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Preview: St John Sessions, November 2013

Having previously welcomed the likes of Actress, Tim Hecker, and Nils Frahm to the church which they call home, St John Sessions continue their series of live events, showcasing the best in experimental, ambient music.

The next event, featuring Biosphere, Perc, and EQLS takes place on 7th November. If you like your music to be delivered in sonic landscape form, you'd be silly to miss this one.

Tickets are available here. Find out more on Facebook.


Featuring WILL & INK

The Dutch duo's second EP on their self titled sub-label - part of the Delsin family - is a welcome companion to the Fermat EP that marked their debut.

The A-side has a feel indebted to the schaffel sounds popular on Kompakt, but with a much harder feel, a cavernous, echoing drumbeat and an underlying acid squelch emerging in the second half. On the flip, 'Second Wilson' is an incessant techno stormer, with a melody of synth stabs and voice fragments giving it a nervous edge. 'Third Wilson' continues this theme, but with a more scattered vibe; there's a definite nod towards the Hessle Audio aesthetic in its synth sounds if you ask us.

Wilson EP - Will & Ink [WNK]

[WNK002] is scheduled to be released on October 28th, pre-order it now over at Juno.

Words by: Jason Rule


Introducing LEIBNIZ

23-year-old producer Leibniz has produced his debut EP for Fourth Wave, delivering three raw house cuts.

First up is 'What Matters'; an aquatic sounding melody is carried along by a jacking beat and filtered percussion, reminiscent of Smallpeople and Rau's Meadows EP. The tune doesn't lose any originality though, with the melody pulsating in and out for its duration, creating a very well-rounded club track.

'Bring It Don't Sing It Part 1' and 'Part 2' are less subdued, with euphoric synths creating an infectious melody over a warm kick, contrasting with the rough, analog drums. We expect you'll be hearing 'Part 2' in quite a few sets over the next few months.

What Matters / Bring It Don't Sing It EP – Leibniz [Fourth Wave]

[4TH012] is available to pre-order now.

Words by: Owen Spalding



As we draw ever closer to the big five-o, the next offering in our mix series comes from the rapidly name Massimo Di Lena. You may have clocked his Hardlife EP which featured in many festival sets this summer. He’s recently uploaded two lost and found tapes of sandy techno which you can sample below. These were made in 2011 and many may think these are among his first output but this artist ain't new to the producing game. He's previously put out a number of releases on a variety of labels under his Massi DL alias - generally falling somewhere in the Minimal/Tech bracket.

The mix features erratic Techno and jackin’ House cuts whilst grooving through some exclusive forthcoming material.

HH MIX #048 - Massimo Di Lena [download]

No tracklist.

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