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Here we have a split mix from the Canadian/American duo, HxdB and Distal, something we’ve not done before. HxdB has been on the radar for a while and his productions have been steadily getting better and better. When the pair teamed up for the first time, the result was fantastic. The release came out on Surefure Sound and we have one of the tracks available to download here...

Typewriter Tune – HxdB & Distal

They have a release coming out on Tectonic as well as many of their individual productions forthcoming on various labels. You might notice the last track Distal has collaborated with the Juke head honcho, DJ Rashad – big!

This mix is full of tunes you won’t have heard before, interesting music, plenty of bleeps and bass, all with a noticeable American influence. It’s download time!


Part 1 - HxdB
01. HxdB - Savage Pets [forthcoming Brownswood]
02. Clicks & Whistes - Sea Breeze [dub]
03. Cosmic Revenge - Late Nights (Kastle Remix) [dub]
04. Distal & HxdB - Booyant [forthcoming Tectonic]
05. Magnum - Schemes [forthcoming Gradient Audio]
06. Sclist - V [forthcoming Gradient Audio]
07. HxdB & Self Evident - Hoof Hearted [dub]
08. Resketch - Good for You [forthcoming Inhale Audio]
09. XI - Vauxhall Vortex [dub]
10. B1t Crunch3r vs Gravity - Malfunction (HxdB Remix) [Gradient Audio]
11. Sleepyhead & Sonkin - Pinners [dub]
12. Hodge - Red Temple [dub]

Part 2 - Distal
01. Distal - Monroe [dub]
02. Acre - Drug Tank [dub]
03. Richelle - Mascotte [Pelican Fly]
04. Distal - Short & Sweet [dub]
05. Pangaea - Won't Hurt [Hessle]
06. I.D. & Skinnz - The Most High [Earwax]
07. Kromestar - Sweet Nightmares [forthcoming Dubstar]
08. Machinedrum - U Don't Survive [dub]
09. DJ Heavy D - Philly Soul Strings [Ghettophiles]
10. DJ Manny - Whateva [Ghettophiles]
11. Jody Breeze - Synth Tests [Ghettophiles]
12. Distal & DJ Rashad - Stuck Up Money [dub]

Follow HxdB - Soundcloud / Twitter
Follow Distal on Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter


FACT Mix: Kryptic Minds

Fact Mag just released a new mix by Kryptic Minds, a London dubstep duo known for their dark bass, hypnotic atmospheres, and strict halfstep rhythms. The mix features mostly their own work including tracks from their phenomenal new album, Can't Sleep, and several unreleased tracks.


01. Kryptic Minds – "Untitled Dub"
02. Kryptic Minds – "Untitled Dub"
03. Kryptic Minds – "Untitled Dub"
04. Kryptic Minds – "Time Flies"
05. DJ Madd – "Dub Marine (Kryptic Minds Remix)"
06. DJ Madd – "Pitch Black" [Forthcoming | Osiris Music UK]
07. Matt U – "Empty Inside" [Forthcoming | Osiris Music UK]
08. Kryptic Minds – "Can’t Sleep (Ft. Alys Be)"
09. Kryptic Minds – "The Fifth"
10. Kryptic Minds – "No More No Less"
11. DJ Madd – "New Reality" [Forthcoming | Osiris Music UK]
12. Freeze & LX ONE – "Foreseen" [Osiris Music UK]
13. Kryptic Minds – "Untitled Dub"
14. Kryptic Minds – "The Things They Left Behind"
15. Kryptic Minds – "Untitled Dub"
16. Kryptic Minds – "Just After Sunset"
17. Kryptic Minds & Youngsta – "Arcane"
18. Kryptic Minds – "Untitled Dub"
19. Matt U – "Unforgiven" [Forthcoming | Osiris Music UK]
20. Kryptic Minds – "Untitled Dub"
21. Kryptic Minds – "Wasteland" [Osiris Music UK]

Get to it quick! The download expires in three weeks.


Leave the adult life til tomorrow...

Man like Roska knows how to please his fans on a day like this. Jamie George on the vocal, Scratcha on the remix. Naughty!

Wonderful Day (DVA's Soule Power Remix) - Roska ft. Jamie George

Bonus: POW 2011 (Roska Remix) - Various

Summer loving...

photo credit: Jay Hawley

Sorry for the lack of free music recently. We've been scouring the internet and the results of decent freebies have been lacking. However, for our 500th post, we've russled up some tracks which might suit your mood whilst lazing in the sunshine.

First up, there's been hundreds of remixes of Chase & Status' latest single 'Time'. Deliah features with a big vocal and Didz has come up with a skipping 2-step beat to sit underneath.

Time (Didz Remix) - Chase & Status

The Weeknd is some of the best R&B we've heard for years (not that we listen to much). The album is available for free from their website and has 3 or 4 stand-out tracks so if that's what you're into, we'd advise the download. This is the personal favourite and can see it doing well with many producers sampling Cassie etc on a similar vibe recently.

What You Need - The Weeknd

Sleepyhead is a new name to us but will remain in the memory bank for a while after this catchy number. Thumping low end, rich euphoric synths and a sweeping vocal. Pity it's less than 3 minutes long!

Nothing Changes - Sleepyhead

Basic Audio, another new name, shows he's quickly refining his production skills with this latest track which is step up from the previous two. A chopped and layered vocal, that sounds similar to some of Jamie Woon's work, sits over a composed sinuous progression.

Dwele - Basic Audio

Talking of Jamie Woon - three out of four remixes on the official package have been given out trying to amp the release, none of them beat the original, however this one from dÉbruit has a good go.

Lady Luck (dÉbruit's Suave Remix) - Jamie Woon

Last we've got our favourite production to come out of the Graphics studio. This time he's on a darker tip, turning the original, slow Dub-Reggae vibe from Hiatus, into more of a roller taking advantage of the massive Linton Kwesi Johnson vocal and utilising it well.

Insurrection (Graphics Remix) - Hiatus

Check the original track too, it was written for the 30th anniversary of the Brixton riots which takes the track to another level.

Insurrection (feat. Linton Kwesi Johnson) - Hiatus

Edit: Forgot to put this link in. Keep an eye out for Mahni in the coming months, this is his latest, and it's banging.

Only - Mahni



After the huge success of the first two Pelski vs Jackmode nights at Crucifix Lane (formely Counter Culture), they’re back with an even bigger lineup, headed by none other than the The Martin Brothers (AKA Justin and Christian Martin). Held in a warehouse-esque venue under London Bridge, equipped with two formidable Funktion1 soundsystems, this one’s set to go off. And the lineup’s a showcase of some of the finest jackin’ house and tech-house artists around, including Nat Self and Hanne & Lore, hailing from some of the biggest labels of the moment: Dirtybird,Sound Pellegrino, Style Rockets and Made To Play. Room 2 will be hosted by the upcoming label Klasse Recordings, headed up by Luca Lozano and Mr. Ho. For an idea of what to expect, pick up the mp3's below and be sure to get yourselves down there on Saturday. Pick up advance tickets for a reasonable £10 here.

African Drum Concert (Nat Self Remix) - Jeff Doubleu (128kbps)

War - Nat Self

Make It Last Forever (Mr. Ho Edit) - Donna McGhee

Thanks To You (Johanna Knutsson Quick Fix Edit) - Sinnamon


FACT: Jamie xx & Oneman

Fact Mag are always on point with their mix series, this is next level though. A live mix from two of the most exciting talents London's underground scene has to offer. Get it on the download quick, it's only available for 3 weeks.

DOWNLOAD [right click save as]

or stream here.



Who's Gerry Read you might be thinking to yourself. Well, read the interview below, learn a little, check the track, listen a little, then download the mix and listen a little more. We're hotly tipping this 19-year-old for big things in the next year or so. Keep those eyes peeled.

Tell us a little about you and your musical background...

I’ve been playing the drums and guitar since I was about 12-13 yrs old, couldn’t find anyone who wanted to start a band so luckily I naturally progressed into just doing it by myself.

How and when did you first get into producing?

It was during the first few months after moving to Australia with my family, I basically hated it and needed to kill some time without turntables.

How would you describe your sound to someone that hasn’t heard it before?

Pretty much a burnt stir fry of UK Garage, old US House and something else.

Why did you decide to change your first name to Gerry for your artist name?!

Its basically a piss take of my straight-to-the-point cockney granddad, who’s name is Gerry. I thought him being cockney aswell would be a good reference to all this ‘‘bass music’’ I get told I’m making.

What's it like living in Bury St Edmunds, which pretty much has no music scene at all? Do you go out in Norwich, Cambridge, London?

Yea it is pretty boring to be honest. I've been back for about 7 months now, been to a few things here and there. There's a night run by Nu:tone & Logistics in Cambridge called Spoonfed which I saw David Rodigan play at.

A few mates and I are hoping to run a little night this summer though called ‘Weave’, playing House/UK Funky/Dubstep/Techno/Jungle, just need to find the right venue for it.

You had your debut release on Dark Arx back in November last year with three very different tracks, are you still producing such a variety of styles?

I make all sorts really, whatever I feel like making. I've been making stuff with drums and guitar for a while. One tune on that EP ‘Dreamer’ was a bit of a one off because its straight Dubstep. I usually experiment with a lot of sounds/styles.

Last Time - Gerry Read [out on vinyl, digital soon]

You have a forthcoming release on Ramp's sub label Fourth Wave - how did this come about? Any others in the pipeline?

I basically saw Ramp/PTN/Brainmath was based in Suffolk and just thought ‘who the fuck is this guy?!’, I immediately messaged him and we ended up meeting for some beers, sent him some tunes etc.. just went from there really.

I think its a lot easier when you get to know the producers/labels you're working with in person, as oppose to just talking about tunes through email.

There’s going to be a few with Fourth Wave I think, there’s a couple of remixes coming and there’s 12" with 2nd Drop; currently sorting out someone for the remix on that one.

What do you get up to other than music?

The usual really, go out with mates (when I have money), watch tele. I'm also addicted to playing GTA IV whilst listening to the Ricky Gervais podcasts at the same time.

Name us five things you'd take with you to a desert island.

Food, water, a laptop with internet, a female and a labrador.

Laptop with internet's not allowed! Tell us a little about this mix you've very kindly done for us.

The mix is full of the stuff I’m really getting into at the moment. Mainly old tunes that are influencing the slight change in direction in my production.

Cheers for your time, this mix gets a 10/10 from us. BIG!


01. Marcellus Pittman - ILLA 5 ELA [Genre Free]
02. Farben - Farben Says: Love Oh Love [Klang Elektronik]
03. STL - Wasabi Flavoured [Something Records]
04. Gerry Read - Narry [forthcoming Fourth Wave]
05. Osunlade - Blackman [Soul Jazz Records]
06. Mr Fingers - Classic House [La Casa Records]
07. Gerry Read - We Are [forthcoming Fourth Wave]
08. Tan Ru - Changeling [Trelik]
09. FCL - Let's Go [We Play House Recordings]
10. Roy Davis Jr ft. Peven Everett - Gabriel [XL Recordings]
11. Ron Allen - Whispers [Definitive Recordings]
12. Coco Da Silva - Saudade [Kismet Recordings]
13. Corrina Joseph - Lonely [Atlantic Jaxx]
14. Sun Ra - Saga of Resistance (Theo Parrish Dub) [Kindred Spirits]

Check him on Facebook and get following on Soundcloud.



Jack Steadman is no newcomer to the music world, infact he’s pretty much as close to the top of the game as anyone, being the singer and guitarist for NME’s ‘Best New Band of 2010' – Bombay Bicycle Club. As we’ve seen a few solo projects go large recently, namely Jamie xx, we’d put our money on Jack being next if he chooses to do so (however for the foreseeable future it’s more than likely BBC will take priority). A quick look on Youtube unravels a plethora of edits and half finished tracks with a wide range of different styles. They all reverberate with the same underlying musical talent. It’s as if knocking up a quick tune is no effort at all.

Jack's name first hit the radar in the David’s Lyre ‘In Arms’ package but sitting next to the incredible Pearson Sound remix (youtube quality doesn't do it justice) it was slightly overlooked.

The latest couple of tracks, both available to download below, really stand out and show huge potential, it would seem there's been some underground dance music influence. ‘Cheating’ skips along with vibrant sensations and repetitive effervescent vocal slices inducing summer nostalgia. ‘I Will Change You’ has a more Dubstep feel with an addictive melody to start, which then drops into a lively shuffle. Added elements in the second drop suddenly, afer a soothing breakdown, ‘change’ things up once more.


I Will Change You

Shook Ones (Jack Steadman Remix) - Mobb Deep [youtube]

This remix got a rinsing last summer, thinking about it now, it is probably Jack’s work too.



11th April sees the third Basslaced appearance at Cable.

"This time round it’s an Easter weekend blow out and the multi-genre bass cadets deliver things in true BassLaced fashion. Plastician heads up proceedings with firm support from taste maker Untold, AC Slater is over from the States and makes a rare appearance while Coki is set to deliver thunder in his "oh so special" way. Mosca and Lil Silva also make their way into room 1 to represent night slugs and complete yet another banging line up from the Nottingham via London camp.

Room 2 this month is hosted by Henry Zests very own Audio Doughnuts and he’s bringing some serious DJs with him. Shox from Rinse FM is the highlight with some other real treats in store."

Basslaced Podcast 004 - Tomb Crew [iTunes]

01. Drums of Death - Zombie Opera
02. French Fries - Charlotte (Canblaster Remix)
03. Julio Bashmore - Battle for the Middle You
04. MJ Cole - TGV
05. A1 Bassline - 1.47
06. The Criime - Fidji
07. The Living Graham Bond - Drinkies
08. MVSEVM - Pick-Up Ballet
09. Savage Skulls - Caravan
10. Zombies For Money - Oy Shaba
11. Loose Village - Kamuela
12. Tom Flynn - Catch That Bird
13. Jay Robinson - Rawr (Detboi play's Jazz flute remix)
14. The Living Graham Bond - Twerk (Tomb Crew Remix)
15. Foamo - Centavo
16. Spoek Mathambo - Mshini Wam (Canblaster Remix)
17. Tomb Crew - Yaphet Kotto Stole My Steez
18. Mishal Moore - It Ain't Over (Hard House Banton Remix)
19. D1 - Bleeds to Broadway (130 BPM)

Check the Basslaced crew on Facebook and Twitter.


1. Ice And Arrows (Dark Sky Remix) - Alpines

2. Tell Me (George FitzGerald Remix) - Groove Theory

3. Get Ya Freak On (Doorly Remix) - Missy Elliott

4. Aerial (Midland's Inflight Remix) - Stateless

5. Tell Me (Kingdom Edit) - Jacques Greene


Introducing OBJEKT

"Objekt is a series of white labels built by T J Hertz"

This may or not be an introduction to some (think we missed the boat), however for those that it is, please do some careful listening, at volume.

We were tipped off about this producer/label Objekt the other day and ever since, these tracks have been stuck on loop. There's little information on the internet but 2011 is the year for faceless hype - let the music do the talking, and why not. All we can gather is there's a heavy Techno influence from the previous alias, Pearson Sound and Jackmaster are supporting, and that we need more releases.

These two hit the spot. Quality production oozing care and effort, ample bassweight, and perfect timing with people like Joy O and Instra:mental pushing this sound heavily.

The Goose That Got Away - Objekt [RUDEEE]

Tinderbox - Objekt

These two formed OBJEKT001 which was released around middle/end of January 2011 on vinyl and digital - cop it from Juno etc.

002 is imminent and we can't wait!

P.S Another serious riddim you might have missed - Thomp - Instra:mental


Nearly a year on and over 8500 downloads later we're proud to present the next in our own mix series - Hush The Fuck Up volume 5. As usual there's a mixed bag of different stuff that we've been feeling over the last few months, all blended together into 67 minutes of madness. Most of the tracks are available to buy so make sure you check out the artists and support them at Juno etc. We promise there won't be such a wait for the next one, in the meantime, get downloading and share it with your friends, put it on your iPod, burn it to CD, you know what to do...


01. Something New - Didz & Chico
02. Over the Top - Hypno
03. Lord Of Bashy (Doc Daneeka Remix) - Warrior One
04. Alize - Randomer & Adverse
05. Concrete - Akilles
06. Mantra - Phaeleh
07. Falling (Dark Sky Remix) - Ben Westbeech
08. Peru - DC Salas
09. Change (A Made Up Sound Remix) - Commix
10. The Light - I.D. ft Rider Shafique
11. I Want You - The Next
12. Landmines (Arkist Remix) - Cliffhanga
13. 4 The Love (Dark Sky Remix) - Lorcan Mak
14. Bass Comedown - DJ Madd
15. Nonchalant - Okota
16. Everyday Dreamer - Dom Hz
17. Lions & Pearls - Malilone
18. Brave (Dark Sky Remix) - Kelis
19. Humber - Ramadanman
20. Numbers (Matt U Remix) - DJ Madd
21. Soundclash (Warrior One Remix) - Rack N Ruin
22. Y U Mad Tho? - Unknown
23. The Look - Jacques Greene
24. 30003B - Wax
25. After The Night - Martin Kemp
26. Feel Music - Dexter Kane
27. Household Goods (Justin Martin Vocal) - T.E.E.D
28. Tell Me - Jacques Greene


Leeds Local #004: PASTEMAN

photo credit: Jay Hawley

Matt Bridgewater, also known as Pasteman, has taken a back seat from the Leeds scene where he's been heavily involved for a while. He is one half of Cut & Paste and also used to be a resident at Bigger Than Barry.

This time out has meant he's been able to get in the studio and crack on with his production skills. Over the past couple of weeks we've seen a considerable improvement in the output and he's been gaining support from some big names. No news of any releases yet but we're sure these are inevitable. Check a couple of our favourites below.

Steelo Bootleg - Pasteman

Find You - Pasteman

This mix shows Pasteman is moving with the times. Here we have a top tune selection, touching on a little bit of everything, and impressive live mixing...


01. Celeda - Underground Intro
02. Pasteman - Distant
03. Hard Drive - Deep Inside
04. Julio Bashmore - Battle For Middle You
05. Elkat - Hurt (Pasteman Re-Fix)
06. Wachs Lyrical & Pasteman - Smoke Screen
07. Mj Cole - Bordeaux
08. Ben Westbeech - Fallin' (Dark Sky Remix)
09. Shy One - Untitled 9
10. Wachs Lyrical - Long Walk South
11. Savage Skulls - Watching You (Dub Version)
12. Pasteman & Gaskel Greed - Pastel
13. Mele - Trappin'
14. Pasteman & Herobot - Who We Be
15. TJR - Just Get's Better (Dub Edit)
16. Marcus Price & Carli - Bubblegum (Sam Tiba Remix)
17. Rebound X - Rhythm & Gash
18. S-X - Woo Riddim (DJ Q Remix)
19. Blazing Sqwad - Standard Flow (DnD Remix)
20. D1 - Bleeps To Broadway
21. Somore - I Refuse
22. Erick Morillo - Live Your Life (Redlight Remix)
23. Canblaster - Triple Ring
24. Fis-T - Deep Mover
25. Jam City - Magic Drops
26. Redlight - Mdma
27. Kray Twinz Feat Lethal B & Gappy Ranks - What We Do
28. Swindle - Air Miles



Our good friend Jimmy, aka Yoghurt Warrior, has been going from strength to strength as a designer, being commissioned for collaborative pieces for Gottwood Festival, all artwork and clothing for the new 'Pigeon Hole This!' label, as well as the official tee for Rusko and Doorly's forthcoming tour.

In recent weeks we have seen the launch of a slick new website, showcasing a new range inspired by tribal and aztec influences, aiming to inject something fresh and vibrant as the Summer approaches. Having spent the last year as part as part of the Get Hype Collective under the name of Shark Bait, he is accompanying the drop of the new range with his debut production as Yoghurt Warrior. The track, 'Jumanji', begins with sounds of birdsong and tribal vocals, before introducing chimes and diving purple synths, all of which combine to create the same sense of the fresh, exotic outdoors that the clothing takes its inspiration from. Check it out below and get your hands on some threads while stocks last at the online store here.

Jumanji - Yoghurt Warrior

For a preview of the track, as well as a look at the shoot for the new range, check out the video below:


Joy O x Boddika