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Not gonna sing unless somebody's holding on...

Back when this blog started, we focused on scanning the web for free downloads which we then scrutinised and re-upped if suitable. We have since moved away from this style for a number of reasons, mainly because free music is generally used as a tool to promote a release/artist/label and therefore is of a lower quality. Not quality in terms of bit rate; although that also often plays a part, we're talking quality in terms of musical content and production. In the next few weeks we have decided to resume the giveaways, simply because over the last year or so we've still been collecting the downloads and now have a few which we'd like to share.

First up we've got this beauty from Trevino. He's taken the debut single from Ultraísta (a new project from the producer of Radiohead), stripped it back and slowed it down way below his usual pace. It leaves us with something slightly reminiscent of that Fever Ray remix from Martyn back in 2009. Appropriate.

Bad Insect (Trevino Remix) - Ultraísta

This track is probably being given away for one of the reasons mentioned above so, on that note, make sure you check out Ultraísta's debut LP which came out on 15 October. Or perhaps this is an unofficial remix - you can pick up the parts over on their Soundcloud. There's a Four Tet remix over there too.


DFRNT said...

It's an absolute travesty that people view free music as "lower quality" regardless of what it's used for.

Exactly the sort of mindset I'm trying to overcome with Cut - cutmusic.org

Free music, done properly! :D

Miig said...

you are an exception to the case Alex

Olly M said...

There's still some awesome free music about lads:

Pittsburgh Track Authority - Missile 45: http://www.sixaxle.com/2012/07/pittsburgh-track-authority-missile-45.html

Upper Cuts Records - Edition #1: http://www.sixaxle.com/2012/10/upper-cuts-records-edition-1.html