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Introducing ASA

Coming from the same management stable block as Aphex Twin and Koan Sound is a good starting point for any up and coming artist, but coming off the back of his first vinyl release, and with a four track EP in the pipeline on Screwloose Records, Asa is a guy making a name for himself in his own right.

Having heard this latest track he sent over to us freshly finished today, we can assure you he is going places. This track is truly beautiful, and we are very pleased to be offering it to you as an exclusive. The track opens with spoken vocal samples, which drift in and out through its course, hinting at deep sadness and the memories of better days gone by, and all the while the looped vocals, aching with heartbreak, drift among a haunting piano backdrop and wooden percussion. One of the most moving tracks we've posted in a while, and I for one am eagerly awaiting the drop of the forthcoming EP to see what this guy can do next.

Leave The Lights On - Asa


Outlook Festival 2010

Although the Outlook Festival was three weeks ago now, anyone who went will still hold it vividly in their minds. We’ve been collating our anecdotes and pictures to share with you – hence the delay.

Croatia is a crazy place. Pula, where the festival moved to this year, is littered with ruins showcasing the area’s Roman heritage. There are ruins everywhere. The festival site itself is in an abandoned fort on a peninsular surrounded by the sea. You couldn’t dream of a better setting – especially with the campsite, which is on a beach, only a short walk away.

We arrived five days early and went exploring. These were the glory days when beer at the beach bar was only 10 kunas, couple of days later it was 15, and by Thursday it was 20 – which to be fair is still cheap for half a litre. The fort is inhabited by hippies, wild dogs and even a horse. Unofficial pre-parties took place for the first few days until the crowds got too big and unsafe for the non-secure venue - we found machetes while exploring the tunnels! Our initial reaction was that there were going to be some serious casualties at the festival, but this was not the case.

Our festival properly started with our big friend Barry – on the Bigger Than Barry boat party. We all know that these boys know how to throw a party and it didn’t disappoint. Big up to Matt ‘Pasteman’, Phat Pat, Oneman, Rattus and Klose who all smashed it. The topdeck bounced to the setting sun, and then the boat made its way back to the dock after four hours of madness.

In an attempt to avoid turning this into a running commentary, highlights included:

George Lenton who got the crowd going with the help of many of his own tunes. His Dizzee Rascal booty, which I wasn’t so sure about to start with, particularly stood out on the system.

I Luv U (George Lenton Remix) - Dizzee Rascal [download]

RackNRuin also used his own artillery to fill the ballroom as you can see from the picture below.

Sub:stance night with the likes of Appleblim and Scuba killing it. However DMZ night was probably our favourite - kicked off by the fantastic Kryptic Minds who followed a heavy set from dBridge. Silkie & Quest finished matters with the perfect balance of bass and melodies.

Beach parties during the day were next level. There’s nothing better than lying in the sun listening to a pumping system. Apparently a ‘No Dubstep’ policy was put in place but this quickly went out the window ‘Are You Ready’ was thundering through the campsite at just gone midday! For us, and many others, Chimpo & Chunky smashed the beach show. Gazaaaaaaaaaa!

Submotion Orchestra in the fading light were incredible. Shivers down the back bizness. Gentleman’s Dub Club put on a hype show as usual – shown below.

The list goes on - RSD, SpectraSoul, Break, Ben UFO, 2562, Pinch, Synkro & Indigo, Hylu & Jago (below).

Out to all the girl DJs out there. Special mention to Lazell killing it on the beach and in the dungeon...

All in all, the best festival we’ve been to. Bestival might have to look into changing it’s name...

Massive respect to the organisers, the hard work paid off; everything flowed seamlessly from arena to arena. We won’t go into the minor hiccups cos the plus points outnumbered them a hundred fold and I’m sure these will be ironed out for next year. Special thanks to Jack Robinson, Liam Wachs and Mark Salford, and of course all the other people running round on minimal sleep.


dBridge on the remix flex

No doubt this tune is going to get the same daytime radio rinsing 'Katy On A Mission' has had. However dBridge dropped his remix as a world exclusive at the end of his set at Outlook and Skream proceeded to wheel it twice!

Perfect Stranger (dBridge Remix) - Magnetic Man [192]

Just incase you're into this one too...

Perfect Stranger (Benga Remix) - Magnetic Man [192]


We love FORMAT



Wachs Lyrical who we first spoke to back in June 2009 (here) has gone from strength to strength. After that post he had N-Type after his tunes amongst many others. These days sees him heavily involved with the Leeds music scene playing out regularly but is also part of the Vagabondz crew. His work at Outlook Festival was highly appreciated, running around with little sleep sorting out all the Press & Media. Big up for sorting us some passes in the end!

Wachs has a quality list of forthcoming material, here's what's in the pipeline at present.

What I Feel Like Doing w/ Jack Sparrow Remix + iGrade Remix [Subdepth]
Elemental Algorithm + The Project [Subdepth]
Pariah w/ TMSV Remix [Brap Dem Recordings]
Atlas w/ Riskotheque Remix [For The Win Records]

Anyway, we've called on him to bring us the next instalment of our mix series. He's pieced together a huge tracklisting featuring nearly all dubs or forthcomings. Not just this but there are quite a few of his own productions in there too. This mix moves from Housey Garagey side of things through to the deeper sub rumbling likes of Jack Sparrow and back again. Sit back and enjoy the beats...


01. Made up My Mind – Hackman [dub]
02. Felt Smasher – Wachs Lyrical [dub]
03. Cairo – Akilles [dub]
04. Fell Dub (HxdB Remix) – Sephirot [forthcoming Subdepth]
05. Head Up – MAKO
06. Zebra vs Lynx – Wachs Lyrical [dub]
07. Ladders – Wachs Lyrical [dub]
08. Warm Moments ft. Novika – Jack Sparrow [dub]
09. Dah-Un – Legend4ry [dub]
10. Introspection – NumberNim6 & HxdB [forthcoming Subdepth]
11. Rosebud – DFRNT [dub]
12. Homecoming – Myrkur [forthcoming Subbalicious]
13. Odyssey – Von D & DJ MADD [dub]
14. Dread – Ashburner & Goli [dub]
15. Seshaan – MAKO [dub]
16. Dread – Jack Sparrow & Ruckspin [forthcoming Tectonic]
17. Shikra – Ruckspin [forthcoming Pushing Red]
18. Mecha – Submerse [dub]
19. Querky – Commodo [Untitled!]
20. Immortal – Myrkur [dub]
21. How Long 2010 ft. Dorrie – Pasteman [dub]
22. What I Feel Like Doing – Wachs & Riskotheque [forthcoming Subdepth]
23. Moulded – Sunchase (Akilles Remix) [dub]
24. Your My – Von D & Mr Lager [forthcoming Von D’s album on Argon]
25. Love Music – Von D [forthcoming Von D’s album on Argon]
26. Fear Alarm – Mr Illis [dub]
27. We Fresh – Wachs Lyrical [dub]
28. New Sick! – UFO [dub]
29. Elemental Algorithm – Wachs Lyrical [forthcoming Subdepth]
30. Atlas – Wachs Lyrical & Akilles [forthcoming FTW]


Featuring DJG

DJG of San Francisco informed us the other day of a brand new project he's started. It's called 'Voids'. There's very little stuff we get sent that after 30 seconds of the first track I click 'New Post' so I hope you feel the same and even can donate some money for his efforts. Here's what he had to say about it...

"I'm releasing a collection of twelve tracks through my website djgsound.com this Wednesday September 15. It's not an album, but I do feel the tracks belong together, and I decided they belong in two parts; Voids One is really for the ravers & the djs. These songs represent the sound I've pushed hard in the club over the last few years: dark, energetic, moody rave vibes. Voids Two is more personal, a bit lighter maybe, and closer to my heart.

I've decided to release them for free, without the help of a record label. I simply feel like sharing these songs with people in a direct and personal way."

<a href="http://music.djgsound.com/album/voids-one">VOIDS ONE by DJG</a>

<a href="http://music.djgsound.com/album/voids-two">VOIDS TWO by DJG</a>

"These are songs that I’ve never really been able to let go of, nearly all of them I pulled from scheduled releases or turned away offers from labels for various reasons. They are songs that I really believe in and feel connected to. Some were written as far back as 2007 and as recently as a month ago. They’ve been supported by an endless list of big name DJs and requested by friends and listeners for release."

All in all, this is not one to miss out on. Take the time to listen to the tracks, there is too much beauty within. In the words of Sonic Router (who have an interview with DJG about 'Voids' here) "it's people like him that've given us that vital boost when life takes over and post frequency wanes". However, post frequency is about to resume.



Basslaced is our brand new affiliated night which runs in Nottingham. Any of you out there that live in the vicinity and don't know, where have you been? We will be keeping you up to date with their goings on over the coming months.

8th October is their next date which is approaching fast. They've pulled out all the stops with a huge A-Class line-up. Anyone into their bass music should stick this in the diary straight up.

Alongside the club night, they also have a Podcast series running. We were too slack to inform you about 001, which was mixed by none other than big Dubstep boss N-Type. This month's edition has, one of our favourites, The Others gracing the decks.

DOWNLOAD: Basslaced Podcast 002 - The Others [right click save as]

Join the Facebook page which is regularly updated if you want to hear the news first hand.


Our friends over at You Can Call Me Pelski return tomorrow night in to finish off the Summer in style in a more intimate venue than their successful night at the Big Chill House last month. It's kicking off early at 8pm down at the Old Queen's Head in Islington, get there beforehand for free entry or £4 afterwards for solid lineup of Hush House favourites spinning everything from 2-step through to techno. Check the facebook event here and the lineup below:

PANGAEA (Hessle Audio / Hotflush Recordings)
SDUK & CNTRST (Slit Jockey/ Pipedown)
RYLSKI (Pipedown)

Pariah released his latest EP, Safehouses, a couple of weeks ago, and offered a series of consistently brilliantly produced post-dubstep tracks that were both subtle and varied. He has kindly offered Prism, off the A-SIde, for free download. It's a really accessible track, and the powerful looped vocals ensure that it is infinitely more ecstatic than your average banger, I expect this one will spread like wildfire in weeks to come.

Prism - Pariah

Additionally, check out Pariah's latest mix for Fabric below

DOWNLOAD: Pariah Fabric Mix


Redshape - Mucky Bones (Present)
Office Gossip - Var II (Unreleased)
Untold & Roska - Myth (Forthcoming Numbers)
Breach - Fatherless (Forthcoming PTN)
Steve Poindexter - Work That Motherfucker (Muzique Records)
Model 500 - Huesca (Forthcoming R&S)
Braiden - The Alps (Unreleased)
Pariah - The Slump (Forthcoming R&S)
Four Tet - Sing (Mosca Remix) (Domino)
Joe - Claptrap (Hessle Audio)
Unknown - Unknown (Unreleased)
Ramadanman - Work Them (Swamp 81)
Superisk - Find Your Way (Forthcoming Punchdrunk)
Big Shot - Untitled (Southside Recordings)
Aaliyah - R U That Somebody (Brenmar Windy City Mix) (Unreleased)
Drexciya - Digital Tsunami (Tresor)
Oneohtrix Point Never - A Pact Between Strangers (No Fun Productions)


Fruits of the Summer

Whilst we tend to avoid posting any sort of chart lists on here, partly because they sadly often get viewed as exhaustive lists of anything that's worth listening to, and partly because we intend to maintain an emphasis on up and coming, often unsigned talent, there occasionally comes a time when I feel an uncontrollable urge to share a particular song, just in case someone has happened to be unfortunate enough to not have heard it. There have been several such instances in the latter stages of this summer, and so whilst our ethical stance on blogging means there are no mp3's on offer here, you are strongly advised to check out the 4 tracks below and then dip into your pocket if you haven't already,

The A-Side of Hyetal's recent release on the new Orca label is both triumphant and euphoric. Its Game Boy style synths convey a sense of wonder and adventure that reduce you to childhood excitment in seconds. Buy it.

I really struggled to decide which track of Svpreme Fiend's Killer EP to post. Both Deluge VIP and Downfall are simply stunning, as is the EP is whole really. I eventually went with Downfall, track 2 of the B-Side, out on Local Action. Plenty of space and hushed atmoshere are constructed around the 2-step beat, with mournful vocals delicately float over the top. Buy it.

Doc Daneeka's latest offering on Ramp Recordings, Hold On, ushers a crackling quality over the threatening strings and resonant vocals demonstrating an innovative deep and soulful side to funky that might well be the direction the genre begins to head. Buy it.

Mala's latest release comes as a B-Side to Four Tet, the whole release seemingly a promo for the forthcoming Future Bass EP on Soul Jazz Records. The B-Side has a subtle yet powerful quality to it, with a buzzing synth pulsating through the surrounding ominous harmonica. Sadly there is only a short pre-release version on soundcloud, but if it sounds like your thing there are full versions available on your preferred generic video sharing website. Buy it.