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Whilst the previous mix from Outboxx is still on heavy rotation it has had to be juggled with this next one from the up-and-coming Swedish badman Bleak. We like to switch things up and that's exactly what's on the agenda here. Prepare yourself for another quality piece of aural amusement.

Late Night - Bleak [unreleased]

Bleak's productions so far have gained praise from up and down the spectrum. Most notably DJ Deep whose Deeply Rooted House label has played a large part in recognising the talent. DRH aims to release "true to it's roots" house and techno which is exactly why two out four of this man's EPs have been given the boss' approval. He sits alongside artists such as Kerri Chandler, DJ Gregory and Ben Klock to name a few.

Teaser - Bleak [unreleased]

Our attention was first drawn when we clocked the sturdy, bumping 'Ekko' towards the end of last year. Since then we've been eagerly awaiting some more material whilst in the process of rinsing the first two EPs which were out on Sudden Drop. Suddenly 6 month wait was rewarded and two releases drop in quick succession. First came an effort on Traut Muzik featuring a beefy, if a little simple, Skudge remix - then the Disfunktion EP, a nails 4 track outing which you can currently pick up on repress at Juno.

Unknown - Bleak [unreleased]

We asked what else is lined up and here's the answer...

"Next releases will be on DRH again and Skudge, remixes for Markus Suckut's label SCKT, Pfirter, Deep Moves and Cinematic Records for the moment. A few releases that are not really confirmed yet so I can´t tell them for now"

This mix gets another very high rating from us. Ups and downs, melodies, rawness, it's all there. Best listened to at night in some decent headphones on a train/tube/coach/car. Somewhere where you can watch streetlights playing in your retinae.

HH MIX #032 - Bleak [download]

01. Emily's Smile (Sigha 'She's Still Smiling' Remix) - Commix [Metalheadz]
02. MM - ESHU [ESHU Records]
03. Sonic Rescue - Silicon [Frustrated Funk]
04. Global Communication - The Deep [Dedicated]
05. Diffraction (Markus Suckut Remix) - Truncate [Modularz]
06. The Fear Ratio (James Ruskin & Mark Broom) - Skana [Blueprint]
07. Going Nowhere Fast - Roberto [Affin]
08. The Lost Of A Love (Dub) - Sterac [:100% Pure]
09. Stop Thinking Increase Consumption (Makaton Remix) - Death Abyss [Rodz-Konez]
10. Maik the chicken - Modeselektor [Monkeytown Germany]
11. Binary Opposition (Ben Klock Process) - Ø[Phase] [Token]
12. Timeless Altitude - Secret Cinema [Music Man Records]

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Featuring VAKULA

Shevchenko have released steadily this year following a successful 2011 which featured this brilliant 12" from Linkwood. It's time again for Vakula to provide his twisted take on house music for SHEVC006. The Ukrainian always brings something fresh and exciting to the table with his analogue approach.

'No Music' starts us off the EP with a pounding industrial beat and resonant synths, followed by deep evolving pads and analogue clicks and hats in 'Vermona'. Personal favourite 'Hand Made Beat' could easily be mistaken for a Berghain-prepped Dettmann tune with its sharp stabs and shakers.

You can buy the 12" from the 10 September and it's available to pre-order now at Juno.



Nonplus 020 comes from Stuart Li (AKA Basic Soul Unit), a producer born in Hong Kong but raised in Toronto. Basic Soul Unit is considered to be a key player in the Toronto music scene which has seen an 'explosion of new talent' in the past few years. Whilst growing up Li was influenced by a whole host of different genres which is reflected in his versatile approach to producing. His output varies from silky deep house through to more melody driven techno. This latest EP falls into the later category.

To quote Ben UFO from the Hessle Audio Rinse FM show back in June, the A side Swept Up is an 'absolutely massive tune', and the flip side Mindstorm definitely follows suit. I won't bore you with descriptions, have a listen for yourself.

Swept Up - Basic Soul Unit [Nonplus]

Mindstorm - Basic Soul Unit [Nonplus]

Nonplus 020 marks the start of an exciting new era for Boddika's imprint. Big things were promised for the future of Nonplus when Jon Convex's departure was announced back in April. A promise which has been delivered by bringing in Basic Soul Unit, the veteran Canadian producer is certainly going to be a hard act to follow. Cue Skudge.

You can buy the EP now from all the usual spots.


Introducing HANS BERG

The Bradford-based record label Fullbarr is ready to drop its next release, primes slices of house and techno from Swedish-born producer Hans Berg. Two original tracks are joined by remixes and dub versions from Ed Davenport and Immer. It is the latter's effort on his remix of 'Machines' which creates the highlight of the EP. Whilst retaining the textures from the original track, he reworks the groove into something really addictive. Preview his remix below and the rest of the release here. Support has already come from the likes of Ethyl and Cosmin TRG.

Machines (Immer Remix) - Hans Berg [Fullbarr]

[FBV005] will be available via Juno from 3rd September. Follow Fullbarr on Facebook and Twitter.


Introducing BOBBY CHAMPS

After the success of his well received debut EP, Moonlight, Bobby Champs returns with his sophomore effort this week for Pictures Music.

It's really hard to pick out a highlight as every track is a strong contender but in a pinch 'Latte' would take the title. The Drag Queen EP is out this week digitally and on wax from all the usual spots. You can also grab a free copy of the third track from the EP, 'Charlie', below.

Bobby Champs - Charlie [via XLR8R]


Featuring CITIZEN

After a great EP earlier in the summer on the brand new MadTech Records, South Londoner Citizen returns on one of our favourite new labels, Love Fever. The second release on this fledgling label sees him pull out two great new tracks plus a fantastic collaboration with Detroit electronic maestro Jimmy Edgar.

Room Service - Citizen [Love Fever]

The title track 'Room Service' is a straight to business with plenty of vocal samples, synths and reverb which really do balance out nicely with the round bassline. On the flipside is the very stripped back 'Deeper Touch', which sees Jimmy Edgar really pull back the throttle and cut away all the excess. What is left is Citizen refined, concentrating the core of the track and really pushing into another space entirely.

Deeper Touch - Citizen vs. Jimmy Edgar [Love Fever]

To round out the release, with vocal assistance from Sean Alto, 'You Give Me That Something' takes you to a smoky, euphoric nightclub at 4am and really cements this EP as another heavy hitter from Love Fever.

You Give Me That Something - Citizen [Love Fever]

The Room Service EP is vinyl only and is available right now at Juno while stocks last so make sure you grab a copy. If you like what you hear, you can also grab a free Citizen track below.

Members Only - Citizen [via Soundcloud]


FABRIC: Saturday 25 August 2012

Ridiculous line up. Get your tickets here and check the mix from HH favourites Session Victim below. You may also notice the quickly rising talent Alex Coulton has been added to room 2.

Room 1
Joy Orbison
Session Victim (live)

Room 2
Craig Richards
Shackleton (live)
Alex Coulton


Featuring SHED

We like Shed. He doesn't sound so happy with the state/future of music in this interview but we don't care when there are mixes available with tracklists like this...

La Boum De Luxe Mix - Shed [download]

01. Shed - The Lower Upside Down [Ostgut Ton]
02. Radiohead - Little By Little (Shed Remix) [Ticker Tape]
03. ???
04. Shed - Slow Motion Replay [Ostgut Ton]
05. WK7 - Higher Power (Hardcore PCK Mix) [Power House]
06. WK7 - Higher Power (Original Mix) [Power House]
07. WAX - WAX30303 A [WAX]
08. WAX - Untitled [WAX - WAX20002]
09. WAX - WAX30003 A [WAX]
10. WK7 - The Avalanche [Power House]
11. Head High - Rave (Dirt Mix) [Power House]
12. Head High - It's a Power Thing (Power Cut) [Power House]
13. Head High - It's a Love Thing (Sigg Gonzales Island Mix) [Power House]


You might remember that in the Spring we introduced you to Iron Galaxy, one of the many aliases of Canadian producer Adam Hodgins. We were very pleased to see that this week sees the official release of Attention Seeker, one of the standout tracks of the year so far, on Dutch label Audio Culture.

Attention Seeker - Iron Galaxy [Audio Culture]

It is available on limited one-sided etched vinyl and also digitally at all the usual outlets and also through the Audio Culture store on Surus.


Featuring A1 BASSLINE

It's been almost year since A1 Bassline contributed to our mix series and since then he has been very busy indeed. With recent solo and compilation appearances on dirtybird he has really started to push to the forefront of the bass and house music scenes.

Slur - A1 Bassline [Source Unknwn]

This week saw the launch of his new label Source Unknwn, and the first solo A1 Bassline release of the year, Slur. Both tracks are high quality slices of bass infused house and are another exciting couple of steps forward in the development of his sound.

Slingback - A1 Bassline [Source Unknwn]

Slur can be ordered now on wax via Juno or digitally through the Source Unknwn shop via Surus. For more on what is coming for A1 Bassline and his new label make sure you check out the labels podcast series. The first installment can be found here and features a 30-min guest mix from Bobby Champs.


Featuring JAY BLISS

The new 2020 Vision release from Romanian Jay Bliss borders deep house and techno and is complimented with that Swedish sound from the Skudge duo. A moog-like bass dominates ‘Pluto’, while the shuffled hi-hats, clap and snare combinations give ‘Time Travelling’ it’s infectious groove. Skudge follow routine and manage to flip ‘Pluto’ into a Berghain ready roller with their signature dub infused touch. Leeds based 2020Vision have been on top form with a string of exciting releases this year, and Pluto should please fans of both moodier and dance floor prepped house.

Keep up to date with 2020Vision and purchase the 12" at Juno.



Since last September, Tamed Musiq has been an outlet for Raphael Ripperton (AKA Ripperton) to release his own productions alongside remixes from other well respected producers. Tamed Musiq 004 comes complete with a remix from men of the moment Bicep.

This latest EP continues to add to the ever growing back catalogue of quality output from this talented producer. Bicep aren't the first name that springs to mind for a collaboration with the Swiss Ripperton, but they more than deliver with their rework of 'Let's Hope', successfully retaining the essence of the original whilst moulding the track to fit in with their current brand of retrospective euphoric 90's house.

Tamed Musiq 004 - Ripperton [Tamed Musiq]

We highly recommend looking through all of the previous Tamed Musiq releases if you haven't done so already, here's the audio from Tamed Musiq 003 to get you started.

Tamed Musiq 003 - Ripperton [Tamed Musiq]

Featuring SZARE

Szare, having previously put out a couple of records as, is well on his way to building a fine back-catalogue of interesting releases across a real variety of labels. We highly recommend you go and do some research. His latest EP, which sparked the need for a mention, will be the fifth in the Deep Moves series and features the up-and-coming Bleak on remix duties.

Vermelho - Szare [forthcoming Deep Moves]

Our People Need Social Housing EP will be available from Juno on 20 August 2012.



Here comes another fantastic slice of techno on She Works The Long Nights this time a collaboration between Midland and label co-founder Pariah. Both sides of this 12" follow the labels dark and moody tone with the a-side being a vocal layered grinder followed up by a very percussive club banger on the flip.

Untitled 2 - Midland & Pariah [She Works The Long Nights]

SHEWORKS003 is a limited vinyl-only release and will be available from Juno on Monday.

Introducing TONY QUATTRO

He might be relatively unknown here but in his native land, NYC's Tony Quattro has been steadily gaining momentum. With his style heavily influenced by garage and the bass music scene here and in the States he blends a multitude of styles together when it comes to creating music.

Doubt - Tony Quattro [Bad Taste Records]

His Out On The Floor EP came out last week on Sheffield's own Bad Taste Records and features many different styles and also enlists the remix duties of a few artists making his 8-track debut a real journey through electronic music. Highlights for us include 'Doubt' and the Squarehead remix of 'Out On The Floor' but the EP as a whole is a strong showcase for a great young producer.

If you like what you hear there is plenty more in the pipeline including a few collabs and remixes in the near future plus you can also download a couple of his bootlegs for free here.

For those of you who live Stateside you can catch Tony Quattro in person in NYC tonight at No Fun and on the 16 August at LPR.



photo credit: Tape Echo

We proudly present the next in the series. This one's a big one. Probably our favourite mix of the series so far - it's that good! Outboxx are a Bristol-based duo plugging away at creating top quality music. All their releases so far are fantastic. Stand out EPs last year were on Idle Hands and Immerse. This year they have, probably their strongest release yet out on BRSTL - a limited, no hype, vinyl only label from... Bristol, and their latest, the Astro Girl EP which is out on Immerse again.

Dolphs Vision - Outboxx [Immerse]

If you missed their Boiler Room set recently, unfortunately there were some technical issues with the recording but they've managed so salvage a few minutes of it which features 'Brighten My Day' with the lovely Naomi Jeremy on vocal duties. Watch it here. We are pleased to announce that they will be joining us on Friday 21 September at The Garage in Leeds. More details soon come.

HH MIX #031 - Outboxx [download]

01. Outboxx - Aporia [Idle Hands]
02. Crackazat - Panick Aggressive [Futureboogie]
03. G-Transition - Morning Sequence [forthcoming Boe Recordings]
04. Maxamillion Dunbar - Lemon & Lime [Ramp Recordings]
05. Tony Allen - Moyege [Mark Ernestus Dub]
06. Theo Parrish - Nefarious Stranger [Sound Signature]
07. Pop & Eye - Being Boing [Editainment]
08. Andrés - Jazz Dance [La Vida]
09. James Mason - Nightgruv [Rush Hour]
10. Mr Beatnick - Beneath the Reef [Don't Be Afraid]
11. Outboxx - All The Right Moves [forthcoming Idle Hands]

Please get following on their Soundcloud and Facebook.