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Jack that beat...

Been busy innit. Sorry!

Haven't posted any of this kinda music for a while - it's good to have a break and slow the bpm sometimes. Been waiting for this to drop - definitely my favourite Jack Beats tune of late.

Drumming Song (Jack Beats Remix) - Florence & The Machine

Have posted a couple of tracks by these guys before - GreenMoney are innovative and exciting producers who deserve to be getting more hype than they are.

Baltic Pine (GreenMoney's Baltic Porn Bootleg) - Boy 8-Bit
Tie Me Down (GreenMoney Dub) - Sibley

We featured Raffertie back here but he's been all over the place this year and next year I'm sure will see plenty more gigs and plenty more good productions. His sound is definitely maturing, when I first heard one of his tunes (I think it was a Rihanna remix about 2 years ago) it was the weirdest thing I'd heard and I hated it! Big sound on this one...

Dancing On Our Tongues (Raffertie Remix) - Wild Beasts

I don't rate Drums of Death but with a little bit of Starkey's reworking this track is listenable now. I'm sure this will appeal to a few of you out there.

Got Yr Thing (Starkey Remix) - Drums of Death

This dropped in our inbox a while ago so I reckon it might be old news for a few of you but those who haven't stumbled across it, Udachi & Jubilee's Paypur EP has some big tracks on it (Smoke Rings) so get over here and spend those pennies.

Paypur - Udachi & Jubilee
Bitchy Skills (Udachi Remix) - Costello

Lastly, big tune from AC Slater - can he do no wrong?!

100mph (AC Slater Remix) - Juiceboxxx [RUDEEE]

All those waiting for posts who I've said I'd post - just send a reminder email. All those people who haven't had a reply - keep producing and get in touch in a few months.

Anyone still after a t-shirt but the size is sold out? Email us - if there's enough response we'll get some more done. There's been quite a bit interest in the jumpers? You seen them about?!

1 comment:

Dano said...

Drumming song is fucking fresh