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Fabric x Hessle x Tectonic x Sonic Router

Not sure we've seen such a massive line up at Fabric ever -if you're in London this Friday and into Bass music at all, this should definitely be in the diary for your 1st July night appointment.

Facebook event here and plus there's a competition running to win a pair of tickets over at Sonic Router.


Aussie producer Mirror State (from our Exclusive Mix #019) and Buck UK have finally released their new EP, and it's free. The EP, entitled 'Unseen EP', features five deeper, murky Garage tracks by the duo, including a remix by quickly up-and-coming Sorrow. This is a must-download for any garage fans out there, we've zipped it up for ease of download and also put them in order by preference...

DOWNLOAD: Unseen EP - Mirror State & Buck UK [preview]

1. Enola
2. The Way I've Seen (Sorrow Remix)
3. Knew
4. This Evening
5. The Way I've Seen

Watch these names...

My DJ is live in the place

The big bad Mosca is about to strike again on a nice old-school tip with a track called 'Bax', forthcoming on Numbers. I can see this getting wheeled into 2012.

(Allow the MCs, but I was equally excited when I heard this for the first time!)


Introducing BRYN THOMAS

Today, Cut Records released their fourth EP entitled 'Feel For Bumps' by new producer Bryn Thomas. The EP contains four songs which cover a range of sounds and tempos, incorporating elements of Hip Hop, Drum & Bass and Dubstep. Take a listen to the preview below, or download it here for nothing, or for something if you so wish.

Feel For Bumps EP Preview - Bryn Thomas

First headline show...

We've been booked for our first headline show which is pretty exciting and we've heard only good things about the venue. If you're in the area, come down, we're preparing to tear the roof off.

Facebook event

We might warm up the dance a little like this...

Terrace Party (volume 1) - Hush DJs



We decided to do something a little different for no.20 in the mix series. As with everything these days everyone is looking for the latest material so this time we asked 4th Measure Men if they'd like to contribute an 'old skool' mix strictly set in the 90s. Many might know who these guys are but for those that don't, here's a little history...

4th Measure Men are made up of two brothers, Marc and Scott Kinchen. They both produced tracks individually as well as together carving a path in early Detroit House/Techno. Marc gained some serious attention with a long span of 'MK Dub' mixes as well as the classic 'Burning' which we've been getting in all our sets recently. He has now gone on to be the producer for Pitbull and Willow Smith. Check some of the favourites:

You might have also seen the name pop up recently as Defected Records did a remix package with their tune '4 You' which had the magnificent Maya Jane Coles remix on...

This mix isn't quite what we were expecting as there seems to be quite a commercial influence on the track selection however there are still a few gems in there to pick out and get in your own sets. Try something a little different!


01. I Got My Education - Uncanny Alliance
02. Why Did You Have To Be (MK Dub) - Debelah Morgan
03. Thrill Me (Masters At Work House Mix) - Simply Red
04. Digital Love Thing (Underground Mix) - Happyhead
05. Bouncing Sax - George Morel
06. Be Happy (UBQ Dub Be Happy) - Mary J Blige
07. Going Round (MK Dub) - D'Bora
08. Moving On Up (MK Movin' Mix) - M People
09. Coro (King Street Sounds) - Kaoz Dark Mix - Kerri Chandler
10. Closer (King Street Moody Club Mix) - Mood II Swing
11. Let Me Show You Love (Quick Dub Version) - Romanthony
12. Disco, House, Etc... - Glenn Underground
13. Boy (MK Remix) - K.E.L.S.E.Y
14. House 2 House - Harambee (NY Groove Mix)
15. Queenie (MK Vox Mix) - Ethyl Meatplow
16. It's Alright I Feel It! (Mood II Swing Remix) - Nuyorican Soul
17. Clap Your Hands (Man Of Soul Mix Dance Version) - Lil Louis
18. All Right - Armand Van Helden
19. Voice Of Freedom (MAW Dub) - Freedom Williams
20. Can You Forgive Her? (MK Dub) - Pet Shop Boys
21. Miss Took (Scottie Deep Mix) - The Promenade
22. Always (Underground Mix) - MK Ft. Alana
23. Violently Happy (Basso Hitto Dubbo) - Björk
24. Sunshine - Mateo & Matos
25. Souffles H (King St. Club Mix) - Mondo Grosso
26. Luv Connection (Masters At Work Dub) - Towa Tei

Make sure you follow Marc and Scott on Twitter...


Introducing VOYEUR

Brand new production outfit Voyeur based in Leeds graces us with a couple of tracks showing great potential for the future. 'Morphment' is the latest production and particularly impresses with a grooving bassline, classey synths and good use of the vocal sample. 'Estella' is less original being along the lines of Boddika and Joy O but still emphasises production ability. We're excited for what's to come - in the meantime get these on your speakers at volume.

Morphment - Voyeur

Estella - Voyeur

Get following on their Soundcloud.


Introducing GYU

Gyu recently put out a release on his own Coral imprint. The tracks impress with a unique mix of ambient melodies and 2-step beats. They are available to buy over at the label's Bandcamp page so make sure you go cop them...


Watch for one of his tracks coming soon in the Block Rockin' Series, it's on a different tip, but right in time for summer. Think Hot Natured vibes...


Featuring JAM CITY

Those of you who were lucky enough to make it down to Square One in Leeds before the year wound to a close, would have been fortunate enough to hear some of this forthcoming material in its intended setting. As Night Slugs soldier on through 2011, they offer up a very fresh, five track EP by Jam City. Apparently sitting on a shed load of unreleased material, he certainly saved his best cuts for this one.

'Countess' marches forward with some of the heaviest percussion and synth work that Jam City has come out with. There are more sides to this story however, with my personal highlight being 'Barely A Track', which features a sultry and computerised vocal sample and a rising lead line that is very reminiscent of 'Magic Drops'.

NS011 is due for release within the next couple of weeks.


I'm a give you up...

After hanging with these boys on Saturday at Parklife (not a recommended festival but more on that later) it's about time we got this up. Maribou State have been going from strength to strength since their exclusive mix for us; they've been signed to TFA Agency and have a release coming out very soon on Fat! Records. This one's a remix of TMS who seem to have come out of nowhere with the promo and remixes, for their not particularly good Disco (or maybe that's another TMS?). Anyway this remix shows Maribou State's progression and reinstates why we had them do a mix for us, snap it up quick.

I Need You (Maribou State Remix) - TMS

Whilst still on Parklife topic, the Crosstown tent was rammed so as the evening drew to a close we watched Two Door Cinema Club on the main stage. As far as Indie music goes, they're pretty excellent. This remix has been rolling around for a while but as it's on a slow vibrant Disco vibe, it will definitely go down well with the ladies.

Something Good Can Work (RAC Remix) - Two Door Cinema Club

It pleases us to see Graphics (if you haven't yet come across the name, check the introducing post) doing well getting on the official remixes and coming out with productions like this. I don't think this made it to the actual release but nonetheless it bounces along and you should keep your eye for the name, we're sure there's more goodness to come.

Drive (Graphics Remix) - Alpines

Jack Steadman we met before in this post. These two don't really follow on from before but still both are good music in their own right. 'Gold Tooth' takes a bouncy Hip Hop vibe whilst 'Dedicace' sounds like an instrumental interpretation of Eminem's 'Like Toy Soldiers', or maybe not.

Dedicace - Jack Steadman

Gold Tooth - Jack Steadman

We hadn't seen anything of S-Type since his first few free tunes back in this post until he was on a flyer recently in Leeds. It then turns out his remix of River of Slime (also out on Phuturelabs) is being used as promo for the release. Big colourful production halfway between Grime and Hip Hop. If only if it was a little longer. That being said, the original is 17 minutes long which seems a little excessive.

Volume One (S-Type Remix) - River of Slime

Disclosure who we featured in this post made it into Annie Mac's top 10 summer tunes (along with Javeon McCarthy) with 'Blue You' but as promo for their 'Carnival EP' which came out today they're giving this away, probably the weakest on the EP but still. They also uploaded one of our favourites for preview. Go find the EP in your favourite store.

Just Your Type - Disclosure

I Love... That You Know - Disclosure

Brero is a new name but has landed in the iTunes and after a few listens through we deem it good enough to share. It's on a mellow 2-step vibe, gently winging it's way into your good books also.

Dusk - Brero

Another one on the chilled tip, Phaeleh gave out a freebie as he hit 10k fans on Facebook. If you have yet to 'like' his page, get over there and do so. He's still one of our favourites and we can't wait for the next album. Also if you haven't checked his mix for us yet, it's leading the series in number of downloads. Infact, don't just 'like' him, go and support the man by buying his tunes and remixes like the one below.

Nocturne - Phaeleh

Jungle (Phaeleh Remix) - Charli XCX

Lastly I'll leave you with five tunes mainly aimed at DJs rather than straight up listening, hopefully the names should be familiar...

I Know - Kastle

Linear Function - Goldlines

Mustard (Cure Rerub) - HxdB

Dangerous (C.R.S.T. Remix) - Mighty Moe

Stay Away (T. Williams Dub) - Charli XCX

If you rely on us updating you from Facebook, they're not allowing us to post as someone has flagged us as spam which is real kind. We hope this gets sorted soon but if not, try posting a link or something in your status and complaining when they don't let you. Keep checking back, there's a few goodies in store over the next week or so.


Submotion Orchestra - Finest Hour LP

This one's long overdue, so our apologies go out to all of you – most of whom have probably already bought the release, but we still feel the need to highlight the brilliance of one of our favourite bands.

It’s hard to believe that 'Finest Hour' is Submotion Orchestra’s first LP – especially as it seems as if we've been listening to them for years and years. The album sparkles like a diamond in the sun and instantly transports us back to the time when we first saw them, early in the evening as the sun was setting, on Sunday of Outlook last year. Describing that set as magical would be appropriate. Only a handful of people were present in the fort as they took the stage, gleaming rays visible in the gently swirling dust, but by the end the place was full and everyone left with that funny feeling that you get when you know you’ve just witnessed something special. Since then we’ve been following them around Leeds, be it their semi-regular residency at Hukaz or their single launch in the middle of an industrial estate in Kirkstall, and they never fail to emit that feeling.

Angel Eyes - Submotion Orchestra [Exceptional Records]

'Angel Eyes' is the first track of the record, and the soothing, melodic beats invoke memories of a happier place in the spectrum of Dubstep. This is especially true when coupled with the vocals that fuse seamlessly on many, but not all of the tracks – a decision that serves to make the music all the more poignant, adding further depth to the seven piece ensemble's sound, but equally serving to focus on other aspects of composition when absent. Their musical ability is magnificent, no doubt comparable to Bonobo.

'All Yours' is the first release on the album, and if you’ve not got the hour to spare to the properly get into the album in a single sitting, (we strongly recommend you make time), then it’s a good place to start. We're huge fans of the brass that permeates throughout the album, especially three minutes in on this one - and once again we found ourselves transported back to the sun in Croatia, filling you with a euphoria that’s usually reserved for music in the dance section. It's also backed with a wonderful Jack Sparrow remix.

It’s not only the slower mood-makers where the album triumphs but there's also the faster paced 'Always' that'll get you grooving. It would be easy to go on and on about this release, especially with summer coming – it’s perfect for those lazy sunny afternoons, or even watching the suns ray break through the dark barrier of night. To be honest, it wouldn’t be out of place in a club or a bar or if you slipped it into your parent’s car – it’s that good.

'Finest Hour' is available to buy now on Amazon, Beatport, Chemical, Juno, iTunes etc.


Love without a heart...

Produced by Julio Bashmore. Out 13th June. Follow Javeon on Twitter.


Introducing KOMMUNE1

Kommune1 got in touch back in November but after a lot of slacking on our behalf we've sorted a few questions which will hopefully ground his name in your memory. His productions come out in a variety of flavours but all with an strong emphasis on getting the dancefloor moving. This is his latest and also our favourite...

Riddim Riddim - Kommune1

Where are you based, how old are you and what do you do when you're not making music?

I'm from MIddlesbrough originally but currently residing in Scunthorpe. I’m 23 and when I’m not making music I’m mixing, cooking or reading Irvine Welsh.

How did you get into making electronic dance music? Where do you get your influences?

At the back end of the 90s, when I was between the age of 10-12 I was massively into the trance scene but during the early 2000s I found myself getting into Garage and House. The guitar was my initial instrument but when I started a band in 2004, I saved up for the whole summer working a shitty kitchen job to buy a microKORG. Getting into synthesizers and synthesis at that time merged together with my newfound love for the older types of electronic music I found myself listening to stuff from the 70s and 80s. I was blown away as it sounded so futuristic for when it was released. Then Ableton came into my life (about a year and a half ago) during my degree in music tech and I started making a proper effort making music by myself. Ever since I've just been improving my mixing and production whilst thinking outside the box generally.

My main influences would have to be; Kraftwerk, Afrika Bambaataa, FaltyDL, Derrick May, Steve Reich, Zed Bias, Prince, Harmonic 313, and just about everything released on Trax Records.

Communiques for Tape - Kommune1

What are your plans for releases?

At the minute I’m just building up a fan base, sending music to DJs and getting in touch with blogs to try and boost my persona. Hopefully it won’t be too soon before I get my first release, but up until then, I’m just going to keep making tracks and sending them to the people in the know.

Who's been supporting your tracks?

I've had support from Blawan, Brackles, Pariah, Dark Sky, Ben UFO off the top of my head, and a few DJs who have shows on Sub FM and Nasty FM.

Favourite artist/s at the moment?

Difficult question to answer but I’m really liking the new Clark track ‘Baskerville Grinch’, the Hessle Audio ‘116 & Rising’ collection is all killer, Addison Groove is releasing some cracking EPs and Blawan’s ‘Getting Me Down’ is probably my tune of the year thus far.

We hope it's only onwards and upwards from here. He's been kind enough to offer a track to you readers, a track that you can't find anywhere else on the internet as yet; on a similar vibe to some of Midland's tracks...

Moving On (Mvt. 1 & 2) - Kommune1 [exclusive download]

Make sure you keep up to date on Soundcloud and Twitter.

Introducing ELSEWHERE

Elsewhere, one part of the Manchester-based Pyongyang City Sessions collective, has contributed two of his own tracks towards the inaugural PYC Sessions ZIP. His drum programming on 'Moments In Time' in particular creates a suitably organic feel that fits perfectly with the soundscapes that flow in the background. 'Papadopolus' maintains a similar percussive style but is slightly more upfront in its production, with the sub bass kicking at just the right frequency.

Papadopolus - Elsewhere

The ZIP also features tracks from Stickman, Bay and Cykl, so if you like the vibes of Elsewhere, it is worth downloading the rest of the tracks, for free, via the link below.


As near as can be...

Jamie XX's long-awaited debut 12" on Numbers has finally arrived.

After a busy couple of weeks for the label with releases from Deadboy and Redhino, 'Far Nearer' & 'Beat For' are now available to purchase digitally and on vinyl from here.