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Introducing ECHODUB

This album is the first in a series of releases that Echodub are putting together to highlight some of the artists that we love.

They have selected a number of artists and asked them all to contribute to, what they feel is, a showcase of some of the most beautiful music coming from the deeper end of the Dubstep, Electronic and IDM genres. They're definitely not far off from achieving that... I have to give this album a 9/10.

Echodub Loves Vol. I

01. Precious Time - Skyence
02. Get Busy - Martello Rotativo
03. Untitled - Apathesis
04. Once More (Echodub Edit) - Autopilot
05. Undulate - 3rdeye
06. Hope - Kerogen
07. Warm and Easy - Psychonaught
08. Believe - Bojcot Selectah & Dawn
09. Each Day - FBOM
10. Avec La Tech - Mako
11. The Glass Lake - Moonchild
12. Kamino - Roof Light


c said...

Echodub is way my fav label, even more than Hyperdub or DMZ. While I think the latter have definitely put a mark on the history of music Echodub has definitely took this sound and has been bringing it forward with each and every release. Too much respect for the whole collective Echodub!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Amazin album. loved every moment :)