK & Neville Watson - The Long Wait
MK - Burnin' (Original Vibe Mix)
Dennis Ferrer - Shout!
Martyn - All Nights
Lone - Pineapple Crush
West Norwood Cassette Library - Blonde On Blonde (Pearson Sound Remix)
Thefft - Legends
Claude VonStroke - Who's Afraid of Detroit?
Justin Martin - Get Low (J. Phlip Remix)
Boddika - Grand Prix
Squarehead - Move Your Body
Orphan101 - Fist First
T. Williams feat. Terri Walker - Heartbeat (Paul Woolford Rewurq)
Justin Martin & Ardalan - Lezgo
Untold - Bones (Joe Remix)
Radiohead - Bloom (Objekt Remix)
Jam City - Countess
Unknown - Sicko Cell
Raffertie - Twitch (It Grows & Grows)
Pangaea - Hex
Mz Bratt - Selecta (Pasteman & Tanka's '88 Bootleg)
Skream - Filth
Matty G - Turf W*rz
Silkie - It's Late
Horsepower Productions - Boogaloo
Digital Mystikz - Earth A Run Red
Redlight - MDMA
The Bug - Jah War feat. Flowdan (Loefah Remix)
Toasty - Like Sun
Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX - NY Is Killing Me
Pinch - Swish
The Bug - Skeng (Autechre Remix)
Burial - Distant Lights


Featuring HOTFLUSH

There are not many labels around that have an artist roster that even comes close to Hotflush Recordings, run by Paul Rose aka Scuba/Spectr/SCB. With releases from Joy Orbison, Sepalcure, George Fitzgerald, Untold, Mount Kimbie and label boss Scuba - to name just a few - Hotflush has established itself solidly. During the rest of this year the label will continue its high quality output with new contributions from Paul Woolford & Psycatron and SCB - both scheduled for release on October 24th - plus a debut full-length album from Sepalcure in November.

Stolen - Paul Woolford & Psycatron [forthcoming Hotflush Two]

The collaboration of Paul Woolford & Pyscatron, who have had previous releases on Planet E and Intimacy, brings yet more Techno to the Hotflush Two label. The nine minute barrage of 'Stolen' is deep and intense and contrasts well with the funkier dub on the flipside.

Mace / Overlay - SCB [forthcoming SCB]

Next up is label boss Scuba and his first release for almost a year as SCB. 'Mace' and 'Overlay' have been doing the rounds in clubs all summer and continue Paul Rose's interest in Techno, which is huge in his new hometown of Berlin. Both tracks are well layered and intricate enough to please any Techno aficionado but retain the dancefloor quality that is the SCB trademark.

Lastly, the duo of Machinedrum and Braille with reunite once again in November for their self-titled debut album as Sepalcure. The ten track album will feature all new material and is assured to follow in the footsteps of their previous EPs, Love Pressure, Fleur and Love Pressure Remixed (all available now from Juno).

Pencil Pimp - Sepalcure [forthcoming Hotflush]

The album is scheduled for release November 22nd and will be preceeded by the single, Pencil Pimp on November 7th. Until then you can download the tracks 'Deep City Insects' and 'The Feeling That I Know So Well' for free via XLR8R.

Mosca - 5000 Followers EP

Hype hype hype. Mosca is on one! We're particularly excited for his forthcoming Hypercolour release but we're sure details of that will emerge soon. Recently, as you can probably tell from the aptly named title of the EP, he reached 5000 followers on his Twitter. We can imagine the excitement as we're feeling pretty pleased to be nearing 1000!

This EP is not what you'd expect, some groovy 100bpm house but once again, this just emphasises his sheer brilliance and versatility as a producer. For ease of download we've zipped it up for you:

DOWNLOAD: Mosca - 5000 Followers EP

01. Bunching
02. The Way We Were

Get on his Facebook too - there might be more presents when he hits 5k on there.


LEEDS: Tonight...

Having brought the likes of Bok Bok, Jam City and Kingdom to play over the past few months, Square One returns this evening with a Leeds debut for man of the moment Canblaster. With his unique production style and Club Cheval going from strength to strength it's not difficult to imagine the vibes that he will bring to Wire's intimate dancefloor.

Support comes from Pusherman and residents Jo Kira & Remé - this is set to go off!

Echo Park - Fiber Optic

Check out the latest release on Skream's Disfigured Dubz label from Echo Park. A proper electro-boogie selection with two remixes from Jon Convex and 12th Planet & Flinch.

The original mix is straight up baby making electro music with great vocals to accompany the 80's vibe. The 12th Planet & Flinch is quite forgettable but the Jon Convex remix is the one to watch for - taking the original down to its bones and giving the vocals a robotic, Barry White tip.

Echo Park - Fiber Optic [Disfigured Dubz]

Highly recommended to those who enjoyed the Instra:mental release on this label. Available now from Juno.


Introducing VESSEL

Over the years Bristol has carved out a reputation for itself as being one of the most vibrant, creative and fluid hubs of the electronic music scene in the UK. The ‘forward looking and progressive’ Bristolian record label, A Future Without is helping to uphold this reputation by bringing ‘artists opportunities without compromising their integrity or freedom to express’.

It is this ethos that has enabled Vessel to produce the stunning Wax Dance EP.  The emerging  artist has already had a prolific year with releases on Left_Blank and Astro:dynamics and is now following in the footsteps of fellow Young Echo representatives Zhou and Khan by releasing his next EP with A Future Without - who have really championed the Young Echo collective over the last year, and with good cause, as a group they are arguably producing some of the most forward thinking and innovative electronic music in the UK scene.

All five tracks from Vessel's latest release have a dream-like quality to them, understated basslines combined with ethereal samples and distant synth echoes help produce the trance inducing sound that is the Wax Dance EP.  I can try my best but unfortunately no one describes the release more eloquently than Vessel himself, who tells us the EP is "an account of movement and physical twitches made by the motion of sound."

Wax Dance - Vessel [forthcoming A Future Without]

The release date for the EP has been set for 31 Ocotber 2011.



It wasn't all that long ago since we were blown away by the Karenn remix of West Norwood Cassette Library's 'Get Lifted', but it would seem Blawan and Pariah have been far busier than we could have imagined over the summer months.

Get Lifted (Karenn Remix) - West Norwood Cassette Library [WNCL]

Rubadub have revealed that they will be exclusively distributing music from the duo's brand new label, Works The Long Nights, with [SHEWORKS001] expected to drop next month. You can find clips of the three tracks here.

'Chaste Down' seems to incorporate some of the acid sounds from Blawan's most recent R&S release, but it is the combination of sounds from the palette of both producers that makes this project all the more exciting. 'Auflen Whip' is the one that stands out for us. The almost lazy tempo allows this bit of dark techno to really wrap itself around you and shows that you need little more than some fierce drums to get people moving.

No doubt speculation will soon ensue as to who else may be set to release on the label, but all we can know for now is that it will be strictly vinyl, very limited and really rather good.

LEEDS: 7th October 2011

This Friday in Leeds the boys from Laloop are bringing something extra special to kick off their residency at The Faversham. On offer is a producer and DJ whose sleek, two letter moniker has made heads turn for decades - MK dubs have nothing less than a legendary status and sound just as fresh in 2011 as they ever have. Marc Kinchen is joined by his brother, Scottie Deep, and Manchester's notorious Si'Ke DJ's to complete a pretty mouth-watering lineup.

This looks like the start to a year when one of the truly refined nights on the Leeds circuit will go from strength to strength. If you can make it, grab a ticket from RA in advance. Check the Facebook event out here.


Introducing GOLDFFINCH

Hailing from Belgium, GoldFFinch have been steadily gaining recognition across the UK and Europe. Their tracks are being rinsed in clubs, at festivals and on the radio - most notably getting a ton of airplay on Rinse FM. With this being said, it will suprise most people to learn that their upcoming release on Airflex Labs will actually be their debut release.

Dirty Bird - GoldFFinch [forthcoming Airflex Labs]

The title track 'Dirty Bird' is a straight up booty shaker with crisp 808s and a slight techno vibe. The vocal chops and fat subs align perfectly with the groove giving the track depth while keeping the sound crisp. On the flipside is 'Burned Bit', a techno driven beauty that breaks down into a funky, squelching dance floor heater which would be at home in any mix right now.
The third track on the release is a remix of 'Dirty Bird' by Frenchman Jay Weed. His remix definitely has more of a Swamp 81 quality to it, taking the original a little darker and twisting it into something else entirely.

Burned Bit - GoldFFinch [forthcoming Airflex Labs]

The Dirty Bird EP will be available on the 28th October on wax and digitally from Juno. It also comes with a huge Jay Weed remix, check it below...

Dirty Bird (Jay Weed Remix) - GoldFFinch [forthcoming Airflex Labs]

Watch for their next EP forthcoming on Numbers later this year.