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Mad unit beats...

DJ Madd is highly rated in my books, I can't get enough of that deep rolling sub bass he's reknowned for. 'Tonight' uses that popular sample but with an innovative and classy touch. It's been floating around for a while but has only recently jumped into my iTunes. Madd's just had a release on Boka with Von D - U/It's Over. Go find it in your favourite store and also look out for the following:

When I First Met U / Got Me Dancing / Babylon [Subway]
Arpz 3000 [Subway]
Dub Marine/Running Man w/ Matt-U [Black Box]
Homeland / Koopa [3.5 Records]
Detroit Skank / Flex'd (Ikonika remix) [Boka]
Heavyweight / Funktion 1 / Not Afraid [Lime Dubs]

U/It's Over - Von D & DJ Madd [youtube]

Tonight - DJ Madd [RUDEEE]

In The Lounge - DJ Madd

Another artist to look out for in the coming months is Om Unit - having secured recogintion with his Joker remix last year, he's continued producing musically competent beats on the plenty. 'Neptune' comes from Jus Like Music & Apple Juice Break's free compilation 'Oscillations part 1'. He secures the strongest track on the release but if you want to hear the rest go here. This Mizz Beats remix takes a while to drop but, when it does, sticks you in an upbeat jazzy haze and keeps you there for the remaining couple of minutes. Get to know and show some love...

Neptune - Om Unit

My World (Om Unit Remix) - Mizz Beats


For all the DJs out there...

Outlook have teamed up with our affiliates Dubscover to give you the chance of a life - a set at Outlook Festival in Croatia between 2nd and 5th September 2010.

You've got til Sunday 28th March at 2pm to submit a 15-20 minute mix showing your:
  • tune selection
  • style
  • creativity
  • mixing ability
  • and if possible, production skill
Submit your mix to dubscover@gmail.com for a chance to compete at the London Outlook Launch where room 4 will be dedicated to the finals.

The top 15 mixes will go through to play at the launch party. Mixes will be put up online and the DJs that get the most votes will get the best set times on the night.

And if you haven't already bought your ticket and are thinking about (not thinking, you should be) coming to Outlook Festival, we'll be providing some special pricing and goodies. Plus full up to date info. Click below to join the group...


Rusko sees the light...

Scion turn up the heat...

Two from SMOG’s Scion Sampler CD – don’t really know what happens with these things but we get sent it advertising free download from a promo company so I presume they want hype and exposure...

"SMOG, the dirtiest dubstep crew out of LA underground..."

Doctor P brings us that screech and switch up all the clubs have been getting ripped apart by recently. I enjoy the first 1.08 of this song - it’s good while it lasts. Datsik & Excision also doing what they do best. Crisp production and crunching beats create a musical experience that's as hard as the the song’s name.

Reasons (Doctor P Remix) – 12th Planet & Juakali

Teflon feat. Kemst (Datsik & Excision Remix) – Kelly Dean & Steady

One from Scion presents: Rod Azlan. Young Dub Police boy, Unitz, as ever showing his skilful production abilities and potential to produce some big album in years to come. The Others on the original beat with Azlan providing a top quality vocal as per.

Selektah! (Unitz Version) – Rod Azlan

Everyone knows Rusko. Lots of people dig Rusko but this is definitely his best “skwee” tune. Akira Kiteshi with a cheeky edit of that insane Bird Peterson track. I know it’s old but it brings back memories.

Da Cali Anthem – Rusko

Zutopong (Akira Kiteshi VIP) – Bird Peterson

Lastly, one for those not into the tear out but into nice relaxing Drum n Bass from the man dBridge. Ever so chilled with nice rolling sub bass... Not often you get a free tune from the Exit Records kingpin.

Lost Shadow – dBridge


March's mixtape madness...

Sometimes I feel like listening to a mix or two or three.

Keep your eye out for this Wascal fella, he’s destined for big and exciting things these coming months. This mix takes you down the stairs and along a corridor of a whole host of underground sounds. This is your guide to what’s hot in ’Bass Culture’ right now…

DOWNLOAD: Wascal March 2010 Mix
(if this mix was recorded live – it’s super tight!)

If you’re liking the Wascal sounds, he’s got lots of productions available for “you name the price” on his blog. Go check em…

Everybody Wants To Roll The Wobs - Wascal

Lovely treat from Kastle pushing a more colourful range of sounds with up to date garagey patterns on the plenty. Just in time for everyone’s WMC flights he hopes. I am definitely hugely jealous of anyone going to Miami – bit of sun would be muchly appreciated. If you’re not going, pretend you’re in the sun when listening to this, it gives off some of the similar vibes.

DOWNLOAD: Kastle March 2010 Mix [right click save as]

01. Four Tet – Love Cry (Joy Orbison Remix)
02. Mosca – Gold Bricks, I See You
03. A Made Up Sound – Sun Touch
04. Kastle – You Got The Love
05. Deadboy – U Cheated
06. Two Fresh – What Cha ft. Vince Harder & DOME (Kastle Remix)
07. Cosmin TRG – Love 2 Hide
08. Mosca – Nike (Club Edit)
09. C.R.S.T. – Inside
10. CJ Reign – Kissin Me
11. Scott Garcia – A London Thing
12. Box Clever – Questions ft. Sara Garvey (MJ Cole Remix)
13. Solutions – Things You Do
14. Monsta Boy – Sorry (I Didn’t Know) (Madskillz Dub))
15. Kastle – Better Off Alone
16. Bok Bok – Citizens Dub
17. Deadbit – Love Picks Me Up
18. Distal – Space Graffiti
19. Fantastic Mr Fox – Sketches
20. Delphic – Halycon (Deadboy Remix)
21. I.D. – Light ft. Rider Shafique
22. MiMoSa – Your Love
23. Heavyfeet – War ft. Jenna G (Kastle Remix)
24. Cosmic Revenge – Late Nights (Kastle Remix)
25. 92 Eternal – The Feeling (Kastle Remix)
26. Starkey – Pleasure Points
27. Lewis B – Pinball
28. Josh One – Passing Through ft. Mr. Blqstrdst, LDM & Poet Name Life
29. Kuedo – Starfox
30. Starkey – Stars ft. Anneka
31. Numan – Code Four
32. Trey Songz – Gotta Make It ft. Twista
33. Jagged Edge – Walked Outta Heaven
34. Ironsoul – She
35. Artful Dodger – Think About Me

New kid Janner, well not new in the music production scheme of things, but to my ears. He’s pushing fresh exciting sounds guaranteed to please your mind. This mix contains nearly a full set of his own productions – look at that tracklisting! Lend your ears for a few minutes…

DOWNLOAD: Janner March 2010 Mix [RUDEEE]

01. Janner & Acky - Ophelia [Haunted Audio]
02. Janner - Fever [dub]
03. Janner - Horns of Ganymede [dub]
04. Janner - Sinister Science [dub]
05. Saviour - Stillbirth (Janner Remix) [Stainage Dubs]
06. Burial & Four Tet - Wolf Cub
07. Janner - Hyperion [Haunted Audio]
08. Hypno – Elevate [Haunted Audio]
09. Janner - Minimal 26 [Rest In Beatz]
10. Ghost - 2000 [Tempa]
11. Janner - Enceladus [dub]
12. Janner - OhOhh [Rogue Plates]
13. Janner - Rubba [Rest In Beatz]
14. Janner - Driver Unknown [Rogue Plates]
15. Actraiser - Nevermore [Haunted Audio]
16. Janner - Just One Kiss [dub]
17. Darkstar - Aidy's Girl's A Computer [Hyperdub]
18. Submerse - So True [Dub]
19. Burial - Fostercare [Hyperdub]
20. Burial - In McDonalds [Hyperdub]
21. Janner - One Drop Arkade [Jemenfish]
22. Janner - T3kno Worrier [dub]
23. Janner & Acky - Chapter One [dub]


Very very limited numbers left...

We're down to less than 5 of each design left, in some cases fewer. Since we're feeling extra nice, the postage is now free to anywhere in the UK and £1.50 everywhere else...




Featuring KAPSIZE

This weekend Joker launched a new website for his label Kapsize. To celebrate he has put 15 signed Test Pressings of his upcoming single Tron up for grabs.

Vinyl release is 6th April and digital will be a couple of weeks after.

It's a rare piece of music that unites a diverse range of DJs such as Diplo, Kode 9, Shy FX, Flying Lotus, TC, Caspa, Pinch, Skream, Roska, Martyn, Ginz, J Da Flex, Baobinga, 2nd II None, Reso, Oris J, Cosmin TRG, Appleblim, I.D, Guido, Mike Paradinas, Gemmy, Atki2, Tomb Crew, Bok Bok, Moshi Moshi DJs - just to name a few. Competition ends 29th March.

Hot Chip x Ill Blu




After a long break in both our mix series, we’re back with this large live mix packed full of dubs and Von D's signature sound. It’s been worth the wait.

For those that haven’t come across this French master producer before, I don’t know where you’ve been hiding but it’s time to get to know. With releases and collaborations with some of the scene's finest, I’d say he is one of those who deserves a lot more attention!

He’s recently completed a European tour and is now amidst travelling the US. He has the following dates left so if you live across the pond from us, you need to get to one of these cities…

19/03 Von D @ Drinkone, Salt Lake City
24/03 Von D @ Minneapolis
25/03 Von D @ WMC - Miami
01/04 Von D @ Get Low - Miami

Releases out this month:

Miss Maui (Upfront White Labels) [Black Acre]
Nouvelle Histoire [Argon]


01. Von D ft. Phephe - You're The One [Argon dub] **
02. Von D - Chacha's Leggings [forthcoming Subbalicious]
03. Kito ft. Reija Lee - LFO [forthcoming Disfigured Dubz]
04. Von D & DJ Madd - U [forthcoming Boka]
05. Von D & DJ Madd - Cold Night [forthcoming Lutetia Dubz]
06. Joker - Tron VIP [dub]
07. Gemmy - Midnight Drivin [dub]
08. Mr Lager ft. Alyz Be - Tell Me (Von D’s Special Vocal Mix)
09. Von D & Riskotheque - Like A Bird [forthcoming Disfigured Dubz]
10. Silkie - Murky [dub]
11. DJ Madd - Corner Dance [dub]
12. Matt U - Watching U [dub]
13. Joker & TC - It Aint Got A Name [dub]
14. Babylon System & Nibe - Raclette [forthcoming Terminal Dusk]
15. Von D & Nivo 0 - The Lair [forthcoming Black Box]
16. DLX ft. Kemst - City of Cars (Von D Remix) [Smog CD]
17. 501 - Higher Ground [dub]
18. Von D ft. Phephe - Love Music [Argon dub] **
19. Quest - Smooth Skin [dub]

**forthcoming on Von D's album on Argon


Just a quick update on the Boogaloo Crew, there's nuff stuff going on in their world.

It's a long time since we first posted on them, since then they've come a long way and have just had their first release on Trouble & Bass which has had Radio 1 love from Mr Kissy Sell Out. Not just air play though, he's even done his own edit of Calling All Dancers! Also, Plastician's been rinsing Days Go By in his sets and pon de Rinse FM.

A. Days Go By [youtube]
B. Calling All Dancers

Pick up the release from Juno now and Beatport in the next couple of days!

Oneman recommends...

BONUS: Rising Sun (Boogaloo Crew Remix) - DRT


Sully x J-Treole


Deadstep? Yeh I reckon.

There are fewer and fewer artists wishing to be associated with that D-word due to the huge amount of bait kick-snare patterns and mid range "wobbles" which have been stuck in, so religiously, by every new producer trying to get noticed. Unfortunately that's not how you make an impression. Originality blended with quality gets attention. Saying that I'm sure there's plenty of good releases still to come. But then again, there's also been a huge increase recently in shit releases. Anyway...

Here we have yet another freebie from Hot Flush main man, Scuba. Usually known for his clean Dub-Techno beats, not this time, there seems to have been a little switch up. This track oozes the new era hybrid Garage sound from head to toe. I dig lots.

One Bright Night (Scuba's Broken Window Dub) - Way Out West

More house for these next two I'm afraid but both big jackin' feel good tunes. TLGB on the first giving Beenie Man (and a lady?) some therapy and HeavyFeet on a new tip from their old figetty electro sound.

Dude (TLGB Remix) - Beenie Man

Momma's Place (HeavyFeet Remix) - Roisin Murphy

PS. Anyone reading this blog who is down with Mt Eden. I wish you to leave!

Leeds is Mint.

Thought I would give you lot a little update as to why your download folders are lacking the normal Hush House treatment. Last week we were lucky enough to spend a few days in Leeds - renowned for it's big line ups, nocturnal lifestyle and wild house parties. Many students try to succeed but struggle to juggle their work and playtime - especially with this disgusting Mephedrone epidemic which seems to be invading cities at present. There were even flyers under windscreen wipers and through letterboxes. Call this number for meow meow!

Anyway we played Bigger Than Barry at Mint Lounge on Tuesday which is one of my favourite clubs I've been to. Probably second to Cable but still big system and good vibes all round. Phat Pat and Pasteman filled the dancefloor with some exclusive business, Martyn smoothly made his way through some tech-house riddims and Mumdance smashed it with a variety of party orientated tracks finishing with Noisia's Machine Gun. We weren't quite what to follow with so we took it down a level with the excellent Dark Sky xx remix. From then on you'd have to have been there. Who got the t-shirt?! Out to all those who made it down.

Wednesday we ventured down to dungeon-like Wire to catch Roska mid-set followed by Doc Daneeka keepin it energetic with his funky infused garage riddims. We over-heard Roska outside covering up for the pretty terrible mixing "I moved from CDJs to Serato 3 days ago, just trying to get used to it." Thursday we headed to My House for some Boogaloo Crew medicine which then turned into a party with them back at our house. Big up to Jeuce for making it down and to the Get Hype Collective in general for doing dem tings.

Now I guess we better get back to the tunes...! Oh and, bookings through the email please.



Featuring BREAKAGE

Breakage laid his ‘Foundation’ in Drum n Bass but recently has grasped hold of the Dubstep scene with both hands. He has been providing us with draw juddering riddims one after the other for the last 12 months and with all the hype there is around the name at the moment, no better timing for this release. All those who don’t know about Breakage, I’m sure will do by the end of this month. There’s going to be a lot of talk about this album and all praise is certainly due.

This long play features already smash hits, Hard, Run Em Out, Over and Higher. Having collaborated with artists such as Roots Manuva, David Rodigan and Burial, the standards are set high from the off.

Open Up, If, Justified, Vial and Speechless are the stand out tracks for me. Each very different but all with the underlying crisp production and rolling beat which the Breakage imprint is all about. Essential pulsing sub bass accompanies all tracks adding warmth and that fuzzy feeling inside when played at volume.

The album is pieced together with short interludes, affixing character and allowing for the change in style of each production. He pushes us through a story of sounds and showcases his huge range of abilities - Deep and Dark Dubstep to Ambient then from there to the rowdy sounds of ‘Hard’ to Jungle and Drum n Bass. Can’t wait to rinse some of these on a system. 9/10

Foundation is due for release 15th March on Digital Soundboy.



If Symptoms Persist is a relatively new label from Bristol based and Hench crew member, Wedge. For the label's third release the man himself has teamed up with glitch producer Aesoteric. The output from this collaboration unravels a blend of styles and taste lingering a unique twist to each tune - lots of layers, lots going on, but all mixed into fruitful individuals baring character and colour.

"ISP is medicine used to treat the body and mind, and acts as a local anesthetic for the symptomatic relief of anxiety and stress. ISP prescribes tracks that are not only intricately constructed with severe attention to detail, but are all beautifully distinct in terms of their arrangement, texture, and composition."

'A Night on the Wonk' is on an experimental tip with highly addictive horn and chime hooks. The Gemmy remix takes the chime section, gives it some of the well known purple treatment and turns it into a highly distinctive but slightly sickly intro. I say sickly but that’s perhaps because I’ve listened to it a lot of times in a fairly short period of time. However we’re then treated to a bleepy roller with moderate variation to keep things interesting. This makes it perfect for an early set or casual listening.

'Detached Reality' crackles its way through some haunting vocals and evil guitar riffs creating a tense but soothing atmosphere - detaching you from reality, sinking you into your seat while your mind starts to play tricks with itself. What are we really here for?

A.  Wedge and Aesoteric - A Night on the Wonk

B1. Wedge and Aesoteric - Detached Reality

B2. A Night on the Wonk (Gemmy remix)

ISP003 is distributed by S.T Holdings and will be in shops in April.

ISP001 got a hammering, and the Guido remix is still getting that treatment. Here’s the video:


Featuring ROB SPARX

Hush House favourite Rob Sparx has one of his biggest tunes getting released this week. Arcade is out on Migration Recordings backed with a rumbling Bass Junkies tune. Both Rob's 'Arcade' and 'Casino' feature on the forthcoming Get Darker 'This Is Dubstep (vol 2)' compilation. Check the preview below, remember, as with all youtube music, the quality is poor. Fight the youtube ripping battle where you can.



Code for stars...

This track, to my surprise, has been let out for free. Those who have listened to our Hush Pipe vol II will recognise it. Joker-esque but much more on the instrumental side, Numan once again shows his potential.

Code Four - Numan

Slit Jockey owner and all round star Starkey has turned this original on it's head. Big squelchy bassline, screeching synths and claps bring the heat to a typical American Hip-Hop vocal. Large strings breakdown towards the end adds an extra flavour to the mix.

Setback (Starkey Remix) - The Constellations

Rain City - Starkey [youtube]

This one takes things down a level. Stripped back eary beat with a vocal which sinks into your soul after a few listens. I wasn't vibing it to start with, I am now... Mount Kimbie on the buttons.

Spanish Sahara (Mount Kimbie Remix) - Foals

Cambridge and East Anglia people...

East Anglia's, without a doubt, biggest Dubstep night 'Stink Like Sock' is celebrating its 3rd birthday in style this Saturday 6th March 2010. Big names, big system, hundreds of people - not one to miss.

Facebook event


Thank God I'm breathing...

Big remix from a newcomer who goes by the name Coma. Dub Reggae vibes all over this one, with a bit of nu-skool too. Party starter, goovin' bassline. Even drops into a bit of 4x4 at the end. Keep an eye out for Coma, he's making good progress.

One Day (Coma Remix) - Matisyahu [RUDEEE]

Next up we have a little something from one of our favourite live shows - Engine-EarZ. If you haven't come across them before, check here. In summary, they produce a unique blend of timeless Indian-infused spiritual melodies intertwined with raw, heavy, sharp basslines. This is pretty much what we have here, less indian melodies, more cinematic/prodigy vocal stabs.

Faction 2 (Revolution) - Engine-EarZ

Lastly, little bonus. Everyone knows the original, everyone knows the two artists involved. All you need is your email address for some more bounce.

3K Lane 1999 - Jakes & Joker