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Twisted Minimal?

Techno. Techno. Tech. Techno.

Open your ears - don’t be scared off by the title. Be adventurous. I dare you.

If you haven’t heard of Mowgli then I probably say you’ve been missing out. This is the kinda music I associate with trendy Shoreditch-goers but perhaps this is just a strange misconception which I have in my head. Solo and Mowgli, both with releases on DeadFish Records have a unique sound, kinda minimal crossed with tribally breaks crossed with electro crossed with – I dunno. Check it.

Alma Gitana – Mowgli
Roll Off (Solo Remix) – Cornershop [RUDEEE]

Solo’s We Are The Midgets EP was out at the end of November so go pick it up here.

This one is on a similar kinda level but without the same energy and distinctive squarking bass. See? Maybe not. Nice though.

Eat The Positive (Smash TV Remix) – Terry Toner

I wouldn’t really call Mowgli or Solo minimal at all but they fit under this title better than electro or dubstep! So while on the subject, this is an older remix but it is wicked good like.

Lazy (Mowgli Wobblin’ Mix) – X-Press 2
Smoke Machine (Solo Remix) – X-Press 2

Mowgli also has a Minimal-Tech side project which he goes under the name of MINIMOW. If I had any of these tunes, I would share - unfortunately this is not the case.

Now. I learnt of Tim Green from the Audio Bullys’ Flickery Vision EP which is filled with lovely remixes but, I think the original does it best for me. Go buy it here. Whenever I listen to this song, I have this image of a hare or something bounding across fields with knee length grass and dandelions as the night draws in - with this as the soundtrack. Weird. Despite that, it rolls along very nicely. This might be how you're feeling at about 4am New Years Day!

Flickery Vision (Tim Green Remix) – Audio Bullys
Feign – Tim Green

This was one of Curb Crawlers' remixes of the year. I’m not so sure about that but it definitely needs a listen or two. Claude VonStroke you’ll all remember was that one who did the original of Who’s Afraid Of Detroit? before the Stanton Warriors made it unforgettable. Chilled.

War Paint (Claude VonStroke Remix) - Poxymusic

Perhaps all this is Tech-House? I hate the word/label House so let’s not call it that.

Completely off the general gist of this post but may take your ears some time to get into. I was reminded yesterday by someone saying something about indie-electro. Different but, were a popular choice in the summer. I dig lots. Happy happy happy.

Did U Wrong (Stealthdisco Skimix) – The Clik Clik
Seasnake (Stealthdisco Remix) – Cleft Palettes

Check The Clik Clik myspace – a friend of a friend’s band. Please would you shut up about your dunks?

I was gonna stick some Riva Starr in here as well cos I’m liking his stuff lots at the moment and it’s kinda twisted minimal but there’s plenty here to keep you busy till ’09. I'll do a post on him soon.

Have a wonderful party wherever it may be. Don’t do anything your mother wouldn’t like. Ha.

safe t.

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Perhaps we like DUBSTEP more?

Yes we do.

I was listening to some remixes of this song the other day on Youtube and was really digging the vocals - I remember when that “Murder In Jamrock” came out on Cut n Run, I loved it. Not a complex remix from someone who put that bassline under the snowman but I think it works well. Add him on his myspace for more tunes in the future.

Welcome To Jamrock (Hereldeduke Re-Step) – Damian Marley

From this next tune we can see people are moving to the Dubstep scene from all angles. A lot of Drum n Bass producers have moved over, some completely and others just experimenting - Benny Page, Ed Solo, Chase n Status etc. FreQ Nasty used to be a breaks DJ/producer, but from what it seems he has kinda moved away from that, especially from the tracklisting of the Fabriclive42 (I have yet to listen to it). Tis interesting. What’s gonna be after dubstep? Anyways maybe I should be calling this track Breakstep? Which is sposed to be coming back in, but also sposed to have already been around before Dubstep. I’m not really clear on the meaning. Kinda this maybe?

Peacemaker – FreQ Nasty vs Propa Tingz

One for all you rude boys out there.

Sick As Sin (Feat. Skamma) - Stagga

Following on from the rest, this one doesn’t quite fit in... but the original does. Has been around for a while so just incase you didn’t pick it up, this is a lovely bum n drass version.

At Night (Zinc Remix) – Benga & Coki

A gentle instrumentally souly thing to lul you to sleep. At first I thought it was boring cos it isn’t so lively and upbeat but… just appreciate it for the chill factor.

Last Saloon Swagger (Feat. Joker & Ben Blackmore) - Forsaken


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Do we like ELECTRO?

Do we actually?

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

Just to keep you going until New Year here’s some tunes which I’ve picked up recently. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’d class these babies as electroeee. Definitely a variety of styles.

I’m sorry for the lack of text with each of these but just treat it as if you pulled the right end of the cracker at your big family Boxing Day dinner. No tacky little plastic things in this cracker. Maybe some shit jokes though. Or maybe even some party hats.

All Night Long – Felguk
Bad Clock (Deadmau5’s Broken Clock Remix) – Sebastien Leger
Cornelius (Mix Oi!) – The Bloody Beetroots
Fruit Machine (Dave Spoon Remix) – The Ting Tings
Fuck The Pain Away (Tits & Clits) – Peaches
Galourni (TerroReid! Edit) - Fabian
My Love Sees You (Etienne De Crecy Coco Walsh Remix) – Beni
Play (Wolfgang Gartner Remix) – Jin Sonic & Dive
Walking On A Dream (Treasure Fingers Remix) – Empire Of The Sun
Want U – Lo-Fi-Fnk
Wet (Fukkk Offf Remix) – Gooseflesh
Where’s Your Head At? (Klaas Remix) – Jean Elan [RUDEEE]

If anyone has any questions about this kinda stuff contact Fibs cos he’s really into it at the moment.

I don’t think I’ve ever listened to so much electro in one evening, if you're on the same wavelength and haven't already got this in your music collection - it's a must. Boy 8-Bit is a good boy.

The Cricket Scores - Boy 8-Bit

Check You Can Call Me Pelski for a couple of other nice glitchy electro tracks that have just been posted.

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BERLIN (is cool)

David.E.SugarDavid.E.Sugar is a recognizable name hitting the London scene a fair few times over the past couple of years as well as producing some amazing electronica featured on the Kitsune label. This track was released a while back but I recently rediscovered it on shuffle mode. Still love it the same, long intro but kicks in with some original electro sounds.

David.E.Sugar - Oi Oi Berlin This Is London (Hot Chip Remix)

JahcooziOnce I thought about posting the above track it reminded me of the fantastic track BLN by Jahcoozi, I first heard of them around a year or so ago via an article in mixmag or some magazine and the concept seemed interesting. Just now I ran over to their myspace for a recap. Fuck. Love the sounds. Not sure how to describe them. They do it alright with their myspace genre set as Tropical/Grindcore/Idol but quoting from the well written soul seduction:

Jahcoozi : A low-end grime-tech-dub-rave-tronic monster that effortlessly boils down these infinite shades of electronica into an irresistible blend of pop.

Think that does it for me. Check out their new track on their myspace or listen to BLN below.

Jahcoozi - BLN

Also I seriously advise listening to a variety of the other tracks as well. Lots contain very different genres styles and recording methods such as the dubstep side of "Rainbow Coloured Rizzla".

Aswell as their amazing collection of music, another thing that makes me like them more and more is their images, band or DJ images are hard to achieve in originality and attractiveness but, somehow Jahcoozi manage to pull it off each time. Maybe they just have some sweet photographer friends? I don't know but I like it.

Here's a few:
JahcooziAlso a slight bonus from an unheard of and new producer. Datsik has sent me over this track titled Gecko which is serious bass talk for someone with only a 1000 plays on his myspace page.

DatsikA little background on him:

"I'm a 20 year old hiphop head turned dubstep. Turned hard dubstep. I try to find other things to do with my time but it doesn't really work. I live in B.C. Canada, theres definitely a growing scene here. I felt the power of the darkside, and realized that this was my calling. I am unsigned as of now, kinda just waiting for the right oppurtunity to pop up."

Think the time might be soon mate. Amazing sounds I'm hearing, keep em coming.

Datsik - Gecko

Also to come is a small review of last week up till yesterday - covering Dance Club on Thursday, playing 93 Feet East on Friday, Big Fat Trouble with Reso and Herve on Saturday and then played Havanas in Norwich on Monday. Bizzee bee!

Plus within the first week of the New Year I'll be posting exclusive interviews with Reso and The Squatters. Stay tuned!

Merry Christmas in an hour and a quarter.

Kashta x

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Get Your Rat Out.

Get Your Rat Out

After what has been a busy last week with lack of posts, well I say busy but actually I’ve just been out far too much, Christmas has sprung up out of nowhere. I don’t feel in the spirit at all, maybe I will after a sleep and I do some last minute Christmas shopping for all the stuff which can’t be purchased on the internet. Soon we won’t need to leave the house for anything!

Nadastrom who are made up of Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom (it must have taken ages to think up that name) have been killing it with this song for a while now, it’s been in mixes all over the place. It’s finally here, their debut EP is out on Beatport now so head over there and pick it up. Nice.

Pussy – Nadastrom
Tween Me & You (Feat. Blaqstarr) – Nadastrom

I have the pleasure of posting a preview of our local boy ARROW!!! with this new track which is close to brilliant, large African theme to it, some may say it kinda has the same roots as the original of Township Funk? Lovely.

Nu Jakker - ARROW !!!
Township Funk (Boy 8-Bit Remix) – DJ Mujava

Next is from another local boy, Ben Peel, sticking his fingers into this ever expanding dubstep game. Are you ready for the bass? The change in tempo here and there adds good vibes. Bouncy. That’s what we like. We hope there’s more on the way.

Dub Warfare – My Very Own Scumbag

Another Breakdown remix? I know. But… there’s something about this tune which makes me wanna, I dunno what. Jump?! It's that bouncy old skool shit again.

On A Ragga Tip (Breakdown Remix) – SL2
Jump – WoNK vs Kriss Kross

Plus a couple of extras which are banging.

The Sexual Peanut – Stupid Fresh
Manabadman (Andy George Re-Fix) - Toddla T
Girlz (Mightyfools Remix) - DJ Rockid
Shine Shine (Shadow Dancer Unrealeased Remix) - Boys Noize

This one I'm not so sure if I like it or not but I thought I'd post it anyway. You decide.

Change (The Count’s Doing It Remix) – Daniel Merriweather

I'm not usually one for mixes but you definitely need to give this a listen - it’s a lovely mix packed full of the most up to date shit. I’m very excited about what’s to come from Project Bassline, the Drop The Pressure track is about to go offfffffff.

Oh wait. Oh my goodnesssss. What is this we have here.

Drop The Pressure (Jack Beats Remix) - Project Bassline


Jack Beat's Fabriclive NYE Mix

1. Digitalism - Home Zone (Proxy Remix)
2. Laid Back Luke & Atrak - Shake It Down
3. Hot Chip - Touch Too Much (Fake Blood Remix)
4. DJ Mujava - Township Funk (Boy 8 Bit Remix)
5. DJ Mehdi - Pocket Piano (Joakim “Piano Debout” Remix)
6. Mr. Oizo - Gay Dentists
7. Mystery Jets - Half In Love (Foamo Remix)
8. Rye Rye feat. Count & Sinden - Hardcore Girs
9. Audio Bullies - Dope Fiend (Tommie Sunshine and Udachi Remix)
10. Project Bassline - Drop The Pressure (Jack Beats Remix)
11. Herve - Who Da Champ
12. AC Slater - Jack Got Jacked (Jack Beats Remix)
13. TC - Wheres My Money (Caspa Remix : Jack Beats re-work)
14. Piddy Py - Giggle Riddim
15. Skream - Fick
16. Chase and Status - Saxon

Stay tuned for some electroeee shit in the next few days.

Merry Christmas.

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A beast is brewing in the south of London and it be a BIG FAT TROUBLE!

This lineup is probably one of the best lineups i have seen in a loooooong time.

Early bird tickets have now all SOLD OUT. Limited £12 tickets on sale here.

There will be tickets availble on the door, but make sure you arrive early to avoid disappointment.

Room 1:
Trevor Loveys
Disco of Doom
Solid Gold & Park Ranger
Oli DAB & Robin

Room 2:
Boy 8 Bit
High Rankin
The White Suge Knight
The Boog-a-Loo Crew

Room 3 - Analogue vs. Digital Silent Disco
The Wolf Soundsystem
Queens English DJs
Larry Sun & Show Me Money
Fibs & Thade (+ The Ilk)

Chew The Fat!

Here is a track by every artist just to give you a taster of what to expect on the night... CARNAGE!

Herve - Rocky Raver

City Reverbs - City of Lights (Trevor Loveys Remix)

Tom Real vs Rogue Element - He's So Hot Right Now

HiJack - Out There

Zomby - Float

Boy 8 Bit - The Suspense is Killing Me (Dada Life Remix)

Reso - Spooky

High Rankin - Control Room

P.S - We will be playing in the Silent Rave Room or should I saw outdoor area. Goooona b HEAVY!

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Do you smoke Paul?

Baked From Scratch (Bombermen Remix) - Hatiras

Now just chill and...

Be Cool - DZ

Extra wobblin' monsters? Lucky dip... it is Christmas after all.
C.Y.O.A (AC Slater Remix) - Hearts Revolution

AC Slater only goes upwards in my good books. Both on the same label, both with lovely producing and remixing skills - as said before in this post, there's a bright future ahead of us with these two working together. This is brand spanking new. HYYYPPPPE.

Shake It (AC Slater Remix) - Hostage [RUDEEE]

This one I'd like to count as an exclusive, well kinda. I saw it was in his top 10 tunes of the month and it was in the tracklisting of his radio1 show so I was intrigued to hear what it was like. I'm gonna take some of the credit for him letting it out as it got posted a day after we exchanged emails. Ha. Pretty much boyfriends now. People can call him a sell out n all that shiz but... his sets are fucking good, he's got a hot lady, regular radio1 show and all the students love him. Not a massive fan of some of his tunes but that latest one with Herve is alright nonetheless. Purchase the 12" here or the mp3 which was out on Cheap Thrills today here.

Dance Wiv Me (Aston Shuffle Mix - Kissy Klub Edit) - Dizzee Rascal

In the meantime, watch out for A1 Bassline's We Love Pussy and Jack Beats' Where's My Money.


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"We're not a band" proclaims the myspace page, "we're a lot". No arguments there; they’ve been packing out stages from London to New York in matching t-shirts bearing the Tomb Crew legend for the last year. With five DJs and one MC, they launch dancefloor destroying mixes of anything bass heavy - from b-more to dubstep, garage, grime, electro-house and old skool. As the legions of grinning converts – everyone from grime heads to indie kids - will attest, Tomb Crew are very much the inebriated and debauched sound of Fun.

You could say Tomb Crew are part of the rapidly growing ‘new-bass’ scene – also containing Mumdance, L-Vis 1990 and Oneman - but the truth is they have the mash-up principle down perfectly, the live show to end all live shows and the coolest look in London..

Tomb Crew are coming to East Anglia! Be sure to get down to Ipswich on the 18th if you want to hear some of the freshest sounds and freshest fun. Check the event here.

The lovely guys sent us over this christmas number. Second christmas remix to come out this year that is actually good, along with the snowman remix posted a few days back.

Jingle bells gets bass.

Tomb Crew - Jingle Hells Bells Bmore Stoopid Remix

Find out more on their myspace, plus mixes and updates on their blog Yo Mama!

Rob Sparx is a name few recognize but many respect. Covering dubstep and drum and bass his upstepping style is something similar some of rusko's tunes. With this track he has used the original dub sound with the filthy bass wobbles of the modern age.

Check it.

Rob Sparx - 2 Faced Rasta

Dance Club the night I put on in Norwich, was a huge success this time round, a great night, great crowd - thanks to all those that come. I've been asked to put on another night at short notice this Thursday so thats all gravy.

The above picture is during Fibs and Thade's set - two other writers of this blog. Good times.

One for the road. A nice old bobbing summer tune from Skream that lots seem to not have heard.

Skream - Too Much Sushi

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Has she got you dancing like this?

Little Dude

S O Veeeeee. This might put me to shame but, I did kinda like her last stuff. There was something about that nasty little chav girl with the aggressive lyrics which I enjoyed. This was a couple of years back though. I didn’t realise how big she has got! However, after a quick look at her myspace, I have a small feeling, clothes, hair, as well as the style of this track, she has changed a little. I might be completely wrong. We’ll see when the album drops in ‘09. Probably doesn’t appeal to too many but thought I should make you aware.

I Got You Dancing - Lady Sovereign

I reckon dancing on your knees is also quite difficult.

Black Flag (Pirate Soundsystem) - Duchess Says

This is the kinda shit that should be going down at Dance Club tonight. Be there.

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Jingle Bells Dubstep Banger.

The Widdler Exclusive

Not quite. Sorry to have mislead you slightly but I'm not sure there is or ever should be such a thing. We do have one little exclusive though which I don't think you'll find too easily anywhere else. Hype.

"Maaaaaaate, have you heard of the Crookers mate? Ah yes – Day n’ Nite? What an absolute tuuuuuuune mate." Bla bla blaaaaa. Tis the only downside of blogs. If a song is gonna get big it gets big about 8-10 months too late for my liking. Now everyone is playing/talking about that song I’m fucking sick of it! Especially on daytime radio, is that really necessary? Oh well I spose that's just the way the world goes round and the music industry works. Anyways, mate…

…have you heard of this thing called baaaaassssline? So schweeeeeeet mate.

Stick these in your native ears.

Day n’ Nite (Agent X Remix) – Kid Cudi
We Getting’ Crunk – HeavyFeet
Give Me What I Want (Party Sausage Remix) - KIGH

Myself, I’m not a huge fan of bassline but when the odd nicely produced one pops out, well… I like it.

Dubsteppin’ snowmen? What ever next. While we’re on topic, The Widdler who you’ve already had a flavour of in this post, based in New Jersey (which I believe is somewhere over the Atlantic from this small island) has just sent over this tidy version. Chilled. We hope there’s more to come.

Day n’ Nite (The Widdler Dubstep Remix) – Kid Cudi
Monkey Business - The Widdler

Didn’t like this JOTS edit at first but after a couple of weeks in the car, has grown on me. Plus, Crookers shouldn't get all the credit - www.myspace.com/kidcudi.

Day n’ Nite (Jokers of The Scene Remix) – Kid Cudi

Hmm next - maybe going back on what I just said but, for those of you who missed this, but picked up the “Jack Got Jacked” (you might have missed that too? Buy it here) - here is a fidgety arrangement of noises from one of the masters.

Who’s That (Jack Beats Remix) - Trip

New, banging breaksie electro to keep you going. Loud for sure.

The Lock Shot – Goshi Goshi

BIG FAT TROUBLE draws closer. Ahhh yeh, should have a post on this in the next few days. I’m hearing the tickets are getting scarce. No regrets. Not only one of the best line ups I’ve seen for a while, but, Fibs & Thade will be warming up the silent disco from 10-1. Get involved.


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Who's Dreamin of a White Christmas?


As everyone knows christmas is upon us and most of us have our trees up and and all the other shit that goes along with it. The Cheekies have happily given us a mix that will get you in the mood for a grand christmas to be. Stick your middle finger up to the so called credit crunch and have a Merry Christmas.

Cheeky Cheeky and the Nosebleeds - I ruined Adrian Pud (Mixtape)

The Suffolk boys of Woodbridge (Grand Theft Audio) have also given us this mix for all you to listen and love.

Grand Theft Audio - T.B.O.E (Mixtape)


Clap - Wolfgang Gartner
Fancy Footwork (Death to The Throne Remix) - Chromeo
Bad runner (Crookers Remix) - Brodinski
Run Around (Udachi remix) - Jason Tyler
Ghosts n Stuff - Deadmau5
Cocktail Queen - Deadmau5
Bad Girl (Beat Vandals Remix) - Lisa Mafia

Finaly THIS ONE IS A TREAT OF ALL TREATS!!! Just imagine your favorite Dubsteppin' Snowman.


Hereldeduke - Hereldeduke vs The Snowman(FUCKIN SICK!)


Yes Rude Boys.

Bounce on this?

This one I call a lazy little creature - no rambling needed. Ha. On the other hand some might say an experience through a muddled up box of genres. Enjoy.

Wait... this isn't a little creature - this is a fucking monster.


Heads Up - Bassnectar
Gasa - Reset! [RUDEEE]

Dancehall ish maybe.

Streetlife (WILDLIFE! Mix) - Terry Lynn

Is that a hiperti hoperti beat? Not quite.

Roustabout (Bassnectar Remix) - Bassnectar

Soulwaxy? I recommend that documentry.

Hools (nickY & Rude Etudes Remix) - Don Rimini [2 MINUTES IN?]
The Call - Soldout [THEY WISH]


When We Were Young (Sinden Remix) - Sneaky Soundsystem
Gettin' Up (Hot Pink Delorean) - Q-Tip

Old skool with a nu-skool twist. Nice n bouncy.

Far Out (Tmx Remix) - Sonz of a Loop da Loop Era [RUDEEE)


All The Cash (Alex Metric Remix) - Evil Nine [RUDEEE]
Low (Modernaire Remix) - Video Villian

Chilled Rani Beats.

Zion Road - Unknown
Had Enuff - Aynzli Jones

Which is the favourite?

safe t.

Oops - one for all you lovers. More poppy than this field could ever be.
As Above As Below (Justice Remix) - Klaxons

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New Years Eve? It'll be cold for sure.


If you're not quite sure what you're doing for new year but you're up for a pretty rad party in Shoreditch - I think this would be the one to have on the calender. If it's at the venue that I think it is, I ended up there once for a Red Bull private party which was in only two of the rooms with Toddla T on some average speakers; with all four rooms open, a Funktion 1 soundsystem and Snowbombing doing the roof terrace - forget the ticket price, this will be a night that you'll remember!

Cold Blank's twist on things are kinda interesting/energetic;

We Are Your Friends (Cold Blank Remix) - Justice vs Simian

different/loud/in your faceeee:

Paper Planes (Cold Blank Remix) - M.I.A.
(Paper Planes (Atomic Hooligan Remix) - M.I.A.)
(Paper Planes (Calculon Remix) - M.I.A.)

WOW, oldie but goodie.

Icy Cold (Bumblebeez Remix) - WOW
(Future Ghost (Drugmoney Remix) - WOW)


P.S Holy Ghost In The Club (Bird Peterson Remix) - Claire Hux

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Hello & A Few Special Greetings.

So. Hello. Another blogger for the house. Hopefully starting with a fresh post of some new things for you. I like a varied range of stuff but hopefully people will agree that good stuff is good stuff whatever it is. Hope this is generally good.

Musically firstly..

A lovely Dubstep track from the San Francisco upcoming artist Antiserum, he's not widely known round this area it would seem. Though have started noticing his name circulating a bit more recently crossing styles with a heavy sound but something playable as a perfect warm up song or a perfect finale.. DUBSTEPPERS ARE BACK!

AntiSerum - Top Shottas

Next is a track which I'm really into at the moment, well not so much the track but the remix as of the remix artist in most sense. Modeselektor. Serious respect for these guys. Amazing production style originallity and all. go find and listen to everything and eveery collabaration they have ever done. The track is done by Ghislain Poirier hailing from Zaire mostly known for playing dancehall/reggae/electronica so this is quite a nice change with an almost dubstep edge blending a switch like mix onto a dancehall dub track

Ghislain Poirier - Blazin' (Modeselektor Remix)

Finally before i crash a track which i'm pretty sure you wont have heard.. a wonderfull sounding track from such a new kid on the block Dodger Man a 19 year old producer from Harrow in north west london. Recieved this track of him a while ago and it seems to work well really like the sound of the wobble the beats and the works. watch for this name. There IS something there.

Dodger Man - Squrima

Hope that gives you enough to get your teeth into, best of luck with not getting a bass face on..


p.s. a little design.

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Get taken...

This is an introduction for those who have no idea what this name means. For those that do, I’m sorry, but... you may learn something new, but probably not. Who knows.

I’ve been following this dude for a while now and he doesn’t cease to impress with his production skills. He started off making techno but has now very much swayed onto the heavy bass club scene. The latest masterpiece which I’ve picked up, The Lighter, originally a bum n’ drass track, is one of my favourites which spurred the need for this post. He’s had a lot of blog attention over the last year and is now signed to DJ Donna Summer’s brand new Nightshifters label who seem to be well down with the blogging scene, Donna Summer writing for birthdaypartyberlin and another signee 4am Jess writing for trashmenagerie. AC Slater, who is also a master of the scene, has joined that label too - giving it the potential to be pretty massively huge. Go easy with these.

The Lighter
Mash Up The Speaker
Snake Charmer

Hang Me Out To Dry (Hostage Remix)
Limit of Your Mind (Hostage Ravemix)
Bill Cosby Sweater (Hostage Remix)
Frequency (Hostage Remix)
Lets Push Things Forward (Hostage Remix)


Ended up a few more than I expected, just couldn’t decide which ones would showcase him the best. There’s more. I tried putting them in some kinda order but I can’t remember in which order they were around or which order I like them. Ha. I definitely prefer the later stuff. What’s he gonna be like in another 6-12 months time? Shit hot I reckon.

Like it? His first EP was out on Monday so if you’re digging… go buy it.

Going on a journey or summink soon? Stuff this onto your iPod for a seamless ride through his world of bass ridden filth.

Hostage Mix October 2008

For those of you that that wasn’t an introduction, I hope this is sufficient.

Choices – Nero

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Old but...


After another listen through to the average first diary from the apparent Afro Warrior, apart from "26 Basslines" (which has probably had it's fair share of plays) my thoughts are still average. However - this monster caught my ears off guard. Starts off suspiciously, slowly builds up the warrior antics with a lovely throbbing rhythm among gestures of hatred - when you’re thinking the enemy is nowhere to be seen and all the war cries were for no motive, it drops into the middle of a fierce wobbly battle, full of sin and dominance! Ha. Definitely not for little speakers, needs to be slipped into a mix somewhere for sure. Or possibly editing - Thade? Go on Fibs.

The Cut - Benga (without shitty album vocals)

Not quite on the same line of action but still a nice little unstable number going on underneath my baby Little Boots' Meddle...

Meddle (Joker Remix) - Little Boots

(Snake Eater - Joker)

(Satisfied (Toddla T & Ross Orton Remix) - Esser)

I think Little Boots is one of the first people to make it onto the music scene through the use of Youtube. See some of the homemade videos for yourself. If you like the sound, her Arecibo EP was released recently - perhaps give her some support with a purchase. Comes with a cheeky B-side too:

Meddle (Ebola Remix) - Little Boots

Definitely check her out and while you’re there give this trendy little beauty a quick look in too. I reckon she's about to get pretty big, going on tour with Lily Allen, just been signed to Polydor (some may say this is already pretty big) and first single out on Kitsuné 15th December. Tis alright for some.

Quicksand - La Roux

(Quicksand (Beni Remix) - La Roux)

Fascination - La Roux

Thinking of getting an electronic album to add to the collection? Maybe on the cheap end of the christmas list? While Kitsuné is on the mind this would be a good choice. A-Trak? Beni? Ted & Francis? Nice.

We Are The People (Ted & Francis Remix) - Empire Of The Sun

Next is this little number from Prodigy, no introducing needed. While we wait for the next album to be realeased, here's a little taster sounding a bit like Does It Offend You, Yeah?. Get me. Well the old stuff anyways, they seem to have turned into bit of a gay/emo/teenage american punk ish band. Silly.

Invaders Must Die - The Prodigy

BONUS: Hear Me (AC Slater) - Drop The Lime

safe t.

PS. Does anyone know what the reason for this was, apart from maybe him stealing a microphone?

Banquet (The Streets Mix) - Bloc Party

AND... some feedback/comments would be nice. which tunes you like/don't like/hate/what you want more of/links to good songs you've found/funny shit.

I'm sure Fibs & Thade would like that too. Or even just your name maybe.

*even though the tracks say they are 256kbps or whatever, you can't always believe what it says on the label.

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There's a Stench! in this Bass.


Hey Ya'll! More tunage in your Earial! This time with a real fat Stench.

Dj Mujava - Township Funk (Stenchman remix)

Benny Page - Pan Pipes

Here is also a classic track from the Distance himself. His style of tracks stand out with its Guitar Basslines that go as deep as the oceanic trenches.!.

Distance - V

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Introduction To The New Boy...

For all you followers of this blog, I've heard there's thousands, you might be excited to hear that a new writer has been recruited! I hope you enjoy this magical experience through space and time...

My aim is to post stuff that you -

haven't heard before:

Drifter (Feat. Furlonge) - Brookes Brothers

See The Light (Calvin Harris Remix) - The Hours

listen to the first time and think nice, lovely, banging etc...

Dance Wiv Me (Aston Shuffle Remix) - Dizzee Rascal

listen to the first time and think - weird, but then go on to have a few more listens and actually you realise maybe those noises coming from the speaker are alright:

Movin - Hatcha vs Kromestar

Persi Needs - Hatcha vs Kromestar

Froggy Style - The Widdler

have heard before, love, but can't find on the tinterweb:

Half In Love With Elizabeth (Foamo/Malente ReRub) - Mystery Jets

Along with Fibs & Thade I like all sorts of music, mostly electronic, mostly dancey and mostly with some wonky bassline (pictured above). Recently I may have discovered the potential effect that minimal has on my ears. This broadens the genre box once more. I have a feeling though the minimal tracks I like in general are few and far between. When I find them I'll let you know. This one rolls along quite nicely.

Strawberry (Oscar Wedren Remix) - Adrian Lux

Enough of the chattin rubbish.

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Loads of Goods!

Havn't posted anything up for time due to the reason that i've been really busy with loads of work and lets be honest going out and getting of my tits.

The next episode of dance club is coming up in two weeks and we just got given a place as resident dj's which has put a big fat smile on my face.


The CottonMix Boys were kind enough to give us their mixtape to post up. Here is the Fibs & Thade minimix aswell for your pleasure.

Cotton Mix - Bassment Bash Mix

Fibs & Thade - MiniMix

I thought i'd post these tunes up for you all. Lets say all these tracks are EPIC!

Late of the Pier - Space and the Cowboys (Switch remix)

Foamo - Everything Cool

Foamo - Moving it over here

Kings of Leone - Using Sombody (Dolby Anol edit)

This next track isa cheeky dubstep track that is really getting my feet moving. enjoi x

Jakes - (3Kout (Original Mix)

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