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FABRIC: DJ Madd Promo Mix

Yesterday we heard that Fabric were no longer in administration, it would have been another blow to London's underground scene for them to go as well so big up to anyone involved. Anyway, this mix is in anticipation of DJ Madd's appearance in Room 3 on 9th July. Numbers crew take over the main room. I haven't listened to this yet but with a tracklist which boasts ample bassweight and forthcomings from the man himself, I'm pretty excited...

01. DJ Madd - Good Old Days [forthcoming Black Box]
02. DJ Madd - Funktion 1 [Lime Dubs]
03. DJ Madd - Dub Marine (Kryptic Minds remix)
04. DJ Madd - The Battle
05. DJ Madd - Not Afraid [Lime Dubs]
06. Seven - Wait [forthcoming Black Box]
07. Major Lazer - Hold The Line (DJ Madd refix)
08. Hatcha & Lost - Tattyland [Blackbox]
09. DJ Madd & Matt-U - Sound System [Tube10]
10. V.I.V.E.K. - Motherland [forthcoming Deep Medi]
11. DJ Madd - Flex'd (Ikonika Remix) [Boka]
12. DJ Madd - When I First Met You [forthcoming Subway]


Sail away with me...

I don't have many words for this track by Lung, the man who's recently had a release on Kokeshi. It gets better and better everytime I listen - the production on the beat is excellent. Perfectly weighted all round with a nice thumping kick and clicking drum pattern which keep the track bumping along. Dreamy euphoricy vocals seep into your mind and send you away.

Sail - Lung [RUDEEE]

Skream has just let out Pt. 1 of his Freeizm series. Apparently there are more to come. This one contains 4 tracks, all pretty average apart from this one which, at first, may seem boring and 'minimal' but it rolls nicely with floating melodies soaring in and out.

Minimoool - Skream


Lord I'm prayin' to you...

Breakage on the remix, nuff said really. Also named 'Hottest Record in the World' by Zane Lowe last week. Big tings!

Prayin' (Breakage Remix) - Plan B


The word is out...

Having hit a dry spell of decent tunes, they've come flooding in the past couple of days. These two remixes are both knocking on the door of being excellent. George Lenton has impressed greatly in the last few months, his style and production, maturing perfectly as the wrath of shit Dubstep takes over. Sorry to swear, I normally refrain from doing so but there's no other word to describe the occurrence so perfectly. Well, there are probably plenty but that doesn't matter. He brings a fresh twist to the table with this remix of the popular Nas & Damian Marley collab which is about to explode worldwide, or has it already?

As We Enter (George Lenton Remix) - Nas & Damian Marley

Foamo, having been slightly under the radar of late, perhaps only my radar, only a couple of tracks have grabbed my attention - the excellent Jookie on Fat! Records being one + the remixes. However, he gives us a quick reminder that he knows exactly what he's doing on the remix front. Big bassey bouncy riddim set to go off in the club. Get it on the download quick. I prefer the instrumental version but I'm sure many dig the vocal. You'll notice the mixdown on this one. Boom!

As We Enter (Foamo Remix) - Nas & Damian Marley
As We Enter (Foamo Dub) - Nas & Damian Marley

Look out for RacknRuin's remix of this tune, pretty sure it's made it onto the official package.


TOAST Competition

Toast are treating us to a remix competition of their 'Trouble' which we gave a rinsing about this time last year - all of you who want to get involved, it's simple. Pick up the remix parts from the link below. Shuffle, replace, add, tweak etc until satisfied then upload to Soundcloud or your favourite host and send us the link. The email is hushhouse.blog@gmail.com. Have a listen to the original here...

Trouble - Toast [youtube]

You have until the 5th July - the winning remix will be released alongside the original in early August.

DOWNLOAD: Trouble Remix Parts

PS. Spread the word. Blogs, Facebook, Forums etc.

Introducing DR ZEUTS

Local boy Dr Zeuts of the Low Pass/Tropic Culture gang has just dropped a couple of bangin' new productions on his Soundcloud. If he carries on with this kinda material then you all need to be getting excited! Next hyyyyype.

So Bad - Dr Zeuts [RUDEEE]

All Falls Down - Dr Zeuts [UNFINISHED]


Featuring OPEN EARZ

Open Earz Recordings drop Dom Hz's long awaited Mist EP - it should be in all good vinyl stores soon. Keep those eyes peeled. Those of you that have listened to our Exclusive Mix #008, will know all about the beats and potential this boy has. If you haven't downloaded it, you should probably ask yourself, why not?!

To celebrate this release, they are letting a tune out for free. Get the full 320 below...

Black Diamonds - Dom Hz

Open Earz on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Soundcloud and Youtube.



Introducing SENTINELS

Sentinels' 'Love Rhythm' literally jumped out of Submerse's mix for Big Up and was immediately rising in my 'top played' this month.

Love Rhythm - Sentinels

"I make music inspired by a decade of listening to the London pirate radio waves. I try and operate outside of the confines of any particular genre, but I'm inspired by UK Garage, House and soulful Funky, Hardcore and Dubstep. I hate souless wobble music."

Today is a special day for this man, the co-founder of Fundamental - a brand new website designated to future sounds, in fact, they're aiming to be the 'Future Sound Directory'. Exciting things for sure, go explore the website and find out exactly what they're about. To celebrate the launch, Sentinels, is first up for their Mixology Series...

01. Submerse - '94 [Night Audio 02]
02. Dark Sky - Leave [dubplate]
03. Resketch - Midway [Night Audio]
04. Sentinels - Spirals [dubplate]
05. Clueless - Paper Girl [L2S Recordings]
06. Sentinels - Ouija [dubplate]
07. Mount Kimble - Maybe (James Blake Remix/Sentinels Refix) [Hessle Audio]
08. Joy Orbison - The Shrew Would Have Cushioned the Blow [Aus]
09. Duncan Powell - Pushing [Pushing EP Project]
10. Resketch - Connected [Kursed]
11. Kuoyah - Angel Dub (Sully Remix) [Frijsfo]
12. Joker - Tron [Kapsize]
13. M2J - Psychedelica [L2S Recordings]
14. Sentinels - Metamorphic [dubplate]
15. El-B - Dirty [Night Audio 03]
16. Para - Future [dubplate]
17. Sully - Phonebox [Frijsfo]
18. The XX - Crystalised (Dark Sky Remix) [XL]
19. Sbtrkt - Pause For Thought [2020]