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How you like me now?

Fresh little booty of La Roux. Was only listening to this the other day thinking, this needs a remix. Well... here we are. B. Rich with his finger on that bass button again. Big up the Party Like Us crew.

Tigerlily (B. Rich Remix) - La Roux

Next, Joker's let this go for all you lucky people out there. Really really digging his stuff. For all those that don't know, his latest EP is out on Beatport so go chuck it in your crate. There's also a new one on the Tectonics compilation which is worth a check.

How You Like Me Now? (Joker Radio Edit) - The Heavy

Lastly... Calibre has slowed the bpm and created a masterpiece here. I LoveThisTune! Instrumental underground sounds with lovely melodies. Stuck on repeat...

Stolen Shadow - Calibre [RUDEEE]

Check his myspace for more quality biz. Oh and of course Beatport too. Drop it down.

Bonus: for all those that didn't pick this up from the facebook page, I've decided it's worthy of a post. Big bass under those catchy M.I.A vocals. Party on.

Come Around (Emu Remix) - M.I.A



8pm-1am on The Dutch Master, Tower Pier

The all-star lineup features electro rockers Evil Nine hoisting the main sail and playing the headline set on the Dutch Master, a 350 capacity party boat that just happens to be kitted out with an 8k sound system and boasts three decks, including an open air chill out area.

After party 1am-6am at Tabernacle, Tabernacle Street, Shoreditch

Expect no less than a 10 hour monster session of the fattest, bass-heavy electro, breaks, house and techno with an unpretentious, up for it crowd (and a few pirates).



Introducing HAVOCNDEED

HavocNdeeD consists of OB-ONE and J. Paul who are pumping out some big sounds from the Arizona area in America. Not too much info on them at the moment but watch for more stuff in the future, I think there's a large amount of potential here. Also, from myspace pictures it looks as if there's a live show. If you like your party music with lotsa bass... this is for you.

Im Nin'Alu (Ofra Haza)
O Saya (J. Paul Remix) - M.I.A [RUDEEE]
Toil n Trouble
Paris Is Burning Remix - Ladyhawke

This one gets a special mention cos I love the original and in some ways don't think it should be touched but, this is a fair effort. Pretty much keeping the original but half way through adding a warm bassline which works well.

Roads Remix - Portishead


VIPs for the weekend...

Just a quickie cos I'm at work and not sure it's really allowed but... seeing as it's Friday afternoon I thought that you might need a couple of tunes to get you through the weekend. These tunes are fuckin' filth!

Ruckus & Roke are making huge waves at the moment and I've been itching to get my hands on some of their tracks for a while now. Go check their myspace for some more bangers. Was a big fan of the original, was featured in our first mix, however loving this intense VIP even more - if any of you know the original, you're in for a big surprise... SOUND KILLA!

The Cutting Room VIP - Ruckus & Roke
Anabolabim - Roke [RUDEEE]

Secondly, was also a big fan of the original of this but OlliE! & Bare Noize have ripped it up and pieced it back together with a large portion of filth which is set to blow your head off. BIG TUNE!

Dancing In The Dark VIP - OlliE! & Bare Noize

Have a good weekend. YOU DUN KNO!



I posted a couple of his tunes the other day but coincedently the two I posted are both getting released so they had to be removed. Those were the first tracks I'd heard from this producer and they definitely made an impression. Fortunately he's sent over some more which I'm so excited about. I've listened to all of them about 5 or 6 times through and even went to sleep listening to one of them last night. Here's a few words from the man himself. Get familiar...

My name is Liam Wachs and I am a 19 year old producer from a tiny town in Hertfordshire called Kings Langley. I started producing after I went round to a mate's house when I was 17 and he put on some breakbeat tracks that he had written. Before this I had no idea that one could make electronic music with just a computer and no other hardware apart from speakers. This really inspired me and opened up a door in the electronic music world.

I realised I had a copy of Garageband on my macbook and so I started messing around on there, putting the apple loops blocks together and adding some basic drums, strings etc... Eventually I got Reason and started using that before finally moving to Logic Pro which I now produce on, while every so often using Reason (rewired) to get a specefic sound. I tend to produce at a high speed as I find that if I leave a track for to long I start to lose inspiration. I also seem to write more than most producers, normally about 4 tracks a week, I don't know if that is bad or good but it seems to be working out ok at the moment!

Dubstep is only a small part of my production as I am the music production of LRG Media. It is quite amusing switching from writing dark dubstep beats to music for childrens TV but a lot of my music sounds quite filmic I think, so that is that side coming through.

I also am recording a hip-hop album this summer with Mr Rhymer and also a completely original project with an inspirational girl that I am keeping a secret but am really psyched about.

Why do you produce?

Hmm, I guess people talk about having a calling and this is mine. Both my parents are obsessed with music and always have been so I was brought up with it all the time and this has played a big part in my musical inspiration which ranges from death/black metal to Jazz, trip-hop and classical.


Music, music and more music. I am just about done setting up my company Wachs Lyrical which composes music for film, adverts, trailers, coroporate films and more, so hopefully that will carry on doing well. Dubstep-wise I will just carry on doing what I am doing which is write lots and lots, and hope that people are enjoying it.

Thoughts on the universe?

Well that is tricky. I am lucky enough to have such awesome friends who really keep these types of thoughts stimulated. I do spend a lot of time really wondering what our purpose on this planet is. Do we have a purpose? And does it really matter anyway?! My dad always says that if you can keep the people around you happy and healthy then you have fulfilled all the purpose neccesary and I guess this makes a lot of sense, so for the moment I guess those are my thoughts on life.

The Meaning [RUDEEE]

"I find, that thus, the true meaning of life... is no meaning. That it's purpose has no purpose and it's sense is... NONSENSE"

I have just finished my A levels last week and am off to Leeds Uni in September so expect big things from me there as I intend to get involved in the scene up there as much as possible.

Big up Mr Wachs, these are the best set of tracks I've received in the last six months. Starting off melodic getting heavier as you go down. If you wanna preview them first... check the myspace. Trust me on this one though these are seriously good.

Melancholia - chilled with indie vocals
Fossil - dark ery cinematic
Paradise - happy bouncy vibes
Ode on Apollo - bounce... to the steady beat
Sadism - whirring energetic beat
Dynasty - heavy sub bass


Watch for forthcoming releases very soon.

Just chill...

I wanted to make this a block rockin' but then realised that these tunes don't really suit it. Anyway, here's 5 chilled arrangements of different noises for when you're in the sun, at that evening bbq where the music can't be too rowdy or jus feeling chilled/stressed.

Hated the original but this has been brought back to life. Enigma on top with the production, get more from him in this post. There's a heavier mix of this coming soon so watch for that.

Hide & Seek (Enigma Remix) - Imogen Heap [RUDEEE]

Widdler is the master of bootleggin... and all other production too of course. How does he do it!

It's A Fine Day - The Widdler

Ghost Town (DJG Bootleg) - The Specials (myspace)
Boy Kid Cloud Remix - Sneaky Sound System (myspace)

DRT, one half of 16Bit knows where it's at. Check it.

Rising Sun - DRT [RUDEEE]

Oh and for those that also have a little soft spot for lady electronic pop stuff... These are really nice aren't they? Maybe not for everyone I spose.

Black & Gold - Ellie Goulding
Wish I Stayed - Ellie Goulding
It Don't Move Me - Miike Snow vs Peter Bjorn & John

By the way, just realised that for some reason it wasn't the full track for Doorly. It's re-uploaded now for those that want it.

3 to watch...

I hardly write posts but as I'm in Barcelona for the summer I thought I'd do something productive for the Hush Family. In this series of posts there's going to be 3 artists with a variety of production styles each with one track which I believe needs listening to. The idea is to get the names out there so check their myspaces for more tracks and info.

Open Porse - Diverseconcepts

Diameter - Slof Man

Testing - Vermin

A dream, a laugh, a kiss, a cry...

Another fresh one from Doorly, still with his very unique, yet perhaps controversial, style. Worth a listen anyways. Is it Dubstep? Hmm...

Sweet Disposition (Doorly Remix) - The Temper Trap

Also a promo mix for the Ibiza Rocks night in... Ibiza. Couple of forthcoming tracks in there so have a listen to the future.

Reclaim The Dancefloor Podcast 001
(The 1am til 2am Warm Up Set)

01. Dead Prez – Hip Hop (Diplo Remix)
02. Jammin – Kinda Funky
03. Major Lazer – Mary Jane
04. The Bloody Beetroots & Steve Aoki – Warp 2.0
05. Samantha Fu – Theme From Discoteque (Doorly’s Tribute to Soulwax Remix)
06. Jakwob – Wild Pitch
07. DZ – Down (Thrills Refix)
08. Calvin Harris – Not Alone (Doorly’s Dubstep Remix)
09. Eskimo Twins – Horror (Doorly’s Dubstep Remix)
10. Caspa – Floor Dem
11. The Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition (Doorly’s Dubstep Remix)
12. Charles Doorly – Bonkers (Accapella)
13. Dizzee Rascal & Armand Van Helden – Bonkers (Doorly’s Dubstep Remix)
14. Doorly – Horsestep
15. TC – Wheres My Money (L-Vis1990’s Dubblestep remix)
16. Alter Ego – Your Daughter Kicked My Dog
17. Clipz – Offline
18. Clipse & Die ft Jenna G – Work It Out
19. Jakes - Warface



Been meaning to post both of these for a while now, just haven't got round to it. Do what you want with these but I reckon listening is the best option. Maybe not on a Sunday morning though.

Rattus Rattus’ “Goodbye Exams, Hello Summer” mix has a top selection of tunes which are blended together with some fine turntablism. Starts off bouncy and slowly picks up the tempo finishing off with a couple of my favourite Drum n Bass - Machete and Warface remix.


01. Raindrops - Basement Jaxx (Doorly's Under New Management Mix)
02. Acid Beat - Pond Life
03. Get Off - Diplo & Blaqstarr (Jack Beats Remix)
04. Love Locked The Siren Down - Hard House Banton Vs Kanye West (Rattus Bootleg)
05. Mind Dimension- Tiga (Soulwax Remix)
06. I Remember- Deadmau5 & Kaskade (Caspa Vocal Remix)
07. Pull It- Shystie (Ill Blu Remix)
08. Bulletproof - La Roux (Zinc Remix)
09. Urban Shiekh - Tehran
10. I'm Not Alone - Calvin Harris (Herve's See You At The Festivals Remix)
11. Ripgroove - Double 99 (Cuthbert Colossus Remix)
12. Bubble & Squeak - High Rankin
13. BanGer - AC Slater
14. Shaolin - Bar 9 (Nero Remix)
15. Crack hands VIP - Jayou
16. Science Of Fear - The Temper Trap (Herve Dub Remix)
17. Sunglasses At Night - Tiga (Skepta & Agent X Remix)
18. Skitzo Vip - Rack N Ruin
19. The Blank - Skism
20. Dub You - 501
21. Come Around - Collie Buddz (Sigma Remix)
22. Haters - TC & Jakes
23. Machete - DJ Hazard
24. Invaders Must Die - The Prodigy (Chase & Status Remix)
25. Warface - Jakes (Distorted Minds Remix)

Klose One brings us a mix filled with tight mixing and all of your favourite tunes. Stick this one on before heading out and it’ll definitely get you the mood.


01. In For the Pill - Spencer Valance
02. Explicit - Emalkay
03. Bonkers - Dizzie Rascal (Doorley Rmx)
04. Warrior's Dance - The Prodigy (Benga Rmx)
05. Girl Sweat - Sharps
06. Pull It - Ill Blu feat. Shystie
07. Marmite - Caspa
08. Where's My Money - TC (Caspa Rmx)(Jack Beats Edit)
09. If You Know - Skream
10. Green Light - Footsteps
11. Eurovision - Zombie Disco Squad (The Boog-A-Loo Crew Rmx)
12. Different - Lil Silva
13. Rise The Tempreture - Cotti feat.Doctor
14. 26 Basslines - Benga
15. The Blank - SkisiM
16. Bond, James Bond - Noisses
17. Saxon - Chase and Status
18. I Remember - Deadmau5 feat. Kaskade (Caspa Rmx)
19. Blinded By The Lights - The Streets (Nero Rmx)
20. Swagga - F1 (Kromestar Rmx)
21. Decoy - Agent X
22. Siren - Hard Huse Banton
23. Raven - Proxy (Crookers Rmx)
24. Bulletproof - La Roux (Zinc Rmx)
25. Burnin - Anthill Mob
26. Rocker - Giant
27. Calm Down - AC Slater

If anyone is reading this with nothing to do tonight, get down to 93Ft East for their set at 10pm.



Nuff said. Get down for this. Facebook event


Just been at our little party at Corsica which was good but far too many smokers! You know it's bad for you peoples...

Anyways, just a quick post cos this track needs it. You can decide for yourselves as I haven't heard it through big speakers but I have a feeling this tune is MASSIVE. Think In For The Kill, Bulletproof, I Remember. A must for everyone...

Heads Will Roll (L.A Boxers Dub Remix) - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

La la lala lalala aaaaaaa. Sorry bout the address problems, stick to the old one for the time being. I'll get it sorted as soon as.


You need, we all need...

Ok, I haven't really been on top of this stuff recently and we're being inundated with a fair few quality tracks. Stuff seems to be progressing and is looking/feeling quite exciting. All those not on the facebook shit yet, get on there cos it's nice having a little community etc of people all liking the same shit and the fans get the best stuff first. Also, we've got a couple of competitions coming very soon, I know this has been kinda around for a while but things are getting finalised etc. AND, I got the Jakes Project through the post the other day - who wants that?! It's pretty good I tell thee. SHOW ME YOUR REAL WARFACE.

I love those little, pointless rants at the start of a post! It's all worth it though cos look...

Eastern Jam (DZ Remix) - Chase & Status

Yeh I know! Big tune, well it used to be, but now it's even bigger. After all the fuss of not being allowed to remix/distribute bootlegs of that tune, let alone play them out, which I personally thought was ridiculous, I think DZ might be taking the piss! He's taking it well though. I definitely know Jayou got some stick, as well as Tomb Crew and even possibly Toddla T when he was playing Tomb Crew's booty out! Now next, I've got a couple of more melodic tunes, both sick. Sorry for no linking but it's late and well... you can do that hard work.

Syncopath - Dub Fiend
Drawing The Line - Hurling Dervish

Now on to the more filthy stuff. Our friend Figure, sent this guy to us with his outrageous beats, you jus need to get this on your system, as loud as possible! Big stuff from this guy to come.

Gastric Bypass - Cheebs [RUDEEE]

There's more, I know - you don't like these posts with loadsa tracks in but... you should! What's the matter with you. Just be patient, wait for stuff to download and come back and get your little mouse button round some more!

The Fear - Wachs Lyrical
Dark Entity VIP - Wachs Lyrical

I was savouring those tracks but then Love That Tune posted one which I didn't have and confirmed the quality. The next is definitely different, but heavy at the same time, kinda hard dance mixed with dubsteppy wobbles. Can you take it?

Music For A Harder Generation (JSaxton Remix) - Technikal

This tune is kinda R&B ish, dare I say it but... you know all that Snoop Dogg biz which is about to happen, I'm kinda predicting it will cos I just have this feeling. All the rumours are jus too much. Anyways, I think the vocals go pretty well with this. Yes no?

Mind Gone - Kelly Dean

Speaking of Figure... Last week or the week before he sent over some demo stuff of what he's got in the pipeline. Both tracks are exciting, and for you lot, not to play out yet cos neither are finished, just get hyped. The first is jump up bouncy shit and the other, just heavy rudeness. By the way, this is forthcoming on Figures Warriors EP, I think - so watch out.

The Warriors Demo - Figure
Cunt Tongue - Figure & Flufftronix (50% done)

Lastly, I'm afraid not full quality but still full quality tune, is my favourite track at the moment, old but... who cares! Wiley on the vocals, Starkey on the buttons. Nuff said.

My Mistakes (Starkey Remix) - Wiley [RUDEEE]

As a little bonus, those will remember this remix from before but, the badman Udachi has just remastered it, making it more club friendly, crisper and just generally better. Snatch it up!

We Own The Sky (Udachi Remix) - M83


HUSH DJs present...

Let me take you on a trip, a journey full of sound and beats. One that'll lead you down, way down... but first, you gotta stick some of this in your hush pipe bitch...

The second in our mix series, the first has had over 700 downloads and hopefully has been keeping you all entertained. We've had some lovely feedback from it. If you missed it, click here. Anyways, same as before stick it on your iPod or a CD for those travelling times or party times. Sit back and relax, not sure you'll be able to though. Happy listening...


01. Hush House Intro
02. Guns High - Geeks
03. Sunday Morning Dub - Ripple
04. Show Me Love VIP - Geeks & Sikey
05. They Live (Alkaseltza Remix) - Evil Nine
06. Fat Girl Rodeo - Cookie Monsta
07. Against The Machines - DatsiK vs Downlink
08. The Blank (16Bit Remix) - Skism
09. Cobra - 16Bit
10. Mr Robot - Pond Life
11. Brace For Impact - Philthkids
12. Nine To Five (DZ Remix) - Boltan
13. Make It Rain (The Widdler Bootleg) - Fat Joe
14. My Mistakes (Starkey Remix) - Wiley
15. Science Of Skank - Stagga
16. It Was Written (Chasing Shadows Remix) - Damien Marley
17. Game Over - DatsiK & Flux Pavillion


Time for a few words with the rising star Lorcan Mak who's been causing a stir with his long build ups, fidgetty wobbles and super bouncy jackin' rhythms.

Irish, born and bred?

I am indeed. I was born in the Rotunda Hospital in Parnell Sqr, and went to an all Irish Speaking School called Colaiste Mhuire which was situated in Dublins Inner city. I am fleunt in Gaelic, which is very important to me and I'm very gratefull to have the ability to speak my native tongue, especially in todays multi cultural society.

What's the music scene like there?

I dont think there really is a proper "scene" over here at the moment. Theres not really enough people into electronic music in Dublin. I suppose you could say theres a small "scene". Most of the people who attend any of the House/Tech/Electro nights around Dublin would know or at least know of each other, that's how small the "scene" is. The clubs and nights are not really up to scratch in comparison to London and other European capital cities, but there are whopper nights on now and again. Our population is not that big so maybe thats one of the reasons why theres not much of a "scene". I think there's a lot more people in Ireland into Indy and Rock and the likes...

Favourite producer at the moment?

Probably HiJack. Im all about silly sampling....jacking house. I'm really into what he's doing at the moment. Shocking. Basic.

Gypsy Bum's just had a release. Where did the name come from?

I just thought it suited the track, also thought it was funny. Here's a fresh remix I've just got from my mate CitiZen Black which I think you should post.

Gypsy Bum
Gypsy Bum (CitiZen Black Remix)

I think it's a sweet track name! What's planned for the next release?

I'm currently working on my debut EP, which is coming along. I still have a lot to get finished though. I would like to have it done before the end of the summer. I am also working on some stuff with fellow Dublin head Detboi at the moment, hopefully get an EP done. We have some mad stuff planned and its going well so far.

You going to any festivals this summer?

Yeh I'm planning to head to Global Gathering this year. I went last year for the first time and it was SICK! I also will be heading to the next two big festivals over here in Ireland "Oxegen" and "Electric Picnic" and I also should be hitting "Airbound Festival" in Croatia too. Looking forward to 'em all cant wait...

What have you got for the readers?

Heres my last mix...


01. Robb G - 12 Inch Therapy (Bass KlephsĂ­s Dirty Ows Mix)
02. Robert Boogert - On My Knees (Dubbel Dutch Remix)
03. AC Slater - Vertigo (Jaksaw remix)
04. Wolfgang Gartner - Bounce (Original Mix)
05. Rustler - This Is Not A Drill (Ed Kane Mix)
06. Twocker - Stitch (Bass Kleph Remix)
07. AC Slater - Bassline Time (Original Mix)
08. HiJack, Flinch - Check This (Original Mix)
09. Ryan Riback - Boom (Lee Mortimer Remix)
10. Tom EQ - I Need You (Hijack Remix)
11. Lorcan Mak - Crack Shack (Original mix)
12. Lorcan Mak - The Sound (Original Mix)
13. Boy 8 Bit - Fogbank (Jack Beats Remix)
14. AC Slater - Party Like Us (Bulgarian Remix)
15. Hatiras, MC Flipside - Get Blahsted (Will Bailey Remix)
16. Skynet UK - Back To 89 (Calvertron Remix)

Thank you for your time. I had a listen through the mix and had my feet jiggling all the way through! Has the same vibes as a Bass Kleph mix, big and bouncy. I'm sure you'll be seeing this name a lot more in the next few months... check the myspace for what's coming!


Summer's coming...

So I finish my exams on Wednesday, which is an excellent thing as Corsica Studios on Thursday is going to be wicked good fun. I haven't done very much work for them, considering they're retakes you would have thought I'd learn but it seems I haven't. Nevermind! Anyways I know you've all been waiting patiently...

I think this may have slipped under the radar... always room for a bit of Fake Blood in my iTunes. He needs to put out a few more tunes though - is the trouble with playing shit loadsa dates.

Animal (Fake Blood Remix) - Miike Snow
Animal (Crookers Remix) - Miike Snow

A1 Bassline is at the top of the game when it comes to remixing. I reckon he can remix a song in a night and get it pretty much spot on. Get the feeling he knows exactly what he's doing. Also, his Summer Mixtape has jus dropped on Palms Out so head over there and pick it up. Been waiting for this one since I saw it on a mix a while ago. Andy George's remix has sposed to be coming out for ages, no sign of it yet though.

Chin Up (A1 Bassline Remix) - Rochelle
Chin Up (Andy George Remix) - Rochelle

Nadastrom are still on top form. This tune has huge vibes. I wanna hear it on Fabric's room 1 system! Back to the middle and round again.

Juke Dat Girl (Nadastrom Remix) - DJ Gant-Man

More thumping beats from Cold Blank, this time remixing the sound of summer 2007. Well maybe bit before that but I saw Does It Offend You, Yeah? at Reading 07. They were one of the only bands I watched and they were fucking sick!

We Are Rockstars (Cold Blank Remix) - Does It Offend You, Yeah?

I think the Dead Fish crew are gonna takeover these coming months if they keep up this biz. This track's been getting Crookers love and quite rightly too. Bounce now.

Love Story (Solo Bootyleg) - Layo & Bushwacka!

We haven't had any breaks around here for a while, or at least at all. You may say it's dead but... this is a lovely tune. Whatever type of music you're into, you should appreciate this!

City Life - Bruno Neto

I'm sure I've heard this tune before so maybe it's been around a while or summink but one things for sure, this is a summer party tune!

Beautiful Shadow (Santiago & Bushido Remix) - Prarie Cartel

And lastly, this tune is coming out sometime soon. Mixed reaction so far. After having a few more listens, I've decided I like it but only after 3min40. Therefore the build up is way too long and the good stuff doesn't last long enough! Head over to the facebook page and tell us what you think. Do you hate it?

Supernova (Doorly Remix) - Mr Hudson & Kanye West

That was gonna be the last one but, this one's growing on me. Bonus!

Boyz (Dub & Run) - M.I.A

Cheeky little interview up tomorrow and brand spanking new mix soon. Hold tight!


This Friday...

Remember this Friday is the launch of Dubscover... if you're in London then this is definitely the event to be heading to. Fuck Fabric, it'll be the same as it was last time... THIS IS NEW & FREE! Save that valuable money of yours for the next party (18th at Corsica).


On the other hand, if you're not in London, get to Ipswich. If the speakers have been sorted then this shit's gonna go off. Facebook event...



Free festival anyone?

For all those not going to Glade, here's a free festival in Belgium. More info here.

Sorry got exams at the moment so no proper posts I'm afraid.


Introducing TEK-ONE

Tek-One is a name to watch out for. Having had a couple of other side projects since Partyshank, which for those who don't know consisted of Howard and Christian - A1 Bassline. We all know the success Christian's had/having but now Howard's turned his musical ADHD towards Dubstep, the tunes he's coming out with are fantastic. Not only this but there's a live show to go with it. I'm not entirely sure what the setup is but if anyone has watched the impressive drummer on Youtube who plays along to tunes like Where's My Money and others - he's the other half of Tek-One!

These tunes have been getting good feedback from the top names so snatch them up and try not to blow your speakers. HEAVY!

Do Not Bend

If there's anyone in the area, make sure you get down to this, the flyer is shown below - it's set to be mind-blowing! Also, I've just noticed a forthcoming date in Wales supporting Rusko. Watch out!



The MashedUK boys have been working very hard the past couple of weeks rounding up the loose ends in preparation for the launch of Dubscover which is ever getting closer. 12th June is the date we're all waiting for. If you missed the introduction, check this post... and remember to go and join the Facebook Group if you're interested in what they're doing.

Hylu & Jago take you for a ride through this first installement of the the Dubscover Podcast, this will give you all the info you need and what kinda vibe to expect on the night.

Dubscover Podcast 001

Fancy a minimix of brand new fresh tracks? This is an essential for the iPod.


1. Sick Rebel - Sputnik (Blood Tribe Records)
2. The Boog-A-Loo Crew - Bad Boy (White Label)
3. Lysergide - Morning Sesh VIP (Betamorph Recordings)
4. Sick Rebel - Haze (Blood Tribe Records)
5. The Boog-A-Loo Crew - Eurovision RMX (White Label)
6. Lysergide - Natural Born Dubber (Betamorph Recordings)
7. Crises - Untitled (White Label)


Put some jelly on that roll...

Big up to Udachi for giving us the heads up on this one, been waiting for this track to drop for ages and ages. It's maaad! Go get it and you'll definitely want some jelly on that roll. This track is gonna destroy the system!

Jellyroll - Udachi [RUDEEE]

I didn't want this to be another update but looks like it's your lucky day. Hostage has been chucking out the tracks recently and I think some of them have been a bit iffy. This one however is a different story. Full to the brim of bouncy wobbly vibes.

Special Brew - Hostage

I wish I was a little bit taller... I've been saying this for a while. It's not gonna happen though. Didn't think there would be a decent remix of the song either but this one is a gooden.

I Wish (Audiostalkers Remix) - Skeelo

Seems like I missed out on this one but picked it up after listening to Forensics latest mixtape (which is very good). Larry Tee's had some heavy bassline treatment.

Hipster Girl (Evol Intent Remix) - Larry Tee

Lastly, Stereoheroes have been really impressing me lately. It's kinda electro infused fidget but really tuneful and catchy at the same time. Check it...

Hey You (Stereoheroes Remix) - Pony Pony Run Run

More Introducing posts to come within the next sun-down. Stay safe.

Introducing POND LIFE

We haven't had one of these for a while so thought this was the perfect way to start it back off. We love pushing the smaller artists and especially when the tracks are innovative and exciting.

Pond Life, previously known as Trypta, got in touch with his variety selection pack of tracks. He's straight out of Watford, England and has definitely got a very unique style of production. I can feel some techy influneces floating around but the repetitive wobbles if left to play, will work their way into your mind and get your body jiggling.

Firstly a couple of sick tracks which are more along the fidgetty lines, bouncyness...

Acid Beat
Mr Robot [RUDEEE]

Then some more Dubstepy based with lovely rolling basslines...

Bunker [RUDEEE]

This one, I don't know how to describe - the title fits well. You'll need to give it a few listens cos your ears won't have heard anything like this before...!


I urge you to download all of these, new sounds are good for your mind, body and soles of your feet! Just delete the ones you don't like but give them all a chance. You knows it. Go check his myspace...



Here's the latest update of tracks which have been floating around. If you hate all these then make sure you go check DatsiK's new tune "Game Over". It's sick.

Firstly, I've been waiting for this track to be allowed out. Those of you who are fans will have already snatched this one up. Foamo's right on form at the moment and after his large electro remix of La Roux, he's followed in Caspa's footprints and come out with a vocal Dubstep banger.

Bulletproof (Foamo's Dubstep Remix) - La Roux

I picked up these tracks by Jakwob a little while ago but was reminded by Discodust of the potential this lad has. The track featuring Ellie Goulding breaks into some deep whirring Dubstep while the other has some lovely electronic melodies and some whirring wobbles.

Starry Eyed (Feat. Ellie Goulding) - Jakwob
Wild Pitch - Jakwob

You know these two guys so no introduction needed... Keep an eye out for these two, especially Jayou, there's some big stuff happening in the near future.

Beans & Rice - Jayou
Cold Rocker - George Lenton [RUDEEE]

I was kinda surprised to hear that Bonkers was No.1 in the charts yesterday, when I first heard it I never thought it would get that kind of reaction! Big up Armand Van Helden. We were sent this back when it was first around but only noticed it when the iPod was shuffling through in the sunshine. Sounds very much like A1 Bassline...

Bonkers (Boy Kid Cloud's Wake Up Bass Remix) - Armand Van Helden

Lastly, just been in touch with this producer who's living in China at the moment, producing off Reason 3 and just been fired from his job. The tunes are sick nonetheless - expect more from him around these parts. Nice n chilled this one...

By The Cathedral (Alkaseltza Remix) - Keren Ann [RUDEEE]

Been picking these up here and there. There's so many of them around but here are my favourite in no particular order. Couple of Dubstep ones first...

Hold The Line (Danny Scrilla) - Major Lazer
Hold The Line (DZ Remix) - Major Lazer

The trumpets in this one are sick...

Hold The Line (Niggaz On Crack Trompeta Remix) - Major Lazer

Couple of Electronic ones to finish...

Hold The Line (Coin Operated Boy Remix) - Major Lazer
Hold The Line (Golden Gloves Remix) - Major Lazer

Big competition to be announced within the next week ish, I promise you it's worth getting involved! Anyone ever been to a private Red Bull Party?! They're mad.