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L.I.E.S always put out quality music, whether it's dreamy synth jams from the likes of Legowelt or if it's brutal, gut wrenching techno as was seen on Sean O'Sullivans solo outing as Vapauteen. Last month the sixteenth release in the series came from label boss Ron Morelli and Jason Letkiewicz (aka Steve Summers) under their Two Dogs in a House guise.

The A side 'Eliminator' is raw, gritty and viscerally acidic, steadily growing in ferocity as it grinds along for its fourteen minute duration. The sequentially named B side ('Eliminator 2') delves deep into the realms of paranoia with off kilter synths and industrial crashes, making for an altogether unnerving experience.

The EP is currently only available on wax but seeing as it hasn't been denoted as one of the .5 releases it should be making its way into cyber space at some point in the future.

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