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Featuring WILL & INK

The Dutch duo's second EP on their self titled sub-label - part of the Delsin family - is a welcome companion to the Fermat EP that marked their debut.

The A-side has a feel indebted to the schaffel sounds popular on Kompakt, but with a much harder feel, a cavernous, echoing drumbeat and an underlying acid squelch emerging in the second half. On the flip, 'Second Wilson' is an incessant techno stormer, with a melody of synth stabs and voice fragments giving it a nervous edge. 'Third Wilson' continues this theme, but with a more scattered vibe; there's a definite nod towards the Hessle Audio aesthetic in its synth sounds if you ask us.

Wilson EP - Will & Ink [WNK]

[WNK002] is scheduled to be released on October 28th, pre-order it now over at Juno.

Words by: Jason Rule

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