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Featuring REDSHAPE

Redshape's forthcoming release Red Pack II on Delsin records is comprised mainly of quality industrial and sci-fi laden techno. 'Disco Marauder' delivers the classic Redshape sound with buzzing and bleeping beats and a great ethereal synth line that runs throughout. There are also elements of the EP, such as the track 'Daft Mode', which nod to classic Detroit, with a tough mechanical feel and dark chords. We're highly recommending this one so discover the rest of the EP for yourself.

Daft Mode - Redshape [Delsin]

Pre-order it from Juno here or Delsin here.


Introducing WHILK & MISKY

New production duo out of London with a live show coming soon. We're predicting big things after hearing their new one.

Darklands - Whilk & Misky [download]

Follow on Facebook and Soundcloud.


Introducing SAGE CASWELL

Straight from the heart of Los Angeles underground house scene comes Sage Caswell, a somewhat mysterious young producer. With a free two-track EP dropping at the end of last month to a great response, it leaves the door wide open with a promise for more.

Walk It Off - Sage Caswell

Next month sees Caswell collaborate with fellow LA producer Cromie on the debut EP for Brooklyn label Peach, run by Rem Koolhaus of the legendary TURRBOTAX® parties. The EP features two original tracks plus two great remixes from Ghosts on Tape and the always on point Kyle Hall.

Vines / Pyrex - Sage Caswell & Cromie [forthcoming on Peach]

To add to that, his remix for JRapp came out last week on Bass Machine Music and a future release on Amadeus Records is already in the pipeline. Keep your ear to the ground, you'll be hearing a lot more from Sage Caswell.


Introducing MGUN

Manuel Gonzalez (aka MGUN) had a productive last portion of 2012 with releases on Don't Be Afraid as well as The Trilogy Tapes. His distinctly weird and lo-fi sound resides somewhere in between Detroit techno and the more experimental fare of producers such as Container.

On the If You're Reading This EP you'll find six more tracks of MGUN brand techno and electro weirdness. Tracks such as 'Bean Chirp' and 'Funnel Vision' provide us with brief glimpses into the bizarre and dystopian world of this producer, with crunchy kicks and hi-hats meeting strange analog synths. The EP is diverse in its range, fans of last year's 'The Race' are certain to find kinship with the track 'Jijijijij$ijijijiji', a similar excursion into the world of lo-fi and ghetto breakbeat techno. With 'Proxy' and 'Tritan' Gonzales delivers two longer tracks that lean more towards dance floor use. Acid lines gurgle away on 'Proxy' until at the end of the record everything seems to malfunction and collapse in on itself, before beginning again. 'Tritan' emerges as the most atmospheric track on the EP, with synths colliding and a solid drum track that serves to drive the whole thing forward.

If You're Reading This EP - MGUN [Don't Be Afraid]

Gonzales manages to keep expectations high with this release, and you can pick it up from Juno on May 20th.


Secret Loft Party w/ Nick Craddock

As the weather gets warmer and another academic year draws to a close, we thought it would only be right to end on a high with one last Hush House before we all get off for the summer...

As dedicated followers of Leeds nightlife, you're undoubtedly familiar with that old "SECRET VENUE TBA" patter - buzzing thinking you're gonna be partying like it's 1989 in some mad derelict warehouse, only to find it's that tired old gaff you went to last month, where you froze your arse off and got your trainers covered in grubby white muck. Now that the time's come for us to take a break from our usual home on Park Cross Street, we're looking to do things a little differently.

It's a basic and unfussy dancing space on the second (or maybe third) floor of an old warehouse building just a couple of minutes from Leeds city centre. It's never been used for this kinda thing before, and might never get used again. Just a dancefloor, some decks, a big old sound system and maybe a couple of strobes. This one's about the tunes. (Oh, there'll be a very reasonably priced bar and some toilets too).

Underlying Form 006 - Nick Craddock [Underlying Form]

We've invited Nick Craddock to come and play some records for us. Hailing from just down't road in Huddersfield, Craddock was raised on a diet of superlative house and techno at legendary establishments such as Manchester's Bugged Out!, Liverpool's Voodoo and The Orbit in nearby Morley. Enthused by turn-of-the-century sounds from Perlon, Kompakt, Playhouse and Klang, a cleverly-timed move to London saw him hook up with Portable and Lakuti and become a resident at their famed (and now sadly defunct) Süd Electronic nights - supporting the likes of Jus-Ed, Lawrence and Efdemin at their first UK gigs. These days Nick spends his time playing top-drawer London parties such as Rhythm Section, Plex, To The Bone and Kiss Me Again. He also holds a residency at our old mate Semtek's Don't Be Afraid nights and is a regular on NTS Radio. I (Dylan) also bought some records off him on Discogs once. Nice one for that, Nick.

Perplexing - Nick Craddock [Plex London]

We're not gonna say "capacity is limited" because the capacity of every club in the world (and indeed the world itself) is limited. Basically, it's not a big room so there really aren't very many tickets going for this one. We're not trying to blag you here. Exams are/will be over, so come and celebrate at Hush House. It's gonna be good.

Online tickets are available from Eventbrite and will be followed by a handful of physical ones. RA users can keep up to date here.


Featuring HUERCO S.

The hotly anticipated Apheleia's Theme EP is due to be released some point soon courtesy of Future Times records. Usually I have a strong disdain for anything music related with the word 'future' in it but the New York imprint has lead me to rethink my vocabulary related prejudices. The Future Times back catalogue is well worth checking out with some great contributions from the likes of Maxmillion Dunbar and Rhythm Based Lovers (AKA Jason Letkiewicz) . All three tracks on the Apheleia's Theme EP are of a really high calibre, Huerco S. is quickly establishing himself as one of the top producers in the game with his consistently classy and intelligent output.

Apheleia's Theme - Huerco S. [Future Times]

In other news the man from missouri has recently served up a cracking debut EP under his new regal scandinavian guise, The Royal Crown of Sweden. The A side tracks are hazy and lethargic while the B side tracks take on a more upbeat, soulful and then disco tinted hue. Really strong release, definitely worth picking up.

R.E.G.A.L.I.E.R - Royal Crown Of Sweden [Proibito]

Echo Festival 2013

More info here.



Laszlo Dancehall is the new moniker for the collaboration between Christian Piers and Leon Vynehall, with their first EP together next week on Man Make Music.

Christian Piers is still a fresh face on the scene with only a couple of releases to his name, most notably on the label he runs with A1 Bassline, Source Unknwn. Vynehall on the other hand has had a great 12 months with well received releases on Well Rounded Housing Project and Man Make Music.

The collaboration works well and all three tracks are solid and well produced. Even though 'Gave Up' was featured on George Fitzgerald's Essential Mix and will be the go-to for most, 'Ain't No Time' is really the standout track of the EP. You can grab a copy of the Gave Up EP on vinyl at Juno right now, with the digital following shortly.



Massive remix from Mr Beatnick due out 20 May 2013 - order it here.

Pyramid (Mr Beatnick Remix) - Photek [Photek Productions]

Also check his 'Savannah EP' on Don't Be Afraid for some perfect summer lazing material.