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Featuring MOVE D

David Moufang, AKA Move D, is back with a new release on Electric Minds titled Hybrid Minds and his eclectic and well informed musical taste still on show. On first listen, 'Got 2 B' is reminiscent of finding that tune on a pirate radio station; a grainy lo-fi hiss and balearic synth stabs have your head back, eyes closed, with memories from that hazy Saturday morning in Ibiza resurfacing. If nostalgia could be represented in a song, this is it.

Much like a lot of the work of Move D, the second track on EP, 'Say I', has a different feel to it. At a reduced tempo, the piano and vocal sample work well together to create an ethereal soundscape, but the track is nevertheless driven on by a very chicago influenced 4x4 beat, keeping the club setting in mind. 'Useless' explores Moufang's jazz influences by grabbing some lounge music, stuffing it through an analogue synth with a generous amount of bass, resulting in a beautiful laid back, electronic affair.

Hybrid Minds EP - Move D [Electric Minds]

[EMINDS024] is due for release via Juno on 1st October.


abstruse - obscure - secret - deep

Plangent Records has been an outlet for the deep workings of Berlin's Recondite. The four limited melancholic white labels found their way into the bag of Scuba whose clearly a big fan, leading to a remix of 'The Hope'.

On Acid saw Recondite explore the deeper side of the 303 for an album on Absurd. There's no jarring resonant squeaks here, just subtle tweaks of the Roland machine that allows for a real journey into the sparse analog abyss. Remixes came from Scuba and fellow acid experimenter Tin Man.

The latest release on Scuba's Hotflush Recordings showcases the tracks 'DRGN' and 'Wist 365'. 'DRGN' features bit-crushed sweeps and a prominent warped LFO drone as it builds, before dropping into dark territory with its minimal bass-line and beat. You wouldn't think it's peak time dance floor material, but DJ's such as Boddika have been championing it in their sets. 'Wist 365' is a dreamy 9-minute long workout. Various percussive rhythms lead the track, whilst chimes glimmer to create a shadowy atmosphere. It's gloomy stuff, but Recondite manages to create abstract beauty for Hotflush's 25th outing.

DRGN/Wist 365 - Recondite [Hotflush Recordings]

Here we're proud to present no.34 in the series, and our 3rd all-own-productions mix. If you can make a mix that sounds this good from start to finish with all your own music then you're definitely doing something right. Quality from start to finish...

HH MIX #034 - Recondite [download]

01. Recondite - Haptic [Plangent]
02. Scuba - The Hope (Recondite Remix) [Hotflush]
03. Recondite - Backbone [Plangent]
04. Recondite - Jaded [Absurd/Acid Test]
05. Recondite - Harbinger [Absurd/Acid Test]
06. Recondite - Wist365 [Hotflush]
07. Recondite - Whenever [unreleased]
08. Recondite - Same [forthcoming Other Heights]
09. Recondite - Being [forthcoming Other Heights]
10. Recondite - Flip [unreleased
11. Recondite - Tepid [unreleased]

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Following on from a quality release from Lakosa & iO on Kerri Chandler's newest label MadTech is another choice slice of 90's nostalgia from Manchester's Krystal Klear.

Keeping on the vibe from We're Wrong, Krystal Klear adds the beautiful vocals of Jenna G to his arsenal and they immediately compliment the catchy synth hook, stomping beats and thumping bassline of 'More Attention'. Listen carefully for the horn section.

On the flip is 'My Love Is Burning' which takes some great vocal samples and sprinkles them over a dancefloor melter that sounds straight out of the summer of '92. Layered pianos and synths work in harmony with the claps and bass to really make this tune truly explode, further cementing Krystal Klear's position as one of the hottest producers around right now.

You can grab a copy this week exclusively from Beatport with general release slated for 8th October.


Competition: Fabric 29th September

Our friends over at Fabric have generously given us two pairs of tickets to give away for their night this Saturday. Room 1 will be playing host to Romanian DJ's Rhadoo and Cezar, part of the new school of classically trained producers that are currently carving out their own signature take on house and techno. Joining them will be resident Terry Francis and Chilean performer Felipe Venegas, who will be debuting his new live show.

Room 2 sees Swedish techno power house Skudge performing live alongside sets from 50 Weapons affiliated techno producer Cosmin TRG and Hemlock Recordings boss man Untold.

Room 3 will be hosted by mUmU, the liverpudlian club night with a reputation for providing quality underground house and techno. mUmU resident Lee Rands will be gracing the decks with Germany's Dorian Paic and Dutchman Onno.

To be in a chance of winning a pair of tickets simply email us the answer to the following question at prizes at hushhouse dot net.

Which record label is the next Skudge release coming out on?

Competition closes 9pm Thursday, the winners will be notified by email


Review: Dimensions 2012

At the end of last year the team behind Outlook announced that a new festival would be gracing the Fort Punta Christo grounds, promising an 'intimate affair' with an 'amazing lineup'. There is no doubt that Dimensions delivered on both of these fronts. The reduced capacity of around 5,000 made for a more personal atmosphere and the lineup boasted some of the most revered names in house, techno and beyond.

The setting speaks for itself, finely tuned sound systems nestled in between the ruins of a coastal fortress. Fort Punta Christo is the kind of venue that a British festival organiser could only dream of. Particularly stunning was the Moat Stage, 5 metre high walls enclose the crowd into a narrow strip where the sonic and visual presence were an incredibly impressive combination. Such an atmosphere was perfect for the industrial sounds of artists such as Untold during the R&S takeover, but it worked equally well for the disco infused tones of Todd Terje.

Eg-Ged-Osis (Todd Terje Edit) - Lindstrøm [Feeedelity Recordings]

During the day time the beach offered the perfect place to relax, catch up on a bit of sleep or go for a dip in the sea, all whilst friendly faces from the likes of Butter Side Up and Flux took to the decks.

However, those in the know headed down to the dock to jump on a boat party or two. We were lucky enough to hear 2562 and Addison Groove lay things down on the Elevate boat, but it was the Eglo Records boat party which provided the highlight of the whole festival. Setting sail in the early evening, perfectly timed to take in the Adriatic sunset, Floating Points, Alexander Nut and Funkineven gave the Funktion One soundsystem and everyone on board a solid four hour work out - from funk and soul to UKG and all the way back again. The wonderful Fatima was also on board for a live PA of her new single, 'Phoneline'.

Returning to the darkness of the fort, the Mungo's stage also hosted some special sets over the weekend. Mark from Iration Steppas created the perfect vibe for Mala's much anticipated appearance. Those expecting to hear his recent Cuban work would have been largely disappointed but to here all those old DMZ records on such a nice system in an intimate courtyard was more than good enough for us! Ben UFO was another DJ who could have easily played for twice as long as his 90 minute set, blending choice Hessle cuts with festival favourites - the boy wonder does it right every single time.

If you were smart enough to save a little energy for the final night then Theo Parrish and Moodymann were there to guide you home. Playing for nearly six hours between them, we're struggling to think of a better end to a festival (maybe Stevie Wonder at Glastonbury though, that was pretty amazing!) Nevertheless, hats off to the Dimensions team - we hope to make it out there again next year.


Featuring TREVINO

Trading in drum & bass for twisted UK bass configurations has gone rather well for Marcus Intalex. Since April he’s churned out no less than three stand-out releases under his Trevino guise and his latest effort sees him scoring a fourth on Bristol's ever-reliable Apple Pips imprint.

'Indulge' continues his love of all things stateside, coming good with a serving of ice cold Detroit electro. It’s a slow-burning affair with a kicking 909 beat laying the groundwork for an impressive arsenal of vintage synth lines.

Indulge - Trevino [forthcoming Apple Pips]

Things get a bit darkside on the flip when 'Under Surveillance' trades in Drexciya for some dreadnaught DMZ stylings. There's still an acid tinge to proceedings but with the paranoia-inducing bass pressure of the best dubstep of yesteryear. Neither will raise the roof quite like Derelict or Lag, but both find Trevino exploring new sonic territory with the maturity you'd expect from a producer of his calibre.

Under Surveillance - Trevino [forthcoming Apple Pips]

Buy it now on vinyl and digital from Juno.



Special Request is another alias of Paul Woolford, whose Stolen release on Hotflush Recordings was a personal highlight of 2011. This new guise is heavily inspired by pirate radio, and the first two white label releases take a twisted approach to house, techno and breakbeat. 'Lolitia' is a standout warehouse techno stomper, and EP 2 features a killer remix from Kassem Mosse and Mix Mup.

Lolita / Alone / Lolita Dub / Deflowered (Kassem Mosse and Mix Mup Remix) - Special Request [White Label]

His most recent outing sees a warped rework of Daniel Avery's 'Taste' released on Erol Alkan's Phantasy Sound label. Its infectious rolling break and jittery metallic stabs make it a sure-fire head nodder. As per the previous releases it's strictly limited, but unfortunately doesn't include the original. There's sure to be lots more music from Woolford in the coming months, so keep your eyes peeled for his DJ sets and a forthcoming original named 'Mindwash' from Special Request.

Taste (Special Request Remix) - Daniel Avery [Phantasy Sound]

Snap it up quickly from Juno.



Mix number 33 in our exclusive series is a real treat. A one hour live set from Hans Berg, the Swedish Berliner that has been bubbling up in the scene lately with prime cuts of House and Techno on labels such as Fullbarr and Kant Recordings.

Berg's latest release 'Machines' is a firm favourite of ours here at Hush House (featured here). The two originals off the EP, 'Machines' and 'Space Arp', are two unique tracks that are simultaneously experimental and polished. It is a credit to Berg as a producer that he is able to create tracks that take the listener out of their comfort zone whilst retaining an essence of familiarity. Unfortunately there's no individual preview on the internet but go hunt it down.

Berg doesn't DJ, he performs his music live, allowing him to bring an 'extra dimension' to the interaction with his audience. This extra dimension is clearly visible in our exclusive set, the live format enables Berg to explore and develop sounds and textures that he may otherwise not be able to.

HH MIX #033 - Hans Berg [download]

On an interesting side note, Berg works collaboratively with Swedish video artist Nathalie Djurberg. In this project he demonstrates how his musical talents extend past the dance floor and in to the art gallery. Check it here and get following on Facebook & Soundcloud.



Summer might be almost over but those fresh sunshine vibes keep on coming. One such artist is Damiano von Erckert whose I Think We Can Agree The Past Is Over EP has been doing the rounds all across Europe thanks to a very healthy portion of dance festivals this year.

The two tracks that immediately jump out are 'Housem', which has been getting a lot of love from Joy Orbison, and Murat Tepeli's remix of 'No Fish in Detroit'.

Housem - Damiano Von Erckert [Ava]

The EP is available now on wax from Juno and can also be purchased digitally via Beatport.



Electronic music is a web of intertwined labels and producers, as you venture further into the centre of the web you will often find the musical experiences on offer become increasingly rewarding. Kontra-Musik is a label situated very much at the centre of that web, born from the musical ideology and aspirations of Ulf Eriksson. Eriksson is a man who quite simply does things the right way. There is no ulterior motive with Kontra, no desire to create a brand, it is purely a platform from which to release original and innovative music. To quote the man himself it is 'low key and honest'. Something that you will be able to see from this interview with RBMA.

Kontra-Musik's homepage explains clearly the background and ethos of the label as well as providing clips for all of the label's releases. As you make your way through the back catalogue you will hopefully agree that Kontra consistently delivers on quality whilst continually approaching things from different angles and perspectives.

The purpose of this post isn't to highlight your attention to one particular release, rather to nudge you in the direction of a great label, if you haven't previously come across it. A label that will stand the test of time because it steers clear of any fads or fashions, as ultimately they are always shortlived.

KM010 - Jason Fine/A Made Up Sound/ Heinrich Mueller [Kontra-Musik]
KM010 has recently been repressed, so if you are of the analogue persuasion you can pick that up again from most of the usual spots. All Kontra-Musik releases are also available on digital.


Featuring OCTOBER

Following up on recent releases for Skudge and Simple Records, Bristolian exporter-of-all-things-danceable Julian Smith, alias October, releases his first solo outing on his new label TANSTAAFL, named after his project with Berlin-based John Osborn.

The eponymous title track is a restrained piece, with a 303 line taking a prominent place at the front behind a simple but effective 909 rhythm. The mood is occasionally switched up with a more complex drum backing and the addition of distorted chords reminiscent of Levon Vincent's early work. On the flip, 'Singularity Jump' has a more flashback house feel to it, with shuffled snares and vocal hits providing a backdrop to a particularly insistent digital saxophone over the top.

The 12" is available now at Juno. Don't forget that October plays with fellow Bristolians Outboxx and Hush House residents R.Cary & J.Were at the Garage in Leeds on Friday September 21. Get your tickets here and Facebook event here.