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Featuring BODDIKA

Boddika returned strong this month with his first solo outing since last years Grand Prix for Naked Lunch. As much as this years earlier collaborations with Joy Orbison (Swims & Froth/Mercywere well received, to put it mildly, it is nice to see some well anticipated solo stuff get a release.

'Acid Jackson' has a fair helping of Boddika's own acidic style and by his standards is pretty upbeat. Sprinkled with a fair helping of electro vibes and cowbell, this is definitely for moving your body to. However, it is the darker of the two tracks, 'Basement', that really catches the attention with some seriously bass heavy 808 beats.

Acid Jackson - Boddika [Swamp81]

This is just the beginning though, with a remix 12" of 'Soul What' - slated for release around the summer on Swamp81 - from Mickey Pearce, a forthcoming release on Naked Lunch and according to Loefah there also an apparent Boddika LP in the pipeline.

Until then Acid Jackson / Basement is vinyl only on Swamp81 from all good record stores.


Gerry Read - Yeh Come Dance EP

This week sees a quality release from HH favourite and one of last years best newcomers. Here Gerry Read steps up for his debut release on Delsin, which also the marks the start of the Dutch label's venture down a more House orientated route.

Yeh Come Dance contains four cracking, unique tracks, each falling somewhere in the region of Berlin Techno and dingy basement House. The title track comes across as slightly off balance but this is completely intentional. It features a dark pulsing bassline, hard hitting drums, that repetitive, addictive vocal snippet (done in the Read way) plus some off kilter hi-hats which add great shuffle. It is definitely appropriate for this to be the title track as it stands out a mile off. 'Crawlspace' steps the heat down a notch and replaces the shuffle with a little swing. 'Bozza' switches it up, almost sounding like a live jazz interpretation, the end result is a fantastic composition which really boasts Read's musical abilities. 'Crooked' closes out the EP on a similar tip to 'Demolition Man', his recent collaboration with Kevin Mcphee.

Definitely an EP worth picking up on wax or digital, available right now from Juno.


FINA Records 1st Birthday - FREE ENTRY

Introducing TRIKK

The third release from George Fitzgerald's imprint Man Make Music comes from Trikk, a twenty year old producer from Porto. Trikk started making music at the age of fifteen after listening to early Detroit Techno and Chicago House records, but more recently he has also looked towards the European capitals of London and Berlin for inspiration. This shift of influences can be seen in his output as his productions have taken on a progressively more percussive and bass driven focus.

Trikk describes 'Jointly' as an attempt to merge the Detroit and UK Bass sounds. A bouncing bassline coupled with echoed vocal samples makes for a well rounded club orientated track. Wanting to demonstrate the diversity in his productions, 'I Fall Down' is a more 'emotional' track providing a deeper listening experience. The EP will be available digitally on monday but you can buy the 12" from Juno now. Aside from MMAKEM003 a lot of top quality new material has made its way on to Trikk's soundcloud in the last month, the most recent of which, 'Driven Movement' is a free download.

Jointly/I Fall Down - Trikk [Man Make Music]

The latest addition to the Man Make Music family says that it is a 'great' label to be a part of with all of the guys meeting up regularly and helping each other out, something that Trikk must be very appreciative of having only moved to London a couple of months ago. There are plans for a follow up release on Man Make Music later in the year but in the mean time Trikk wants to play as many gigs as he can in order to spread his music. Something that we are very glad to hear.


Featuring LONE

As a pre-cursor to his upcoming album, Galaxy Garden, Matt Cutler - who is more commonly known as Lone - and the always influential R&S Records are treating us to a sample of things to come with a brand new 12".

Crystal Caverns 1991 is another fine release from Lone and in keeping with his style manages to produce something fresh that is unmistakably his. The title track is a high energy, synth-laden affair with plenty of funk to light up any dancefloor with its mash of Funky and early 90's Rave vibes. The flipside is 'Vulcan Mill Acid' which is as advertised - a funky, acid laden affair accompanied by some more energetic percussion.

If this release is anything to go by, the whole album should be another great Lone release and worthy of gracing the vaults of R&S. Crystal Caverns 1991 is out on wax on the 2nd of April followed by the digital release a week later and the album in May.


Featuring TREVINO

Having recently documented the work of Endian, we are just as excited about what Marcus Intalex has to offer at slightly slower tempos. After 'Chip' came out on 3024 last year, Trevino's first full release has found a home on Naked Lunch.

Derelict - Trevino [forthcoming Naked Lunch]

Unsurprsingly, it is nothing short of outstanding and fits perfectly with the quality of Naked Lunch releases that have preceded it. 'Derelict' brings an uncompromising warehouse sound and an outrageously old-school reverse sample before the drop. It's destined to conjure up the kind of scenes on show in this video.

Buried - Trevino [forthcoming Naked Lunch]

'Buried' takes things in a slightly smoother direction but is equally relentless. The track is built around a consistently modulating bassline and a spiralling, but slightly distorted, lead. Intalex's wealth of experience with the technical nature of drum & bass production is set to prove invaluable for his work as Trevino.

If you're not already convinced, check out the Electronic Explorations mix below for a sneak preview of some other forthcoming material.

Electronic Explorations #178 - Trevino

[NL012] will be released on 10" purple vinyl and digital via Juno on 2nd April 2012.

Featuring LANDO KAL

With their second LP, Memories, out at the end of April on Monkeytown supported by a North American tour - including a stop at SXSW and the WMC - you'd wonder where Antaeus Roy, one half of San Francisco duo Lazersword, has time to produce and release his own work.

TMRW - Lando Kal [Stillcold Records]

Now located in Berlin, under his Lando Kal moniker he has produced a slew of top quality material for Hotflush Recordings, Numbers, Rush Hour and Stillcold Records with his latest release coming out on the latter last week. The TMRW EP is yet another fine release, with the title track being a key-driven, funky House joint followed by the darker, bass-heavy analogue goodness of "No Newjack".

Rhythm Sektion - Lando Kal [forthcoming Hotflush Recordings]

Following on from that is the 'Rhythm Sektion' b/w 'Inquisition' due out April 9th on Hotflush Recordings. According to Lando Kal both tracks are slices of "kinetic percussion" which, as you can hear above, is no over-exaggeration - producing a quality piece of percussive House music. There are no previews for the flip-side but it is guaranteed to be at the highest level, opening the door to hopefully another productive year for Lando Kal.


Introducing MIKE G

With the emergence of labels like Hot N Heavy, Car Crash Set and dirtybird coming out the West Coast of the USA featuring UK based artists like Wachs Lyrical, Pasteman, Julio Bashmore and Breach - to name a few - its about time some of the locals got in on the action.

Throwback - Mike G [Car Crash Set]

One such artist is Mike G, who produces bass-driven tracks influenced by US and UK electronic and urban music but with sunny Los Angeles as a backdrop. This January saw his debut release Throwback come out via Car Crash Set plus a nice remix for Bristol based producer Admin.

Round In Circles (Mike G Remix) - Admin

We asked Mike a few questions this week and this is what followed...

HH: Tell us a little about yourself.

MG: My name is Mike Gorman and I'm 29 yrs old from Los Angeles, California. I have been DJing for about 6 years and producing for less than a year.

HH: With such a bright start to 2012, what's coming up next for you?

MG: I have my Boost EP forthcoming on Car Crash Set with remixes by DJ Sliink, Bosstone, and Admin on there - I'm very excited about it! Also have a single lined up to be released on Inna Riddim out of Australia, as well as a remix I did for Mak & Pasteman which will be on their Remix EP for Hot N Heavy. Finally, I have one tune confirmed to be on a forthcoming B.YRSLF Division compilation.

HH: Who are your favourite UK-based artists at the moment?

MG: My 3 favourite right now are Admin, Pasteman, and Girl Unit. I'll pick one favorite UK tune right now and that has to be Pasteman & Herobot's - 'Off the Chain'... I play it in my live sets quite a bit.

Mike has been kind enough to offer "Noob City" as an exclusive free download which can be found below alongside his great remix of Kingdom's "Take Me".

Noob City - Mike G
Take Me (Mike G Remix) - Kingdom

You can catch Mike G every week on RWD.FM as part of their Thursday night line-up which also includes Thefft and one of the Hush House crew.


Introducing ENDIAN

photo credit: Chelone Wolf Photography

Since it's conception in 2009 Nonplus records have built a reputation for consistently releasing records at the forefront of the electronic music scene. Whether it has been low-end techno from Kassem Mosse or pioneering musical explorations from Actress the label has never compromised on quality. Not surprising since Nonplus is run by two of the industries most influential figures, Alex Green and Damon Kirkham (AKA Instra:mental). Nonplus' output has visibly slowed in the last few months, Green saying recently that the pair had not heard anything that they had been excited about for a little while. However, the next release from promising new producer Endian has impressed so much that there are already plans for a follow up ep before the year is out.

Endian's main focus is keeping his productions as 'raw and analogue' as possible, a goal which he has achieved with the help of his newly built hardware studio. With his roots firmly in DNB, the london based producer drew inspiration for 'Birdhouse' from the early Metalheadz sound, describing it as an attempt to bridge the gap between drum and bass and techno. 'Dubplate' is a weightier cut, delivering an infectious rhythm sure to inject energy into any dance floor. You can listen to both tracks below.

The EP looks likely to be released at the end of April. You can keep up to date with new music and release information by following Endian on Twitter or by checking out his blog. Also, keep your ears to the ground for news on the next Instra:mental 12" coming out in the next few months.


Midland - Placement EP

As 2012 rolls on its good to see a steady stream of great music emerging from our favourite producers. The new EP from Midland is no exception and is straight off the back of his appearance at our inaugural Hush House Leeds event at Mint.

The Placement EP does not disappoint, containing four fresh tracks which all have very distinct flavour to them. From the low key vibe of "Tape Burn" to the slightly acidic "Tall Ender" you really get to hear Midland explore his own sound layer by layer, giving you a broad but satisfying listening experience and a great follow up to the Through Motion EP.

Midland - Placement [forthcoming Aus Music]

With a remix EP in the works already featuring Motor City Drum Ensemble and Lone, expect this to be another great year for Midland. The Placement EP is set for release 26 March digitally and on wax via Aus Music.



After a instrumental debut EP for All City and a R&B infused 12" on Eglo, you'd think you would know what to expect from Manchester based Irishman, Krystal Klear. However, last week his next outing on All City was released. We're Wrong/From The Start, is a surprising and simply fantastic 90's House influenced release that really could be 2 weeks or 20 years old.

From The Start - Krystal Klear [All City]

If you haven't got your hands on this yet, you can grab a copy via Juno here. You can also listen to his latest mix for XLR8R here and download a collaborative track from the Red Bull Music Academy with Broke One and Ghosts on Tape below.

Krystal Klear, Broke One & Ghosts on Tape - You Said You Loved Me



It seems no great surprise that Om Unit and Machinedrum have crossed paths, in fact the only surprise really is that it took so long. With Om Unit being behind the fantastic Philip D Kick series of hardcore and jungle edit EP's in the UK and Machinedrum also reworking classic tracks from NYC, their upcoming collaboration makes a lot of sense.

Reworkz EP - Dream Continuum [forthcoming Planet Mu]

Under the combined alias of the Dream Continuum comes the Reworkz EP which contains three cracking reinventions of some seriously classic tracks - in particular a great rework of Nookie's "Give a Little Love". As always it is the groundbreaking Planet Mu label that once again goes where most don't dare when it comes to Juke and Footwork releases and once again they have picked a brilliant EP to get Spring kick started.

The EP gets its full release on 26 March and will be available from all good vinyl and digital retailers.


Introducing IRON GALAXY

Canada has produced several talented producers over the last couple of years whose sounds are fitting snuggly into the current electronic music movement here in the UK. Jacques Greene, Bwana and Kevin McPhee to name a few. Here at Hush House we think that the next name to be added to this ever growing list is Adam Hodgins. All of the tracks on Hodgins' soundcloud are of a consistently high standard but it's the latest two produced under his Iron Galaxy moniker that have really caught our attention. You can listen to Attention Seeker and Dragging Your Feet below. Both tracks have received lots of praise from the likes of Guy Andrews, Bobby Champs and South London Ordnance amongst others.

Attention Seeker - Iron Galaxy

Growing up in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Hodgins' had an eclectic music taste and drew his influences from a wealth of different artists and genres. Listening to everything from alternative hip hop right the way through to drum and bass productions from the likes of Reinforced Records. Most recently Hodgins has looked towards this side of the atlantic drawing inspiration from the burgeoning bass music scene which has steered him towards making House and Techno records.

A real champion of analogue productions Hodgins produces his tracks in a friends loft using a a variety of unique and classic machines, such as a broken 303 that he had patched up for $60. Hodgins says that although 'some of the most innovative music today is made purely inside a laptop', he finds using real gear 'that much more fun'. His tracks have a depth and warmth that we'd like to think comes from this purist approach to production.

Dragging Your Feet - Iron Galaxy

Hodgins is currently unsigned but surely that won't be the case for much longer. He has more work in the pipeline, hoping to have his next track finished by the end of the month, so keep an eye on his soundcloud for that.


Featuring MAK & PASTEMAN

We are always a bit wary that we don't give away enough free music these days, so here's a little something to make it up to you! Mak & Pasteman, one of the most prolific production duos, have put the biggest of all dancefloor twists on Tyga's 'Rack City'. They keep the original bassline groove but understandably up the tempo and add those signature drum patterns, making this one an absolute party starter.

Rack City (Mak & Pasteman Bootleg) - Tyga

Keep an eye out on Mak & Pasteman's fan page for details on their forthcoming release on Shifting Peaks, dropping very soon with remixes from Lando Kal and Youandewan.


VIC 53: Went out live on Tuesday

Vic53 #15: Hush House takeover pt.2 from Vic53 on Vimeo.

It will still be fresh for a while yet - make sure you get down on Saturday (Mint Club, Leeds) for more of the same...all the info you need is here.