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There's something about the autumn/winter time, producers and DJs seem to come crawling out of the shadows they've been hiding in (or perhaps it's the other way round - out of the sun, into their studios) and decide to spring a mix on us, which we asked for months ago. That makes us sound somewhat ungrateful, which of course we're not. Infact, we could never be ungrateful for a mix like this. This is, without a doubt, the most enjoyable hour-plus length of music I've had the pleasure of listening to this year.

Vandera resides in London where he is a medic by day and a bass head by night. He's been treating me to his own productions for over a year now and I've watched the progression closely, eagerly awaiting to hear the latest output from the lab. He's a avid fan of soundcloud where I'm sure those regular users will have seen his name cropping up all over the place - check his profile here.

This mix, as I've tried to iterate above, is outstanding. Seamlessly mixed, full of soaring melodies and ample sub-bass, all in key and to top it off, the time runs 1h11m11s - if there's anyone that knows how to tickle our fancy, this man does for sure. With the taste and production potential of the man behind our other 10/10 mix, the coming year is going to be a big one for the mad scientist. If you don't know, get to know...


01. DJG – BC3 (Vandera Refix) [Voids]
02. Vandera – Pure Light [forthcoming Forecast]
>>> Rootah - Get it Already [Scotch Bonnet]
03. Dhyan Moller - Lost In 3s (DJG Remix) [Blipswitch]
04. By Proxy – 68 (Vandera Remix) [Car Crash Set]
>>> Numan – Secrets [Subdepth]
05. Actraiser – Mysteries Of The Universe [dub]
06. Rae & Christian – Premonition [Grand Central]
07. Lostlojic & Faib - Midnight Light [dub]
>>> Vandera – Scanners [Stoke Audio]
08. Vandera & Lostlojic - No Love [dub]
09. Bassnectar – Love Here [Child’s Play]
10. Lung – Whale Song [dub]
>>> Actraiser – Solstice (Vandera Remix) [dub]
11. Clubroot – Orbiting [LoDubs]
12. Just – Fossil [2019]
13. Starkey - New Cities [Planet Mu]
14. Ramadanman – Tempest [Hemlock]
15. HXDB – Miranda [forthcoming Subdepth]
16. Swarms – Hypnotize [Subdepth]
17. Lostlojic - Last Goodbye (Vandera Remix) [Subdepth]
18. Numan – Wildfire [forthcoming Subdepth]
19. Unbalanced Jack – Fresh Air [forthcoming Subdepth]
20. F – Chillin’ [7even]
>>> People Under The Stairs – Outrun [OM]
21. TKR – Nautilus [dub]
22. Vandera - Carbon 11 [forthcoming Forecast]
23. Dom Hz – Everyday Dreamer [forthcoming Subdepth]
24. Vandera – Move On [forthcoming Subdepth]
25. Mount Kimbie – Would Know [Hotflush]
26. Quantum Soul – Hark Back [dub]
>>> Actraiser – Parasol Stars [dub]
27. Egoless – Think About That [dub]
28. Vesicle – Sludge Jazz [forthcoming Gradient Audio]
29. Eleven8 – I Fell Into A Memory [dub]
30. Seba – Soul 2000 [Looking Good]



Nottingham, a date for the diary...

Hype for this already!


I'm so heavy...

It's tricky to describe this in words. If you're a fan of Florence, like I am, you'll love this. C-Berg takes you on a long, captivating progression, as her vocal ascends into an ecstasy of enchanted emotion...

Heavy In Your Arms (C-Berg Remix) - Florence & The Machine


You been dancing with the devil...

Dark Sky never fail to impress. Latest news is that their 'Crystalised' remix is finally available to buy, get it at Boomkat or Juno. Also they have a forthcoming EP with Black Acre which should be out around Christmas time.

Their latest remix is being used by Ninja Tune to promote the forthcoming Stateless single which is out on 22nd November, in anticipation of the album, which is out in February next year. The single 'Ariel' also features remixes by Rustie and Midland. Dark Sky on a proper bouncy 2-step flex here but with their own flavour added as always. All you need is your email address...

Ariel (Dark Sky Remix) - Stateless

Synkro is another one of my favourite producers. Think this tune is quite an old tune but still a goody. Harp patterns slide over a skippy beat and humming sub-line with the odd injection of something a bit nastier.

Back Then - Synkro

I hadn't heard of The Spit Brothers until recently but they seem to be cropping up wherever I'm looking, earlier on today it was on a track with fellow San Fran local, Antiserum. Dubsworth and Bakir came together in 2005, both very experienced in the live scene - Bakir toured with Jazzsteppa on their first US tour as their trumpet player and tour manager. Their sound incorporates various elements of bass music mixed with hints of Jazz - which is what caught my attention. They have a live set which I can imagine to be something special.

Oh Contrarians - The Spit Brothers [buy @ Beatport]

This track is slightly different to the one above, bit deeper and heavier but rolls nicely with the blaring horn sections...

Done Gone There - The Spit Brothers

Last but not least, you should all know these two...

Stapleton Road VIP - Mensah
The 1987 Bounce - Gemmy



For the 10th in the series we bring you a very special guest, the one and only D1. We're super pleased to have landed one of our favourite Dubstep producers in the exclusive series. Over the next few weeks we have more excitement lined up which we're super hype for.

For those that don't know about D1 - he's part of the Dub Police crew and is also the master of 4x4 Dubstep. One the biggest releases at the start of this year had his name stamped across it - Pitcher backed with Jus Business tore up dance-floors across the country. If you haven't heard that Dub Police release, check it here on youtube. Available to purchase in all good shops and online too.

September saw him give away a stonking 30 unsigned and unreleased dubs. I'll save your hard-drive space, here's my top four. Two club flavoured tracks first, followed by two tracks, more on the instrumental tip, but still bouncy.

No Fear - D1
Sub Zero - D1

Atmosphere - D1
Everything - D1

The most exciting of his forthcoming material includes a track called "Flood Of Emotion" featuring Jenna G which is coming out in February 2011. Expect to see a video around January time.

Enough of the chit chat. Get this on the download quick sharp.


01. No Fear - D1 [dub]
02. Rollercoaster - D1 [dub]
03. Scatter - D1 [dub]
04. Lazerquest - D1 [dub]
05. Ongie Bongie VIP - D1 [dub]
06. Pitcher - D1 [Dub Police]
07. Keep Lovin U - D1 [dub]
08. Bleeps To Broadway - D1 [Dub Police]
09. Just Because - Subscape [Dub Police]
10. No Tomorrow - D1 [dub]
11. Minimal Movements - Caspa [dub]
12. Crusader - Emalkay [Dub Police]
13. Nothing Is Forever - D1 [dub]
14. Emotional High - D1 [dub]
15. Love Never Dies - Caspa & Mr Hudson
16. One(Caspa remix) - SHM
17. Untitled - Kutz
18. Wonderful Life (D1 Bootleg) - Hurts

Big up D1 for his time. Go show him some love on Myspace or Twitter.


Cure to any hangover...

Go buy the real version. The whole album is only £6.50 at Chemical.


Introducing GRAPHICS

Any music fan who has spent their time trawling the blogosphere will be aware of the huge lack of quality control on the internet. It seems to be an inevitable product of the increasing exposure of the underground scene. Whereas most pop fans are quite happy to sit and listen to whatever regurgitated nonsense happens to be on the radio, many of the people recently exposed to the underground genres see them as more accessible, and see a chance to get involved and make a quick name for themselves without too much time or effort. It is because of this development that there are now so many people online writing about music they don't understand, and publicising their mate from school's bad impression of something they thought was Dubstep.

Whilst there is a pretty amusing degree of truth to be found in Darkly's article on the insincerity of the blogger over at Pelski (read it here), it is undeniably our duty to make sure we only post decent tunes, and do so legally. That way we are doing our bit to allow you readers to find the tight productions you're looking for quickly, enabling you to wait for the true beauties, and not forcing you to download some cheap slag of a tune. It is also important to maintain standards because increasingly people are downloading poor productions at low quality bit rates, and playing them out at parties or even clubs. The impacts of poor blogging are far reaching, and so its a pleasure to now introduce you to Graphics, whose latest productions have had all the hallmarks of a class act.

His forthcoming digital release of the track The Kingmaker on Electric Rasta EP from Haunted Audio Recordings, and a 12 inch b2b with Emvee also due on Shifting Peaks, both showcase some crisp beats from this up and comer. The latter sees the release of Blue Top, which should definitely be checked out below. The chopped up vocals explode like fireworks far above you against a backdrop of soothing synths and a Future Garage-esque beat.

Blue Top - Graphics

Also plucked from his soundcloud is Sarah Sampled, which offers a subaquatic xylophone loop which comes and goes throughout the track. It develops cleverly with added and removed layers throughout its duration culminating in the last minute where the harmonies are urged forward by the buzz of a forceful bass synth. A very well put together track.

Sarah Sampled - Graphics

In terms of downloads we've got two fresh tracks for you. Tele Flutter creates a relaxed feel with its soothing melody and gentle bassline, but it is the sampling of radio transmissions from the lunar landings that really create an overwhelming sense of calm, stillness and isolation from the world.

Tele Flutter - Graphics

Number 18 seems to sample chopped up sections of a laughter filled drinks party, and its textured synths and thoughtful piano chords create a comforting feel. It comes as some surprise when it suddenly drops into a bouncy, funky beat. Piercing, echoing pulses hover above the beat before it finally becomes anchored by a solid, buoyant bassline which is bound to get a crowd moving. On a completely different tip to Tele Flutter, but one which has really grown on me. Be sure to keep an eye on Graphics.

Number 18 - Graphics

Introducing ONLYJOE

Who knows the difference between Dub and Dubstep?

onlyjoe are a new ten-piece live act brought to you by the Organix crew. You may remember the Organix name from the Dubscover events they've been pushing for the last year or so. Now everything is ripe for onlyjoe, they are ready to share their band with you at the Rhythm Factory. You may have caught them performing their dubby beats from Corsica Studios to Croatia over the summer season - and that was just a warm up. Check the myspace for a healthy list of upcoming gigs.

They've been in the studio doing some recording and I'm pleased to announce that this beautiful piece Dub/Reggae is available to all, for free.

Easton Riddim - onlyjoe [download]

This October they bring you a fusion of Reggae, Dancehall, Dub, Dubstep and Jungle with support from the well-known Reggae Roast selecta Excel. Check the Facebook event.

All you gotta do is say...


What You Talkin' About?

House? Yeh we do House but even more so of late. The genre seems to be going through a particularly exciting stage as the wave of what many call 'Dubstep', screeches to another level of wackness. Big boss?! House spans such a huge range of sounds and for the last couple of years I feel I've neglected it somewhat. Recently, producers such as Melé, Redlight and T.E.E.D (the instrumental of this tune is RUDEEE!) have been pricking up my ears with their wonderful productions. Sub heavy house with bouncy bashy elements - I can't get enough.

We've always played House out, usually by the man Fibs (now known as DJ John T), who regularly plays in Norwich (and now has a residency in Vodka Revs alongside POW! and Dance Club) but we're playing it more these days. All you Norwich people go for a dance on a Monday. He's knocked together a 40 minute live promo mix with an eclectic mix of all sub-genres, touching briefly on areas of what kind of set you might hear. Deep House, Tech House, Funky, Garage etc...

DOWNLOAD: Hush DJs Live Promo Mix [mixed by DJ John T]

01. Yea - Boys Noize
02. Spooks - Zombie Disco Squad
03. Caraibi - Mowgli
04. Mr Spock - Justin Martin
05. Junofest - Dexter
06. Irl (French Fries Remix) - Girl Unit
07. Monster (T.E.E.D Instrumental) – Professor Green
08. I Can See (Doc Daneeka Remix) - Jazzanova
09. Night Hunter - Fis-T
10. Movin' To Fast (Feat. Romina Johnson) - Artful Dodger

Our good friends The Cheek have just uploaded the latest instalment of their ongoing 'Speck Of Dust' series. Make sure to get this on the download if you're feeling it.

Speck Of Dust Vol. 8 - The Cheek

01. Special (Instrumental) - Maddslinky
02. Deeper (Harry Benson Remix) - Venom & Damage
03. Deeper (Doc Daneeka Remix) - Venom & Damage
04. Kick It Till It Breaks - Velour
05. Dust Devil - Galen & Justin Martin
06. Night Hunter - Fis-T
07. Monster (T.E.E.D Instrumental) - Professor Green
08. Don't Play With My Heart (Paleface Remix) - Kyla
09. Changin? - Souled

Bonus - got a couple of freebies also on this House tip. Firstly, the massive club anthem from super-producer Redlight has had an even better re-work by Vital Techniques. Can imagine this going off in the dance.

What You Talking About?! (Vital Techniques Remix) - Redlight

Shooting Horses never fails to impress. There's something about the tunes which gets me every time - is it his crisp production, the basslines, the melodies, the chopped up vocals? I don't know. The second one here, I'm not a fan of the 'go low baby' breakdown but the rest of the tune outweighs that so much that I'm still posting it.

Fight (Shooting Horses Remix) - DJ Fresh
The Way (Shooting Horses Remix) - PURPL POP

Get in contact with any DJ enquiries through the email please.


Introducing ISOTONE

This isn't really an introduction because if you're more into your Drum & Bass than I am, you're more than likely to have heard of Isotone. However, for those that don't know, these tunes need a listen. Been meaning to post for ages cos I dig them, a lot. Drawing influences from a range of different genres but his output sound is very similar to the likes of the Shogun Audio crew and Noisia. Deep dark and heavy!

Shodan - Isotone & Loxy [buy on Beatport]

He has given out a few free tunes over the years. The latest of which is an experiment with a donation scheme. Here are my favourites from the latest EPs, three Drum & Bass, one Dubstep, in no order of preference.

With You - Isotone
If I Could - Isotone
Know The Future - Isotone

Project Them - Isotone & Hadoshroom

If you're digging the tunes and are feeling generous, please do donate here.


Where are you SULLY?!

Madly in love with this man's productions and am sure we've been in contact before cos he's from Norwich but I can't find his myspace or any contact details anywhere.

Anyone out there reading this have any further knowledge? Get in touch!