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Introducing WOZ

Woz is 19 year old Bristolian producer showing some exciting potential with his latest tracks. The BPMs push towards the 140 mark but the riddims have a 130 feel meaning he falls somewhere near that new bracket of bashy-bouncy House being driven by the likes of Mosca, Seiji, Melé and some Dark Sky bits. Here are a couple of tracks, the first of which got him noticed by Mumdance!

Banglabanga - Woz [forthcoming]

Ultraviolet - Woz

He caught our attention through the Soundcloud Group with these two tracks below. The production and general vibes are much better than the ones above - this fits what we've said before, the best tracks usually get released. Saying that, check them all and make your own decisions.

Junky - Woz

Champion Bubbler - Woz

Keep your eyes peeled for this name cropping up more and more this year and stay in touch with him on Twitter.


Anonymous said...

i love you

Anonymous said...

This guy is SICK!!!!!!! massive tunes, good shit