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You are the Queen, and me your King...

Serious guilty pleasure but... the Rihanna vocal in the current chart hit 'What's My Name' is outstanding. Here we've got a nice remix from Federation Sound which adds a Dancehall vibe with the use of Vybz Kartel's voice. Check this, guaranteed to get the girls dancing.

What's My Name (Federation Sound Remix feat. Vybz Kartel) - Rihanna

General consensus she's a beauty?!

Four x 4x4

Joga Bola (Round Table Knights Remix) - Solo

What Is Jazz (eLDOKO Remix) - James Copeland

Wasabo (Marxx Remix) - Gianluca Pighi

Croydon (Shooting Horses Remix) - Special Benny


On the first day of Christmas...

Night Air (Deadboy Remix) - Jamie Woon [via Numbers]

We'll be counting down the days of Christmas so stay tuned for the best treats about.


As girly as...

Oneman and other big players have rinsed this, designed for the club, French Fries on the buttons. Personally not sure about that drop...

One Thing (French Fries Remix) - Amerie

Kastle on a similar vibe. That cowbell pattern seems familiar but I can't put my finger on it. Any ideas?

I Wanna Be Down (Kastle Bootleg) - Brandy

Brackles and Brenmar both giving that old R&B anthem an update.

Me & U (Brackles Remix) - Cassie
Me & U (Brenmar Remix) - Cassie

Jacques Greene caught our attention with his '(Baby I Don't Know) What You Want' which is out on Night Slugs. Watch this name in 2011.

Must Be Love (Jacques Greene's Marriage Proposal Mix) - Cassie [RUDEEE]

Lunice, an unknown name round here however a little research shows, this is possibly his best production yet. Or perhaps the Cassie vocal is just addictive.

Addiction (Lunice Remix) - Cassie

We featured WILDLIFE! back here and since then hadn't heard much. This thumping remix though has put the name right back on the radar.

Ride (WILDLIFE! Remix) - Ciara


Here goes with the launch of a new mix series - this one is going to be for labels/label owners.

We haven't done one of these interview things for a while - we like to keep them special so this time we're pleased to announce we have Donga in the hot seat, the founder of Well Rounded Records. For those that don't know, this is label where Deadboy had his massive debut release 'U Cheated' which gained the attention of the masses. We wanted to know some more about the man pushing behind all these quality releases, so we had caught him for a quick chat.

Donga, tell us a little about yourself and your musical background...

Well I live in Brighton, UK and spend my time between indie record shops buying 12" singles like my life depends on it. I help out in record shops in town, run a vinyl label and get to DJ a bit so pretty much all areas of my day to day life revolve (no pun intended) around records in some way.

I've been DJing and producing since 1993 as well as drumming in a number of bands with varying degrees of success in underground terms i guess.

Why did you decide to start Well Rounded, and is there any meaning behind the name?

I started the label initially to release Deadboy's debut EP, as I thought it was so bloody good, I then added a second release by myself and 2 friends under the name Ultrasound to test the water. These did well enough to provide the opportunity to tentatively keep going - Ben Hackman was good enough to work with us on our third release and then Deadboy delivered Cash Antics 1. It's just continued from there...

And the name blatantly refers to the physical roundness of records as well as referring to 'well rounded' the expression, my adapted dictionary definition of which is "Comprehensively developed and well-balanced in a range or variety of musical vibes".

Have you any advice for new labels starting out?

From a vinyl label’s point of view, this is probably accepted wisdom but don’t view this as an easy career path. The market for vinyl is pretty small and specialist and you can’t afford many mistakes. I take the view that if you calculate the risks involved and can handle any outcome, then you've got nothing to hold you back from giving it a whirl.

How did you and Deadboy start working together? Did you expect that first release to do as well as it has? Would you say that release, in a way, put Well Rounded in the game?

I've actually known Allen (Deadboy) for a number of years. We met each playing in bands that performed together on various bills. It wasn't long before we discovered we both had interests in a diverse range of dance music - not as common amongst the majority of our then peers - so I guess that brings you together. We've been to Sonar and Bloc festivals a few times over the years and he's been a great support haha!

Jackmaster (of Numbers) was hugely enthusiastic about ‘U Cheated’ and Oneman smashed it too so we knew before it came out that there was a fair amount of anticipation and yeah were pretty confident. It definitely kicked us off with a fair profile but I always knew each release was going to be quite varied, so the challenge was to avoid worrying about trying to follow it up or compete with its success and just stick to our musical instincts.

How's the Brighton based club night coming along?

It's going pretty good. I am fortunate to be working with Paul from Aka Aka Roar who is doing a large proportion of the promoting. Aka has to be considered as one of the best nights Brighton has for more underground music, consistently booking people that go on to be significant and key players such as James Blake, Girl Unit, Jackmaster, Ben UFO. The list goes on and on.

We've been aiming for something slightly lower-key with Well Rounded, compiling line-ups balancing artists on the label and producers and DJs that we respect. 3 dates in we've had Deadboy, Doc Daneeka, Hackman, Submerse, Altered Natives and 2562. I really want to get the formula perfected for our night. It's another learning curve like the label

2010 has seen some massive releases on Well Rounded personal favourites being 'Cash Antics Volume 1' & Submerse's 'Hold It Down'. What have you got in store for us in 2011?

Thanks. Cash Antics 2 has just dropped, there's talk of maybe extending the series onto a third. We shall see. And Submerse has kept some special bits under the radar for us that I think will surprise interested parties - he's quite multi-faceted.

We have a hell of a lot in the pipeline. Don’t want to get too far ahead of myself so I’ll just mention the next few projects.

The next Well Rounded 12"/digi EP is by Nottingham's Littlefoot. I guess often perceived as a future garage producer he has however been expanding his sound of late - dropping tempos and channelling influences into a 4/4 Detroit techno meets UK garage hybrid. He’s definitely got his own flex. It's really exciting to catch producers as they are in a new transitional stage. Felt the same way around the Hackman EP - really excellent stuff with an indefinable quality. This will be in the shops in January.

I've also somewhat crazily committed myself to founding 2 new outlets - once again all releases on vinyl. The first new label is Individuals. The main thing to note here is that the styles represented will be quite removed from the usual Well Rounded sound. We would like each of the releases to be viewed as a stand alone self-contained project and we want to let the genre change from release to release in any direction at all. It's just about highlighting producers who are exciting and innovative in their own field whether that is downtempo, electro, juke, techno or whatever. The first release is a banging Juke affair from Wheez-ie from Texas in the US. I believe he stamps his own authority on the Juke template and brings in ideas that are unique to him. The EP is good and broad including a slower jam (at 140!), 2 heavy havoc-inducers and a haunting tune called 'Leave Her Alone' that had me flipping out. This should also hit the streets in Jan.

The second label is Well Rounded Housing Project - as the name suggests this will be a dedicated House label as that remains the cornerstone of my taste. I have 5 or 6 releases lined up for this, including some quite fancied bits, but I’m just trying to decide which to launch with so keep your eyes peeled for info shortly and expect some tasty platters ;)

Watching you play at Pubstep on vinyl was very impressive, is shopping for records like it used to be?

My father was a DJ so I grew up with a man coming in from record shopping and checking out his new tunes at considerable volume with palpable excitement. I think this is one of the few ways we could bond and my fate was sealed haha! It's influenced everything. He had such broad taste - from Disco to Punk to Irish jigs. I think that exposure to so many different styles of music can be seen in the A&R philosophy of the labels - though I wasn't consciously aware of this until recently.

I got my first regular DJ gig at a club in Tunbridge Wells that burnt down sadly. I played records between bands during the first half of the night, then at 11 they moved the gear off the stage which then became a mirrored dancefloor - loads of lights though I experimented freely with utter blackouts at strategic times. I was getting hammered and playing early UK Breakbeat Hardcore, Belgian rave and some Industrial US techno VERY shoddily and swearing down the mic at people. They seemed to really enjoy it. This was 1991. So nearly 20 years outside the bedroom!!

Record shopping is still the same for me though there are fewer places to go. Brighton's got quite a good number of shops though - I favour Rounder, Edgeworld, upstairs at Wolf & Gypsy and Rare Kind. I limit my search to what I physically discover in front of me - so no mp3 or CDRs in my sets. This helps me to focus my search nicely I find. I don’t particularly want to play the same records as you - so I look closely at different genres, checking all the b-sides etc, looking for the lesser-spotted gems! That's trainspotter talk for ya!

I do find having worked behind the counter in various shops over the years that people don’t seem to have as much patience or commitment to checking out new stuff. They come in armed with info off the internet and that's pretty much all they want to find. Also because mp3s are cheap people are a lot more hesitant about parting with the cash for wax. I have readily accepted that vinyl keeps me poor. I guess I’m from a different generation where vinyl was the only option and that's why I’m resistant to change!

Who's impressed you with their productions the last couple of months?

Outboxx from Bristol definitely - got something coming with us - and James Fox's 'New Jack Swing' is a peach! Zoltan Isz from Romania has a special take on heavy and driving house that I’m feeling; Graphics is doing something refreshing at 140 - not easily falling into Dubstep or garage categories. South African house really excites me - seems more raw and instinctive and less considered than some British based stuff. Julio Bashmore is brilliant. Gongon & Bad Autopsy. I'll stop here coz I keep thinking of more and more!!!

Can we expect some more productions from yourself?

Every now and again. Our Ultrasound and Donga & Blake EPs have been quite low-key compared to the other WR releases, but I stand by them hard. I guess the stuff I get involved in is generally a bit subtler. I would never sit down and try to make a grimey-banger - i mean that's not me, though I can appreciate those tunes when made by people who truly identify with harder styles. It's gotta come from an honest place.

Thank you for your time. We’re looking forward to all that forthcoming material. On another note, we have our Brighton club night launch on the 19th of February at Jam with Shortstuff and Tom@Ramp; hopefully we'll catch you there.

I WILL be there - in the shadows I expect haha!

001: Well Rounded Records [mixed by Donga]

01. Doves – Birds Flew Backwards (Chris Watson Remix) [For Us]
02. Cottam – 4 [unknown]
03. Space Dimension Controller – Transatlantic Landing Bay [R&S]
04. Romanthony – Fall From Grace (Tony’s Main Mix) [Azuli]
05. FCL – ‘Let’s Go’ [We Play House]
06. Altered Natives – The Rain [Boscomi]
07. Mical Rhebess & Pevanu – Look Twice (Take II) [Ojodeapolo]
08. Deadboy – Fireworks [Well Rounded]
09. Martyn – Shook Up [3024]
10. Redshape – Future Shock [Delsin]
11. Sunship – Almighty Father (Solid Groove Remix) [White]
12. MCMLXXXVII – Work [unknown]
13. Round Two – New Day [Main Street]
14. Isolee – Jelly Baby [Playhouse]
15. Littlefoot – Great Dark Spot] [Well Rounded]
16. Richie Hawtin – ‘Monkee’ [Minus]
17. Dubbel Dutch – Pulso [unknown]
18. Joy Orbison – BB’ [Doldrums]
19. First Choice – Let No Man Put Asunder (Ron Hardy Re-edit) [White]
20. Theo Parrish feat IG Culture – Traffic [Kindred Spirits White]
21. Caribou – Sun [City Slang]
22. Doves – Birds Flew Backwards (Chris Watson Remix) [For Us]



This time we've got none other than Hackman, who in our eyes, has been one of the most exciting producers this year. He first grabbed our attention on Fabric's 'Elevator Music' at the end of last year although after doing some research I'm sure I've heard his 'Loophole', which was out in the middle of '09, a fair few times (or is it just that sample?). This early release was fairly different, more Dubstep based but you can see how his sound has developed to where it's at today - breaking the all Garage/Funky/House boundaries. It was the PTN release which put him properly on the radar, this was soon followed up by the massive 'Bodies' on Well Rounded Records. If you haven't checked either of these, go do so here. His latest remix duty for Senseless Records has been made available for free, check it below...

Night Game (Hackman Remix) - The Phantom

Forthcoming material sees another release on PTN early next year as well as bits on a few other big labels. He has plenty more bookings lined up so get this on the download for a little flavour of what to expect.


01. El Sudor - Hermit [dub]
02. DJ Dom - Computer Love [PTN]
03. Arkist - I Couldn't Possibly [Immerse]
04. Jera - Another One [dub]
05. Hackman - Semibreves [dub]
06. MJ Cole & Wiley - Angel Riddim [Prolific]
07. Norrit - N Gbekinho [Party Guy Records]
08. Justin Martin & Ardalan - Mr Spock [Dirtybird]
09. Julio Bashmore - Battle For Middle You [PMR]
10. Clicks & Whistles - When I Feel [Party Guy Records]
11. C.R.S.T - Roulette [Ten Thousand Yen]
12. The Phantom - Night Game (Hackman Remix) [Senseless]
13. VVV - Falling Low [dub]
14. Didz & Chicho - Something New [Ten Thousand Yen]


Featuring I.D.

I.D. who I've been following for a good number of years now has just dropped a massive release on his Bass Music label with Rider Shafique. This track needs no explanation, no messy pretentious metaphorical rubbish, just a quick listen on a pair of decent speakers before you realise the brilliance. This is up there with the quality tracks on 'Leftism'.

The Light (feat. Rider Shafique) - I.D. [RUDEEE]

Then, surf your way across to Beatport or the Bass Music Bandcamp where you can buy the full release at full quality (+ all the stems if you go to the Bandcamp). Please donate some of your pennies to this man who works very hard at pushing music forwards. Big respect...



Basslaced are back with another heavy line up tomorrow, 10th December, at Stealth Nightclub, Nottingham. We went down to play the last night and would recommend this event to anyone in the area. Tickets are available from Rock City Box Office, Golden Fleece Pub & Bag O’ Nails and it's only £10 for what's set to be a seriously hefty night of bass laced fun.

In other news their latest podcast has been recorded by none other than Mr Sukh Knight. Sign up to their iTunes feed for future updates.

DOWNLOAD: Basslaced Podcast 003 - Sukh Knight [right click save-as]

Check the Basslaced crew on Facebook and Twitter.

Get sharing, get caring...

We've started a group where all you Soundclouders can submit your tracks so we can preview them easily, the group will be moderated and the best tracks will make it through to the blog. This will essentially be a place where you and we can discover new tracks and artists with as little hassle as possible.


Spread the word round your friends and family. This group will work best with a decent amount of people submitting tracks - please remember to keep the quality of production to a high standard.



For those of you whose tastes extend to the tropical and tech-house arenas, the 18th December sees the second part of a collaborative night organised by the Jackmode Agency and our friends at You Can Call Me Pelski in London. I hear from first hand sources that the first night was a big success, and this may well be your last chance to experience the two Funktion 1 systems they've got down at the temporary Counter Culture club before it is taken down for New Year. Impressively, they have managed to surpass the acts they had for the first installment, with none other than Made to Play boss, Jesse Rose, heading up the bill. Zombie Disco Squad and Oliver $ offer some exciting support in the main room, while Jet Project are set to tear it up with the Pelski boys in Room 2.

Tickets are cheap in advance (£8 for earlybirds and £12 thereafter), not bad at all for one of the last chances for a big pre-Christmas outing in the capital. Pick yourself up one here, and check below for some of what to expect from the legendary Jesse Rose:

Garden (Jesse Rose Remix) - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs [192]
You Know It (Jesse Rose Made To Play Edit) - Jesse Rose [192]

Featuring SUBDEPTH

Friday of last week saw the CD and vinyl release of Subdepth Records first compilation, 'Subdepth Volume 1'. Since their relocation to Bristol Subdepth have continued to support their policy of developing talent from within rather than profiteering from any observable fashion, and this compilation gives a snapshot of the range of ideas they have for bass music at the end of 2010 going into the New Year. With another valuable chance to check the productions of the likes of Dom Hz, Swarms, Numan and Vandera, this is a must-buy for those with an eye to the future.

Whether you're particularly feeling the ecstatic optimism of Vandera's "Move On", the rugged vibrations of Swarms' "Rooted" or the soothing warmth of Simple's "Long Distance Rubdown", what ties the tracks together is that they operate on a level that deals with the dreamlike and the ethereal. Firstly this will make this compilation a good reflection of the times in years to come, since 2010 has been a year where music has often sought to be visionary and complex, in many ways a reaction to the gritty and immediate sounds of last year, but more importantly, the scope of the intangible feelings the tracks convey will ensure this continues to be of value for a while to come. Check out the Soundcloud preview below, but to appreciate the full selection you'll need to buy it in its entirety, available at Juno.

Subdepth Volume 1 Preview

01. Numan – Secrets
02. Dom Hz – You (Vista Remix)
03. Dom Hz – Everyday dreamer
04. Snow Fox – No Time
05. Dom Hz – Blue
06. Vandera – Move On
07. Swarms – Rooted
08. Swarms – Hypnotize
09. Simple – Long Distance Rubdown
10. Lostlojic – Last Goodbye (Vandera Remix)
11. Swarms – Glider
12. Dom Hz – What Goes Up
13. Indigo ft. Poppy Roberts – All Yours
14. Numan – Wild Fire
15. Swarms – Skynet
16. Numan – Kaya 47


Introducing HYBRIS

Hybris is a fairly unknown name coming out of Czech Republic however there's big news as he has a forthcoming EP on Noisia's own label, Invisible Recordings, which they launched at the start of this year.

A. Noisia & Hybris - Crystalline
B. Hybris - Of Two Minds
C. Hybris - Keeping Me
D. Hybris - Out Of Place

Big mix in promotion for this release, if you're into Drum & Bass and are in need of some fresh listening, this one's right on the money.

Invisible Mix - Hybris [download]

01. Noisia & Phace - Micro-organism (Neosignal)
02. Rido - Exoplanet (Obsessions)
03. Hybris & Presence Known - Absolute Power (dub)
04. Ulterior Motive - Frozen Sky (Reinforced)
05. Hybris - Slima (dub)
06. Enei - One Chance (Critical)
07. Hybris - Keeping Me (Invisible)
08. Hybris - Losing It (Critical)
09. Hybris - Out of Place (Invisible)
10. Triad - Parallax (Horizons)
11. Zero T & FD - After All (Invisible)
12. Nympho - Recollection (Dispatch)
13. Noisia & Hybris - Crystalline (Invisible)
14. Lenzman - Mass Effect (CIA)
15. Hybris - Lair (dub)
16. Eastcolours, Noel & Enei - Cracker (Critical)
17. Hybris - The Guy (Renegade Hardware)
18. Jubei & Ulterior Motive - Tevatron (Metalheadz)
19. BTK - Things I Do (Spectrasoul remix) (Demand)
20. Hybris - Make My Drink (dub)
21. Hybris - Of Two Minds (Invisible)


Remedy for bleakness...

Our good friends Dark Sky are back with another bumpy 2-step re-rub which has their imprint rubbed from head to toe. Excellence as per usual. Has been a big year for the London-based threesome, I'm already excited thinking about what's forthcoming.

Too Heavy To Stand Up (Dark Sky Remix) - DeLooze [192]

Easily my favourite production by Joker has been given a re-lick by the ever growing stronger Mensah. This edit tones down the darkness and gives it more dancefloor capabilities with a Drum & Bass pattern over those rich, weighty synths.

Psychedelic Runway (Mensah's Let's Go Faster Re-Lick) - Joker

While on the topic of Joker - latest news is; that track that never got a name which he did with TC is being given out for free. Massive tune - should be an instant download for any Dubstep fan.

It Ain't Got A Name - Joker & TC

This newcomer S-Type has made a big impression on my ears with these couple of tracks which are filled with moving melodies and colourful synths, fringing on what you might hear in a (decent) R&B/Grime instrumental. Both have surprisingly been given away for free - quality free music right here. Go check his soundcloud for some Hip Hop downloads too...

Medusa - S-Type
Terry Nutkins - S-Type

Numan, who also leans towards the instrumental 'purple'/Grime sound, brings us another bouncy number. 2010 was predicted to be a big year for this Mancunian, according to Fact Mag, I've however got my hopes on 2011.

Flashhh - Numan

Hudson Mohawke is the king of vibrant instrumental music so, while this subject this production is very appropriate. For those that haven't come across 'Fuse' yet - I'm afraid to say you've been missing out.

Tried For Your Love (Hudson Mohawke Remix) - Krystal Klear [128]

Official Outlook 2011 Promo Video


Just when you think you're...

It's rare that I get the urge to post something immediately on listening, however, this pricked my ears straight away. Fresh sounding, nicely produced, bouncy and ready for a system. Keep an eye on Price over the next 6 months or so, we could be in for a few special treats.

Losing Grip - Price

Featuring JACK DIXON

The world of bass music is changing rapidly. Dubstep has become the first music genre to successfully commercially market itself as uncommercial. It is just staggering to see the volume of people commenting on YouTube below videos of Magnetic Man that they hope dubstep stays underground. The truth is these people are kidding themselves and each other, they want to attach themselves to the scene, not the music. For them it is more about believing that they are alternative than actually enjoying the experimental sounds that the majority of the artists used to explore. It seems no coincidence that during festivals in the summer, my group was asked by neighbouring campers both "when are Dubstep playing tonight?" and "are you guys going to see Jason Status?". It is in response to this intolerable infestation that we have seen a rapid diversification of related genres, with producers scampering to them to maintain credibility, and avoid direct comparisons with artists who are sneaking out pop (and increasingly, metal) tracks into the market under the disguise of the highly successful "dubstep" brand. Whilst it is a great shame that the dubstep name has been tarnished, it has actually caused related genres to expand quicker than they probably would have otherwise. Possibly the most successful of resulting movements has been future garage, and today we advise you to check out this release, that draws together all the best elements of the genre.

Silverback Recordings have quickly proved themselves to be adept at picking talented producers who have all the skills necessary to take off in the next year or so. We certainly agree with them when it comes to Jack Dixon, who we have pushed here since the very early days. His latest release which dropped on Monday is the "Substitute EP". The EP offers us the familiar sounds of the genre, with emotional vocal samples, soothing synths and soft pads, but what makes the EP special is how brilliantly they are all brought together - the production standards are very high. To get an idea of what to expect, check out the Soundcloud preview below, but three standout tracks are "Substitute", "Be There" and "Needin' You". The title track rolls along mesmerically, and its not just the repeated insistence of the "come on" sample that remind of us of its dancefloor potential, whilst the blurry keyboard sounds of "Be There" combine with the beautiful melody of the vocal echoes to create a dreamlike aura. To showcase his full range of skills, "Needin' You" drops a house beat and some tribal percussion to create a funky backdrop to the constantly expanding and contracting synth. Not only this but the full EP contains a series of remixes from a variety of up and coming artists that are well worth checking out.

Be sure to buy the EP on Boomkat or Juno if it takes your fancy. The preview is below, and click here for free downloads from May and January earlier this year.

Substitute EP Preview


FABRIC: Boxing Day

This Boxing Day Fabric are hosting almost every single DJ on Rinse FM, for one night only. Huge!

"This rave is UK exclusive - you will never see a line-up of this stature anywhere else in the world. A precedent to the station’s mission statement, which wholeheartedly supports the constant evolution and the nurturing of creativity within the UK scene, we’ll be pumping out 10 hours of bump and grind friendly beats, touching on every strand of the electronic spectrum. From drum & bass, dubstep and grime, to funky, house and garage; we’re expecting epiphany sized reactions to the swelling sounds, set to shake Farringdon to the core. With an ever-growing bill that is only set to get bigger, we’re giving a whole new meaning to the abbreviation B-day. Only one question remains… who’s locked?"

Skream + Benga, Katy B, Boy Better Know, Geeneus, Roll Deep, Heartless Crew, Marcus Nasty + Rankin, Scratcha, Oneman, Kumfy, Newham Generals, Lighter, Spyro, Good Vibe Clive, Plastician, Reflex, Ill Blu, Braiden, L-vis 1990 + Bok Bok, Fingaprint, Roska, N-Type, Zinc, Dappa, SK Vibemaker, JJ, Flight, Score Five, Teddy Music, Big Beatz, Smasher, Marco Del Horno, Supa D, Youngsta, Ben UFO, Elijah + Skilliam, Hermit, Funkystepz, Jamie George, Shox, Teaser, Musik Man, Funk Butcher, Kismet, Wonder, Jay Diamond, Allbury, Alexander Nut, Angie B + Dogtaniun, MA1, Perempay + Cure, A Plus, Daniel Ward, Mr Cook, Clairvoyants, Wildlife, Sian + Julie, Able, Vectra, Antisocial, Crises, The Heatwave, Crazy D, P Money + more

9pm - 7am.
£15/£10 (Students/fabricfirst) / £6 after 3am
Get tickets here.


When I was a yout...

Anyone that's been following this blog for a while will have noticed that we've supported this man, George Lenton, from the very beginning. This is undoubtedly the most satisfying aspect to running a blog, being able to spot potential in an artist and push their progression as much as possible. This track comes as an exclusive and is probably my favourite production of his yet. He never fails to try something a little different, this track works well for chilling, but possibly could also go down well in the middle of set. Give this a few listens all the way through before making up your mind.

On Repeat - George Lenton

There's no doubt in Breakage's production or DJing abilities, as demonstrated in Nottingham on Friday where he smashed Basslaced - to all those who caught us warming up the upstairs, thanks for making it one of our most enjoyable sets to date. This track comes as a bit of a surprise to be a freebie as it's my favourite on the official release package. Anyway, bit of bangin' Drum & Bass never goes a miss...

Raver (Breakage Pattern Moschino Remix) - Shy FX [via Annie Mac Presents]

While we're on the topic of Breakage and super-producers, another one being Redlight - that one who has mastered the art of sub-bass. When you combine the two, this is what you get...

Hard (Redlight Remix) - Breakage [via FACT Mag]

Last but not least, Doorly brings us a bouncy, Funky/Garage crossover on very similar vibes to his Marina & The Diamonds remix. For those that bait Doorly, please hesitate before doing so next time. He's a tight DJ, big party starter and his strategically timed, well produced remixes have gained him huge attention. Keep an eye out for his new Pigeonhole This! label with artwork from our friend Yoghurt Warrior. Also keep an eye out for his Garage rub of The Cuban Brothers... (here)

Get A Move On (Doorly's Pigeonhole This! Remix) - Mr Scruff

Sorry for lack of tunes lately. Hope this makes up!



French producer Neat is more than likely a new name to most but you should stick it firmly in the memory bank as we predict some big things for the future.

He began messing around with electronic music around 8 years ago but started his musical adventures by learning classical percussion. A wide range of influences and years of work in the studio has led him to his present sound which tends to focus on the deep side, building a bridge between dancefloor heaviness and drowned, chilled-out sounds.

"A blend of carefully crafted beats, high-pressure bass machinery, captivating melodies and techy sound designs."

A Light I Know - Neat

Anyone that's into the Joy Orbison, Scuba, Deadboy, Martyn side of bass music, you will 150% enjoy this mix. Smooth rolling beats, post-Dubstep, deep Future-Garage, Dub-Techno, call it what you wish, this is a mash-up of it all. If you're up for broadening the horizons, look no further...


01. Roof Light - Soulcraft [dub]
02. Opti - Autoscopy [dub]
03. FaltyDL - Because You [Planet Mu]
04. Neat - What If [dub]
05. Ital Tek - Giga [Atom River]
06. Jack Sparrow - Loveless [Tectonic]
07. Sines - Stuff Dreams Are Made Of (Von D Remix) [forthcoming Formant]
08. xxxy - Reflections [Mindset]
09. Nekochan - Vahine (Led Piperz Remix) [forthcoming Airflex Labs]
10. Isotroph - Nenuphar (Neat's Bloom Remix) [forthcoming Airflex Labs]
11. Jus Wan - Coma Wall [Self Released]
12. Pariah - Railroad [R&S]
13. Von D - Miss Maui (Mr Lager Remix) [dub]


If anyone knows how to make a riddim...

These two do for sure. Melé & T.E.E.D rumbling subs.

Popping Tags - Melé


On Saturday, some of the stars of the tech-house roster at the Jackmode Agency come to the capital to team up with our friends at Pelski to put together a cracking lineup for Counter Culture, to be held at a temporary venue under London Bridge at 7-9 Crucifix Lane. Featuring representation from labels such as Dirtybird, Made to Play and Deadfish, who have been central to the development of dance music over the last few years, this is a must for any house enthusiasts. Check out the facebook event here and if you're keen be sure to get on tickets in case they sell out.

Of particular interest to Hush House fans might be Midland, who rose to prominence after his highly successful collaborations with Ramadanman earlier in the year. For those of you that haven't yet copped it, get his latest edit of Caribou's Sun below (props to xlr8r for the mp3).

Sun - Caribou (Midland Re-edit)

Also, to get you in the mood check out the eclectic range of tunes available on the Round Table Knight's Autumn Mix below

DOWNLOAD: Round Table Knights Autumn Mix


Pure Ecstasy - Pressure Drop
How To Dress Well - Lover's Start
James Blake - I Only Know (What I Know Now)
Dj Koze - Blume Der Nacht
Mano Le Tough - Eurodancer
Dale Howard - Body Talk
Homework - I Got One (You're It) (Mercury Remix)
Andre Crom, Luca Doobie - Verve
Jesse Rose Vs MTP Allstars - Yeah
Eldoko - Woodworm Blues (Monkey Safari Remix)
Disorder, Cesare - Don't Leave Me
Justin Martin, Galen - Dust Devil
Jagged - Biasca
Fritz Zander - For Your Love
Affkt - Bad Habbit (Affkt & Samuel Dan Vs. Atfc feat. Lisa Millet)
Round Table Knights & Zombie Disco Squad - Endless
Deetron - Sing
Dimlite - Can't Get Used To Those (Afterlude)


Introducing OKOTA

Okota hails from Norwich, and as any of the guys here at Hush House will tell you, that's a good start. But delve into some of his recent productions and you will find that's not the only common interest we share. With the epic Quirk In The Law due for a release with remixes on LU10 Records and a possible collaborative vinyl debut in the pipeline, as well setting up his own label War Cartel Records, it's certainly a busy time for Okota. For now, though, we will focus on his recent release, Atawhai EP, which is out now on Bassweight Recordings.

The EP opens with Justice, with its uncontainable lead line arpeggios , and closes with The Dub Controller, which features reggae artist Little Jah, but sandwiched between them are Nonchalant and Need You, which truly show the breadth of the artist's potential. Nonchalant draws on some HudMo style glitch hop elements and incorporates them into some funky purple synths to create a really fun track, but the undulating whomp of the bass ensures this track has dancefloor potential.

Nonchalant - Okota [RUDEEE]

Need You begins with a solid 4x4 beat, and despite the heavy bass surges, the track manages to be both melodic and soothing when they are combined with the vocal and the gentle synth chords.

Need You - Okota

Okota has been kind enough to give us an additional freebie, in the form of Perusal. Here some chopped up and soulful vocals echo alongside a funky yet tense backdrop which doesn't let you go until the very end.

Perusal - Okota

Some solid tracks coming from Okota at the moment, be sure to buy his EP here and we hope to hear more from him soon.



There's something about the autumn/winter time, producers and DJs seem to come crawling out of the shadows they've been hiding in (or perhaps it's the other way round - out of the sun, into their studios) and decide to spring a mix on us, which we asked for months ago. That makes us sound somewhat ungrateful, which of course we're not. Infact, we could never be ungrateful for a mix like this. This is, without a doubt, the most enjoyable hour-plus length of music I've had the pleasure of listening to this year.

Vandera resides in London where he is a medic by day and a bass head by night. He's been treating me to his own productions for over a year now and I've watched the progression closely, eagerly awaiting to hear the latest output from the lab. He's a avid fan of soundcloud where I'm sure those regular users will have seen his name cropping up all over the place - check his profile here.

This mix, as I've tried to iterate above, is outstanding. Seamlessly mixed, full of soaring melodies and ample sub-bass, all in key and to top it off, the time runs 1h11m11s - if there's anyone that knows how to tickle our fancy, this man does for sure. With the taste and production potential of the man behind our other 10/10 mix, the coming year is going to be a big one for the mad scientist. If you don't know, get to know...


01. DJG – BC3 (Vandera Refix) [Voids]
02. Vandera – Pure Light [forthcoming Forecast]
>>> Rootah - Get it Already [Scotch Bonnet]
03. Dhyan Moller - Lost In 3s (DJG Remix) [Blipswitch]
04. By Proxy – 68 (Vandera Remix) [Car Crash Set]
>>> Numan – Secrets [Subdepth]
05. Actraiser – Mysteries Of The Universe [dub]
06. Rae & Christian – Premonition [Grand Central]
07. Lostlojic & Faib - Midnight Light [dub]
>>> Vandera – Scanners [Stoke Audio]
08. Vandera & Lostlojic - No Love [dub]
09. Bassnectar – Love Here [Child’s Play]
10. Lung – Whale Song [dub]
>>> Actraiser – Solstice (Vandera Remix) [dub]
11. Clubroot – Orbiting [LoDubs]
12. Just – Fossil [2019]
13. Starkey - New Cities [Planet Mu]
14. Ramadanman – Tempest [Hemlock]
15. HXDB – Miranda [forthcoming Subdepth]
16. Swarms – Hypnotize [Subdepth]
17. Lostlojic - Last Goodbye (Vandera Remix) [Subdepth]
18. Numan – Wildfire [forthcoming Subdepth]
19. Unbalanced Jack – Fresh Air [forthcoming Subdepth]
20. F – Chillin’ [7even]
>>> People Under The Stairs – Outrun [OM]
21. TKR – Nautilus [dub]
22. Vandera - Carbon 11 [forthcoming Forecast]
23. Dom Hz – Everyday Dreamer [forthcoming Subdepth]
24. Vandera – Move On [forthcoming Subdepth]
25. Mount Kimbie – Would Know [Hotflush]
26. Quantum Soul – Hark Back [dub]
>>> Actraiser – Parasol Stars [dub]
27. Egoless – Think About That [dub]
28. Vesicle – Sludge Jazz [forthcoming Gradient Audio]
29. Eleven8 – I Fell Into A Memory [dub]
30. Seba – Soul 2000 [Looking Good]



Nottingham, a date for the diary...

Hype for this already!


I'm so heavy...

It's tricky to describe this in words. If you're a fan of Florence, like I am, you'll love this. C-Berg takes you on a long, captivating progression, as her vocal ascends into an ecstasy of enchanted emotion...

Heavy In Your Arms (C-Berg Remix) - Florence & The Machine


You been dancing with the devil...

Dark Sky never fail to impress. Latest news is that their 'Crystalised' remix is finally available to buy, get it at Boomkat or Juno. Also they have a forthcoming EP with Black Acre which should be out around Christmas time.

Their latest remix is being used by Ninja Tune to promote the forthcoming Stateless single which is out on 22nd November, in anticipation of the album, which is out in February next year. The single 'Ariel' also features remixes by Rustie and Midland. Dark Sky on a proper bouncy 2-step flex here but with their own flavour added as always. All you need is your email address...

Ariel (Dark Sky Remix) - Stateless

Synkro is another one of my favourite producers. Think this tune is quite an old tune but still a goody. Harp patterns slide over a skippy beat and humming sub-line with the odd injection of something a bit nastier.

Back Then - Synkro

I hadn't heard of The Spit Brothers until recently but they seem to be cropping up wherever I'm looking, earlier on today it was on a track with fellow San Fran local, Antiserum. Dubsworth and Bakir came together in 2005, both very experienced in the live scene - Bakir toured with Jazzsteppa on their first US tour as their trumpet player and tour manager. Their sound incorporates various elements of bass music mixed with hints of Jazz - which is what caught my attention. They have a live set which I can imagine to be something special.

Oh Contrarians - The Spit Brothers [buy @ Beatport]

This track is slightly different to the one above, bit deeper and heavier but rolls nicely with the blaring horn sections...

Done Gone There - The Spit Brothers

Last but not least, you should all know these two...

Stapleton Road VIP - Mensah
The 1987 Bounce - Gemmy



For the 10th in the series we bring you a very special guest, the one and only D1. We're super pleased to have landed one of our favourite Dubstep producers in the exclusive series. Over the next few weeks we have more excitement lined up which we're super hype for.

For those that don't know about D1 - he's part of the Dub Police crew and is also the master of 4x4 Dubstep. One the biggest releases at the start of this year had his name stamped across it - Pitcher backed with Jus Business tore up dance-floors across the country. If you haven't heard that Dub Police release, check it here on youtube. Available to purchase in all good shops and online too.

September saw him give away a stonking 30 unsigned and unreleased dubs. I'll save your hard-drive space, here's my top four. Two club flavoured tracks first, followed by two tracks, more on the instrumental tip, but still bouncy.

No Fear - D1
Sub Zero - D1

Atmosphere - D1
Everything - D1

The most exciting of his forthcoming material includes a track called "Flood Of Emotion" featuring Jenna G which is coming out in February 2011. Expect to see a video around January time.

Enough of the chit chat. Get this on the download quick sharp.


01. No Fear - D1 [dub]
02. Rollercoaster - D1 [dub]
03. Scatter - D1 [dub]
04. Lazerquest - D1 [dub]
05. Ongie Bongie VIP - D1 [dub]
06. Pitcher - D1 [Dub Police]
07. Keep Lovin U - D1 [dub]
08. Bleeps To Broadway - D1 [Dub Police]
09. Just Because - Subscape [Dub Police]
10. No Tomorrow - D1 [dub]
11. Minimal Movements - Caspa [dub]
12. Crusader - Emalkay [Dub Police]
13. Nothing Is Forever - D1 [dub]
14. Emotional High - D1 [dub]
15. Love Never Dies - Caspa & Mr Hudson
16. One(Caspa remix) - SHM
17. Untitled - Kutz
18. Wonderful Life (D1 Bootleg) - Hurts

Big up D1 for his time. Go show him some love on Myspace or Twitter.


Cure to any hangover...

Go buy the real version. The whole album is only £6.50 at Chemical.


Introducing GRAPHICS

Any music fan who has spent their time trawling the blogosphere will be aware of the huge lack of quality control on the internet. It seems to be an inevitable product of the increasing exposure of the underground scene. Whereas most pop fans are quite happy to sit and listen to whatever regurgitated nonsense happens to be on the radio, many of the people recently exposed to the underground genres see them as more accessible, and see a chance to get involved and make a quick name for themselves without too much time or effort. It is because of this development that there are now so many people online writing about music they don't understand, and publicising their mate from school's bad impression of something they thought was Dubstep.

Whilst there is a pretty amusing degree of truth to be found in Darkly's article on the insincerity of the blogger over at Pelski (read it here), it is undeniably our duty to make sure we only post decent tunes, and do so legally. That way we are doing our bit to allow you readers to find the tight productions you're looking for quickly, enabling you to wait for the true beauties, and not forcing you to download some cheap slag of a tune. It is also important to maintain standards because increasingly people are downloading poor productions at low quality bit rates, and playing them out at parties or even clubs. The impacts of poor blogging are far reaching, and so its a pleasure to now introduce you to Graphics, whose latest productions have had all the hallmarks of a class act.

His forthcoming digital release of the track The Kingmaker on Electric Rasta EP from Haunted Audio Recordings, and a 12 inch b2b with Emvee also due on Shifting Peaks, both showcase some crisp beats from this up and comer. The latter sees the release of Blue Top, which should definitely be checked out below. The chopped up vocals explode like fireworks far above you against a backdrop of soothing synths and a Future Garage-esque beat.

Blue Top - Graphics

Also plucked from his soundcloud is Sarah Sampled, which offers a subaquatic xylophone loop which comes and goes throughout the track. It develops cleverly with added and removed layers throughout its duration culminating in the last minute where the harmonies are urged forward by the buzz of a forceful bass synth. A very well put together track.

Sarah Sampled - Graphics

In terms of downloads we've got two fresh tracks for you. Tele Flutter creates a relaxed feel with its soothing melody and gentle bassline, but it is the sampling of radio transmissions from the lunar landings that really create an overwhelming sense of calm, stillness and isolation from the world.

Tele Flutter - Graphics

Number 18 seems to sample chopped up sections of a laughter filled drinks party, and its textured synths and thoughtful piano chords create a comforting feel. It comes as some surprise when it suddenly drops into a bouncy, funky beat. Piercing, echoing pulses hover above the beat before it finally becomes anchored by a solid, buoyant bassline which is bound to get a crowd moving. On a completely different tip to Tele Flutter, but one which has really grown on me. Be sure to keep an eye on Graphics.

Number 18 - Graphics

Introducing ONLYJOE

Who knows the difference between Dub and Dubstep?

onlyjoe are a new ten-piece live act brought to you by the Organix crew. You may remember the Organix name from the Dubscover events they've been pushing for the last year or so. Now everything is ripe for onlyjoe, they are ready to share their band with you at the Rhythm Factory. You may have caught them performing their dubby beats from Corsica Studios to Croatia over the summer season - and that was just a warm up. Check the myspace for a healthy list of upcoming gigs.

They've been in the studio doing some recording and I'm pleased to announce that this beautiful piece Dub/Reggae is available to all, for free.

Easton Riddim - onlyjoe [download]

This October they bring you a fusion of Reggae, Dancehall, Dub, Dubstep and Jungle with support from the well-known Reggae Roast selecta Excel. Check the Facebook event.

All you gotta do is say...


What You Talkin' About?

House? Yeh we do House but even more so of late. The genre seems to be going through a particularly exciting stage as the wave of what many call 'Dubstep', screeches to another level of wackness. Big boss?! House spans such a huge range of sounds and for the last couple of years I feel I've neglected it somewhat. Recently, producers such as Melé, Redlight and T.E.E.D (the instrumental of this tune is RUDEEE!) have been pricking up my ears with their wonderful productions. Sub heavy house with bouncy bashy elements - I can't get enough.

We've always played House out, usually by the man Fibs (now known as DJ John T), who regularly plays in Norwich (and now has a residency in Vodka Revs alongside POW! and Dance Club) but we're playing it more these days. All you Norwich people go for a dance on a Monday. He's knocked together a 40 minute live promo mix with an eclectic mix of all sub-genres, touching briefly on areas of what kind of set you might hear. Deep House, Tech House, Funky, Garage etc...

DOWNLOAD: Hush DJs Live Promo Mix [mixed by DJ John T]

01. Yea - Boys Noize
02. Spooks - Zombie Disco Squad
03. Caraibi - Mowgli
04. Mr Spock - Justin Martin
05. Junofest - Dexter
06. Irl (French Fries Remix) - Girl Unit
07. Monster (T.E.E.D Instrumental) – Professor Green
08. I Can See (Doc Daneeka Remix) - Jazzanova
09. Night Hunter - Fis-T
10. Movin' To Fast (Feat. Romina Johnson) - Artful Dodger

Our good friends The Cheek have just uploaded the latest instalment of their ongoing 'Speck Of Dust' series. Make sure to get this on the download if you're feeling it.

Speck Of Dust Vol. 8 - The Cheek

01. Special (Instrumental) - Maddslinky
02. Deeper (Harry Benson Remix) - Venom & Damage
03. Deeper (Doc Daneeka Remix) - Venom & Damage
04. Kick It Till It Breaks - Velour
05. Dust Devil - Galen & Justin Martin
06. Night Hunter - Fis-T
07. Monster (T.E.E.D Instrumental) - Professor Green
08. Don't Play With My Heart (Paleface Remix) - Kyla
09. Changin? - Souled

Bonus - got a couple of freebies also on this House tip. Firstly, the massive club anthem from super-producer Redlight has had an even better re-work by Vital Techniques. Can imagine this going off in the dance.

What You Talking About?! (Vital Techniques Remix) - Redlight

Shooting Horses never fails to impress. There's something about the tunes which gets me every time - is it his crisp production, the basslines, the melodies, the chopped up vocals? I don't know. The second one here, I'm not a fan of the 'go low baby' breakdown but the rest of the tune outweighs that so much that I'm still posting it.

Fight (Shooting Horses Remix) - DJ Fresh
The Way (Shooting Horses Remix) - PURPL POP

Get in contact with any DJ enquiries through the email please.


Introducing ISOTONE

This isn't really an introduction because if you're more into your Drum & Bass than I am, you're more than likely to have heard of Isotone. However, for those that don't know, these tunes need a listen. Been meaning to post for ages cos I dig them, a lot. Drawing influences from a range of different genres but his output sound is very similar to the likes of the Shogun Audio crew and Noisia. Deep dark and heavy!

Shodan - Isotone & Loxy [buy on Beatport]

He has given out a few free tunes over the years. The latest of which is an experiment with a donation scheme. Here are my favourites from the latest EPs, three Drum & Bass, one Dubstep, in no order of preference.

With You - Isotone
If I Could - Isotone
Know The Future - Isotone

Project Them - Isotone & Hadoshroom

If you're digging the tunes and are feeling generous, please do donate here.


Where are you SULLY?!

Madly in love with this man's productions and am sure we've been in contact before cos he's from Norwich but I can't find his myspace or any contact details anywhere.

Anyone out there reading this have any further knowledge? Get in touch!


Introducing ASA

Coming from the same management stable block as Aphex Twin and Koan Sound is a good starting point for any up and coming artist, but coming off the back of his first vinyl release, and with a four track EP in the pipeline on Screwloose Records, Asa is a guy making a name for himself in his own right.

Having heard this latest track he sent over to us freshly finished today, we can assure you he is going places. This track is truly beautiful, and we are very pleased to be offering it to you as an exclusive. The track opens with spoken vocal samples, which drift in and out through its course, hinting at deep sadness and the memories of better days gone by, and all the while the looped vocals, aching with heartbreak, drift among a haunting piano backdrop and wooden percussion. One of the most moving tracks we've posted in a while, and I for one am eagerly awaiting the drop of the forthcoming EP to see what this guy can do next.

Leave The Lights On - Asa


Outlook Festival 2010

Although the Outlook Festival was three weeks ago now, anyone who went will still hold it vividly in their minds. We’ve been collating our anecdotes and pictures to share with you – hence the delay.

Croatia is a crazy place. Pula, where the festival moved to this year, is littered with ruins showcasing the area’s Roman heritage. There are ruins everywhere. The festival site itself is in an abandoned fort on a peninsular surrounded by the sea. You couldn’t dream of a better setting – especially with the campsite, which is on a beach, only a short walk away.

We arrived five days early and went exploring. These were the glory days when beer at the beach bar was only 10 kunas, couple of days later it was 15, and by Thursday it was 20 – which to be fair is still cheap for half a litre. The fort is inhabited by hippies, wild dogs and even a horse. Unofficial pre-parties took place for the first few days until the crowds got too big and unsafe for the non-secure venue - we found machetes while exploring the tunnels! Our initial reaction was that there were going to be some serious casualties at the festival, but this was not the case.

Our festival properly started with our big friend Barry – on the Bigger Than Barry boat party. We all know that these boys know how to throw a party and it didn’t disappoint. Big up to Matt ‘Pasteman’, Phat Pat, Oneman, Rattus and Klose who all smashed it. The topdeck bounced to the setting sun, and then the boat made its way back to the dock after four hours of madness.

In an attempt to avoid turning this into a running commentary, highlights included:

George Lenton who got the crowd going with the help of many of his own tunes. His Dizzee Rascal booty, which I wasn’t so sure about to start with, particularly stood out on the system.

I Luv U (George Lenton Remix) - Dizzee Rascal [download]

RackNRuin also used his own artillery to fill the ballroom as you can see from the picture below.

Sub:stance night with the likes of Appleblim and Scuba killing it. However DMZ night was probably our favourite - kicked off by the fantastic Kryptic Minds who followed a heavy set from dBridge. Silkie & Quest finished matters with the perfect balance of bass and melodies.

Beach parties during the day were next level. There’s nothing better than lying in the sun listening to a pumping system. Apparently a ‘No Dubstep’ policy was put in place but this quickly went out the window ‘Are You Ready’ was thundering through the campsite at just gone midday! For us, and many others, Chimpo & Chunky smashed the beach show. Gazaaaaaaaaaa!

Submotion Orchestra in the fading light were incredible. Shivers down the back bizness. Gentleman’s Dub Club put on a hype show as usual – shown below.

The list goes on - RSD, SpectraSoul, Break, Ben UFO, 2562, Pinch, Synkro & Indigo, Hylu & Jago (below).

Out to all the girl DJs out there. Special mention to Lazell killing it on the beach and in the dungeon...

All in all, the best festival we’ve been to. Bestival might have to look into changing it’s name...

Massive respect to the organisers, the hard work paid off; everything flowed seamlessly from arena to arena. We won’t go into the minor hiccups cos the plus points outnumbered them a hundred fold and I’m sure these will be ironed out for next year. Special thanks to Jack Robinson, Liam Wachs and Mark Salford, and of course all the other people running round on minimal sleep.


dBridge on the remix flex

No doubt this tune is going to get the same daytime radio rinsing 'Katy On A Mission' has had. However dBridge dropped his remix as a world exclusive at the end of his set at Outlook and Skream proceeded to wheel it twice!

Perfect Stranger (dBridge Remix) - Magnetic Man [192]

Just incase you're into this one too...

Perfect Stranger (Benga Remix) - Magnetic Man [192]


We love FORMAT



Wachs Lyrical who we first spoke to back in June 2009 (here) has gone from strength to strength. After that post he had N-Type after his tunes amongst many others. These days sees him heavily involved with the Leeds music scene playing out regularly but is also part of the Vagabondz crew. His work at Outlook Festival was highly appreciated, running around with little sleep sorting out all the Press & Media. Big up for sorting us some passes in the end!

Wachs has a quality list of forthcoming material, here's what's in the pipeline at present.

What I Feel Like Doing w/ Jack Sparrow Remix + iGrade Remix [Subdepth]
Elemental Algorithm + The Project [Subdepth]
Pariah w/ TMSV Remix [Brap Dem Recordings]
Atlas w/ Riskotheque Remix [For The Win Records]

Anyway, we've called on him to bring us the next instalment of our mix series. He's pieced together a huge tracklisting featuring nearly all dubs or forthcomings. Not just this but there are quite a few of his own productions in there too. This mix moves from Housey Garagey side of things through to the deeper sub rumbling likes of Jack Sparrow and back again. Sit back and enjoy the beats...


01. Made up My Mind – Hackman [dub]
02. Felt Smasher – Wachs Lyrical [dub]
03. Cairo – Akilles [dub]
04. Fell Dub (HxdB Remix) – Sephirot [forthcoming Subdepth]
05. Head Up – MAKO
06. Zebra vs Lynx – Wachs Lyrical [dub]
07. Ladders – Wachs Lyrical [dub]
08. Warm Moments ft. Novika – Jack Sparrow [dub]
09. Dah-Un – Legend4ry [dub]
10. Introspection – NumberNim6 & HxdB [forthcoming Subdepth]
11. Rosebud – DFRNT [dub]
12. Homecoming – Myrkur [forthcoming Subbalicious]
13. Odyssey – Von D & DJ MADD [dub]
14. Dread – Ashburner & Goli [dub]
15. Seshaan – MAKO [dub]
16. Dread – Jack Sparrow & Ruckspin [forthcoming Tectonic]
17. Shikra – Ruckspin [forthcoming Pushing Red]
18. Mecha – Submerse [dub]
19. Querky – Commodo [Untitled!]
20. Immortal – Myrkur [dub]
21. How Long 2010 ft. Dorrie – Pasteman [dub]
22. What I Feel Like Doing – Wachs & Riskotheque [forthcoming Subdepth]
23. Moulded – Sunchase (Akilles Remix) [dub]
24. Your My – Von D & Mr Lager [forthcoming Von D’s album on Argon]
25. Love Music – Von D [forthcoming Von D’s album on Argon]
26. Fear Alarm – Mr Illis [dub]
27. We Fresh – Wachs Lyrical [dub]
28. New Sick! – UFO [dub]
29. Elemental Algorithm – Wachs Lyrical [forthcoming Subdepth]
30. Atlas – Wachs Lyrical & Akilles [forthcoming FTW]


Featuring DJG

DJG of San Francisco informed us the other day of a brand new project he's started. It's called 'Voids'. There's very little stuff we get sent that after 30 seconds of the first track I click 'New Post' so I hope you feel the same and even can donate some money for his efforts. Here's what he had to say about it...

"I'm releasing a collection of twelve tracks through my website djgsound.com this Wednesday September 15. It's not an album, but I do feel the tracks belong together, and I decided they belong in two parts; Voids One is really for the ravers & the djs. These songs represent the sound I've pushed hard in the club over the last few years: dark, energetic, moody rave vibes. Voids Two is more personal, a bit lighter maybe, and closer to my heart.

I've decided to release them for free, without the help of a record label. I simply feel like sharing these songs with people in a direct and personal way."

<a href="http://music.djgsound.com/album/voids-one">VOIDS ONE by DJG</a>

<a href="http://music.djgsound.com/album/voids-two">VOIDS TWO by DJG</a>

"These are songs that I’ve never really been able to let go of, nearly all of them I pulled from scheduled releases or turned away offers from labels for various reasons. They are songs that I really believe in and feel connected to. Some were written as far back as 2007 and as recently as a month ago. They’ve been supported by an endless list of big name DJs and requested by friends and listeners for release."

All in all, this is not one to miss out on. Take the time to listen to the tracks, there is too much beauty within. In the words of Sonic Router (who have an interview with DJG about 'Voids' here) "it's people like him that've given us that vital boost when life takes over and post frequency wanes". However, post frequency is about to resume.