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Sam Shephard, aka Floating Points, is a producer who comes from a wonderfully musical background. His latest release on his and Alexander Nut's record label, Eglo, maintains the quality that we have come to expect. The two track combination shines with the jazz influences that have made Floating Points so widely respected as not only a producer but a DJ also - it is well worth checking this out.

'Faruxz' is the more laid back of the two tracks, with more of a hip hop style and overlapping lead synth lines, whilst 'Marilyn' is more upbeat with big sawtooth keys riding over a nicely swung house beat. As ever, Shephard has come up with the goods.

Marilyn - Floating Points [Eglo]

EGL013 is out on 6th June 2011.



photo credit: Michael Thomas

Mirror State, the second 'M... State' that's graced our mix series, is a fairly new name to be looking out for. The Australian has been making serious waves recently, attracting a lot of attention on Soundcloud, in particular his collaboration with Buck UK on a forthcoming EP due out on Car Crash Set (read about that here). He fuses Dubstep and Garage which ends up sounding something like this...

Soulo Mission (Mirror State Remix) - Rora Realis

Enola - Buck UK & Mirror State

Ex Space - Mirror State

This mix is rammed full of dubs and forthcomings so you can guarantee you won't have heard many of these tunes before.


01. Rora Realis - Soulo Mission (Mirror State Remix) [dub]
02. Admin & Mahni - Formattin' [dub]
03. Acre - Effected The Most [forthcoming Gradient Audio]
04. Sorrow - Reminiscence [dub]
05. Buck UK - Aphrodite [forthcoming Car Crash Set]
06. Kid Smpl - Comfort [forthcoming Gradient Audio]
07. Modepth - Adalene [dub]
08. GSUB - All I Want (Whistla Remix) [Cordovan Records]
09. Troy Gunner - No More Tears [L2S]
10. TRicky Strutt - Don't Leave [dub]
11. Clueless - Aha [dub]
12. Mirror State - Bad Connections [forthcoming Gradient Audio]
13. Modepth - First Second [dub]
14. Figgy - How You Feel [dub]
15. Buck UK & Mirror State - The Way I've Seen [forthcoming Car Crash Set]
16. Mirror State - Dead Things Stay Dead Things [Flaming Idiot Audio]
17. Kid Smpl - Morning (Archie Pelago Remix) [forthcoming Car Crash Set]
18. Buck UK - Rain [forthcoming Slime]
19. Clueless - Void [L2S]
20. Mirror State - Ex Space [dub]
21. Blind Prophet - From June To June [dub]

Make sure you follow his movements on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.



Featuring DEADBOY

Deadboy's 'Here EP' dropped on Numbers this week and has been causing a bit of stir. Preview it below and buy on Beatport.

Here EP Preview - Deadboy

Personally we don't think it's anything special considering the output we've had from him before, but thought that you'd like to know there's a track been made available via Sonar, which samples Kanye West's 'Lost in the World', and all you need is your email...

Who's going Sonar this year? See you there.

Featuring BUCK UK

Cut Records has released another EP, this time by Manchester-born, Buck UK. The release, entitled Once EP, features an original ambient garage tune by Buck UK as well as a dub-techno remix by Essáy, of Cut Record's last release, Distance & Lights EP.

Once - Buck UK

Once (Essáy's Ambstep Mix) - Buck UK

In typical Cut Records fashion, Once EP is available for free or for any price you choose on their bandcamp page.

Featuring GEMMY

Bristol native, Gemmy (Gemmel Phillips) has just dropped a heavy release on his new imprint, W.O.W. (World of Wonders) through Multiverse Music, alongside the likes of Tectonic, Kapsize, Build, Caravan, Subtext and Earwax. It features two big purple bass jams, Jah Love and They Live Under The Stairs. The release is already out on vinyl and will come out digitally on May 30. Turn your bass to 11 and give these purple gems a listen below.

For those looking to experience the 'wow factor' in person, Gemmy is throwing a W.O.W. launch party on June 1st at Basement 45 in Bristol.

Featuring BRENMAR

R'n'B addict Brenmar is set to release his second EP on 13th June, this time via Sinden's consistently on point Grizzly imprint. The EP is entitled 'Let Me Know (Tasting)' and features three original tracks as well as a remix by the superb Dubbel Dutch.

Famed for his cheeky club edits (featured in posts here and here), this EP will no doubt be on a similarly light-hearted and playful tip. Sinden & Brenmar seem to be keeping things under wraps for now though, so in the meantime check out the fantastic brand new video for 'Taking It Down'.

Check Brenmar's UK tour dates here and take note of his appearance at the last Bigger Than Barry of the year on Tuesday 31st May.

Courtesy of our friends over at Inhabit, he will play alongside Melé and the mighty Addison Groove. Check the event out here.


We can roll again...

Huge summer tune from one of the hottest producers of 2011 being given out for free courtesy of Green Label Sound. Classixx on the original, Julio Bashmore on a big piano tip takes the track to another level.

Into The Valley (Julio Bashmore Remix) - Classixx


LEEDS: 5th June 2011

Facebook event

LEEDS: 28 May 2011

Facebook event

Featuring SPECTR

Paul Rose is a super-producer. Whether he is known as Scuba, SCB or Spectr it doesn't matter, it's all quality. His latest release is coming out on Roska's ever growing stronger Kicks & Snares label on 20 June 2011.

The A side 'Dance 4 Me' is the favourite with big summer vibes written all over. A steady 2-steppy pattern breaks down as an endearing female vocal ascends for the drop when you'll no doubt find your feet twitching or head nodding whilst your finger reaches for the volume. The preview below doesn't do it justice as you need the intro and breakdown to appreciate when the track comes to life. Melodic and bass heavy, that's what we love isn't it?

Dance 4 Me / I Know - Spectr

For those that haven't clocked SCB's 'Loss' - you're missing out.

Farr Festival 2011

Farr Festival, set in the heart of a dressed up oak wood, on the borders of Hertfordshire/Cambridgeshire, is returning for the first time after a hugely successful (and charitable) debut last year. The 30th July 2011 is the date to put in your diary for a little over 13 hours of fun filled madness. Having upped their capacity, the line up has followed suit but the cost is still very reasonable, especially considering some of those names! You might think they've gone too far when micro-light and stunt plane rides are mentioned, but "it’s never too Farr for Farr Festival..."

Check the full line up here. If that's not enough to sway you, we'll also be playing at some point so get your tickets quick! They are £30 and available from Ticketweb.

Introducing JOSH H

A recent bit of internet trawling came to fruition when I stumbled across Wiltshire based producer, Josh H on xlr8r. His forthcoming 'Every Day EP' on Wicked Bass displays some eclectic influences which combine to create an innovative style. It manages to feel soulful, deep and vintage at the same time as having something undeniably current in its delivery. Check out the preview below.

'Every Day' has gentle guitar work and reggae style vocals that give it a classic feel, while Walton's remix packs the percussion more densely for more tribalistic tones. Hackman delivers a superb remix of Josh's track 'Pooch', which shimmers in a blaze of summery synths.

Every Day EP - Josh H

This freebie comes from the EP's opener, 'Rainbow', which takes classic analogue synths and adds some piercing stabs and a thoughtful vocal which creates a really interesting piece of music.

Rainbow - Josh H

Keep an eye out for this in shops, it's due to drop next month.


COMPETITION: Remix Manikan's 'Indigo'

Here we have an exciting competition courtesy of Party Guy Records. What's needed is your finest remix/rework of Manikan's track titled 'Indigo' taken from his forthcoming Noche Buena EP due out in June. The package already includes remixes from Dev79 and Distal.

Indigo - Manikan

You might be wondering what's it worth?

**1st PRIZE**
  • £1,000 cash (misunderstood the phrase "1 grand prize winner" !!!)
  • $100 cash
  • Contracted remix for a future Party Guy Records release
  • Back-catalogue and life subscription to PGR material
  • Back-catalogue and life subscription to PGR material


All entries to be named "Manikan - Indigo (Your Remix Name)" and sent to the link above by 13th June 2011.


Introducing DAUWD

Dauwd's debut release on Pictures Music is a fine piece of electronica, masterfully representing sounds from the post-dubstep / future-garage melting pot. Shimmering synths and keys reside alongside a tainted vocal sample on 'Could It Be', the more dancefloor orientated of the two tracks. 'Shimmer' sits on more of a rolling house template and employs gliding soundscapes and vinyl crackle to create a really rich atmosphere. This is definitely for fans of acts such as Mount Kimbie, a truly inventive use of organic sounds in an electronic sphere. Hailing from Liverpool, Dauwd is certainly one to watch.

Listen to, then download both tracks for free via the player below (hit download and enter £0.00).

This single is a prelude to a forthcoming 12" from Dauwd, which will be available from Pictures towards the end of the summer.


Featuring BRACKLES

Just in time for the summer months, Serani's 2008 dancehall tune 'No Games' gets the freshest of UK Funky reworks from London's Brackles. The manipulation of the acapella fits perfectly alongside flittering percussion and big synth work, but it's the vocal itself that makes this one sound really special. If you like this vibe, it would be well worth checking out his remix of Cassie's 'Me & You' in this post.

Catch Brackles from 3-5pm every Thursday on Rinse FM.


Featuring KAHN

"My name is Joseph McGann and I’m from Bristol. Music has been my life force since I was a child and I’ve been lucky enough to have a diverse musical upbringing. Most of my time is spent making music and performing. I chose the name Kahn because I like the word."

Kahn is moving onwards and upwards rapidly with a wide range of different sounds to his name. Having seen the name cropping up all over the place we decided the soundcloud needed investigating. The music on there is brilliant and as his productions skills improve we can only recommend you track his output closely.

You & I (Kahn Remix) - J a b u

He delivers a near perfect remix of Poly Styrene's 'Black Christmas' which is available here along with a slightly weaker re-work of Floetry. Both sit within the Dubstep formula but are rammed full of layers, fills, harmonies, melodies, atmospherics etc to take them somewhere fresh.

Black Christmas (Kahn Remix) - Poly Styrene [RUDEEE]

Say Yes (Kahn Remix) - Floetry

He had his debut release out on Punch Drunk in February this year, check our favourite of the two tracks...

Like We Used To - Kahn

He recently was in the hot seat with Sonic Router, check the mix and interview here. Lastly, showcasing his diversity, this one's on a grimey tip.

Duppy & Leave (Kahn Remix) - M.I.K

Round up that sound...

Soulo Mission (Mirror State Remix) - Rora Realis

Damn Girl - Kovu

Blank - Elek

The Ocarina Of Whatever - Hackman


Introducing ESSÁY

DFRNT's side-label, Cut Records, has released a new EP by Germany's Essáy. The EP, entitled 'Distance & Lights' is quite phenomenal. Essáy's sound, which he calls "emotional ambient dub," is a deep and beautiful combination of minimalistic beats, resonating atmospheres, and natural samples, such as rain.

Distance & Lights - Essáy

Love & Air - Essáy

The two song EP is available on the label's bandcamp site for free (or for whatever price you choose if you are generous).

Introducing DISCLOSURE

A strong contender for clinching the sound of this summer is Disclosure. The duo, two brothers, have their 'Carnival EP' coming out on Transparent Records on 6th June. This EP is filled a variety of colourful beats with a nod to the past and future. We can't pick a favourite. That's not a negative though, there's something for every electronic music lover and we like it all! If we had a rating system, this EP would probably get close to 5/5.

Carnival - Disclosure

Unfortunately there's a lack of previews of the rest of the EP at the moment but here's a freebie given away at the end of last year, not quite with the same quality as the new tracks but still...

Linstigator - Disclosure

Vinyl release is available to pre-order now at Pure Groove.

I'm what you need...


Flatline, flatline, flatline...

The very aptly named 'Shellshock' was recently given out for free. This track is probably one of our favourite Drum & Bass tracks/most insane pieces of music production we've ever experienced, the noise that comes in at 25 seconds makes the whole tune by itself! It features Foreign Beggars on the vocal and definitely wasn't built for listening to on laptop speakers. If you're not one of the 14000 to have already downloaded it, or picked it up when Noisia dropped their album 'Split The Atom' last year, get it now...

Shellshock (feat. Foreign Beggars) - Noisia

Featuring BLAWAN

Here is a track that has quite rightly received some of the most attention on the blogs over the last few months, since Ben UFO championed it on his Rinse FM show all the way back in January. Fortunately, 'Getting Me Down' will no longer be in the hands of an elite group of selectors - a strictly limited white label [DOWN001] will ship this coming Friday. Don't hang about, splash your cash right here.

In the meantime, it's worth checking out where Blawan got that killer vocal hook from.

'Spectemur agendo' seems to be a saying that Blawan has adopted. It translates as 'let us be judged by our acts', and thankfully for him, we judge this very highly.


Featuring SEAN ROMAN

Having received several tracks from Sean Roman a couple of months back, we deliberated about posting them because we thought their disco-tinged vibes were too far removed from where Hush House comes from to warrant a review. It seems, however, that slowly but surely the boundaries between different scenes are being eradicated. Just as crossover artists blurred the distinction between techno/house and dubstep/garage, now artists are increasingly looking to the disco/house origins in the distant past of electronic music for their inspiration for production projects. To ignore these influences will ultimately be counter-productive. With that in mind, plus acknowledging the fact that everybody likes freebies, I persuaded myself to put a few of these up.

Most of you will have clocked Sean Roman last year, with big tracks such as 'Lick' and 'Phone Call' garnering support from players in high places such as Wolf & Lamb and Lee Foss in 2010. Sean now looks set to consolidate upon those successes and cement his place in a constantly evolving Canadian scene that has also spawned Jacques Greene and Azari & III. The first download for you is an edit of a classic, originally produced by New York house pioneer and legend Larry Levan. It oozes with the sort of twinkling slo-mo cool you would expect from an 80's edit; one for the Summer afternoons.

Let Me Feel Your Heartbeat (Prod. Larry Levan) (Sean Roman Edit) - Glass

Next up is a track from Sean's side project, 'White Lions'. What sounds like its about to turn into a full on cheesey anthem ends up adding an eery synth line that balances the vocals out nicely, allowing the bassline to quietly go about its work in the background.

I Need A Rhythm - White Lions

Finally, an older one from last year, 'What to Do' is one of the few songs to feature pitched up vocals which actually work. The vocals add to the echoing cloud of comfort which works around the irresistible groove at the track's core.

What To Do - Sean Roman

Introducing JOSEKI

Our first encounter with new label, Connect For Music, came in January with the 'Functions EP', featuring the immensely talented Morris Cowan showcasing some dubby techno-influenced touches, alongside two tracks from label brainchild JoSeki. The release showed enough of a variety of influences to warrant further investigation into their subsequent releases, which we recently found out to be two further EP's due in late May and June/July respectively.

On listening to the three tracks made available to us, the multiple influences once again became apparent. The tracks certainly seem to have their routes in the old school, with some fairly tough sounding basslines sounding like they've come straight of the mid-West, but rather than taking that and looking to make a terrace anthem of the sort that are getting pushed by Hot Creations etc, he has applied vocal snippets and atmospheric pads that would seem equally at home in the murky world of the modern underground UK house scene. It is an interesting style that definitely feels like it is doing some different to most on this side of the pond at the moment. There are some moments where there are things going on which feel like slightly detract from the groove, but other moments where everything fits together almost hypnotically. There is definitely potential here, and the label is one to keep an eye on in the future. Until we have full release details, check out the sounds below:

Ubiquitec - JoSeki

Original Copy - JoSeki

Beat Acoustics - JoSeki






Featuring MOSCA

Tom Reid, also known as Mosca should need no introduction to any bass music listener. 2010 was a massive year with a string of stellar releases. First off ‘Square One EP’ dropped as Night Slugs' debut, then came the ridiculous remix of T Williams’ ‘Heartbeat’, which is still one of our favourite tracks and December finished off the year with the infamous ‘Tilt Shift’ and unmistakable grimey rework of C.R.S.T’s ‘Dance’.

Tom, tell us a little about what you’ve been up to recently - Bruk Magazine seems to have taken a backseat this year so I guess you’ve been busy...

Nothing but production and raves. If you come hear me at a dance I'll be playing about 10 new tracks of mine and counting...

Your productions have huge grime influences mashed with a load of other styles. How do you go about making a tune, where do you start?

Normally I make stuff aimed at a particular label so that defines a lot of it - Night Slugs aren't gunna put out a dancehall record you know? Nowadays I have more of an idea of how I want a tune to sound, but I'm still open and I still scrap huge chunks or whole tracks if they're not 100% right.

Heartbeat (Mosca Remix) - T Williams

Someone said to me you produce with just headphones and no midi keyboard – is this true?

It was until about January. Since then I've got monitors and a keyboard. I still think it's a good idea to listen on headphones/laptop/phone because that's how a lot of people will be listening to your tunes. But the monitors are obviously great for space and bass in your music.

How did the Four Tet remix come about?

He went: Mosca, would you like to remix my tune? I went: Four Tet, yes.

Haha - as simple as that. If you were offered the chance to collaborate with anyone; vocalist, producer etc, who would you choose?

Probably Kartel or Mavado. In terms of producers maybe Karizma, Kerri Chandler, a big name like that I'm not just gunna bump into at a rave.

What’s coming next in terms of releases? Is there an album planned for anytime in the near future?

Next up is a release on Numbers, two garage/bassline bangers called 'Done Me Wrong' and 'Bax'. Then I'll have some rugged kinda techno stuff on 3024 as well as loads of house, bashment, grime, and some more Square One type sounds, whatever u like to call that style. A couple of collabs I'm excited about as well. No album yet... I don't feel people know what Mosca's about yet, but when the time comes I'll see what I can do. It would be a weird album though, soulful house next to dancehall next to more experimental stuff and all that...

If one types in ‘nike mosca juno’ to Google, the second link is a mediafire download, above the two Juno links – how do you feel about the whole internet sharing etc? Is it something producers just have to accept these days? Why should they?!

I'm fine with it really. You've done it, I've done it. A lot of the time it's when people in a certain country can't access the music legally. People have this preconception of the internet being global therefore what they can buy online, other people can buy online. But it doesn't work like that. If your music is being shared on say, a Russian site, and you get some new fans and a couple of raves in Russia, you're sorted anyway. I don't rate people who don't ever spend money on music, but what we in the music industry need to understand is that not everyone is as passionately into music as we are! Some people can take it or leave it so ask yourself would you rather they listen to your record or not, cos that's what it comes down to.

Which new producers are on your watch list?


You recently played in Mint Club in Leeds at Bigger Than Barry. Mint is up there with one of our favourite clubs to play in - do you have a favourite?

Yeh Leeds was hectic. But I always say as long as the sound is decent, then the rest of it is all made by the crowd. If you play a superclub but nobody's vibezing then the night's a flop. Any club can be legendary provided it sounds good, reasonable prices etc and the crowd are on it. But Plastic People is up there for me.

Tilt Shift - Mosca

You’re playing Glade Festival this year 10-12 June on Motion’s BETA stage. What other festivals are you making an appearance at?

I'll be in Croatia three times over the summer for Electric Elephant, Outlook and Stop Making Sense, as well as Secret Garden Party in the UK and maybe some more to be confirmed.

Thank you for your time.

Make sure to keep track of Mosca’s movements on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.


You could have had it all...

You may remember 'The Light' which went down in our books as one of the best Dubstep tunes of last year? The man I.D is back again with another release on his own Bass Music label. This time the highlight track is the Baobinga remix. It's a big bashy Drum & Bass track around the 140bpm mark, full to the brim with energy and a hefty, rumbling low end. A 128 is available below but you're advised to pick up the full version from the Bass Music Bandcamp - in doing so, the artists receive something back for their work. You know how if you were making something that others wanted, you'd probably expect them to pay for it?! Anyway...

Handbagger (Baobinga Remix) - I.D [buy release and stems]

This one's on a similar vibe to the above which is not really what we've come to expect of T Williams. It sounds liek a slightly lazy production, but then again, the title does say 'refix'. Aside from that, can see this one working on a system or in a mix.

R Type (T Williams Refix) - Jo

Fatherless (T Williams Remix) - Breach

Goldlines got in touch with this new track, originally just looking for some exposure but has decided to let it out to you lot for free. Some may recognise it from our Basement Mix (which will be available for download very shortly). The track is driven along with a repetitive vocal surrounded by rich synths, almost on the verge of being a bit sickly. It's all in preparation for the drop three minutes in, destined to go off in the club.

Goldman - Goldlines

Before we turn the heat down, or up in one case, we'll finish the rowdiness with bit of pounding Drum & Bass. Manchester based Dub Phizix on the production - watch that name, this one's big! Out this week on Leeds' own Dispatch Recordings, a collaboration with Skeptical titled 'The Enemy', definitely worth checking.

100 Teeth (Dub Phizix) - Sabre

Another unknown producer that's made it into the iTunes - Buzzlin. We know nothing about (That's a lie, his soundcloud says he's from Leeds), all we know is that this needs to be in your summer playlist.

Caked - Buzzlin

Lastly, talking of heat and summer. Fresh from the man himself, Gabriel Heatwave has created a rework of Jamie XX's infamous Adele remix. This could well be contending for summer party tune of 2011. We'll have to wait and see...

Rolling In The Heat (The Heatwave Refix) - Adele

Featuring BOK BOK

L-Vis 1990's partner in crime, Rinse FM regular and futuristic graphic designer Alex Sushon (aka Bok Bok) has finally compiled an EP of his own material to put out on the widely respected Night Slugs label. Following on from Egyptrixx's album 'Bible Eyes' and an absolutely killer white label release, Bok Bok's Southside EP [NS010] will hit the stores within the next few weeks.

The EP reflects the UK meets US vibes that the Night Slugs gang have down to a tee. Heavy grime influences can be heard on 'Silo Pass' (wouldn't be surprised if a few MCs rush to vocal this one) whilst 'Reminder' rolls out nicely with a grimey lead line, ghetto drums and that fashionable acid twist.

Bok Bok plays alongside Jam City down at Wire on 18th May for the launch night of Square One. Check the event out here.


Featuring KID SMPL

20 year old Seattle bass music producer, Kid Smpl, has a couple of EPs coming out. The first, Digital Hands EP, features five Dubstep and Garage tunes, and is forthcoming on Subdepth Records. With Burial-esque vocal samples and a continuous layer of white-noise and static, Kid Smpl achieves a unique, deep sound.

Digital Hands EP - Kid Simpl [forthcoming Subdepth]
  1. Digital Hands
  2. On My Mind
  3. Seasons
  4. Women
  5. U Were
The second release, Ghostsuit EP, is forthcoming on Car Crash Set. It is on the chiller end of the dubstep spectrum, and features a couple of remixes from VVV and Archie Pelago.

Morning - Kid Simpl [forthcoming Car Crash Set]
  1. Morning
  2. Healer
  3. Ghostsuit
  4. Morning (VVV Remix)
  5. Morning (Archie Pelago Remix)
Featured below is the music video for Kid Smpl's ambient gem, "Healer."


In three years the Hessle Audio trio have established their label as one of the imprints at the forefront of UK electronic music. Initially renowned for the slightly leftfield 140bpm sounds, the steady stream of releases since has shown greater variety, with the two most recent, from Pangaea and Peverelist, being fantastically difficult to pigeonhole. The second disc of this twenty-four track compilation entitled '116 & Rising' runs through some staple tracks from the Hessle back catalogue however, the first is the one to get excited about.

Joe's percussive style (most noticeably heard on HES014) comes back into play with 'Twice', which also features the kind of vocal sampling that seems to be particularly prevalent in 2011, especially in Addison Groove's recent output. The track most DJs will be looking forward to is Pearson Sound's relentless 'Stifle' - a production that shows the 808 resurgence at its very best. Leeds' music scene has every reason to be proud of Hessle Audio's success.

The compilation will be released Monday 16th May 2011 on Vinyl, CD and Digital.

Featuring VANDERA

Vandera has a gift when it comes to mixes. His exclusive mix for Hush House made a huge splash in the Dubstep scene last year, receiving a nomination for Dubstepforum’s 'Best Mix/Podcast of 2011' award alongside big names like Burial x Kode9, Digital Mystikz, Ramadanman, and Magnetic Man.

His latest mix for The Daily Street is another masterpiece, with an interesting concept: 60 songs, 60 minutes, 1 key; C-Minor. Incorporating 60 songs into an hour-long mix is no easy feat, but Vandera makes it look easy. In the accompanying interview, Vandera explains his intention was to create a seamless, deep dreamy mix, blurring the boundaries between producing and DJ-ing." With overlapping samples and basslines, he creates a collage-like style, ranging between 2-6 songs at a time. This mix is must listen.

00. Intro
01. Jack Sparrow – Loveless [Tectonic]
02. The One Hundred – Break Me Down (Tek One Remix) [Ministry of Sound]
03. LV – Turn Away [Hyperdub]
04. Numan – Secrets (Vandera Remix) [Forthcoming Subdepth]
05. Jazzy Jazzy – It’s All Lies [Unreleased]
06. Swarms – Timelapse [Lodubs]
07. Vandera – India Joya [Echodub]
08. Phaeleh – Plateau [Afterglo]
09. Bob Marley – Natural Mystic vs. Kinky Reggae [Tuff Gong]
10. Oceania – Splash [Savory Audio]
11. Bandicoot – Lost In Diamonds [Unreleased]
12. 2562 – Basin Dub [Tectonic]
13. Swarms – Flikr Of Ur Eyes [Lodubs]
14. Untold & LV – Beacon (Mount Kimbie Remix) [Hemlock]
15. DFRNT – Our Little Secret [Unreleased]
16. George Fitzgerald – Weakness [Hotflush]
17. Salmonella Dub – Dub Survivor [Salmonella]
18. Burial, Four Tet & Thom Yorke – Mirror [Text]
19. The Others – Splinter In My Soul [Dub Police]
20. Twisted & TKR – Motor [Forthcoming Forecast]
21. By Proxy – 68 (Vandera Remix) [Car Crash Set]
22. Synkro – Tell Me [Synkro]
23. i3i3 – Inner [Unreleased]
24. John B – Up All Night (Gyu Remix) [Unreleased]
25. Blueprint – Watchtower (Merce Remix) [Subdepth]
26. Blu Mar Ten – The Feeling (Remix) [Exceptional]
27. Actraiser – Solstice (Vandera Remix) [Forthcoming Subdepth]
28. Riskotheque – Dream State [Audio Freaks]
29. Noise Motion – From Space (Isotroph remix) [Unreleased]
30. Oceania – Watercolour [Savory Audio]
31. Inofaith – Girls Go To Bed Early vs. Yeah Yeah [Unreleased]
32. Eleven8 – Polaroid Anarchy [Unreleased]
33. Mala – Alicia [White Label]
34. Oceania – Fading [Forthcoming Analogic]
35. Vesicle – We Are Lost [Forthcoming Paradise Lost]
36. Chase & Status – Eastern Jam [Ram]
37. Subreachers – Let Go [Unreleased]
38. Vandera – Pure Light [Forthcoming Bassism]
39. Prime – Lounge [Unreleased]
40. Blu Mar Ten – Nobody Here (Kastle Remix) [BMT]
41. Lung – Self Portrait [Unreleased]
42. TMSV – All It Takes [Forthcoming Box Clever]
43. Terror Danjah – I’m Feelin U [Hyperdub]
44. Luthor – Walk Back [Unreleased]
45. Arkist – Until Next Time [If Symptoms Persist]
46. Bunzer0 – Wool (Janner Remix) [Forthcoming Orientis]
47. Coleco – Martyr [Orientis]
48. Submotion Orchestra – Sunshine [Ranking]
49. Siprut – Bridge To Macrocosmos [Qunabu]
50. Submotion Orchestra – All Yours (Jack Sparrow Remix) [Exceptional]
51. Foniqz – D2 [Hed:Remote]
52. Merce – Memories [Subdepth]
53. Untold – Walk Through Walls (LV Remix) [Hemlock]
54. Peverelist – Infinity is Now [Tectonic]
55. Bisweed – Ghosts [Forthcoming Paradise Lost]
56. Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo [Hotflush]
57. Chase & Status – Blind Faith [Ram]
58. Artifact – Pictures [Forthcoming Subdepth]
59. Kloudbreak – Ghosts (Gyu Remix) [Unreleased]
60. Vandera – Move On (4×4 Outro Remix) [Subdepth]


BANGERANG: 25 May 2011

As a farewell to Leeds, Bangerang have gone all out and put together their best line up yet. Artists in the main room span from Drum & Bass legends Commix & Logistics to House/Techno sounds with Russ Yallop & Youandewan to more forward thinking beats from Submerse & Eliphino.

Youandme (On My Mind) - Youandewan

Keith (Eliphino Remix) - Jack Dixon

We'll be playing at some point during the night so if you're Leeds based, stick this in the diary and get on the Facebook event.


Featuring ECHODUB

Earlier today, DFRNT, announced a new Echodub Collective album release by UK-based, Muteqx. The album, entitled "Chronicles," features a cacophony of Bass, Dubstep, and Future Garage. While no release date has been announced yet, a preview of the album is available on the label's Soundcloud (below).

Chronicles LP Preview - Muteqx


01. Two Roads
02. Chronicles
03. Laws Of Nature
04. Dark Chocolate
05. Linkage
06. Dialect
07. Down The Wire
08. My Psychosis
09. Mornington
10. Dialect (Thesis Remix)
11. Chronicles (DJ HARP Remix)
12. Laws Of Nature (Cogidubnus Remix)