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Fly away when you're lonely...

Gentleman's Dub Club have been on the radar for a while now and are one of my favourite live bands. Am glad to see more releases are on the way, Ranking Records doing the honours I think. This track they're letting out for free in exchange for your email address. It's definitely worth it, especially when the sun's out to play.

Fly Away - Gentleman's Dub Club

Next is this MASSIVE riddim from the brand new Blackout Music camp, The Funktion on the buttons. Turn it up!

Lonely - The Funktion [RUDEEE]

If you're into Exit Records, you're gonna love this Blackout imprint, it's a new spin off from Chemical Records. First release sees Synkro getting pressed on an ambient Drum & Bass tip with a dBridge remix on the flip.

DUBSCOVER: Birthday Special!

It's Dubscover's birthday so Rhythm Factory is where you should be heading this Friday. They are combining with their other night - Techscover and having a big party at a fresh venue. They've invited the winners from each of the previous nights back for one final showdown with prizes up for grabs.

Oh and... it's FREE!

Having experienced a few technical difficulties, the usual media is not available for consumption. However, the minimix is inside the podcast. Get hype!

DOWNLOAD: Podcast 006 [RUDEEE]

01. Altered Natives - Rass Out [Fresh Minute Music]
02. Girl Unit - IRL [Night Slugs]
03. O-Dessa - Fail [dub]
04. Seven & Elvee - Breakdown [forthcoming Wheel & Deal]
05. Coopz Mucksion - Heavy Bassline [dub]
06. Benga - Biscuit Factory [Biscuit Factory]
07. Boyson & Krooks - Long Range [dub]
08. Goli & Ashburner - Field Of Vibrations [dub]
09. Seven & Elvee - Moonshine [forthcoming Wheel & Deal]
10. Dom Hz - Elevator Skank [forthcoming Open Earz]
11. The xx - Crystalised (Dark Sky Remix) [dub]
12. O-Dessa - In The House [dub]
13. Hylu - Bahryat [dub]
14. Boyson - The Crunch [dub]
15. BT - Remember (Lysergide Remix) [dub]
16. Slugz & Joe London - Monks In Space [dub]

Facebook event

Featuring SUBMERSE

Submerse (aka Fourty Four), over the last couple of months has pricked my ears. I would now place him right up at the front of the big bass music wave, creating fresh riddims on the plenty. He fits perfectly under the 'Future Garage' stamp - some are debating whether this is actually a genre, or just a movement. Who knows!

His productions are doused in smooth, warm sub bass which accompanies female vocal snippets and bouncy drum patterns. Many have an old-skool vibe with a nu-skool twist and the majority have switch ups every 16 or so to keep things interesting. Here's a little couple of samples:

Hold It Down - Submerse

2nite (2010 Mix) - Submerse

Submerse has releases on Whistla's L2S Recordings and his own Night Audio. Forthcomings are lined up for both and a couple of other labels - keep up to date with him on Soundcloud. He recently completed an American/Canadian tour and has gigs booked in London/Poland/Ireland/Amsterdam.

Here's a few treats to take away with you. 'Aquatic Ambiance' took a few listens to notice the beauty inside but is now firmly fixed in my chilled playlist. Simple but seriously effective. About half way through, a dreamy synth comes in which gets you lost in the ambient melody and humming sub line. 'Lost U' is a deep hybrid sound and 'Click' is straight back on the garage vibe, pretty much sums up what this man is all about. Make sure you get 'Click' on the download, cos it's not available anywhere else!

Aquatic Ambiance (Submerse Remix) - Donkey Kong [RUDEEE]

Lost U - Submerse

Click - Submerse

If three tracks wasn't enough, he's also put together a 20 minute minimix for your aural pleasure.

DOWNLOAD: Submerse's Hush House Minimix

01. Starkey - Stars [Planet Mu]
02. The XX - Crystalised (Dark Sky Remix) [dub]
03. Clueless - House of Secrets [dub]
04. Submerse - Click [free d'load at Hush House]
05. FBOM - Vo Wacune [dub]
06. Deadboy - If U Want [Numbers]
07. Submerse - Live For The Future [dub]

If you're all over this Submerse sound, which you should be, then head over to Big Up Magazine to download his exlusive mix for them. It's sizzlin'.


Featuring KASTLE

There's no doubt in my mind when being dropped a new Kastle track that it will be, well produced, tuneful, catchy and soaked in bass - basically all things great. He's knocked together a couple of bootlegs for his Scion radio mix in June to keep things interesting and fresh. Firstly an upbeat edit of Bjork's 'I Miss You' with the second half time bridge/breakdown winning me over completely.

I Miss You (Kastle Remix) - Bjork

Secondly, on a deeper tip, this one winds its way into your mind with shouts, jingles and a tickling drum beat. On other news, he has his debut single coming out on Seclusiasis titled 'Better Off Alone' with remixes from Starkey, NastyNasty, Udachi and Willy Joy. Also a collab with Virus Syndicate 'Need U' which will be dropping on Scion sometime in the not too distant future.

You Got That Vibe (Kastle Re-Flex) - Martin Buttrich

So super fresh that you can't get em anywhere else... yet!



This man, Dom Hz, in the last few months, has churned out tune after tune. The first track I picked up was on Subdepth’s split release with Biome titled ‘Don’t Stop’ then shortly followed his own ‘Footstep EP’ - both are on the deeper, darker side of Dubstep. Recently his ‘I Know EP’ dropped and blew me away. It contains four tracks, centered around Garagey patterns but each on a slightly different vibe, all serious riddims. Get over to your favourite store and get em in the crate.

SUBDIGI011 - Dom Hz

He has forthcoming material on Open Earz, Reduction and Subdepth. His ‘Mist EP’ drops next and I can’t wait! He has kindly recorded an hour long mix for your listening pleasure. There’s no messin’ around with this tracklisting!


01. Eyes Down (Feat. Andreya Triana) – Bonobo [Ninja Tune]
02. Afterthought – Pulsar [Subdepth]
03. Broken Heart (Martyn’s DCM Remix) – TRG [Hessle Audio]
04. Untitled 759,10 - Tri-Funk [dub]
05. Spare Ribz – Zed Bias [White Label]
06. Tears - Hi-Jak [White Label]
07. Hyph Mngo – Joy Orbison [Hotflush]
08. There Will Come Morning – Phaeleh [dub]
09. Luv U - Dom Hz [dub]
10. Over (Feat. Zarif) – Breakage [Digital Soundboy]
11. Invasion - Dom Hz [forthcoming Reduction]
12. Reformed - D Cult [Subdepth]
13. Angels VIP- Synkro [dub]
14. Township Funk (TRG Remix) – Mujava [This Is Music/Warp]
15. Fuse – Hudson Mohawke [Warp]
16. Tonight – Kulture [dub]
17. Amy Diamond – L-Wiz [Dub Police]
18. Enjoy The Moment (Unquote Remix) – BOP [Med School]
19. Black Diamonds - Dom Hz [Open Earz]
20. Tell Me – Mr Lager [dub]
21. Without You - Dom Hz [Open Earz]
22. Back Up (TRG Remix) – Deekline & Wizard [Against The Grain]
23. Funky Boy - Dom Hz [Subdepth]
24. You (Feat. Helen K) - Dom Hz [forthcoming Subdepth]
25. Heaven – Synkro & Indigo [Smokin Sessions]
26. Wikidest Sound - Dom Hz [dub]
27. Beauty – Silkie [Deep Medi]
28. Elevator Skank - Dom Hz [Open Earz]
29. Not Ready – Ironsoul [dub]
30. Pixel Rainbow Sequence – Hyetal [Reduction]
31. Starry Eyed (Unknown Remix) – Ellie Goulding [dub]
32. Hip Hop (Unknown Remix) - Dead Prez [dub]


This Saturday, London.

Saturday 15th May sees this massive Black Acre Label Showcase/Warrior One EP Launch hit Corsica Studios. Probably the most exciting, up-to-date, bouncy line up I've seen for a while. Get on down - this is not one to miss. As usual Corsica's Funktion 1 will be rumbling with riddims galore.

Facebook event for full info.

PS. If you want to be in with the chance of winning a couple of tickets, click attending on Facebook event and write on the wall. Or send us an email hushhouse.comp@gmail.com with the subject 'Black Acre'. Competition ends Friday 18.00pm.


Our musical friends...

They go by the name of The Cheek and they make music for a living. This is their new video for their single 'Just One Night' - many of you can probably relate to the lyrics and video. Go tell your friends who are into their Indie/Pop music. Big things!

Two by four...

I been slacking. Here’s a little catch up...

Vishnu first caught my attention about a year ago, incidentally, with this song, ‘Power Of Love’. The long, smooth build up still tickles my ears today and the volume always gets pushed up. Plenty of sub bass accompanies the enchanting vocal before dropping into an addictive, throbbing snared rhythm. The Swarms remix is on the same vibe but with a simpler drum pattern, the vocal’s changed sex and it doesn’t quite carry the same craving.

Power Of Love – Vishnu [RUDEEE]
Never Step On Me (Vishnu Remix) – Swarms

Next up, we came across Skyence in the first Echodub Loves compilation with his tune ‘Precious Time’ which went on to be hit on other blogs. This is another alias which is a little bit more on the Jazzy, Soulful, instrumental Hip-Hop tip. I wasn’t expecting anything of these tunes but they’ve been played over and over... and over! I can’t decide which I prefer.

Shootout – Audionerve
Sweets – Audionerve

Local boy Levelz, from Norwich, recently sent over his college project for approval. Not quite sure why I’ve taken so long to get it up! It’s a 4 track EP, available from his bandcamp, and well worth a listen. I’ve picked my favourite two tracks and both have had thorough listens through. 'Siren' has a standard beat with a sharp snare, but, the melodies in the bassline and colourful synth take it from being a standard tune, to a well put together composition. My second pick has taken a more Garagey, skippy blend full of life and bounce.

Siren - Levelz
One For The Rhode – Levelz

Lastly, we must all be familiar with George Lenton by now. These two on a very very chilled vibe – Al Green’s had the rework and 'Midnight' doesn’t even have a drum beat!

Simply Beautiful – George Lenton
Midnight – George Lenton


Russia taking you to another void...

This is beautiful, laid back, melodic, subbylicious Drum & Bass... big up the Russian scene making movements. Spherique on the buttons with Implex, who's latest release is on Hospital's sister label Med School Recordings. All about the breakdown 3/4 the way through. If you're not into your Drum n Bass, you will still like this...

Out Of Mind (Implex & Spherique Remix) - Miusha [RUDEEE]

Bonus free track from fellow Russian Cutworks who has a few releases under his belt already, check the shops.

My Brain Has Been Tryin' To Escape - Cutworks



Jack Dixon, who leaped onto the scene with his first two productions has carried on upwards with his unique skippy 2-step beats. Since we first spoke on the subject (here) he has secured a forthcoming EP titled 'Dead Man's Switch' on Echodub. Big news! Previews of these are available for streaming on his Soundcloud. Go check em while these two are on the download.

I Let You - Jack Dixon [RUDEEE]

Stay - Jack Dixon [forthcoming]


Featuring FAIB

The mixes had a rinsing (check here) and the Soundcloud's been getting the same treatment. There's a reason why, and that is... there's a certain something so dark, deep and satisfying about each production, which keeps me coming back for more. This Russian lady goes by the name of Marina Faib. 'Drops' was a freebie given out last year but only to 100 lucky people. After a little bit of hassling from me, and searching by her - this beauty is now available for the masses. Guaranteed to take you higher.

Drops - Faib [RUDEEE]

This one is pretty brand new and I believe is a competition entry. I haven't heard any other entries yet but they'll struggle to top this. Big spacey, techy kinda halfstep. Boom!

One Hundred Teeth (Faib Remix) - Sabre