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Featuring TECTONIC

Since 2005 the Bristol based imprint Tectonic Recordings has been putting out a stream of consistently forward thinking bass music. Head honcho Pinch has curated a catalogue of releases which draw on Techno, Middle Eastern sound palettes and healthy doses of dark, sub-focused Dubstep. The two latest LP releases by Author and Pursuit Grooves have respectively blended Jazz and Hip-Hop elements into the mix with great results.

2012 sees Tectonic releasing it's 3rd installment in the Tectonic Plates Series, and the quality control hasn't relented. The contributions have a cohesion that makes the entire LP feel like a a dystopian film soundtrack... a good one at that. Standout tracks include Roska's '480 BC'; a minimal stepper that's reminiscent of early Loefah tracks like 'Root' with its relentless bass and swampy reverbs.

480 BC - Roska [forthcoming Tectonic]

'Outs' by the illustrious Kevin McPhee brings a Berlin Techno flavour to the table with a grimy warehouse feel, metallic percussion and a vocal sample thats being transmitted through a dodgy 2-way radio. Addison Groove also returns to bring us the dance floor smasher 'Phantom' which shows his footwork influences at their best. Cinematic choral and strings samples along with sounds ripped from 90's video games complement his signature scratch samples which are this time used stutteringly to devastating effect.

Outs - Kevin McPhee [forthcoming Tectonic]

With quality productions also coming from the likes of Illum Sphere, Kryptic Minds and Tunnidge, the quality across the board is impressive and makes this release well worthy of a purchase.

01. Kryptic Minds ‘The Talisman’
02. Addison Groove ‘Phantom’
03. Tunnidge ‘Universal’
04. Pinch ‘Blow Out The Candle’
05. Goth Trad ‘Mach’
06. Clue Kid ‘Evolution’
07. Roska ‘480 BC’
08. Monky ‘Float’
09. Ginz ‘Chrome’
10. Om Unit ‘Preshah’
11. Kevin McPhee ‘Outs’
12. Illum Sphere ‘Promise A Secret’
13. 2562 ‘Rogue State’

The compilation will be released Monday 19th March 2012 on CD, vinyl and digital.


Featuring SCUBA

Paul Rose goes by many aliases when it comes to making music but it is under his Scuba moniker that he has done the majority of his work. During his time as head of the great label that is Hotflush Recordings there have been many Scuba releases and remixes that have come out to great acclaim. It is on his two LP's, A Mutual Antipathy and Triangulation, where you really hear what Rose is trying to achieve.

The Hope / Flash Addict - Scuba [Hotflush Recordings]

Now living in Berlin, Rose is originally from London and the first two Scuba albums were definitely rooted there in the scene that evolved from Dubstep. What made them stand out so much however, was the influence of residing in Berlin and the effect that had on the music. With his third album, Personality, the shift towards more continental influences is much more apparent with many of the tracks being rooted now in Techno with a tempo varying throughout.

Since everyone has already heard 'The Hope', which was released this month as an album sampler, we are going to give you four other great tracks off the album which are a must listen.

1. Dsy Chn - One of the lower tempo tracks on the album (check the clip) but that really leaves some space between the beats to be explored. Early Sunday morning vibes all over this.

2. Gekko - Straight techno on this track and there is no holding back. Compact dance floor burner right here.

3. Cognitive Dissonance - A surprise addition here of a Drum & Bass track, albeit a fairly minimal and borderline Autonomic affair. Quite an exceptional track.

4. Tulips - Reminiscent of some early 90's Orbital or Future Sound of London, this track is relaxed, euphoric and has the perfect blend of vocals to make it a great track to watch the sun go down to.

This third full length is definitely not to be missed and is set for release on the 27th of February, on wax and digitally, and is certainly a worthy addition to Scuba's and the Hotflush catalogue.

We should also mention that Scuba, in his SCB guise, will be headlining our inaugural Hush House party in Leeds at Mint Club on the 3rd of March. Don't miss this event which will also feature HH favourites Midland and Mano Le Tough - all the info you need is here.


Featuring DEETRON

Today we welcome something a little special. Deetron, a superior producer and DJ in the House/Techno scene, and a name that has been firmly fixed in our memory since the release of 'Starblazer' back in June last year, has answered some questions ahead of his performance at Flux on Wednesday 22 February at Mint Warehouse.

Deetron, you’ve just embarked on your world tour. How has it been so farʔ

It's been absolutely great, the tour kicked off nicely down under and took me all across Europe with Asia and the US coming up in the next months. I'm glad to see how well the Balance release is received and appreciate the reactions from the crowds. Some of the highlights were Panoramabar on the 1st of January, Trouw in Amsterdam, the Balance launch at Corsica Studios in London, Bob Beaman in Munich and Lux in Lisboa.

You grew up in Berne Switzerland. How did you first encounter dance musicʔ

After I had been deejaying Hip Hop for a while, I started to run a little youthclub in a village outside of Bern This was where I got introduced to early Hip House records by a friend of mine and I was instantly hooked.

The tour is to promote Balance 20, your new mix CD. The Balance series is a pretty big deal – did you feel the pressure at all? Do you make sure to play a lot of the featured tracks in your sets?

I didn't feel the pressure from previous versions or the reputation of the series but more so from myself since my aim was to create mixes, which can stand the test of time rather than just featuring current big tracks. I do play a good amount of tracks from the CD as they're personal favourites but mixed with a lot of different and brand new material obviously.

You’re known as a meticulously tight and technical mixer. Lately, you hear some DJs claim how it’s all about the loose, rugged mix – what’s your take on the power of the smooth, seamless blend?

I believe they refer more likely to the calculated and automated beatmatching by DJs using digital systems exclusively because the live element goes missing. That's why I keep using Vinyl and CDs only at gigs rather than a digital setup. I'm making lots of edits and versions
of songs to play out from CD though, which is what I wanted to showcase with the digital CD of Balance 20.

After the success of Each Step, I hear you’re planning to get back into the studio with Seth Troxler? What is it about your relationship that works so well?

Yes that's right, we're currently working on a tune but who knows when that will be ready. Well I'm really into his vocals and lyrics so it was a logical step to cooperate with him. The funny thing is that we still haven't met in person.

If you could go back to any era of dance music, from the Seventies disco explosion in NYC to the acid house raves of rural England, and play a 2 hour set to a packed dance-floor, where would you go and why?

Paradise Garage of course, I would have loved to play in that booth and to experience Larry Levan live.

Finally, you’re headlining the Flux 1st Birthday in Leeds next week. Have you heard anything about Leeds' scene and the new Mint Warehouse space? What can we expect from your show?

Yes I did hear quite some great things about Mint and I'm really looking forward to playing there. You can expect a set of good music!

Thanks for your time, we look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

DOWNLOAD: LWE Podcast 112 - Deetron

01. The Loop Digga, “Sounds of the Studio” [Madlib Invazion]
02. The 7th Plain, “Seeing Sense” [General Production Recordings]
03. Pinch & Shackleton, “Rooms Within A Room” [Honest Jon's Records]
04. Moritz Von Oswald Trio, “Pattern 3″ [Honest Jon's Records]
05. Junior Boys, “You’ll Improve Me” (Caribou Remix) [Domino]
06. No Boundaries, “Modular Pursuits” (Dahpni Cwejam Dub) [Planet E]
07. Mr. Fingers, “Stars” [Alleviated Records]
08. The Mole, “Love Is The Way” [Haunted Music]
09. Floating Points, “ARP3″ [Eglo Records]
10. Life & Death, “Step Aside (Lightweight)” [Visionquest]
11. Rocketnumbernine, “Matthew & Toby” (Four Tet Remix) [Text Records]
12. Scuba, “Flash Addict” [Hotflush Recordings]
13. Boddika & Joy Orbison, “Swims” [Swamp 81]
14. James Blake, “At Birth” (Edit) [R&S Records]
15. André Lodemann, “Where Are You Now?” [Best Works Records]
16. Martyn, “We A You In The Future” (Redshape Remix) [Brainfeeder]
17. Ethyl & Flori, “Shelter” (Rolando Remix) [Secretsundaze]
18. Scott Grooves, “Detroit 808″ (Beats) [Natural Midi]
19. Omar S & Ob Ignitt, “Wayne County Hill Cop’s Part 2″ [FXHE Records]
20. The Reese Project, “Direct Me” (Marty Hardy Mix) [Network Records]
21. M.A.N.D.Y vs. Booka Shade, “Home” (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Interstellar Mix) (Edit) [Get Physical Music]
22. Little Dragon, “Thunder Love” (Mario & Vidis Redo) [Philomena]
23. Matthew Dekay & Lee Burridge, “Für Die Liebe” (Dub) [All Day I Dream]
24. Radiohead, “Bloom” (Jamie XX Rework Pt. 3) (Edit) [Young Turks]
25. Sepalcure, “Inside” [Hotflush Recordings]


Pelski's House & Disco Fix #1

Good friend Pelski has dropped a new mix which is well worth a listen. Download is available via the Soundcloud.

01. Mat Chiavaroli - War Outside
02. Dave Allison - Soda Poppin'
03. Psychemagik - Feelin' Love
04. Bryan Ferry - Alphaville (Todd Terje Remix)
05. Icasol feat. Capitol A - Givin It Up (Dub Version)
06. Claptone - Cream
07. Missing Linkx - Full Swing
08. Vincenzo - 106 Downtown (Genius Of Time remix)
09. Megadon Betamax - Don't Ask
10. Soho808 feat. Lydia Caesar - Turning Slow
11. Manuel Tur feat. Holly Backler - Most Of This Moment (Isolée Remix)
12. The Francis Inferno Orchestra - I Need It (Fantastic Man's Electric Boogaloo Remix)
13. Weekend Express - Going to Chicago
14. Sly Mongoose - Snakes And Ladder (Rub N Tug Remix)
15. Nicholas - Holdin' On
16. Omar S - Day (Long Mix)
17. Soulphiction feat. Missing Linkx - Who To Call



Manchester's Alex Coulton is ready to deliver the tenth release on the increasingly interesting Idle Hands imprint. It will be the follow up to his EP on All Caps, which we featured last year.

Coulton makes a clear progression from 'Representations', taking things in a significantly moodier direction. 'Candy Flip' is a little punchier and frantic, complimented by the more mournful vibe of 'Brooklyn' on the flip. Both tracks are wrapped with a warm sub bass and that classic house shuffle, making this one of the most promising Idle Hands releases to date. It is no surprise this young producer has had support from the likes of Ben UFO and Ben Klock.

Candy Flip - Alex Coulton [forthcoming Idle Hands]

Brooklyn - Alex Coulton [forthcoming Idle Hands]

IDLE010 will be released on March 5th, on vinyl and digital, via Juno.


Introducing BENEATH

Ever wonder what happened to the darker, harder roots of UK Funky?

Wonder no more. Sheffield's own Beneath (aka Ben Walker) is taking the genre back and developing that sound into 2012, giving you tracks that sound like Digital Mystikz and Objekt smashed together. Focusing more on rhythm, this more beat-driven style really does distinguish itself from the more mainstream, House-based club tunes which have become so popular.

After delivering a really deep and interesting mix for Blackdown (which you can grab here) followed by a cracking debut 12" last month on his own label, No Symbols, he has really started to get some attention - including getting rinsed by guys like Pinch and Mosca.

Beneath - NOSY002 EP [forthcoming on No Symbols]

The next installment will be out late March / early April so you have plenty of time to get to know Beneath's work. You can also grab his track "Name Droppin", which was given a way at the end of last year via WifeyLDN.


Featuring REDSHAPE

With releases on Delsin, Styrax Leaves and Music Man, the behind the mask has had huge success in mainland Europe. Apart from living hin Germany not much else is known about who Redshape is, as he wears the mask even at live dates, however his music speaks for itself. His hard hitting techno vibes have graced many a dancefloor and mixtape over the last few years and 2012 sees his first release come via Martyn's 3024 label.

Both tracks on this 12" are firmly rooted in classic Detroit but have been brought into 2012, producing some seriously bass heavy Techno. Throw In Dirt / The Land is set for release on the 20th of February and will be available digitally and on wax from all your usual outlets. Track previews and pre-ordering can be found right now however via Surus.



18 year-old producer Charlie Banks stepped out with a huge debut EP last week, more than justifying the buzz that follows him. As well as making beats you can also catch him DJing across the UK right now.

Saying What - Charlie Banks [Dirt Crew Recordings]

The Saying What EP, released by Dirt Crew, features three fresh tracks by Charlie plus two remixes by Christophe and Lukas. If this release is anything to go by, this guy is tipped for big things.



Jesper Ryom first caught our eye during a late-night YouTube session when we stumbled upon the brilliant 'Nature Boy' from last year. We were curious of how such a talent had slipped completely under the radar for us, and wanted to know more about this young Danish talent. We asked if he’d like to record a mix for us and answer a few questions, and being the lovely fella he is, he said “ja” (that’s Danish for “yes”).

Hi Jesper, please tell us a little bit about your background and upbringing...

I am 23 years old and I live in Copenhagen. I've lived most of my life in Aalborg in the northern part of Denmark, where I played in bands and smoked a little too much grass. Then I went to a Danish boarding school for half a year in 2010 to study electronic music. Here I met my girlfriend, and we moved to Copenhagen after finishing the stay. It was at this point I began taking my music a bit more serious and began working with house music.

You mentioned you had an exam today. What exactly are you studying?

I am studying Medialogy, which is a cross of media & music production as well as more geeky stuff like computer programming and image processing.

We're big fans of your Nature Boy EP from last year. How did the hook-up with Power Plant Records come about? (We also like the sleeve, who designed it?)

Thanks, glad to hear that! I came in contact with Sanna La Fleur, who owns Power Plant, through a mutual friend. After sending some of my songs to her, we settled on the two tracks on the EP. The sleeve contains a drawing by Wilfred Sätty (1939-1982) who was a German born, San Francisco based artist active in the 60's and 70's. Credit to La Fleur for discovering his amazing works and finding such a fitting picture. I loved it from the moment I saw it, and we agreed on using it for the cover.

Nature Boy - Jesper Ryom [Power Plant Records]

What is your earliest memory of music?

That must be listening to my parents vinyl collection when I was a kid. I always adored their records and they sparked my interest in jazz music, which has never left me. I really like sampling from old records since I love the quality of the sounds produced in the 60's and 70's, and I'm sure that's because my first music experience was with that warm sound.. I try to infuse that feeling into my music even though it's produced on a computer.

Which producers/labels really excite you?

There are so many exciting producers and labels right now, but If I was to point at a few, Suol and Tartelet Records are some of my favorite labels right now, and I love more or less every record from those two labels. Some of the producers I find really exciting are Axel Boman, Nebraska and Danish producer Paxton Fettel. They all have this rich and warm sound that I really love, as well as a great sense of groove.

What does 2012 hold for Jesper Ryom?

I have a couple of remixes coming out soon, and I am working on a new EP as well. Honestly, during the past half year I have been preoccupied with my studies, so I feel like catching up now by being a lot more productive.

Finally, what are you passionate about outside of electronic music?

My girlfriend, Johanne, and our two fluffy ragdoll cats. And my newfound love for espresso.

Thanks for your time Jesper, we look forward to what's still to come out of your studio.


01. The Soulful Strings - Burning Spear
02. Marsmobil - Gonna Be My Day (Henrik Schwarz Acoustronic Remix)
03. Ruede Hagelstein, The Noblettes - A Priori (Guillaume & The Count Dumonts Remix)
04. Salvatore Freda - Luv Can't Hurt (Nebraska '79 Mix)
05. Salvatore Freda - Luv Can't Hurt (Nebraska '86 Mix)
06. Pool - Dont Call My Name (Stimming Remix)
07. Siri Svegler - Silent Viewer (Chopstick & Johnjon Remix)
08. Sleazy McQueen - Trains Over Broadway (Pezzner Extended Mix)
09. Juno6 - BCN
10. Bjorn Storig - Connected Ways
11. Nicone, Sascha Braemer - Dreamer (Edu Imbernon Remix)
12. Marc DePulse - Fingertips
13. Makam - New Yotk Huslter (Losoul Remix)
14. Anthea, Guti - Option One
15. Ray Okpara - Blues Me Blues
16. Terranova - So Strong (Findling & Zigon Remix)
17. Guti - Keep It (Satoshi Tomiie Remix)
18. Alpine - Galapine (Julien Chaptal Remix)
19. Cascandy - Escapade Escapade
20. Jesper Ryom - End Title

Keep up with Jesper on Soundcloud and Facebook.



One of the artists that we've been keeping a close watch on for the last 9 months or so is Kris Wadsworth. We first stumbled across this beat making magician when his Lime & Pink EP really caught our ears' attention. It doesn't come as a surprise that it now turns out he's been putting tunes out (on vinyl) for 10 years.

Get your ears round this mix, it's all his own productions/remixes and if it doesn't get you moving, there might be something wrong with you, or us. If you're in Leeds, get down to Lowbrow tomorrow night. We don't get very excited about many events but this one's giving us seriously itchy feet.

DOWNLOAD: Kris Wadsworth's 10 Years on Wax Mix


Gerry Read & Kevin McPhee - Demolition Man

Demolition Man appeared on limited pink vinyl at the end of last year but it is the latest release to appear digitally from the guys at Ramp for quite some time. Featuring the talents of Gerry Read and Canadian newcomer Kevin McPhee, this premium slice of bass heavy, dark and dirty Tech House really hits the dance floor hard. With a healthy splash of piano stabs and moody vocals to top the track off, it keeps your ears open and your feet shuffling.

Gerry Read & Kevin McPhee - Demolition Man [Ramp/PTN]

You can grab a copy via Records Are My Pillow alongside a healthy selection of Ramp releases plus material from all of its sub labels including PTN and Brainmath.

This is Ramp's own distribution site that sees the artists get all the money from the digital releases, not the case at your regular digital music store, and you really are supporting your favourite producers directly by legally buying their music straight from them. For other labels we suggest looking into Surus, which again aims to get as much of the money from music sales (vinyl and digital) to independent labels and artists.